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  1. It’s finally over. I was kind of just wanting it over so I don’t have a ton of complaints. Here they are: •Grey Worm went full psycho. I mean he did last episode too but jeez. •Jon was really frustrating me with his defense of Dany to Tyrion. Although, maybe Jon was simply worried he could be overheard and was simply playing the loyal servant, which would be shrewd of him. If he was doing that I have zero complaints. •Why on earth would Drogon not kill Jon on the spot for killing Dany? That makes literally no sense. When Jon came back to life he apparently got a lifetime supply of the world’s strongest plot armor this side of Arya. •Hard to believe the unsullied would imprison Jon instead of executing him given the way Grey Worm was behaving. •Jon’s legitimate claim is completely ignored by Sansa and Arya and others who have been backing him for awhile. They have to appease the Unsullied because...???? •Jon is banished to the Night’s Watch because again, the Unsullied must be appeased for god knows what reason. Less bloodshed, I suppose, but weren’t they really outnumbered? •Do the Dothraki respawn between episodes? •Bronn being master of coin is a bit ridiculous although I did find it humorous. •God they ruined Jaime. Yes it’s from last episode but it was so bad I have to mention it again.
  2. Fuck redemption. Fuck character development. Fuck the first part of last episode where Jaime was seemingly getting a happy ending with Brienne. Nope back to Cersei because...well just because. Oh and also he can teleport.
  3. Snormund

    They ruined Jaime once and for all

    Jesus Christ she said that? I have no memory of that.
  4. Snormund

    They ruined Jaime once and for all

    Healed by a domestic abuser?
  5. Snormund

    They ruined Jaime once and for all

    If it was just a pity fuck he wouldn’t have been jealous of Tormund. Also he slept with Brienne more than once and seemed happy with her. Tyrion said as much.
  6. Snormund

    They ruined Jaime once and for all

    Yeah man Cersei totally isn’t a murderous mad queen.
  7. Snormund

    They ruined Jaime once and for all

    Yeah, what a load of shit that was. D+D are obsessed with Jaime and Cersei. Maybe there’s something they’re not telling us
  8. Snormund

    They ruined Jaime once and for all

    He was never a truly good person, that’s true. How many of the major characters actually are though? But he had good in him and his redemption story was one of my favorite things in the series.
  9. Snormund

    What will Jon do?

    He’s gonna kill her.
  10. Snormund

    They ruined Jaime once and for all

    Wow this just got approved. I just made another thread. Mods delete one of them please.
  11. Same! I really thought he was getting either a happy ending with Brienne or one or both of them would die tragically but get to affirm their love for one another.
  12. You mean the rape scene? i just pretend that never happened personally.
  13. People really complaining more about what happened to Dany’s character than to Jaime’s???? you kidding me? Sure they definitely should have built up to Mad Queen Dany over a longer period of time but they literally made all of Jaime’s character development pointless. He didn’t even get to see Brienne again. Bullshit.
  14. Snormund

