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  1. Someone was skeptical. The dead never come back to life, right. It doesn't predict the future for Catelyn. Catelyn doesn't have a long future. She will get her revenge but she will have to hurry.
  2. Suit yourself. I get drawn into these discussions and take them seriously more often than is good for me.
  3. Not by themselves. But look at all we have been given. Elissa stole three dragon eggs. She allegedly sold them to finance her trip. She sailed west and was never seen again. Planetos is round. It means going west will eventually take her to the other side of the globe. Her Sunchaser was seen in Asshai years later. Asshai is the magic city, where people learn and practice the art. Quaithe shows up years later and claims to be from the city. She takes a strong interest in the dragons and Daenerys Targaryen. I say all of that should make us think the two are connected at the very least.
  4. It was too late. The Lannisters were already in the city. Tywin could send as many of his men as needed to get the job done. It is heartbreaking but the deaths of those children are casualties of power changing hands.
  5. ASOIAF was not written for kindergarten consumption sir. Martin requires his readers to read carefully and draw conclusions. Were you expecting Martin to write 'Pay attention kids. King Aerys wants to keep his throne and his head. He can't let the lords below him become more powerful than he is. Because you know, if they did, they can take away his throne and his head.'
  6. Bloodraven a demigod!!!!!!! He was a man who played with magic and later extended his life, deliberately or accidentally, with the tree. Elissa Farman was a woman who hungered for knowledge and travel. The Sunchaser ending up in Asshai is a clue of where she ended up. Asshai is a city where magic is practiced and studied without restrictions. It is not hard to see where Elissa learned her craft. It explains the interest Quaithe has with Daenerys Targaryen's dragons. Maybe she believes these came from the three stolen eggs.
  7. Read the book. Use your common sense. A king cannot allow one of his vassals to become more powerful. That's not how power is maintained. Rickard's plan was a threat to the Targaryens. Use your head. If you were a king, would you allow one of your lords to build enough power to challenge you? No, you would not.
  8. If you will recall, Elissa's Sunchaser was seen in Asshai. Elissa most likely traveled far before reaching Asshai, the land of magic. She had years to learn magic. If Brynden Rivers found a way to extend his life, I think Elissa could have done the same in Asshai.
  9. They won't become a couple as long as they remain human. But the Starks will become wolf pack after they die. I could see those two mating and producing a litter of furry little direwolves in the last book.
  10. I believe Elissa is Quaithe. Who has more than a connection to magic. Quaithe has magic.
  11. Good question. The leading families all had a hand in tearing down Westeros. Targaryen, Stark, Baratheon, and Lannister made very bad decisions which brought about the end of the Targaryen prosperity. I mostly blame Rickard Stark and Robert Baratheon. Their ambitions forced the Targaryens into a corner. It doesn't matter what Rickard meant to do with his proposed blood alliance. It was a threat to the ruling great house, the Targaryens. The Lannister twins and Robert's brothers made everything worse over the course of the years they had the power. Jon Snow betrayed the Night's Watch. Prince Rhaegar had a very limited understanding of politics if he harbored a runaway like Lyanna. It would have been for the better if King Aerys 2 had remained in power and then passed the throne to Prince Viserys. King Viserys 3 marries his sister, Princess Daenerys. Daenerys is stronger. She will eventually get the better of Viserys and take the throne for the good of the kingdom.
  12. Ashara is Septa Lemore Elissa Farman is Quaithe Daenerys Targaryen is Azor Ahai Daenerys is the one person who has a known identity, Daenerys of House Targaryen. The warlocks in the House of Black and White took great pains to prove this. Child of Three, Mother of Dragons, etc. You can play around with Ashara and Elissa but the identity of Daenerys has been proven by the prophecies. She is the daughter of King Aerys 2 and Queen Rhaella, future Azor Ahai, Mother of Dragons, and heir to Westeros.
  13. No. It's a case of Real Sword, False Dragon.
  14. The person he trusted, Jaime, was part of the trickery. He was too young, too naive, to fully understand what was going on.
  15. It was unsettling at the very least. I suppose the author purposefully wrote the chapter that way to make the reader see Arya for what she truly has become. Arya only knows death and that is what she gave poor Dareon. Something permanently broke inside Arya after she killed Dareon and the old Bravosi insurance man. There's no more pity and remorse inside that horrible heart.
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