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  1. If we think of the white walkers as a metaphor for the effects of climate change and we think that perhaps the rise of the dragons led to the rise of the white walkers and their army, then perhaps the 3 dragons are capitalism, industrialization, and consumerism. Or just one of those or something similar. And if this is the extension of the metaphor, then that leads to more problematic applications when it comes to Daenerys freeing people in Essos. But it leads to some interesting questions concerning the weapon that Qyburn is building. Because the dragons don't necessarily need to be used to do damage / cause harm. They could be used in turning some of that damage around if they destroy the white walkers and their army. But if Cersei/Qyburn/House Lannister use the weapon to kill the dragons before using them for good but after causing harm, isn't this what we see in our world now? That the wealthy and powerful use their wealth and power to make conditions worse for people and potentially destroy whole areas of the world? It also raises interesting questions about the birth of the dragons. Is that meant to feel inevitable even though maybe it wasn't? What are your thoughts on what the dragons represent?
  2. Based on the joke that Missandei told in episode 8 of season 6 about two translators on a sinking ship, do you think that she and Varys (or Melisandre?) will be on a sinking ship soon? Perhaps when Daenerys finds out about Euron's attack, she will send two people to Dorne again to continue with her original plan of getting people from Dorne on ships to King's Landing. Maybe that scene from episode 8 and the joke that Missandei tells are foreshadowing?