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    A Compendium of Theories v.2

    OK this may sound crazy but could the Others be named for the philosophy of the other, and if so what does that say about their true motives?
  2. Dang all those extra inconsistencies are what have kept me out of buying the book. I don't suppose any fan has created a "cleaned up" version of Sons Of The Dragon" have they?
  3. Does the paperback version fix the issues with inaccuracies?
  4. animalia

    Will Sons Of The Dragons be republished?

    Sometimes these anthologies are split in two and republished in two parts. That happened with both versions of legends. If that happens here is there any chance the split in two version will have the Sons Of The Dragon errors corrected??
  5. I have heard there are inconsistencies in the release in the Book of Swords antohology, if this is true is there a plan for an updated release with these inconsistencies corrected?
  6. animalia

    Sons of the Dragon Discussion

    I have heard there are inconsistencies in this release if this is true is there a plan for an updated release with these inconsistencies corrected?
  7. Yes it would be by Natural talent according to my theory. Well there MIGHT be a little more to it. In any case I am going to save that for my next post. I hope to have said post up either today or tomorrow but I don't want to make promises as I need to do research for it.
  8. This theory is based of of theories I seem to recall hearing here and there (sorry that I can't recall where I heard them, I would love to be able to be able to provide a source). Let's start from the beginning. OK first there is the scene in Dance With Dragons where Bloodraven said he was watching Bran since before he was born. This tell us his plans for Bran have gone back a LONG time. I remember reading/hearing somewhere that some people have speculated that at least one of the reasons the Bloodraven is raising Bran into a Greenseer so that he will have a powerful enough body that he can warg into and take control of when his current body reaches the end of its line. This leads to my theory, which is really no more then an obvious extension of this. Bloodraven's plan will backfire on him and Bran will be strong enough to fight him off.* However the trauma involved in doing so will finally make it so Bran can no longer deny that what he has been doing to Hodar is wrong. Of course this being the craptastic world of Westeros I wouldn't be surprised if circumstances make it so Bran has to do it to save everybody's lives anyways, even after he learns that it is wrong to do so. *This asterisk is because even though I believe that Bran end up be firmly in control. I would not be surprised if a small bit of Bloodraven remains, possibly permanently attached to Bran's soul. As for why I think that I plan to address that in another post, that will PRIMARILY deal with the true nature of A Song Of Ice And Fire" and why I believe it refers to more then just John Snow. However why that will be the main focus of said post it will also in many ways be a theory mega post bringing many theories together using that as it's central theme (or at least one of it's central theme's). And while most of said theories have already been established by fans, to my knowledge this one hasn't been so I wanted to go ahead and get this one out of the way so that the ground work would already be established.