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  1. I'm still fuming over this shite. Building Dany up over all this time only to turn her into comic book villain of the month in a mere two episodes. Eff the hell off. Building up Jon all these years to just send him packing back up into obscurity. Eff that. And Tyrion....Did Tyrion kill his Dad for sacking Kings Landing? For the dead Baby-Targs? For the Red Wedding? No, he killed him because he treated him like crap and was shagging his girlfriend the whole time. It seems to me Tyrion would have been hunky-dory with everything his father did if Tywin treated him well, so just eff-off with the whole hoity-toity modern morality speeches. -Where the futz did all this modern morality come from anyway...and all out of the mouths of killers themselves? Good grief! The only thing I got a kick out of this whole episode was the Lords all laughing off democracy, lol. -Yara Greyjoy, an ultra-tough, fearless leader and warrior getting shushed off with a threat by little Ms fanservice Jedi-Ninja. And then just sitting quietly by while the North asserts their freedom when the Iron-Born of have been fighting for theirs the whole time. Same for Bowed, Bent and Broken Dorn. Groan. -Bran does nothing but get his friends sacrificed, sit around saying weird things, doing nothing to help out and then gets elected King for his troubles. Tywin, Cersei, Little-Finger, Olleena Tyrell, Varys.....buncha posers. Bran 'Thug-Life' Stark was the real gangsta the whole time. I was able to live with some of the misdirection used in the story, but this has been too much. The whole R+L=J thing. Irrelevant. Pointless. Same with Azor Ahai, TPtwP. All of Dany's growth, resilience and triumphing over adversity...irrelevant. Two episodes and she's doing the ol' man proud and then killed and brushed off with no other consequences save for a bit of pouting from Grey Worm and Yara. W-T-F??? What worries me is that this is merely just the clunky version of where GRRM wants to go with the story. It's always struck me that GRRM has a whole lot to wrap up in two books, but now we have to add turning Dany into Darth Daenerys, and the rise and fall of Jon Aegon Snow Targaryen. I just feel ill inside. I feel annoyed at myself for being conned by all of this and wish I could forget it all. Seeing the unceremonious end of the Targaryens and their whole mythology has made me lose all interest in anything more from GRRM tbh. My wife, a far more casual fan (as in she doesn't marinate in this stuff) brought up a good point too; "why should anyone trust the show creators or GRRM now with any of their new spin-offs?" Now that we know that we know how much they can and love to fuck with the audiences hopes! Why should we care about the story of Bran the Builder fighting the first WWs when we know that all he'll need is a Super-Ninja? As for anything about the Targaryens...well, they're just one big long tragedy that come to a very unsatisfying end, so at least there people will know what they're getting into. -
  2. Blackfyres R Legit

    Game of Thrones legacy

    Well, if this is where GRRM is really taking the story to as well, particularly with Dany and Jon, then no, I don't believe the story will stand the test of time. It definitely won't stand the test of time in the popular sense, like the original Star Wars trilogy, or the LotR books, or the Hobbit and especially when another epic fantasy story comes along, but with a more positive, heroically satisfying conclusion and a solid and universal spiritual message. When that happens then this story will be more clearly seen for the exercise in misdirection and violently shattered hopes that it is. I think there will always be people who dig that sort of thing, and that's perfectly fine, but in the popular imagination, I seriously doubt it. I believe that at the end of the day, most people want to feel good at the end of such a story. They want to feel inspired, and entertained. The story of the Underdog is part of the Hero's Journey, which most certainly has stood the test of time. However, in this case, the author(s) played on popular fantasy tropes to gradually build the two main underdogs up to mythical status, only to bring them crashing down savagely (Dany) and unceremoniously (Jon) at the end. GRRM and D&D have played too much with the audiences heartstrings, continually teasing the story to be something that it ultimately wasn't for people to keep going back to it.
  3. Blackfyres R Legit

