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  1. The grey rats were sabotaging the reign of the dragons. The highest ranking members of the order are being manipulated by the greenseers. They don't know it but they're helping the Others.
  2. The time is not right for Dany to go to Westeros. She has to pass the shadow to get back to the light. Go east to go west. And so on. She will use the time to learn prophecies and to increase the size of her army.
  3. Holding children accountable and punishing them is not objectionable. So consider Arya. She is a child but murders people. Cersei took the life of her best friend when they were children. Jon was young when he killed Janos Slynt. Twelve is a good age to hold a person accountable for participating in slavery. Twelve is also old enough to make them dangerous.
  4. Too bad they only have natural medicines like herbs. Most of us live in the 1st world where almost half of the adults are on some kind of anti-depressant.
  5. The harpy will not willingly accept the end of slavery. The harpy is not interested in the wrong or the right of slavery. There is a line in Fevre Dream that basically says slavery must end. Better if it ends in peace but if there must be fire and blood to end it then so be it. The crime took place in the premises owned and operated by the wine shop owner and his family. The only customers to get targeted were Dany's men. The family had the means and the motive to commit the crime. It would be silly to let them off the hook without twisting their arms to get some info. Instructions to interrogate them separately is a very good strategy. The family would have been summarily executed in Westeros and their heads put on pikes just on slim suspicion. Leniency and a generous benefit of the doubt can be given in peace time but this is a war zone. The harpies are using terrorism to force the return of slavery. Slavery did not end without bloodshed in the U.S. Acts of necessary cruelty happened on both sides before slavery was finally ended.
  6. I don't think capturing slaves in westeros is smart. He's doing this because he, Aegon, or both are Blackfyre descendants. Slavery violates the right of each person. Dany is not under any ethical obligation to replace slavery with another system. All she is ethically obligated to do is free the slaves. It is then up to them to find a way to earn a living like everybody else. It is also the former masters' responsibility to find and earn a living, like every else. For Dany to replace slavery is almost the same as purchasing the slaves and compensating the masters. Keep this in mind. The slaves were never the property of the masters. They were prisoners. The only responsibility of the liberator is to open the gates to the jail and punish the masters for their war crime of nailing children to the crosses.
  7. Jon should have kept his nose clean. He should have never been voted into a command position. A guy like that should be kept low in the ranks. That way, when he shirks his duties, the damage will be minimal. Jon is the last person you and I would want to rule over anybody. It's not him. He would be better off running away and marrying Arya then live in exile as husband and wife.
  8. It may be Val doing an evil thing like entering the giant's skin and using him to drive off an unwelcome suitor. Rather selfish but she is a savage wildling. Skinchanging has ethics and guidelines but as I said, she is a wildling.
  9. The Lannisters controlled the Mountain. Had they known of the manner in which Jon Arryn was poisoned, they would have exposed Lysa and her boyfriend, LF. Mountain did it because it is what he does. Violence.
  10. Kings through time and history have had bastards. No bastard, as far as I know, have ever ascended to the throne. That idiot Aegon IV almost ruined the kingdom when he recognized and legitimized his bastards. At least part of the reason for Roose Bolton's siding with the Lannisters was to get a friendly king to legitimize Ramsay. It is not something normally done. Both of your candidates are bastards. Neither are really suitable for ruling even if they were legitimized. Mya Stone has no experience in ruling. Jon failed at the Wall. Even the Gods can't help Westeros if they are ever put on the throne.
  11. Winterfell and The Twins are strategically important locations. A fair settlement will be needed to bring them to the Targaryen program for Westeros to have a chance at surviving through the dark winter. I am not confident of a fair settlement. Jon will come back and he will be mad as hell. Arya is already murdering the victims on her list. Old Walder is on that list. The Starks are not interested in a fair settlement to the matter. They want revenge and they want Frey blood. This vision is important to the overall story. Daenerys will not give in to the Stark's demands and that will not win the Starks over. This is a decision which will isolate the Starks and lead to their demise in the north.
