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  1. @CamiloRP The First Men were slitting people's throats to fertilize their trees. It doesn't make their prophecies wrong. Their beliefs and practices may be barbaric but it does not make them wrong on the facts.
  2. Jon was killed to prevent him from doing further harm to the Night's Watch and Westeros. Breaking the laws of guest right was not the reason for his death. His part in the crime may never surface if he stays dead. Mance will get away with it because George Martin likes his type. George Martin likes his gray characters and Mance could fall into that category in his eyes. He is black to me but George Martin may judge on a different scale. Honestly, I feel badly for Squirrel. I question whether the young girl knew what she was getting into. Mance, the older girls, and Jon took advantage of that kid.
  3. No, no, I do not envy Bowen at all. The poor man has a Herculean task ahead of him after what his ex-lord commander left behind. Outside help will be required as in the past when the N-K had to be removed. But outside help is not coming unless it comes from Essos in the form of Daenerys and her armed forces. The north is too fractured right now and engaged in unproductive family feuds. Making matters worse is the weeper and his group. It's only a matter of time before the northern barbarians come to the gate.
  4. The real world pandemic has inflicted enough troubles. George may leave diseases and pandemics out of his story. You just never know.
  5. I agree. Although generals such as Napoleon and Washington might take a liking to Robb Stark because of his talent on the field of battle.
  6. I am a fan of Daenerys Targaryen. But you don't need to be a fan to believe the greyscale will spread from Connington and Shireen. It's too good of a plot device for George to not use.
  7. That isn't realistic. A lot of criminals in the real world get away with their crimes. What the lords do is morally wrong but not considered a crime.
  8. and might indeed be expected from the nobles. The common people do not seem to hold it against them. I give you two examples. The people cheered for their king (King Aerys II) at the great tournament held at the God's Eye. Their love for their king seemed genuine enough. It was no secret that Aerys was a cruel man. That doesn't seem to have given them pause. Steelshanks and the Bolton soldiers don't seem to dislike Roose. They must have known of his cruelty. Is it likely that most people of that time see cruelty as normal? Hey, it's just our beloved lord keeping law and order. Cruel punishment is a deterrent in their minds
  9. @James Steller Lyanna was a wild, high-strung girl. She would fall for Oberyn, Daario, Daemon T., Gerold, and Mance. Men with sharp edges but still have clever wits. Robert was a womanizer and had his edge. But Lyanna would prefer somebody who can make her laugh and still stimulate her mind. Robert is too direct. Lyanna wants somebody who is a skilled womanizer. Somebody who can turn her on from the inside. Robert can tell a dirty joke and it will be funny to the men. But Daemon can make a bawdy joke seem clever and sexy. Picture the rogue prince in your mind. He meets Lyanna and say something dirty and clever at the same time. All that starts going through her mind. It's a start of something. She needs to feel alive. A girl like that gets bored easily. Let me tell you what she doesn't want. Stannis, Eddard, Viserys, Willas, Jaime, and Littlefinger. I can maybe see her toying with a pretty boy like Viserys. But there won't be any love there. She might go out with him strictly on looks and lay with somebody like him just for the experience. Her man will need to be strong and capable of standing up on his own. A Samwell has no chance. She definitely wants an older man. A travelled man who can excite her with stories of adventure. She is the type to leave at the first hints of boredom.
  10. Most of you will get your wish. A lot of the unknowns will remain that way. We may never know the answers to these: A. Why the dragons hatched. B. What happened to Shiera Seastar. C. Was Rickard Stark plotting against the Targaryens D. Is Varys a Targaryen bastard. E. Who fathered Jon Snow. F. How is Dany connected to the ruling family of the great empire of the dawn. G. Why the Targaryens and their allies were chosen to survive the Doom. H. Where Dany's dragon eggs came from.
  11. I agree with @H Wadsey Longfellow . Past crimes will be forgiven in order to rebuild. If she can maintain cordial relations with the Ghiscari slavers, she can do the same for the nobles who rebelled against her father. But there are limits. Gregor and Amory will have to face judgement. Robert, Stannis, Hoster, Tywin, Jaime, and Jon Arryn will never surrender. They will go down fighting. Good riddance. Ain't gonna miss ya. Those who bend their knees will be pardoned. Doran will be calling for blood. She will have to placate him. Ned's response will depend on the truth of what happened long ago. If Lyanna ran off or not will make the difference. Assume she ran away. Ned being fair for a Stark might let bygones be bygones. Mistakes and bad judgement happened on both sides of the war. It's time to forgive and move on. His wife would egg him to fight for her father. Ned should refuse. Should refuse but he may not. The Starks will fight for Robert if Sansa were already wed to Joffrey. Regardless of who was wrong in the past. In that case, I am comfortable with roasting them and burning Winterfell down to the ground. I see it this way. Robert, Stannis, and Tywin would not hesitate to murder King Viserys III and his royal sister, Princess Daenerys. They would not get the benefit of a trial or a hearing. Why should she show them any mercy if they resist her claim? I would not. I will have them publicly executed.
  12. Most of the people will vote to unite. The Starks and Stannis won't. They want to rule after all. But so what. They do not constitute the majority. So if you are concerned about having things democratic then everybody should get to choose. Including the regular folk. The Starks will lose the vote because their population is lower. It will get even lower, unless you want to give the wights a vote.
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