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  1. Azmodael

    Tyrion - Sansa reunion

    Technically, Bran is still the head of House Stark even if he doesn't acknowledge it. If he self stop pitying and gets a wife and a baby he can still be the Three-eyed-freak and his son can be Lord Stark. We'll have to wait and see what happens in Season 8 with the Wall. It will not magically disappear because it has a hole in it and neither will the world suddenly warm up and melt it down. If the Night King is permanently slain (unlikely) the Watch might dissolve, but otherwise their watch continues.
  2. Azmodael

    Tyrion - Sansa reunion

    In my estimate I think they will end up together. May even become happy with one another after some time. Politically keeping the marriage makes a ton of sense. Their families started the war, so keeping their marriage sends a very strong message of peace and Tyrion is almost certain to inherit house Lannister. Cersei is doomed to die and I am pretty certain so is Jaimie. Even if he survives he is still part of the King's Guard or will be sent to the Wall. He still has a lot of sins to atone for. Sansa and Tyrion make for a very fitting couple. When she was younger she wanted a beautiful prince and was terrified with by the Imp. Well... Jeofrey was a monster and Tyrion was kind with her. She is more mature now and able to appreciate it plus it is her duty to her family. They are also both smart and politically savvy and Tyrion is close with John. Lastly there is a kind of mirror with her mother. Caitlyn didn't marry for love, but slowly came to love her husband after their children were born.
  3. The wall is strong, but only if it's properly manned. John's plan was to fortify the Night Watch with armies from the continent, but he couldn't get them there in time. Of course, that's what the proper logic should be. The show writers ignore logic for "Suspension of Disbelief" to carry the story, so John never mentions the Wall.
  4. Many people see him as pure evil, but actually his story is one of tragedy. He really loved Cat (wasn't mutual, but Cat didn't love Ned at first either), but was humiliated and spurn away. He wanted to make a name for himself, but he was constantly looked down upon because he was of a minor house, so he turned into a plotter. He really loves Sansa, but in a very twisted way. Years of running brothels and dealing with prostitutes have alienated him away from the true meaning of love. He doesn't hate Cat, but he did hate Ned with a passion for taking Cat from him. That's why he destroyed Ned's family. If anything Littlefinger biggest sin is his selfishness. He only cares for his own well being. He cares for Sansa, but he cannot grasp what is wrong with destroying her life. It's like he is destroying everything that makes her happy in order to make her totally dependent on him. Littlefinger in the books is a lot more consistent than Littlefinger in the show. The murder or Lysa wasn't premeditated in the books - in fact he took a great personal risk to do it. He was planning to do it - eventually - but he did it in a tense moment to save Sansa. He is not sure how he feels about Sansa - she reminds him too much of Cat and his feeling for her mother are carrying over to her. He's doing what he can to help her, despite destroying her life to begin with. He may not even realize he has feelings for her, but they are there. Some kind of twisted fatherly feelings (she COULD have been his daughter) mixed in with love (she looks exactly like the woman he loved - remember Littlefinger and and Cat were about the age of Sansa when the love triangle happened). Selling her off to the Boltons made very little sense in the show, because Ramsy is a known sadist. Littlefinger cares little for Sansa's family, but he cares a great deal about her personally. He would not allowed her to be tortured or raped.
  5. Forget about the teleporting armies. Forget about the jet powered ravens. Forget about swimming in plate armor. Lets talk about Highgarden and the Tarley subplot. The Tyrels were loyal to the Mad King. Lord Tarley himself was a general in king Rhaegar's Army. Then his lord gets blown up along with his family in an act of heinous mass murder. Then Tarley commits treason by declaring for the women responsible for this outrage and proceeds to help murder his former Liege. Then he get's beaten by Dany, denounces her and decides to end his family line out of his loyalty for Cersei. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? I can understand switching his loyalty - he'd become lord of the reach, the Tyrels already have no heir and instability will ensue plus Dany brought dothraki savages. So even though Cersei is horrible he has a lot to gain from his treachery. But by the same token his decision to stay loyal to Cersei makes no sense. Dany IS the rightful queen. He DID fight for her father. Cersei DID murder his former liege lord and a lot of other people from the Reach. His family line WILL die if he doesn't submit. And he chooses to die. For what? The capture of High Garden also makes no sense. The show revealed it as a mighty castle with high walls, easily defensible regardless of how bad a military commander you are. The Tyrel army avoided major fights, even if ALL the other families from the reach joined Tarley Olienna should still have several thousand troops to defend the castle + endless amount of provisions for a lengthy siege. The battle of High Garden happened off screen simply because there was no plausible way for Jaime to win without heavy losses or a protracted siege.
  6. Azmodael

    Current Standings

    The show's power balance is a mess, but I'll chime in with a few thoughts. Daenerys: Dany has a horde of half-naked dothraki light cavalry and winter has come. She likely couldn't carry much food with her. Further, Dothraki don't know shit about siege warfare. The unsullied are her only reliable and elite troops, but few in numbers. Dorne leadership is crippled. Dorne has no strong leader to lead its armies and likely many of the liege lords detest the means by which the Sand Snakes seized power. The Reach fares a little bit better, but again there is no good leader there. Further, Dany has no general worthy of the title and her advisers are all peace lovers with no military experience. The only reason Dany's position is the strongest are the dragons, which are only good for open battles. And who will probably die fighting the WW. She is also committed to fighting the WW, which will weaken her immensely. Cersei: Cersei's position at the start of S7 was hopeless, but since the writers wanted to keep her as a plausible threat she got some easy wins with Dorne and the Reach. The Lannister army was inflated to be super strong, despite fighting in almost every major battle on the continent. Dany baked a good portion of it, but I am sure it's still the strongest infantry on the continent. The Stormlands were recently in open rebellion with most of their armies died with Stannis. Limited help from there. The Riverlands were in open rebellion as well, with most of the fighting going there. They are utterly decimated as a fighting force. The current high lord there is Frey and he is dead, along with most of his heirs. No help from there. The crown lands seem to be mixed into the Lannister forces, which may explain why they are so strong in the first place. The Ironborn are mighty allies that rule the seas, but Eureon will backstab her on the first opportunity. John: The north is utterly decimated manpower wise and the WW are marching on him. He is effectively out of the war. The knights of the Vale will be tied fighting the WW alongside John. -------------------------- Taking Casterly Rock was a very stupid mistake. The castle is literally on the other side of the continent, without any strategic value except as the birthplace of Cersei. Military-wise storming King's Landing was the fastest path to victory, but Dany wants to be seen as a savior, not a conqueror and having her capital burnt to the ground (Dragons) AND looted and pillaged (Dothraki) makes for some very unloyal subjects afterwards. Helping the north is the logical path to victory, but she needs to do something about Cersei. Showing the wight should be enough to make her sign a treaty commit soldiers to the fight in front of the entire court and prepare some dragon fire for the eventual attempt to backstab. Of course, keeping in mind that this is a TV show written by people who rely on suspension of disbelief to carry the plot this won't happen.