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  1. Bullrout

    The plight of the poor

    I don't think so. She has been the only leader in the book who made her primarily goal to help people. The Starks only wanted revenge for Bran and Ned. Tywin to protect his family reputation. Jaime and Cersei to fuck themselves silly. Renly wanted his brother's throne. Balon wanted to rape and steal. Jon wanted to avenge the Starks. It is young Daenerys who fought battles to free as many people from slavery as possible even when such people have nothing to offer and brought no benefit to her cause. I would trust her leadership before Stannis, Jon, and Cersei.
  2. Bullrout

    Why doesn’t Dorne have a navy?

    They have ships but a standing fleet of military ships is hard to justify if they are not a seafaring people.
  3. Bullrout

    Do you like Feast and Dance?

    I liked A Dance With Dragons. Dance is one of the strongest volumes in the collection. But A Feast for Crows was the weakest of the collection. All the books are necessary reading if you want to understand the story but it is understandable why we all liked Dance better.
  4. Bullrout

    George hates hero worship

    Hero is a point of view.
  5. Bullrout

    Is body swapping possible?

    The ability to warg is bonded to the physical body. Bran can jump in and back as long as his body remain alive. Should his body die while he's in Hodor. His vocabulary will be permanently reduced from then on. He's trapped in Hodor.
  6. Bullrout

    Dany and child murder

    And the Starks accomplished nothing. They betrayed House Frey. They lost men who could have been used against the WWs. I suppose it is good the Starks lost their home and got humbled. It served them right for helping to depose their rightful overlords, the Targaryens. Ofcourse George levels criticism at the Starks. You just have to read carefully and open your eyes. That stunt at the wall that Jon Snow pulled, that was not heroic and it was never meant to be such. George is playing games with his fans. He wants the reader to think things through and think about what happened. It's not flattering to Jon and only proved how incapable he is at ruling. It's not George who tries to make excuses for the Starks. It's the readers who like that family who invent one excuse after another. There are many Stark haters and Dany fans on this website. Daenerys is a complex character and thus, her arc is not going to be black and white. She wants to avoid breaking many eggs to make her omelet but she won't hesitate when push come to shove. Fighting the Ghiscari masters, which number in the hundred thousands in order to win the freedom of millions is worth it. I wish the Ghiscari masters would agree to free their slaves and not attempt to bring back slavery. But that is not going to happen. The Ghiscari are an evil people who profit from slavery. Something drastic will have to come down on their heads to force them to change. They need to have their wills and their spirits broken. Not all unlike what the North did to the South in real life. The story of the Exodus told us how much ass kicking Moses and God had to dump on Egypt to break their will and let the people go. That is just the way of things. Positive reforms require fighting to make happen.
  7. Bullrout

    Predicting and Gambling

    I suppose it's like children playing poker with plastic chips or playing bao with seashells. Azor Ahai = Daenerys Targaryen King of Winter = Jon Snow
  8. Bullrout

    The Official Count of Kings

    The author considers Viserys a king. The beggar king. He described how Viserys should be depicted to an artist who was drawing each of the Targaryen kings. Viserys and Daenerys are included on the art work of Targaryen monarchs. Rhaegar was not.
  9. Bullrout

    Skinchanging a dead body

    Hodor is the same species as Bran. The link translates better. It's a different experience with Summer because the wolf doesn't have the same thought processes as a human. He's an instinctive animal. Rules and morality do not apply in the wolf's mind. It feels hunger, it hunts. It's drawn to the pack for survival. Hodor is simple but he's still human. He cares for Bran out of friendship. It's not because of a bond or some instinctual thing.
  10. Bullrout

    George hates hero worship

    Hero depends on how the individual reader sees it. They're a hero if they do something solid for the people whom the reader likes and villains if they hurt the reader's favorite characters.
  11. Bullrout

    POLL: Will you continue to read the books if _________

    Do you think something personal is keeping him from finishing?
  12. Bullrout

    the honeyed locusts...

    It was poison but given the lack of sanitary food handling __ food borne illness is possible. Grasshoppers don't have to pass the commission of agriculture's food safety inspections. Reznak might do something like this but Skahaz would not. Skahaz would not risk the one person who protects his kin. The mo Kandaqs threw in with the liberators. They were considered traitors to the slaving class. The other slave owning families would have no kind feelings for him and his.
  13. Bullrout

    Eye color from birth?

    Eye color differentiates families and bloodlines. Blue eyes are not uncommon but purple is. It is one of the characteristics known collectively as the Blood Of The Dragon. The Starks have among their family line this collection of traits called the Wolf's Blood. It can carry personality quirks in some but we are only talking about physical characteristics here such as the long face and dark hair.
  14. A cruel person can lead effectively. They just have to be consistent and make the right decisions for the good of the majority. While taking into consideration the welfare of the minority. Tywin Lannister was a bad man but a good administrator. Aerys was crazy but his kingdom prospered under his rule. Robert was a good man but the realm suffered under his reign. It's not about being a good person. What it really is about is being effective.
  15. Similar but not the exact same threat. History seldom repeats itself perfectly. Cold and dark extinguish life. Everything depends on photosynthesis. Surviving that apocalypse necessitated the removal of all the evil weirwood trees in Essos.