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  1. Joshy

    Jon's poor battle record

    Robb Stark won every battle and lost the war. Let's hope Jon does the opposite.
  2. Joshy

    Littlefinger's Game

    Littlefinger is the worst boyfriend that Sansa has ever had.
  3. I had assumed that it was Viserion, because he would be the most poetic of the dragons to have turn against Dany. He was named for Viserys, after all, the brother who turn against her.
  4. Have you confirmed that it was in fact Viserion? That was the first event since HBO took over that has felt like it had Martin's influence.
  5. Joshy

    Best lines of 706

    The Hound - "This one here's died 6 times, and you don't see him bitching about it."
  6. It looks like Littlefinger's game is working. Arya and Sansa are at each other's throats, and Sansa feels like she needs him more than ever. Yep, ol' Petyr is playing those two like a fiddle. I think it is interesting that Arya brought up the game that she used to play and her ability to detect lies. I think that she knows that Sansa was telling the truth. I think she knows that Sansa was forced to write the letter, but she is angry at her sister for being so weak. I'm not sure where the two sisters stand now. Brienne tried to warn Sansa that she wasn't safe with Littlefinger, but Sansa is practically in another abusive relationship now. She trusts Littlefinger more than anyone, because she has seen how well he plays the game, and she believes that the only way to win is to outsmart everyone, the way that Littlefinger does.
  7. Don't forget that he came from an insignificant house that owned an insignificant island in the Fingers, and through sheer cunning and ambition, has positioned himself as the acting ruler of the Vale of Arryn, and has a fairly promising chance of getting married to Sansa Stark.
  8. Joshy

    Littlefinger's Game

    I am eager to see the fate which lies in store for Littlefinger. Whether he fails or succeeds, I expect that he will do so in spectacular fashion. If nothing else, I have always found Littlefinger to be quite interesting. I just hope that he doesn't do too much damage to the Starks, whatever happens.
  9. Oh you sweet innocent fools. Have you learned nothing of the Game of Thrones?
  10. Joshy

    Littlefinger's Game

    I mean, if the Night King is defeated, but Daenerys and Jon and Cersei and Jaime all die, then someone will need to rule the Seven Kingdoms, and it could easily end up being Littlefinger. Just saying, the end of the story could be that Littlefinger becomes King of Westeros. That is a real possibility. Keep in mind that George R. R. Martin is a sick and twisted dude and will happily kill off all of our favorite characters. Why not end it with one of our most hated on the Iron Throne? Haha...
  11. Joshy

    Littlefinger's Game

    Exactly. He is very good at buddying up next to people (as he is doing with Sansa) and has a way of making "I'll scratch your back, if you'll scratch mine" deals. He was great in King's Landing, he knew everyone's secrets and hinted at it just enough so that people were wary of him. But at the same time, he made himself useful to everyone in turns, keeping their favor just enough to stay alive and in power. I recall the scene between Littlefinger and Cersei where he hints to Cersei that he could reveal the nature of her relationship with Jaime, and Littlefinger says, "Knowledge is power." Cersei has her guards rough him up, and says, "Power is power." But then she immediately lets him go and says, "I would very much appreciate it if you could find Arya for me." Littlefinger is useful, and even when he threatens people, they still value his skills. Ned Stark didn't trust Littlefinger an inch, always suspecting him of playing some foul game or joke. But, in the end Ned needed Littlefinger after Robert Baratheon died, so he went to Littlefinger for help. Despite knowing that LIttlefinger was untrustworthy, Littlefinger's "usefulness" won out and Ned took a risk. Ultimately, the risk caused him his life. Littlefinger currently speaks for the Vale of Arryn, he is essentially acting as the "Warden of the East" until Robin comes of age. That means that he is the effective ruler of one of the Seven Kingdoms. If he can secure a marriage with Sansa, and turn the North against Jon Snow, he will control the power of 2 of the Seven Kingdoms. He doesn't need "friends." He just needs people to do what he wants. There is a reason that the Knights of the Vale followed him North. They didn't do it because they love him, they did it because he is a Master Manipulator. As for appearing weak and innocent, when Jon Snow grabbed him by the throat and slammed him against a wall in the tomb, Littlefinger didn't try to fight back. He was just being submissive and saying, "I love Sansa." Jon didn't believe any of it, but the act is just believable that even part of me wants to think that maybe he genuinely loves Sansa. As for seeming sincere in his friendships, he seems to be sincerely helping Sansa rule Winterfell in Jon's stead. He is always at her side, and despite herself, Sansa seems to appreciate his company and his service. He could stab her in the back at any moment, and it would be perfectly in character for him, if he had something to gain from it. But... for the moment, his friendship with her seems genuine, even if it is self serving. He is a genius, and the character is beautifully written. Also, I personally think that Littlefinger is a bit of a tragic character. In his youth, he genuinely loved Catelyn Tully, so much so that he challenged the Stark Heir to a duel. After loving Catelyn Tully, how could any other woman compare? The pain which losing her must have caused him led him to become a brothel keeper and a hopeless grasper, always seeking higher political stature in an attempt to find self worth. He is a snake, and dangerous, but he is, in a way, just a victim of circumstance.
  12. Joshy

    Littlefinger's Game

    I just hope that Bran wargs into a Dragon before the series ends. One time... give me that, one time, and I will consider my fan-service paid.
  13. Joshy

    Littlefinger's Game

    I agree, the best, and probably only person who can intervene and expose Littlefinger is Bran. But I don't think Bran is going to become more human. I don't think he's going to snap out of his trance one day and say, "Oh hey guys, I'm lovable, adorable Brandon again." If anything, he is just going to go deeper into the magic of the Three-Eyed Raven until he becomes a tree or something. Just because he is Sansa's best hope, doesn't mean he will actually do anything. I just think he is beyond helping her at this point, he doesn't even recognize that he should be helping her. I don't think he will ever be a person again.
  14. Joshy

    Littlefinger's Game

    I think Littlefinger is the most dangerous person in Westeros, both for his enemies and for the Seven Kingdoms as a whole. If I were Bran, me personally, I would have been shouting, "He betrayed our father!" But, Bran didn't do that. He won't do that because he isn't emotionally tied to his family anymore, or to the concept of Westeros as a kingdom. I think his only concern is that the dead go back to being dead, and that the living continue to live. If the Seven Kingdoms fall apart and become a democracy, or a slave nation in servitude to Braavos, or the new Dothraki breeding ground... none of that matters to Bran. He just wants human life to go on in the face of total annihilation. That is why I think Bran hasn't spoken up yet, and that is why I think he simply never will speak up against Littlefinger.
  15. Joshy

    Littlefinger's Game

    I just don't see this happening. Bran knows everything that Littlefinger has done, every word that Littlefinger has whispered in back alleys and dark corridors, and he simply doesn't care. He has a war to wage against the Night King. As he has said many times, he simply isn't Brandon Stark anymore. He is the Three-Eyed Raven now, and the schemes of the Lords of Westeros are insignificant to him.