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    1 for ruining Jaime forever.
  15. Hell no. He’s way better than EC.
  16. Legitimately angry right now. This show completely ruined Jaime. Just unbelievable. I’ll get into that more later, though, here is what I have to rant about off the top of my head. I’m sure I missed and/or forgot stuff, though. •Not sure about Tyrion telling Dany about Varys. I could go either way though, as Tyrion obviously doesn’t want her assassinated. On the other hand he seemed to have so many reservations about Dany just last episode. Granted that doesn’t mean he wanted her dead. This isn’t a huge complaint, I’m not even sure how to feel about it. •Like others have mentioned, Dragonstone is just unmanned? Maybe Cersei didn’t know but if so she has shitty spy networks. Again, it was laughable that Cersei would let them live after they stupidly came up within firing range last episode. •The Iron Fleet sure seems useless this episode after being unstoppable in the last. Plot convenience eh? Why didn’t Dany just burn them then if it was this easy? Also they did a shit job defending King’s Landing from their incoming opponents. •NOW Arya thinks it’s a good idea to tell everyone she’s off to kill Cersei? Of course she didn’t tell them she’s a secret ninja assassin spy shapeshifter. Nonetheless a ton of blood is shed anyways and they don’t wait for Arya to assassinate the Queen. Of course, they don’t know her powers so maybe they just think she’s completely insane. •Tyrion caring about Jaime is well established but now he wants him to live happily ever after with Cersei? I get that he was trying to prevent bloodshed but you’d think he’d ask Arya instead. Again, maybe he’s not aware of her powers. How did Davos, AKA the “Michael Jordan of smugglers”, get Jaime out? We never see. •Speaking of Jaime, how the hell did he catch up to everyone? Did the power of incest give him super speed? •Rhaegal was super vulnerable in the last episode but because the plot calls for dragons to suddenly be unstoppable again, Drogon is basically a god in this episode. Urine and his goons were like Steph Curry with the catapults in the last episode but now suddenly they couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with a giant Starbucks cup. • Arya somehow decides she doesn’t need to be incognito going into King’s landing. Granted, it’s feasible that no one she encountered would recognize her, but why risk it? •Dany goes full Mad Queen. I get that she has snapped but why then when she had already won? Jon is going to kill her next episode...I guess he will discover lightbringer somehow for the prophecy? But then again the long night already ended didn’t it? Whatever. I was expecting Dany to go crazy so I don’t think it’s necessarily improbable but it should have been built up to more. •While I thought the scene in which the Hound told Arya that she didn’t want to be like him and that she should save herself was powerful, why the hell didn’t he do that earlier? Also, Arya is easily convinced after being so sure she was going off to die (?) last episode. •Jaime dies with Cersei because she is apparently his true love and he’s learned absolutely nothing, he doesn’t care how evil she is and all his character development was completely pointless. This is simply unforgivable. Fuck D+D, they missed the whole point of Jaime’s redemption arc! What the hell???? What the absolute fuck? So much for the valonquar (spelling?) prophecy too, eh? This might be the single worst mistake in the show’s history. Absolutely disgusting.
  17. I always assume those trips take a long time and we just don’t see them traveling. But it is cut and portrayed in a way it feels instant.
  18. Snormund

    Discussing Jaime and Brienne

    Except Jaime clearly had sex with her more than once and was planning to stay with her until the plot suddenly demanded otherwise.
  19. Snormund

    Miss Sandy the Hostage

    Cersei doesn’t want anything anymore except to do that ridiculous lip curl she always does.
  20. I’ve thought Dany was unfit for quite some time. I admit I have a lot of personal bias against her, probably a lot of which is from Emilia Clarke’s often atrocious acting. So I wasn’t really upset by all this. I definitely understand the points people defending Dany are making, though, and many of them are valid. I do think there is a legitimate danger of her becoming like her father, however.
  21. Hey, she’s not a monster!
  22. Carice played Mel so well for sure. I totally ship Jon and Mel (mostly because Mel is my favorite character and I like Jon) but Mel would have been very bad for him, especially given how easily show Jon seems to be led around by women.
  23. Bran doesn’t want anything. He said it himself didn’t he?
  24. Can I get some feedback here? Am I alone in this, or do some of you guys also not notice the insane amount of things wrong with this show until reading other people’s posts. Sure I notice plenty of things wrong. But there is so much stupidity I don’t even think about when I really should be. Part of that is because I have forgotten a lot of the lore, but some of it is just me not noticing stuff.
  25. It’s crazy how much dumb stuff I don’t even think about that these threads make me cognizant of. Such as the dragons not noticing the iron fleet, Winterfell seemingly being put back together, and Jaime and Tyrion not having Bronn killed after he left (maybe they did that offscreen). Why would Bronn think he has leverage enough to get them to keep that promise anyways? Additionally, Cersei still not looking pregnant is quite odd.