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    Although a lot of people dislike Brienne and her chapters, I must say she's one of my favourite persons and I hope she doesn't die, but I'm pretty sure she doesn't (will start the next book today). Maybe because she didn't have it easy her whole life and and even now all odds are against her. Her quest for Sansa seems a bit hopeless though... I expected Stonehart to actually give her mercy and let her continue to look for Sansa, but I guess there's not much of Catharine Stark left in her anymore. Though who knows what happens next.
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    How have you started reading the aSoIaF books?

    I finished the Lords of the Rings books earlier this year and was looking for somethign else to read. Never watched the TV series of GOT, because I figured I wouldn't like it. But because I really enjoyed the LOTR books I thought I'd give GOT a try too (being fantasy and all). Started to watch the show at first but after a few episodes decided to read the books first. Currently at about 3/4 of AFFC and as for the show I've just watched episode 3 of season 4. So still some catching up to do