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    Who can Dany marry

    Here is my theory She wont be sitting on the Iron Throne, she is a Khaleesi. Shes gonna rule in her Pyramide. I think we are gonna see a beautiful lovestory when Ser Jorah finally gets his one true love. Dany didnt feel shit when she dumped Dario. Thats beacuse she is in love with Jorah Mormont. She says it herself when they said goodbye " I command you to find the cure, and then return to me, cause I need you by my side. " =)
  2. Somemightsay

    Who kills the Night King

    Warning for spoilers up to the last ep. Spoils of War Who kills The Night King? I only got one name on my mind. Arya! She can have green, brown, grey AND clear blue eyes. Right? Right! She now got 2 names on hear deathlist that she wanna kill with all her heart. But Jamie will take his sisters life and hopufully is Sandor Clegane gonna take care of The Mountain ( Cleganebowl! ). So now what? What is she gonna do with all her great magical powers? Changing faces and everything. Weeell beacuse there is gonna be two new names on the list, first out Littlefinger. The Three Eyed Raven is gonna tell that Lord Baelish was behind their Fathers prisoning and the sisters gonna get revenge when they together murder Littlefinger. The boy Brandon Stark who now lives in The Three Eyed Raven gets revenge for his father too. The North remembers! Then Arya gets her most terrifying and powerful enemy on the list. Thats right. The Night King! She is gonna pretend to be a dead girl, sneak up behind The Night King and stick her Valyrean Steel Dagger right trough his icecold heart. Yes, with the same dagger that she got from The Three Eyed Raven ( Brandon ). Thats why she has become a killer fighter with magical powers! The Night King wont know whats coming! What does all the fans out there think about that theory?