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  1. Even though this season wasn't what I was expecting, in a bad way, I'm still incredibly sad it's all over. It was a great ride even though it didn't take the best path.
  2. So the only point of Jon being the rightful heir was to kill Varys? Who was Varys writing all those letters to? Apparently no one.
  3. Noticed how Dany never even got to sit on the thrown.
  4. Why didn't all the other kingdoms or whatever do that too? Lol everyone's just cool with the north doing it but no one else wanted that?
  5. I remember they mentioned how hard it was for them to keep everything proportional when making the wolves so huge. Something about how to make the wolves look "natural" with their movements.
  6. I agree. I like how they make it seem like getting married is wrong since they're related but kissing passionately isn't?? Jon's the one that kissed her, he doesn't have any problem doing it knowing they're related. Aren't the direwolves supposed to be huge, like Nymeria? Why's Ghost so small? Is it because he's the runt of the litter?
  7. I gave it a 3. I think I was just too disappointed by how it all played out. Sorry to everyone that I'm not quoting but there's too much to go back to. But some of you made some great points. I think the Dothraki part in it all was dumb but was necessary because it's that "holy shit" moment where the rest of the living look on and see the Dothraki don't even last a minute. No one could match them in open battle and they just go defeated in seconds. But then the dead come and literally trample all over everyone. And yet they somehow mostly all survive. That makes no sense at all. Jamie, Brienne, Tormund, etc had hundreds of dead on top of them but they somehow manged to still get up. Same as Jon at the end when the Nigh King raises all the dead. He's surrounded by hundreds of thousands of dead but somehow manages to survive long enough until help comes. The person who commented on Theon staying back with Bran, I agree. Theon should've had a dragonglass sword and fought and killed a White Walker. Then the Night King says enough (in his head I guess), fights Theon, and then kills him. But we never even get to see the Night King fight. Would've liked to see Jon, or anyone really, fight him at least once. Now the Night King and the rest of the army of the dead are gone without us really even knowing what their purpose was. Also agree that Jon and Bran were basically useless during the battle. Thought Bran would've done something to help them. Or Jon. Instead he just flies around aimlessly. I just feel unfulfilled after that, which is fair since we're not all going to be satisfied with the ending of the Night King. It was just too much flash for me and not even substance. And it was too long. I honestly started getting bored halfway through when I realized the living would win. I thought it would be Bran to kill him somehow though.
  8. Some how, some way, Theon and his 15 men are going to save Yara I bet
  9. Episode 5 when she was listening in on him talking to the maester about finding the note. And then Littlefinger watching Arya leave his room.
  10. So what does everyone think happens in the season finale? It's supposed to be an 81 minute episode so I'm guessing a lot is going to happen. White Walkers I assume FINALLY make it to the wall. Do they make it past the wall? Does one of Arya/Sansa/Littlefinger die? What happens with that big ass meeting in Kings Landing?
  11. I agree. It wasn't a great episode. It was alright. Why didn't any of the dragons just burn the Night King? lol Could've ended the threat of the White Walkers right then and there. Also thought Arya was incredibly annoying. I hope there's more to her story other than she's really that stupid to believe Sansa had any choice. Oh, I guess she should've just died instead of doing Cersi's deeds which would've solved nothing. And Dany hasn't allowed anyone to love her like Jorah or Dario but all of a sudden she's now in love with him when he's "the smallest" or whatever it was she said. Why did Jon go running out to kill more wights after Drogon had already landed? lol Why not jump on the back of Drogon and fly away to safety? Did he think he was going to kill all 100,000 wights?
  12. So did those 7 guys + whoever went with them that went searching for White Walkers at least bring dragon glass with them? Maybe make some weapons out of it? Or are they going out with their useless weapons that only work against wights? Also, why isn't this season 10 episodes? Is it because of the budget? Seems like everything is so rushed. Would an extra 3 episodes really drag things out and make them add more pointless stuff?
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