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    I feel sick to my stomach, particularly over the fate of Dany, and Jon, (all of it really). To see this sweet girl at the start of her journey, all the heroic resilience she displayed after suffering tragedy after tragedy only to be made Darth Dragon-Lady at the end, and then knifed in the gut. And Jon...all of his journey from being a Bastard, to a Lord Commander, to being risen from the dead, to King in the North, to a Dragon-Riding Targaryen, heir to the Iron throne, and theeeeennnn.............to a Queen-slayer, a Kin-slayer, and then back to the wall as a lowly Nights Watchman and exile? This is what I invested all that time and emotional connection for?? (Oh gawd, and don't get me started on Saint Tyrion and his sanctimonious speeches!) If this is where GRRM is really going with them too, then f--k this. F--k the rest of the book series, f--k all the spin-offs, and f--k all the side books. I've been reading Fire and Blood lately, but I'm so put off by all of this, that it's going back to the Library tomorrow. F--k this. I know GRRM loves subverting tropes, but again, if this is really where he's going, then he's an emotional ghoul who loves f--king people over. I don't buy there being enough signs with Dany's character to show where they were going. If this was supposed to be some kind of Shakespearean tragedy, then boy did they ever blow it! I realize that GRRM showed his hand early too with the Red Wedding, but even so, building characters up to just so catastrophically tear them down in the end...that is just wrong. Yes, this is D&D's work, but at this rate I don't think it matters if it's written better by GRRM. I don't need to read a more detailed evisceration of these characters I made the mistake of caring about.
  4. Blackfyres R Legit

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    Initially...I didn't like what happened with Dany in this ep....but after thinking about it, I'm ok with it. Not in having innocent people burned to death mind you, but in terms of character and story. It would seem to fall in line with GRRM's penchant for Greyness in human behaviour and dissing fantasy tropes. And if this is indeed the general direction Martin is going with her, then the joke may well be on fandom for falling for the whole female Aragorn/ Return of the King, thing. In other words this could wind up being GRRM going "Surprise...there's no such thing as a benevolent medieval style conqueror!" Every conqueror type King in real-history left monstrous trails death and destruction upon common people, especially the likes of Edward III and Henry V. Also...in this ep, Dany was acting no different whatsoever from her ancestors, particularly Aegon, Visenya and Rhaenys. Again, I'm not saying what she did was right by any means (I too would prefer Dany to have remained a female Aragorn). Only that this could be GRRMs statement about the truth of 'Conquering' Heroes.
  5. Blackfyres R Legit

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    The funny thing about this episode is that Dany did what every other 'successful' medieval military leader, Lord or King has done in real-world history; destroyed and/ or conquered their enemies and burned and pillaged thousands of innocent people along the way. An aerial chevauchee of sorts. But of course, that's not what we were sold on with Dany from the start, and I'm pissed. They're on their way to making her whole arc a red-herring too, just like Bran's, the WWs and even Cersei's (ala dumping the whole woods-witch prophecy). If this is where GRRM is really going with her too, then his books will be burned, and his entire work will become a cautionary tale of what happens when too many literary conventions are turned on their respective heads.
  6. Lol, too true! The thing is though, is that this is about the only way of explaining how the first Targs were even able to conquer Westeros in the first place; none of those Westerosi futzes 300 years ago had the sense to solicit heat-seeking missles.
  7. Oh and another rant I have.....We've only waited from the beginning to see the Stark sibling/ cousin reaction to the truth Jon's heritage (what should have been a really powerful moment, especially for some amazing acting)....just to have it cut away and not show us!!! A move that every directing hack loves to copy-cat. Seriously, D&D, fuck you guys, man.
  8. Everyone's acting was superlative on the show, but gawd the story....Yes, bye Ghost, thanks for the memories, you're only like part of my soul and everything, but whatevs. And yeah, Dany.... Dragons can fly into the clouds (and see an enemy armada) and fly straight down on top of ballistas, and you know roast them from above? Why they can even do this at night when your enemies visibility is next to zippo....you know, kind like how your ancestors took down Harrenhall (and pretty much everyone else who tried to shoot these things at them)? Ugh....this is being so driven into the ground that I didn't even care about Messandi's fate, or Rhaegul. I feel like we're getting the version of the story as told by the drunken friend (that we all have), who just totally and laughably gets all the details wrong, while insisting they know what they're talking about.
  9. Blackfyres R Legit

