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  1. Rosey's momma. She gave a faceless stranger a free beer and let him know this flunky wants to elope with her daughter. She might have mentioned it casually to the man. He took it upon himself to return her kindness with an assassination.
  2. I would immediately write out Sansa, Arya, Brienne, Cersei, and Jaime out of the plot. Just because I do not enjoy their chapters.
  3. The change will be more than skin deep. The Others will bring him back as one of their minions, an ice wight. Unfortunately for them, his mind will be intact within Ghost. So from then on, the two will become inseparable. Jon will never come back as a living, breathing human being. He comes back as a wight with Ghost carrying his soul around. The ice wight body will die eventually as it must but his mind will remain within Ghost. And there it will remain until the wolf himself dies and then Jon will finally be completely dead.
  4. Half the realm were willing to stake their fortunes and lives. They fought to keep Aerys on the throne. Too bad they lost though. Ser Willem gave up his life for the Targaryen heirs. Varys is risking his for them. Meanwhile, nobody seems willing to die to defend guest rights.
  5. Sure. Absolutely her circumstance should be considered. But spoiling her for the rest of her life is not what I had in mind. It is not the sentence she would get me from me. Laboring for 20 years on a fishing boat is fair.
  6. My guess only. I have no proof. The maester at Dragonstone during Dany's birth was Archmaester Marwyn.
  7. Bullying among children is one of the problems in schools. It creates a poor quality of life for the bullied person. I can see how that could make Samwell fearful. It may be too late to change because he's already a grown man.
  8. The steel they could have bought a long time ago. Another lord later can easily have it remade into the two-hander called Ice. But yeah. Where and how the metal came into their hands is a good question.
  9. Eating the dead will have to be part of one's lifestyle if that person is to survive during the prolonged winter. It won't only be Rickon who eats the dead. All of his siblings will be doing the same. First in wolf form and as humans after they get used to the initial yuck reflex. And then again in their final direwolf form they will not mind it at all.
  10. A Stark did not make the sword. He may have commissioned its making from old Valyrian steel. They either got the sword as it was or came across old Valyrian steel as material. A smith from Qohor could have reforged the steel into the two-hander.
  11. @Lyanna<3Rhaegar She should not be allowed to get away with the murder of Dareon and the insurance man. Death may be extreme. Ok. But she needs to do a long time in prison.
  12. My gravatar is gone! Jaime is guilty of the most heinous crime of all and the people don't disrespect him to his face. The men in your example will never win the hearts of the people but it does not mean they will be shunned. Tywin was very much disliked for what he did to the Reynes but he was respected.
  13. Or Mudd. We're getting bogged down with names. Abner Marsh and he is fondly remembered by York and the gang. It is easy to understand if the black brothers build a monument to Bowen Marsh and remember his sacrifice to remove Jon from office. Tormund and the wild wildlings will kill him.
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