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  1. Only 89 selfies today

    Why burning corpses is practical in the Lands Beyond the Wall

    Leaving them out for the predators to dispose of is the most efficient way. Returning useful resource back into the environment. Waste not want not. Recycle the dead back into the food chain.
  2. Only 89 selfies today

    What was wrong with Maegor’s private’s?

    So many proven to be fertile partners and so little success. The trouble had to be Maegor's equipment. He's not one to accept such a thing though. What silly person would deliver that kind of news to him. So they humored him and kept giving him brides when they knew it would fail. So desperate they were that they sent in a train of sperm donors to the woman's bed.
  3. Only 89 selfies today

    Does GRRM hate heroism or avoid it? (Jon and Quentyn comparison)

    There are moments of heroism. Yeah, so he doesn't go out of his way to keep it out of his writing. What is more true is your latter point. GM follows through on consequences. I mean, if we take Robb Stark and what happened to him, put it under examination. It all makes sense. Robb Stark alienated the people who supported him in order to get justice for the enemy. Sometimes a leader needs to know when to put honor aside. And let's face it. Robb was a hypocrite. He made the biggest mistake for his team when he broke his oath to old Walder Frey. So why couldn't he forgive Karstark. Robb forgave himself. Why couldn't he extend the same mercy to Karstark. Quentyn Martell chose to play with danger. Dragons are fire made flesh and fire is power. Quentyn wanted that power and he got burned. He danced with the dragons and missed a step in the ballroom. You don't get a score in this game though. This isn't dancing with the stars. He missed a step and paid for it with his life. The people who will come out ahead in this story are the ones who can control their emotions. Quentyn had daddy issues and that compromised his thinking. Robb and Jon didn't have the needed emotional control to succeed and paid for it with their lives and the lives of their followers. For someone with good emotional control look no further than Petyr Baelish.
  4. Only 89 selfies today

    The two big endgame prices

    Jamie is a douche. Daario is a douche. I guess it's just a matter of time before they too are killed. Arya is a douche and so death is coming for her very soon.
  5. Only 89 selfies today

    The two big endgame prices

    I would leave Rickon out of it. The Starks are all selfish in their own ways but the ones who are the worst at it are Jon, Arya, and Sansa. I also think they will die. Those Starks have the warg the wolf card to give them another life after their human bodies get killed.
  6. Only 89 selfies today

    There must Always be a Stark at Winterfell

    Sayings and beliefs can lose their true meaning over time. What if the original read "the Starks must always remain in Winterfell" and it referred to the dead kings in the crypts? Religion promises life after death to the faithful and the Starks have certainly been faithfully sacrificing to something. The Starks believed their kings will come back to life so long as they kept them in the basement freezer until the white walkers come back to resurrect them. Isn't that the promise of religions? Serve faithfully and await the coming of the gods. Who in turn will resurrect the deserving among the dead. The iron swords? Pharaohs were sealed with their earthly goods. Why shouldn't these kings of the savages be interred with their swords.
  7. Only 89 selfies today

    Which Freys deserve to die for what House Frey did to House Stark?

    The Starks are guilty of slaughtering too. They slaughtered many families and drove them to extinction during their war to take the north. I wish forgiveness for the Freys. After all, Robb betrayed and disrespected them.
  8. Only 89 selfies today

    Kraznys mo Naklos - Charming Villain

    Tyrion is comical but he's not considered a villain by most readers.
  9. Only 89 selfies today

    If Danny truly wants a Targaryan dynasty!

    She has decided to stay and help the slaves. Westeros is on hold.
  10. Only 89 selfies today

    Name the Parents

    The comment author before mine is right about Arthur Dayne. He should be a candidate for Jon's father. I pick Mance because he is the most probable but we cannot rule out Arthur Dayne.
  11. Only 89 selfies today

    If Danny truly wants a Targaryan dynasty!

    What makes you think Daenerys wants a Targaryen dynasty in Westeros? I don't think she will seek out Aegon. It's going to be the other way around. Aegon will get himself in trouble over there. He will swallow his pride and send an SOS to Slaver's Bay. It is this request for help that will bring the most important internal conflict in the story: stay and fight for the slaves in Essos or go to Westeros and save her kin.
  12. Only 89 selfies today

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    That dingdong is dead from Bowen's knife. He is not going to be the heir to anything. And your question is based on a very wild assumption that Snowflake is the son of Rhaegar when there is very little to support that theory. So if we agree to put that major technicality aside, and also the technicality that Jon is dead, there is still very little reason to believe that Daenerys will die before he does. For the sake of wildass hypothetics and pure entertainment, let's assume Daenerys is about to proclaim her heir and dingdong is still alive. Jon is not the person she would put on the list. He's a troublesome guy. Jon made a big mess at the wall. So bad is his mess that even honorable men like Bowen Marsh had to step in and end his leadership. Jon's rule was so bad that even his sworn brothers wanted him out. Never in its ten thousand year history has an army at the wall ever attacked the people of the south. That's the worst than anything the NK ever did. Jon was just about to do that when he was stopped by his own men. Jon is not the guy you want to inherit.
  13. Only 89 selfies today

    Jon's dream in ADwD

    Flaming is symbolic of valyrian steel. Longclaw is vs. The ice part of the armor is clearly not valyrian but rather of an Other origin. The ice armor will probably stop vs weapons. Valyrian steel armor does the opposite and stops ice weapons. Standing on top of the wall also symbolizes his conflict. He has always been a confused and conflicted person. This is akin to the expression sitting on the fence. He will stand in the world between the living and dead. His dead kin will call to him but one side will retain his humanity. He is fighting ice and the Starks one minute but he is also the enemy of the living. He is simultaneously friend and foe to ice. He is alone because he betrayed mankind when he chose Arya over the Watch. Yet his human side still remember part of his duties as a man of the night's watch.
  14. One too many dead coming back to life. She's the personification of Stark hate against the people who won the war of the five kings.