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  1. Ghost will live long enough for Jon to carry out his revenge and bring mass deaths to the North before he expires for good. Nymeria will unite with Arya one more time before they perish in the act of checking her People-to-kill List. Summer will be the next direwolf to die. Bran's story echoes the Last Hero. Hero to the Ice that is. A direwolf dies whenever the Stark kids do something bad. Sansa lied and covered for Joffrey, Lady dies. Robb betrays old Lord Walder and his wolf dies. Bran will do something sinful. Summer will pay the price.
  2. "Before you seek revenge, dig two graves" It means dig one for yourself as well. Applies to Arya Stark. She will die too.
  3. All of them are dangerous but Cersei has the throne atm.
  4. Brienne's journey is not northward. It is westward to a final meeting with Jaime. She is not meeting Stannis even if she goes north. The Boltons already killed Stannis. Ramsay said so in his letter to Jon.
  5. A lot of people back then were suffering chronic pain. A cracked tooth is very painful. It doesn't lead to violence in most people. A red wedding is the fight taken to the dinner table from the battlefield. It is just that.
  6. The dream sequence where Daenerys and Drogon burned the army of ice goes well with this vision in the HotU. Jon will open the gates to the white walkers and the wights and lead them to The Twins. Dragon fire will stop them in their tracks. The Starks will have their day but it will not lead to an extermination of the house of Frey.
  7. They will receive punishment for their part in the red wedding but the family will not disappear. Robb Stark was a complete ass and was not totally undeserving. Walder, Hosteen, Lothar, BW, and a few will die. I hope the casualty will be limited.
  8. Did she allow the Dothraki's customs to determine her fate? She did not. She chose to avoid Vaes Dothrak. I see no reason why she should give in to the gender bias in Westeros. She is an agent of change. Culture can be changed. And should be changed.
  9. Westeros is weak. Winter will only weaken them further. The only reason for Daenerys Targaryen to negotiate is the desire to preserve resources and avoid a prolonged war. Daenerys is blessed with a lot of savvy and intelligence. She will take the path which not only avoids too much compromise but also preserves as much of her resources as possible. Marriage may be on the table but it does not mean surrendering control of her forces. She is the rightful ruler of Westeros after all. It will be similar to her marriage to Hizdahr.
  10. Belwas was born to fight at the Pits. He has never lost a fight. That is saying something about his skills. We have only seen him use an arakh but he must know how to use other types of bladed weapons as well as his hands. Bow and arrow is not likely in his skills but surely he must know how to use a sword and a regular shield. We have a poor impression of the arakh because of the HBO show turning what should have been a weapon into sickle. What kind of weapon would you like to see Belwas use? I want to read how well he can handle a hammer.
  11. It isn't too late to surprise us with a son from Arthur. Maybe he was the man who captured Lyanna's heart.
  12. He plays to a tough audience. The little man is overworked, underpaid, and under appreciated. A guy like that will turn to the bottle for comfort and hire the occasional lady for a fun tumble. He's Tyrion minus Dad's big checking account.
  13. Bad decision. Obviously. Look here, if Jon had chosen to farm in the north and then met Slynt on the Kingsroad and decided to whoop his ass with a stick. That would have been acceptable to me. Jon chose to join the Nightswatch and by doing so, accepted all of the rules and duties of a sworn brother. One of those is leaving behind quarrels of the past. The sworn man gets to start a new life at the wall. It meant Slynt was absolved of any responsibility for any criminal offense of the past. I don't even think he was guilty of breaking the law during his work in Kings landing. Ned, for all the eyes to see, looked guilty. Slynt was just part of the crew which arrested him. Joffrey Baratheon ordered the execution and Ilyn Payne carried it out. The back talk and disrespect at the wall earned him some time in a jail cell but not an execution. IIRC, Jon was guilty of hitting an officer while he was a trainee. He tried to kill Officer Thorne over a verbal insult. So Jon is no stranger to taking an insult too seriously and at least trying to kill the other guy. He succeeded this time. He was sharpening his sword and preparing to kill Slynt even before he asked him to go on the mission.
  14. This is a story about the conflict between Fire and ice. Maybe weirwood arrows can kill dragons. I sure hope not. I am on team dragon. Fire will certainly kill a weirwood. I do not think dragons can be skinchanged. That would make it too easy. GRRM intended for any dragon rider to have to face danger.
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