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  1. I tried, i really did. I tried to understand that in order to make spectacular battle scenes and CGI dragons and direwolves, that certain sacrifices would have to be made. I even hated accepting that we were getting truncated seasons of 6-7 episodes in favor of higher quality. But all we are getting is higher quality action. NOT higher quality storylines, arc or even feasible plot points. Even allowing that its not GRRM writing anymore, the show runners have done a huge disservice to the series. And more and more I'm thinking that spreading these last 6 episodes out over 10 episodes would have done wonders to build to the dramatic points we are now seeing, allow for real time travel (or get closer to it) and they could have ended this season with Viserion dying and it would have still blown everyone's minds. It makes me sad to think what these last 2 seasons could have been.