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  1. There will always be a need for an elite military unit. If there is a fighting unit that could become obsolete it is the knight class.
  2. The Unsullied are the best military unit of the time. Their training and discipline are superior to all other military. They will always have a place in Dany's armed forces. Many will undoubtedly perish in battle, suffer crippling injuries and what not. The big question really is the replacement. Even an unsullied will succumb to age.
  3. Jon was not switched at birth. Who his parents are is the question. In order of most probable (my opinion): 1) Ned and Ashara 2) Brandon and Lyanna 3) Brandon and Ashara 4) Mance and Lyanna 5) Rhaegar and Lyanna 6) Arthur and Lyanna 7) Ned and Wylla
  4. I would extend some consideration to Edmure. He was not a bad commander. The lords of Westeros are rarely involved in big battles. They have experience in skirmish but battles are rare.
  5. His decision to go on ahead without her? I feel you are right. The lad will regret that fatal mistake on his part.
  6. Daenerys is the princess who was promised. Marwyn would have realized from what he heard. He has more than vague prophecies to work with because of the dragons. She is the real deal.
  7. A candle is not a precise communication device. Transmitting messages in the form of dreams is very crude even by the standards of telegrams. Glass Candles? Zoom they are not.
  8. We will see in the future but I do not think Tyrion is in her league when it comes to wit. And definitely not in charm. Tyrion's bitterness eventually comes to the surface and it ruins his chances at charm.
  9. The Boltons wanted fake Arya back. She was important to their political ambitions. The other listed people are bonus material.
  10. The condition of Westeros up to "A Dance With Dragons" is very bad and the Baratheons and their supporters are responsible for it. They are deserving of punishment. At least Stannis is. He's the only one left alive after all.
  11. Witnessing Ned's death caused Arya to crack. Her mind is screwed because she is emotionally damaged from trauma and madness. Arya is quite similar to Gollum and needle is her precious item. Don't worry about justice, Arya will get what's coming to her when she dies with needle in her hands.
  12. The mess is huge. The situation is bad and you can blame that on Jon Snow. It was going to get worse if Bowen Marsh had allowed Jon to lead the wildling attack on the Boltons.
  13. The leaders of Robert's Rebellion made their own bed and are now on that bed. It is a tragedy of their own making. Robert and his friends lacked the competence of the Targaryen Dynasty. His reign started on a bad note, the assassination of King Aerys and Rhaegar's children. I suppose justice is being served if there is such a thing as fair in this world. The unfortunate thing is not what is happening to the Baratheons, Tullys, Arryns, and Starks. They made their own beds. It's just too bad for the people and the lower nobility who must suffer for what they did.
  14. Marsh won't be able to do this alone. The task to get the watch back in order is too much. The north is in no shape to help because of the war between Stannis and Roose. Help will arrive when Dany comes to Westeros.
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