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  1. Juli Stark

    Ragtag Bands of Misfits

    I'm guessing Lemore = Tyene Sand's septa mother, whom Arienne visited with Oberyn and the Snakes when she was a young girl. Wonderful thread, I wish you would continue.
  2. Juli Stark

    Old Nan, You Should Be Here (Telling The Story)

    I think the show managed to really capture the scariness of the White Walkers only twice: first in the prologue, and then at Hardhome, before the wights crash the fences. We don't really see them in either instances, first they are only dark shadows moving through the woods, and at Hardhome it's the dread on the faces of the wildlings that hints at something truly terrifying. As soon as they "receive" bodies, they become half as frightening. Similarly, in the books I find them most scary when they lurk in the shadows. Like when Tormund says they are never far behind, and the anxious glances the wildlings throw at the Haunted Forest. (Pardon my writing, English is not my first language.)
  3. Juli Stark

    What was the best scene from the books in your opinion?

    I am currently re-reading the series and have just read the chapter where Jon befriends Sam in AGOT. It is such a lovely/sad chapter, maybe not the best overall but it should definitely be among the top I think.
  4. Juli Stark

    What was the best scene from the books in your opinion?

    One of the best scenes for me is Tyrion's voyage down the Rhoyne. I love the journey's atmosphere, the tidbits of rhoynar history, and Tyrion's interaction with the Young Griff and the crew, especially the cyvasse game. All in all, it's the highlight of ADWD in my opinion.