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  1. Bullrout

    Do You Think Sam Will Forge His Chain?

    He'll get expelled from the school. No chains for Sam.
  2. Brown is the color of feces. A person so smeared in public loses a bit of their gravitas if it should so happen as punishment. Cersei and Joffrey got fecal bombed and lost their step. It depends on the circumstance. Jorah and Barristan were hip deep in the sewers of Meereen but that's not public punishment.
  3. There it is. Get to the heart of the matter. I like it. He might already be. A walking Snowman with a grudge. Not that he didn't already carry a big grudge before. Things could finally get interesting at the wall. The Snowman comes back as an insane wight. His mind an amalgamation of jon, wolf, and wight.
  4. Bullrout

    Characters who deserve to DIE

    There. Forgive me for editing your list. I thought it was good except for those two. Bowen Marsh doesn't deserve to die. He is a loyal man of the Night's Watch who did what he did to stop Jon Snow from doing any more harm than he already has to the Watch, the kingdom, and the north. What he did was a selfless act of courage to stop his erratic commander. Agreed. Roose killed the squatters. Raped Ramsay's mom and hanged her husband. The sabotaging of Robb's army was okay because the Starks were rebels. Roose had a higher duty to the king over Robb. Rebellion is wrong by law.
  5. Bullrout

    The three Kingsguard were loyal to Rhaegar, not Aerys.

    The KG were sent by King Aerys to seek out and find Lyanna. I suppose to return her to the rebels in the hopes of stopping the war. They (Hightower, Whent, Dayne) found her, but it was too late. The royalists lost at the trident and Aerys was murdered. They were not there to protect anybody. Given a choice of obeying Aerys or Rhaegar and the choice is easy. The KG would obey Aerys.
  6. Bullrout

    Does Asoiaf Have a True Protagonist? *SPOILERS*

    Hero. Protagonist. Daeneys fulfills those roles better than anyone in the books. She comes the closest to the idea of protagonist.
  7. I would beam myself down to the Dothraki camp and warn Dany about Mirri. To save Drogo and Rhaego.
  8. Bullrout

    Joffrey Was Justified in Beheading Ned Stark.

    Varys of all people should not be surprised at this. It is standard for sers to follow the order of their king. The prisoner just confessed to treason. The king ordered his execution. What were these men supposed to do? Remember, power resides where men believe it resides. Coming from Varys himself. I don't buy into the philosophy myself but the two sers do.
  9. Bullrout

    How come there are no slave revolts in the Free Cities?

    None that succeeded. They now see light at the end of the tunnel. Hope. She is somebody whom they can unite around while fighting for freedom. There have been leaders before but these guys were slaves. Slaves leading the slaves against their masters. This is a different matter this time. This is the first time in history in which a person of such lofty background and credentials have shown sincere interest in helping the slaves. Mhysa is for real.
  10. Bullrout

    Melisandre and Thoros of Myr

    The Church Of The Red God will get a big public relations boost because winter is coming. The opposite of ice and is fire. Ice is the coming killer and all those associated with ice will be seen as the enemy of mankind.
  11. Bullrout

    Joffrey Was Justified in Beheading Ned Stark.

    Being merciful to somebody who committed treason against you is dumb. A monarch can and should forgive some acts of transgression. But not for treason. It was a harsh punishment but fitting for the crime of treason. Inconsistency on the part of the judge is much, much worse. Robb Stark's brand of justice was inconsistent and thus, it was not justice. I can level the same criticism at Jon Snow and his handling of his fellow brothers, Janos and Mance. It is inconsistency that is the greater problem when it comes to the question of justice. Right.
  12. Bullrout

    Is Jon to blame? #NotMyKing

    The Watch already blames Jon. They were smart enough to take him out before he can make an even bigger mess of things. Bowen Marsh did it for the watch and he clearly blames Jon for all the crap that went down. Jon sent his wildlings to get Arya (who he thought was Arya). He had no right to do that. He got the watch involved in the politics of the north. I blame him because that was a move that divided the defenders of the wall. Jon was no good to the watch anymore. He was going to take the wildlings away from the wall to attack the Boltons.
  13. Bullrout

    Sphinxes and Blood Magic?

    The Valyrians were doing genetic experiments. George must have read the works of Zecharia Sitchin. Sitchin believed the Anunaki conducted genetic experiments to create workers on earth.
  14. Bullrout

    Did Moat Cailin Have a Full-Time Garrison Pre-Conquest?

    MC was not garrisoned but Torrhen had something almost as good. He had the bog people defending the pass. Cheap because they live off the land. Fried frog, stewed frog, frog casserole, stuffed frog, marinated frog, frog jerky, frog with noodles. They were an easy keep and costed the Starks nothing. The north doesn't have anything valuable enough to motivate a powerful house like the Lannisters to invade. The bog people were enough to discourage the Freys and other river families from trespassing.