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  1. White Walker King

    The Ending Was very conventional

    Look, I don't like bashing SJWs too much, but reducing Bran to his gender and skin colour is exactly the kind of thing that makes me dislike the SJW ideology. Apparently it doesn't matter how strange and unusual someone is, nothing can save them from being simplified to those 2 superficial characteristics.
  2. White Walker King

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    It would have been controversial to show a "successful" rape in the show. But it would be naive for us to think that the incident with the northerner was an isolated one. All you're doing in all of your posts is trying to excuse Daenarys actions based on modern tropes concerning ancient and medieval times. I.E. seeing people from those times as savages who killed without reason, therefore Dany's actions were "normal". Usually when cities were sacked in ancient/medieval times it was because the defenders had put up a very hard and long resistance, so the leader would decide to make an example of them in order to discourage cities that they planned to attack later from mounting similiar resistance. Long sieges were periods of enormous suffering for both the defenders and the attackers so would-be conquerors would take such extreme measures to prevent them. They were strategic decisions taken in certain circumstances, not just something done because it was "normal for the time". (Granted, occasionally a settlement would be sacked because the troops lost discipline but it was clearly not the troops that were at fault in episode 5.)
  3. White Walker King

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 806?

    5/10 Ridiculous sequence of events but the rushing of the series was clearly to blame for that. This ending could have worked but it badly needed more time and setup. Bran becoming king was okay.
  4. White Walker King

    Two Questions about this Episode

    1. Why did the north have to become independent? Sansa said that the northmen wouldn't want to kneel to anyone again after all they've been through, but Bran is Ned Stark's only remaining son so why would it be a problem for them to submit to him? 2. Why is the Night's Watch necessary anymore with the AotD defeated, and with the Wildlings on friendly terms with the northmen?
  5. White Walker King

    Protagonist suddenly goes crazy in last chapter of epic

    Oh stop being obnoxious. This has nothing to do with foreshadowing but with execution. Dany going mad - fine. But it should have been done in a believable way. Foreshadowing an event doesn't give the writer some sort of permission to serve it up however and whenever they want. And you're comparing this episode to the Red Wedding and Ned's beheading? Both of those were unexpected, but at the same time Walter Frey and Joffrey had been given sufficient motivation in the story to carry these out. Hence they kept immersion which allowed them to be the bitter emotional blows they were.
  6. White Walker King

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    2/10 Episode 4 was promising but they followed it up with the most nonsensical episode of GoT in the entire series. So yeah, despite the few good scenes here and there, this season has been trash. A very hollow ending to what was an epic TV show.
  7. White Walker King

    Why are they plotting a coup?

    I hardly even noticed that the Dothraki and Unsullied are of a different race. And although Grey Worm is, we haven't seen the faces of enough of the other Unsullied to know. (then again, I don't hate Dany, I'm fairly neutral on her)
  8. White Walker King

    Dragons far to weak

    Crossbows don't all use the same propulsion technology.
  9. White Walker King

    Anyone else kinda rooting for Cersei?

    Really? Imo Jon Snow is the most boring candidate. I'm fine with it being a toss-up between Cersei and Dany. Varys is clearly the Bernie Sanders of Westeros but there hasn't been any sign that he's ambitious enough to want to be the king himself.
  10. White Walker King

    Not Buying it! Cersi, Hound, Bronn

    I think the show meant to have Daenarys and Grey Worm at a distance where they couldn't be hit with an arrow too easily. Sure, Cersei has no problem doing evil things but taking hopeful shots at what is essentially a diplomatic expedition is bad taste for any leader to do. If you hit Daenarys you win, but if not you might end up looking foolish. Edit: As for Tyrion, I think the show did make a mistake. For some reason they have swept Tyrion's treason and patricide under the rug. He was a wanted man across all of Westeros, now Cersei hardly even seems to be angry at him.
  11. White Walker King

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 804?

    9/10 Wow! First episode of GoT I've enjoyed in a long time. Looks like GoT still excels when the conflict is between humans not some "other". The emotional wrenching, the scheming, and the ruthlessness of the world of Westeros have all made a comeback. Bronn threatening the Lannister brothers, Jaime leaving to fight for Cersei and the final scene of course were all very powerful. I'm excited like a little kid to see what's going to happen next! I felt they were a bit harsh on the audience in letting another dragon die, some people were definitely going to be depressed after that scene, but they really had to make sure that Daenarys is the character we want to root for.
  12. White Walker King

    The books are not going to end like this

    That's an absolutely heartless thing to say.
  13. White Walker King

    This Episode Made Little Sense

    The moment I saw the huge army assembled at Winterfell I knew there was going to be trouble with the dead coming back to life later. How can you face an army whose entire purpose is to kill and resurrect you, and just treat them as if they were a normal human army? I mean as you're killing the wights, some of your soldiers are dying and creating more wights, the Army of the Dead calls for a completely different type of warfare. Of course, that wouldn't be as entertaining as a the big, bloody battle we got in this episode. What was the Dothraki charge about? It seems 90% of the Dothraki died for no good reason. The AotD was still very far away at that point, they could have kept firing at it with the catapults instead of charging it. Why didn't the dragons get involved earlier and burn as much of the AotD as possible before it reached Winterfell? They seem to only have begun doing that once the two armies were engaged. Not only was it a lost opportunity but from what I could see they were at risk of burning some of the living at that stage. Why was it so easy to kill wights in this episode? I was surprised to see that regular arrows could be effective at all against them. Some of the wights are nothing more than skeletons, why does it hurt them to get shot by an arrow? The giant wight getting killed just through a stab in the eye also didn't seem believable. Even a living giant would probably not have died that way because the length of a giant's eye socket would mean that the weapon wouldn't penetrate into its brain. The scene where Arya is playing hide-and-seek with the wights is incredibly confusing. Just two minutes before she was killing them as if they were made of paper and now she's avoiding them as if they posed a great danger? How and why did she end up in that library anyway, when we had just seen her on the ramparts? Also I found the sad, slow music with the slow motion fighting very unsuitable. It would have fit well in a show or movie with a tragic ending. But we knew the good guys had a plan here and that it was unlikely for the world of Westeros to end, especially since it was only episode 3, so the emotion behind the music conflicted with what we knew and broke immersion. And last but not least, the Arya Ex Machina ending seemed like incredibly lazy writing. I can only hope that it was the plan all along for Arya to kill the Night King, and that there is a good explanation for her being able to slip in through all the other White Walkers unnoticed but I don't know. It was all just so anti-climactic. The White Walkers have been the terrifying, mysterious, unknowable force present in the show from the first scene of season 1, episode 1. And this is it? They're all dead? They don't seem to have made much impact on the world of Westeros at all. Sure a few northern strongholds are destroyed and bunch of people are dead, but in the grand scheme of things that's nothing. Once Cersei finds out she's probably going to laugh remembering how Jon had tried to convince her of the danger, and she's going to be very happy she didn't believe him.