  12. What Lord Varys wants is an end to the bickering and quarrelling among the high lords. If not a complete end at least he wants long periods of rest and peace. The smallfolk needs a break from war. Varys is also the kind who thinks the end justifies the means. He knows the kingdoms can only be held together by strength. Therefore he will throw his support to the one who has the strength to reforge the little kingdoms and hold them together. By force if necessary. A stern but consistent leader is necessary.
  13. Jon has or had the worst timing of anybody. With all that you say is going on, the idiot made the decision to send a wildling criminal and a traitor to look for his sister. The argument with Slynt was the perfect time to unite the Brotherhood but instead it was broken by Jon. Slynt had friends. Jon alienated and upset them.
  14. Ashara is no more than the unrequited love interests of Eddard Stark. One of the personal sacrifices he had to make for his family to survive the rebellion. He honored the promise to Tully at the cost of his love life. Her tragic suicide followed. Ashara was indeed a fallen star.
  15. Hyperbole. Doran exaggerated. Darkstar is a man of strong feelings. Doran is not. Darkstar is young, virile, and good at combat. Doran is not. Doran fears what he doesn't understand. What Darkstar represents is the same to the Martells as was what the Blackfyres were to King Daeron Targaryen. An ideological as well as a political threat. Bravery is an admired quality and many warriors will follow Darkstar for that reason alone. Doran is looked on with the same pity as Bran. A bedridden man is not an inspiration to some.
  16. Economics is what forms the politics. The feudal system will cease to function when noble and common alike start freezing their butts with empty bellies. It will be primitive north of the neck. Bolton, Baratheon, Dustin, and Karstark will be dead. Arya, Jon, and Bran will be wolves. Everybody in the north will become wildlings led by Chief Rickon Stark. Free from Kingslanding rule, yes. But they will lose the benefit of civilization. The south will return to Targaryen rule. I don't believe the ending given by HBO. An ending where Dany rules the south from the Iron throne makes much more sense to me. The closing pages of the last book in the novels will have Dany starting her preparations to bring the north back into the fold. Read what I wrote above.
  17. Daenerys is the prince who was promised. The root of this prophecy predates the Targaryens in Westeros. She is the prince/princess who was promised because she is the one person who can finally set the planet in balance. All the previous Azor Ahai were male. A female Azor Ahai is needed to bring back the fire and the light. Take careful notice of the visions of the kings with flaming swords. It is obvious their swords did not cure the climate imbalance. They were dressed in rags and for all appearances were miserable. They were waiting for Daenerys to become Azor Ahai. Look back at the history of the Great Empire. A male murdered his sister to usurp the empire. It only makes sense that to right that wrong, the female will murder the male in turn. Thus bringing everything back in harmony. The third liar in Dany's prophecy is the reincarnation of the brother. She will need to execute this male pretender in order to correct the wrongs of the past. The original post may be right about the red and blue being families. Whatever. An ancient wrong will need to be corrected in order to bring harmony.
  18. The killing of Slynt was grey but it became black when Jon gives Mance Rayder a break. Jon should have killed Mance Rayder. If he had, then his act of revenge on Slynt looks a little bit less immoral. Jon is not capable of being fair. He needed to be removed from power. Which is what the crows did.
  19. Jon deserted, left his post, and Mormont gave him a break. It didn't make Mormont look weak. Jon disrespected Aliser Thorne. Mormont didn't kill Jon for it. It's false to think mercy is weak. Janos Slynt was a humbled man at the end. It was unjust to kill him. Jon did it because he wanted revenge for his father. It's wrong.
  20. The north is not going to be in any way shape or form civilized enough to have a functioning government. The Starks will be lucky to have rule over the north. The only Stark who may survive till the end is Rickon. Well, Bran too, but he will be half-wood by then. Arya and Jon will either be ice wights or direwolves.
  21. Daenerys Targaryen is the most beautiful girl in George Martin's world. None of the other contenders even come close.
  22. mo indicate the family of origin. "of Kandaq" means a member of the Kandaqs, of the House of Kandaq for example. The zo means the same but indicated an elevated social class like "of the most noble House of Loraq."
  23. Daenerys has a story similar to Arthur. She pulled her dragons out of the stone eggs while Arthur pulled his sword out of the stone. Drogon is her Excalibur. She is the the monarch who should rule over all of Westeros.
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