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  1. The women in the vision may have been the daughter of brandon the daughterless. I wonder if Baels story may be an inverse of R+L=J. Basically its a rape thats remembered as a romance. Also we don't know if the captive was an innocent. This may have been a vision of lady Stark sacrificing a condemned man in hopes that Baels child be born a male that could be raised to into the lord of Winterfell.
  2. Yeah it would have been better, though I think that's obvious to most. I mean I'd go as far as to theorize that Daeron was Aemon's seed. Aemon may have allowed himself to die, in the process of saving his brother because of the guilt he carried.
  3. I mean Harry is literally Robin Arryn's heir. George doesn't need to add an Arryn suitor because house Hardyngs claim is an Arryn claim. Im not saying the theory is bullet-proof but the argument that house Arryns match to Sansa isn't represented in the Ashford champions just isn't true. Currently in the books Joff is a baratheon in name and should Robin die Sansas ties with house Arryn aren't broken, they just shift to the next Arryn in line....who happens to be a Hardyng in name.
  4. Im not so sure if Jon will remain a northern lord by the end of the story. Im thinking he's going to make some kind of pack with the Others. Essentially I think they will want him to be their new king. In return they will let him live the rest of his natural life amongst mankind. If Bran ends up sending Jon to the wall and Jon becomes a wildling, he may spend the rest of his life as KBTW, helping to build a true kingdom for the freefolk. 'Other' tinfoil aside, Val and Jon's union may not be so political (Jon's already rejected that) as it would be more of a natural union of simply being in proximity of one another. Plus that whole "they belong together" dialogue in reference to Ghost and Val really strike me as some kind of foreshadowing. My bad if this has already been discussed, too tired to read the whole thread.
  5. lol, if by abomination you mean the show then I feel you. Though there's stuff there to be gleaned I think, like Sansa being queen of the North for instance. Vals not in the show but I'm convinced she's the one Jon going end up with, his wilding queen that is .
  6. The war of the roses ended with a son of Lancaster wedded to a daughter of house York so I agree that Tyrion makes a lot of sense. Sansas hope of giving birth to a king as noble as the wolf and as proud as the lion would still apply, assuming westeros adopts an electoral system of choosing kings like in the show. Tyrion may end up as Brans hand for most if not the remainder of his life similarly to Viserys the 2nd, as Tyrion himself spoke of. If Tyrion proves himself an effective hand, maybe its Brans Lannister nephew who's chosen as king after him? I don't think it'd be a loveless union ethier just the opposite really. Catalyn idolized Brandon Stark and felt no passion for Eddard only to grow to love him after getting to know him on an emotional level. Swap out Cat, Brandon and Ned for Sansa, Joffrey and Tyrion....I could see it. Remember, Harold would wed Sansa after being named the new lord of house Arryn. In fact it would have been less suspicious if George had written in an Arryn as one of the suitors and yet he chose a Hardyng. Why is that? Maybe because he wanted to clue us in.... Im of the mind that Tyrion is the result of chimera syndrome, making him both Aerys and Tywins son. He's "the half man" son of the lion and of the dragon. The Targ suitor could apply to Tyrion just as much as Faegon.
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