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    Lollygagging all over Westeros
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    -Jon Snow knows nothing
    -Ned Stark got killed twice
    -Robb Stark was a dum dum but I love him anyway
    -The night dark and full of terrors
    -The things Jaime Lannister does for love
    -Sandor Clegane is going to eat every fucking chicken in this room
    -Tyrion Lannister wishes he was a monster
    -Oberyn Martell took two thumbs to the eyeballs and got his skull smashed in
    -Bear Island knows no King, but the King in the North who's name is Stark
    -The North Remembers
    -They say Winter is Coming but winter is already here

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  1. They Killed Baby Sean Bean

    Create your Westerosi house

    Lol. Thank you
  2. They Killed Baby Sean Bean

    Create your Westerosi house

    Very nice :3
  3. They Killed Baby Sean Bean

    Create your Westerosi house

    (This is an edited version, so please tell me what people think!) House Name: Montessor Sigil: Originally, two blue spears clashing against each other, but it was changed to that of a dark purple background with a black tiger rearing up and roaring Motto: Cut off the king's head, and the body falls Unofficial motto: Strength, Blood, and Death Religion: None. Why should they rely on Gods and faith, and unanswered prayers? Castle: Whitehaven Stronghold Ancestry: First Men and Valaryian descent Genetics: Deep, dark brown hair with a hint of auburn hair, and haunting misty blue eyes. It is rare for them to have the classical Valaryian look of silver blonde hair and violet eyes, though due to mixed genetics, whoever inherits blonde hair, it is several shades darker due to the auburn genetic. The blue eye color is also dominant over the violet trait. While not as tall as someone such as The Mountain, most Montessors grow to be over six feet high, some rarely making it to seven. They are also described as having harsh and sharp features Location: The Vale Ancestral weapon: A large battleaxe named Shadow's Bane, made from an unknown source material. It was eventually lost during the Dance of the Dragons Sworn to: House Targaryen (Prior to Robert's Rebellion), House Baratheon (Formerly, only breaking away after the Greyjoy Rebellion) History: A few years before the Doom of Valaryia, and before House Velaryon left to Driftmark, a daughter named Alyhra from House Velaryon departed from Valaryia and settled into Westeros. There, she met a man who was known as Lucian Montessor, whose family was directly descended from that of the First Men, whom she would eventually marry into. Her husband-to-be was also known as "Lucian the Lame", due to the fact that he had a twisted leg from a horse riding accident as a child, which rendered his ability to ever fight, and his incapability to keep everyone under his house satisfied. Lucian, having eventually met Alyhra during one of his travels, was captivated by her, by both her beauty and personality. Seeing as he had not taken a wife, as his mother died in childbirth, and his father died of unknown illness when he was a young child, he fell in love with Alyhra and made her his wife, and they could finally continue the Montessor line It was during Aegon's Conquest that House Montessor was the first to bend the knee to the dragons, as the current Lord, Alrik Montessor, otherwise known as the "Cub Lord" (Due to the fact he became Lord at age 8), was aware of his Velaryon acestors' association with House Targaryen, and the fact that he was also awed by and feared the dragons. For his willingness, the little Lord was presented with a great battleaxe, which was called Shadow's Bane. During the Dance of the Dragons, the current and only known matriarch of the Montessors, lady Tiphina, had lost Shadow's Bane during the Assault on Harrenhal. To make matters worse, her three sons were killed during the Fall of King's Landing, leaving the house with no heirs, and causing the old and weary woman to slip into an unbridled madness. It was only after her grandnephew, Tarik, who had returned from Essos after serving in the Second Sons for many years, put her out of her misery. Upon his descent as Lord of House Montessor, he changed the sigil from two spears, to that of a roaring tiger Prior to Robert's Rebellion, the Montessors had begun to doubt the Targaryens, as Aerys had slowly beginning to fall into madness after the destruction of Summerhal and the incident at Duskendale. The straw that finally broke the camel's back was when Aerys had their current Lord, Korvyn, executed for being accused of conspiracy against the king. His eldest son and heir, Lucian, had finally rallied his men to aid Robert Baratheon in finally overthrowing the Targaryen dynasty, and swearing fealty once Robert was crowned king However, six years later, when the Ironborne rebelled against the crown, Lucian's younger brother, Borius, was killed under the orders of Balon Greyjoy when the Ironborne took him prisoner, and a makeshift head of a tiger was sewn onto his headless corpse, as a final mockery to their house. Angered by this fact, and the fact that he was robbed of avenging his younger brother, Lucian eventually had House Montessor break faith with House Baratheon because of this, and that Robert was ineffective to be king, the Montessors eventually left to live out in the Vale for the rest of their days They did not choose a side when the War of the Five Kings rolled around, as Lucian had his fair share of wars and conflicts. But when he heard of the news of what the Freys and Boltons had done with conspiring with the Lannisters and murdering Robb Stark and his bannerman at the Red Wedding, Lucian was enraged and disgusted by this, and was urged by Lord Petyr Baelish after Jon Snow returned to rally with the Knights of the Vale, and assist in taking back Winterfell from the Boltons