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  1. Dickon Khaleesi

    What did Ned know?

    Have to disagree and thanks to Robert the lannisters have control of the iron throne. Imagine a united 7 kingdoms under the mad king or his heir ready to wipe out the undead threat without breaking a sweat. Look at westeros now.
  2. Dickon Khaleesi


    Sucks that Davos lost his son and I'm sure he was proud of him as he died a soldier on the battlefield. The way Shereen was killed off was despicable.
  3. Dickon Khaleesi

    Jon's poor communications skills

    Jon should of killed off Theon. Once a traitor always a traitor.
  4. Dickon Khaleesi

    What would Ned say about episode six?

    Ned would of told Sansa that she is still a stupid bitch and that she deserved worse than Rickon.
  5. Dickon Khaleesi

    Queen Daenerys Targaryen will rule Westeros

    Daenerys is a traitor to her own family. It's already cheesy enough to see her stupid scenes riding around on a dragon burning people. There is only one ruler now and he is marching south past the wall.
  6. Dickon Khaleesi

    Sansa becoming Cersei

    Funny considering the fact that I am not a troll as I have made my point on a civil manner about sansa and when nobody dared to respectfully respond to my latest post but responded in a such a childish way. Hmm.
  7. Dickon Khaleesi

    Sansa becoming Cersei

    I beg to differ and where was Sansa during all of these events? For her to say her father and eldest brother was stupid that's when the word despicable comes in. Good night all.
  8. Dickon Khaleesi

    Sansa becoming Cersei

    Considering the known fact that Ned and Robb did nothing "stupid" but we're simply betrayed hard when the opportunity came and died for that only reason.
  9. Dickon Khaleesi

    Sansa becoming Cersei

    When Sansa talked down about Robb that was a smack in the face to Jon and in fact that was despicable.
  10. Dickon Khaleesi

    Sansa becoming Cersei

    Confused about what? The footage is there when she talks to Jon.
  11. Dickon Khaleesi

    Sansa becoming Cersei

    Sansa is a disgrace of house stark. She had the nerve to disrespect her older brother a few episodes ago knowing that he went out of his way to avenge Ned and save his sisters.
  12. Dickon Khaleesi

    Where the .... is Howland Reed?

    Why bother? Sansa is a ungrateful bitch who disrespected Robb this season who actually had a heir on the way before the red wedding. Now look at the starks as they are obviously on the way to extinction which is why Meera never bothered. It's just too obvious.
  13. Dickon Khaleesi

    Where the .... is Howland Reed?

    Maybe Howland Reed is preparing his men for the Night King and he probably doesn't have the numbers but id assume they are more formidable than Mormont soldiers.
  14. Dickon Khaleesi

    Cersei's invitation.

    Cersei will expect everyone to bend the knee and possibly attempt something on tyrion. She hates him more than anyone else.
  15. Dickon Khaleesi

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    Westeros has become a giant cesspool so I'm glad the night king has a dragon now. Time to clean the land up.