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    Was season 7 the off-season?

    The White Walkers had to cease to be a mystery eventually, however I have to say they have indeed become too much of a focal point. If the White Walkers are given a compelling motive or humanized in some way it may yet save the series. When did Ramsay have any redeeming qualities??? In season 2 he tricked the ironborn in Winterfell to surrender and flayed them, doing the same to the ironborn in Moat Cailin in season 4. At the start of season 4 he hunts a servant girl through the woods. That's on top of all the sadistic games he played his Theon, which didn't serve any useful purpose. None of these actions were helping him "prove" himself to his father or anything. Ramsay was always a just smarter Joffrey, and nothing they could have done in season 5 would have redeemed him.
  2. White Walker King

    Why are my threads not being approved?

    Two of my threads on this site were not approved so far and it's frustrating. What can possibly be the reason? Do I need Spoiler tags for a thread in a sub-forum for an episode after the episode has already aired? I can put Spoiler tags on all my threads sure, but most threads in these sub-forums don't have them yet they reveal events from the show so I doubt this is the reason. Only other thing I can think of is the topic of my threads not being wide enough to warrant a thread of its own. Yet there are threads posted by other users sometimes which cover narrow topics. Please help me out.
  3. White Walker King

    Was season 7 the off-season?

    Compared to the rest of the series, season 7 was very mild. For most of it, there is no real threat apparent to the viewers. Before they got the dragon, the Army of the Dead didn't look like much of a threat, and Cersei was obviously incapable of challenging Dany. The political schemes come nowhere near what we are used to: Littlefinger's attempt at quarreling the Stark sisters was pathetic, Tyrion's plans were poor and yielded catastrophic results and Varys was inactive. And nothing particularly interesting or disturbing was revealed about the characters and the world. However, I think this episode made me hopeful of a great final season. It has really set the scene, with the invasion of the dead and Cersei's plan. The Littlefinger saga is over. I loved the character, but the Winterfell arc this season was terrible. And Bran's revelation about Jon's real family is sure to create some friction.
  4. White Walker King

    How is it Possible for the Unsullied to be Good Warriors?

    You're saying they can win races. There is a difference between the type of muscles required for endurance and for strength. Walda already pointed out that castrati are better suited to endurance sports. Maybe what I am overestimating is the importance of strength for weapons combat.
  5. White Walker King

    How is it Possible for the Unsullied to be Good Warriors?

    Grey Worm fought off a large group of Sons of the Harpy by himself. I looked in the wikia and I didn't find anything new, except that they are given a beverage that makes them immune to pain over time. I still just don't see why you would go to the effort of making super disciplined soldiers, that have no empathy and feel no pain, but give them a huge handicap like this. Remember that they are castrated at the age of 5, so they don't get the natural increase of muscle that comes with puberty. Sure they won't have sex and get STDs but is it really worth it? Their high discipline should still keep their sex drive mostly in check.
  6. I don't know if this is an issue that has been addressed before. Having been castrated, the lack of testosterone should make it very difficult for them to build muscle. There are no testosterone injections in the world of Westeros like in modern world! Is there some kind of explanation for this, because every time I'm reminded that one of the best armies in existence is made up of castrated men, it feels oxymoronic and it bothers me.