    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    I totally agree, especially with Bran. It's cheapened Mira's sacrifice, Jojen's sacrifice, Hodor's sacrifice, Summer's sacrifice and I'd even say the TCOTF and the old 3-eyed Raven too, to a degree. I feel like I've been punched in the mouth. In terms of Mythic Prophecies in fantasy-type lore, the way Star Wars handled the matter is still best. Anakin Skywalker did ultimately bring balance to the Force, just not in a way that anyone would have wanted or expected.
  10. Blackfyres R Legit

    Rant and Rave Without Repercussion End of The World Edition [Spoilers]

    I'm really angry that Bran's, Jon's and even Dany's story now all have the scent of fish....herring to be precise, and specifically of the Red-tinted variety. All the great and classic mythological elements of their respective story-lines just thrown out the window, and for what? For the sake of a cool moment that felt more like pandering. Like other's have said...what was the point of Bran's whole story? What is the point of a 3-eyed Raven anyway? What did Jojen, Hodor and Summer give their lives for? For Bran to become the 'Memories of Humanity?' Uhhh....Westeros had that already....they're called Libraries FFS! Groooan..... A story's mythology has to have some significance at the end of the day, imo. It can't all be used to just deflect attention away from a surprise. While I agree that there's still some significant things for Jon, Dany and Bran to do....the payoff has been lost. They all had to be magically endowed just to beat Cersei? We spent 8 years being hyped up for what... an hour and twenty minute Zombie slash-fest? I agree that Jon and Dany still did epic hero things; the night couldn't have been won without them.... but to both be made impotent against the Prime big baddie himself, right at the moment when the shite was hitting the fan at high speed? This is a monstrous let-down to me. I feel they even cheapened Theon's death too because as it's turned out, if he waited for a few seconds longer, he'd have been fine. I've been waiting to see cool female heroes who could fight/ deal magic just as well as (or even better) the guys in fantasy stories for a long time. But not like this. This did feel like a pander move. It was cheap, and it's cheapened the story. No, not that Arya killed the NK in and of itself, but how it was set up and how the 3 main magically endowed characters were made to be second stringers in a story that was supposed to be about them. Had Bran, Jon, Dany and Arya all been simultaneously working together to take the NK down, that would have been a far better result. It wouldn't have made the NK look like such a waste as well.
  11. Blackfyres R Legit

    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    On it's own, this episode was intense, though towards the end it felt like they were drawing it out too much. I don't like the feeling that I'm being toyed with in a story. The moments I loved best were the close-ups with Grey Worm, especially after he puts on his helmet and you have only the burning intensity in his eyes to focus on. Great acting there. Critically speaking though....ehh, this felt like 100% fan service, especially when you have full on Dragon-fire resistant NK mixed with Valyrian Steele allergic NK. Bran's whole story line now feels like one enormous 8 year long red-herring. What was the point of any of his journey, where people gave their lives to save his? Just to prove that Jon is a Targ? Or say weird things from time to time or get into Raven's heads? Not happy about this one bit. In fact, the whole WW story line feels a bit like one big Red-Herring, and the Song of Ice and Fire is really the Song of Fire, a bit of Ice and Cersei is the real Menace. Arya killing the NK? On it's own, it was a cool moment, but in the bigger picture? Total Fan-service. It feels too forced and it's cheapened the stories of Jon, Dany and Bran, the three main magical characters. Jon was brought back to life from the dead (that doesn't happy to just anybody). Dany is the Unburned and hatched 3 baby dragons from petrified eggs (The too doesn't happen to just anybody). Bran is the Three-eyed Raven (Ditto). Yet none of these three magical characters are able to take down the big Magical Monster in the end, because hey, Arya is a freaking Ninja now, and wouldn't that be so cool if she busted out a sweet Ninja-style kill move on the NK? I realize that the matter of exposing the BS of prophecies is often a plot point in and of itself in big epic stories, but in this case, they took it too far. One Red Herring can be creatively and thought provokingly do'able, but three? Where the characters have super-natural elements richly imbued in their respective story lines? I've seen it said that Jon, Dany and Bran can still have critical roles to play in the final three eps, but doing what exactly? Taking down Cersei? Second Rate villain, Non-dragon, non-magic having Cersei?? She's supposed to be the great evil threat that these 3 magically endowed heroes are supposed to take down, and not the frozen demons and their armies of zombies? But wait...the Valancar will be the one to take Cersei down, because that prophecy is cool. Sigh. What a mess.