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  1. Bloodraven was sent to the Wall for punishment. A person would not normally be allowed to keep the family's ancestral sword under those circumstances. Then again, his was a special case. Dude even got an escort to serve his sentence with him. It is possible. Rhaenys was the typical athletic Targaryen. I will bet she was taller and larger than these three girls. Still, it is more appropriate for people of smaller frame to use a lighter blade. A rapier perhaps. Dark Sister is not that important to the plot though, in my opinion. And would anybody alive even recognize it. It is not like the Japanese katana where the patterns of each sword has been recorded in photographs and can thus be authenticated. And if Daenerys were to get a blade, yes, it will be called something like Lightbringer. Sunblade. Winterkiller. Lightmaiden. Something that signifies her role.
  2. Coldhands was a skin changer. His body was kept alive by the Others but his mind remained safe inside another animal. He was able to skin change successfully in the moments before his body was completely dead. I am quite sure he could never go skin change back into human even if he had found a host body. His body died and so did the ability.
  3. Craster cannot be the only wildling making sacrifices to the Others. His offerings were just more valued because he is a Stark kin by blood. There is a connection between the Starks and the Others. Wildlings need to do something with their unwanted children. I mean their freewheeling lifestyle have to lead to a lot of unwanted pregnancies. They were giving enough to keep the Others and the weir trees happy. Mance came along and being who he is, refused to continue sacrificing. He was raised by the NW and knew nothing about the culture of human sacrifice. The Starks, Craster, and the wildlings carried out the rituals in secret over the millennia. Ned was a different kind of man from his father and must have stopped sacrificing.
  4. Drogon - - because flying will be awesome.
  5. Great points with one minor difference of opinion. I believe Jon Snowman will become an Icewight. That should be his final destiny. To walk the frozen forests as a sentient wight like Coldhands.
  6. To me, Dany is the protagonist in the story. I also want her ruling in the end of the books.
  7. Samwell loves books and he has knowledge. He would make a wonderful librarian. Being a coward will not stop him from excelling in that job. House chef to a rich family is one other option. If he doesn't eat them out of house and home that is. Failing that, he can be the ass end (stern) ballast on the Cinnamon Wind.
  8. Mance Rayder is one of those people who value freedom more than anything. He is the thorn on the side of Westeros. He should have been executed.
  9. Me, I would search for the Targaryen descendants and give them back the Iron Throne. But not before I made sure the trouble makers among those who supported Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark are all dead. I would make sure to pave the way for an easy Targaryen rule.
  10. He was either selfish or clueless. Maybe both. It was dumb to fight Robert in a duel. Too much was at stake to let honor and masculinity get in the way.
  11. I love that. This happens after all the other contenders have since been turned to ice columns by the white walkers.
  12. The houses most devoted to the Old Gods. The Wildlings take the cake though. Harma Dogshead and the Weeper.
  13. No, not really. But he cannot be trusted by the Citadel. The list of reasons or possible reasons are: He comes from a house traditionally loyal to the Targaryens. His open belief in magic is a direct affront to the teachings of the maesters. Past behavior. Something Marwyn did in the past raised doubts about his loyalties to the Citadel. It can be one or all of those. What did he do you might ask to raise questions concerning his loyalty? Perhaps he was the maester on duty at Dragonstone when Daenerys Stormborn was born. He helped Willem Darry escape with the children. I would expect he and Alleras are not the only dragon supporters within the walls of the citadel.
  14. Those Starks need a serious rehab. I suppose his techniques will also work on direwolves. Imagine the dual personalities within those furry noggins when the Stark souls take up permanent residence.
  15. Dany doesn't necessarily have to go to Asshai. Marwyn can give her all the information she needs. Martin is not taking his readers to Asshai. I would rather get some chapters in Yin.
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