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  1. Only 89 selfies today

    Fingers of Roose Bolton

    Fat Belwas is fat but he's quick on his feet. People can compensate with training. Short stubby fingers is not best for picking harps but a custom instrument is not impossible.
  2. Only 89 selfies today

    King Aurane Waters is the only fit consort for Daenerys Targaryen

    Do you think he can avoid Euron's armada of death? Euron has experience going for his side. He holds the slight advantage over Aurane. Better seaman against newer ships.
  3. Only 89 selfies today

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    You know this is a test of how sincere those knights are to their new religion. Stick with R'hllor and Mellissandre. or Save their rear ends and bend their knees to Roose Bolton and Tommen.
  4. Only 89 selfies today

    Walder Frey versus Stoneheart's Merrymen

    Give out gold coins to decrease the chances of a backfire.
  5. Only 89 selfies today

    Disscusion on the Golden Company

    They started out that way. A man gets older and he gets tired of fighting. They want land and lordships now.
  6. Only 89 selfies today

    I'm curious how justice is dispensed in Westeros

    Not surprising when you consider how many of them there are. Walder Frey will dispense justice. Since there is nothing at all to criticize Walder's ability to govern his lands, I will have to say the noble outlaw will be judged fairly according to their standards. Walder gets a lot of hate for the red wedding but there is nothing all that says he was an inept, unjust, and incompetent lord. What would Eddard do if Jon had deserted the Wall to march with Robb?
  7. Only 89 selfies today

    Cersei's thoughts about Joffrey's betrothal to Sansa

    In other words, not a threat.
  8. Only 89 selfies today

    Misdirections, Plots Twists, and Fake Outs.

    Can you give an example of a confirmed misdirection and fake out in the novels? If you can, please do. Obviously, the fake out is confirmed when it turns out false and the unexpected happened instead. Let's consider a simple example, the identity of the valonqar. Clues point to Tyrion and Jaime. Yet many fans believe Martin is playing a game of misdirection and the valonqar is somebody like Sandor Clegane. Bran Stark. Arya Stark in disguise. Edmure Tully. In my opinion, Martin always precedes an event with careful set up. To the best of my knowledge, there are no clues leading to any other brother outside of Tyrion and Jaime. Examine an event that has already taken place. The red wedding. Martin carefully precedes the event with painstaking set up. We are told, Walder holds grudges, Bolton was undermining the Starks, Robb swears an oath to Walder, Robb breaks his oath. The red wedding happens. The red wedding was the effect at the end of a long chain of causes. I do not see that kind of preparation for the valonqar to be anybody else but Jaime and Tyrion.
  9. Only 89 selfies today

    Daenerys is Azor Ahai.

  10. Only 89 selfies today

    Why Elmar?

    Arya is not a princess. Not at any point in time was she ever a princess. She was the sister of a rebel hoping to become king. He failed and therefore did not attain the status of king.
  11. Only 89 selfies today

    Walder Frey versus Stoneheart's Merrymen

    Mercenaries and big bags of gold to motivate them.
  12. Only 89 selfies today

    Azor Ahai is a hero, not a villain

    There may be three riders but the gender mix is not what you are proposing. Dany is Aegon the Conqueror. She is the dominant dragon. The rider mix will be Dany and two men. The other two riders do not have to be Targaryens. Dany on Drogon, Griff on Rhaegal, and probably Tyrion on Viserion.
  13. Only 89 selfies today

    y does dany have the best bond with Drogon

    They chose each other is what I think. The alpha dragon will get first choice and he would choose mom.
  14. Only 89 selfies today

    Why do people hate Sansa?

    George must have had a really annoying classmate in high school and modeled Sansa after her. Sansa is bratty and quite selfish.
  15. Only 89 selfies today

    Mance Rayder violated guest rights!

    That is what happened to Jon Snow, in a way. He was getting ready to launch an attack on House Bolton and that is something the Watch and its Lord Commander should not do. I can see where Bowen Marsh would see this as the abandonment of duty and the breaking of vows.