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    Brienne and Jaime, an Opera

    Bravo !
  2. My immmediate thought was they were poisoned. The association was the alleged poisoning of Napoleon by wallpaper in his room, which contained arsenic as an ingredient usual at the time. Than I realised tapestries are different than wallpaper. And why would they poison a public place like a throne room ? So, my immediate guess probably does not make sense, but, who knows ?
  3. beauty6

    [Book Spoilers] Jaime & Brienne- What's going on?

    @Newstar, just to make it clear, I am the shipper of the two. Although motivated by their parallel versions. But you are right, the "no no no" feelings have definitely been there during the "fuck loyalties" scene. Also during the Riverrun discussion. The waving on the boat was OK. The sex might still be OK, if the authors limit their conversation to minimum, for which the chances are reasonable.
  4. beauty6

    [Book Spoilers] Jaime & Brienne- What's going on?

    I see no sexual tension on the show either. I just want them to get tohether, because it improves the chances for their book counterparts to do the same. The book Brienne is described as looking much worse than the show version, but her behaviour and the thoughts we see are much more feminine. By the way, she would never say "fuck". If I may mention uncomfirmed spoilers about season 8 ...
  5. beauty6

    Your favorite 'hateable' character

    Cersei - I do not like reading her chapters, it is not pleasant, but I often feel like defending her at the forums. Maybe I read Jaime @ Brienne shipper's forums too much because I am one of them, but Cersei gets a lot of undeserved criticism there. Randyll Tarly would possibly be a good hand of the king, as Jaime once suggested. There would be system in his actions which people would learn with time. I do not hate him, even I am not sure I am supposed to.
  6. beauty6

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    I changed my mind of the leaks for season 8 by desinerd. I have read somewhere, that the show authors themselves have written some fake stuff. This could be it. The atmosphere of those leaks has a similar air of parody as the whole season 7, but if GoT team wrote them themselves, it explains it. So maybe we can expect a real version to be equally demented, but preserve e.g. the valonquar prophecy.
  7. beauty6

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    Which season 8 leakes ? Those from desinerd ? They are terrible and do not agree with some things foreshadowed in the books, but they give me the same feeling of absurdity as the whole season 7 did. I actually believe in them for now :-(
  8. beauty6

    Brienne and Jaime, an Opera

    I have my doubts about the proposed scenario. 1. Why did J&B disappeared for weeks as the last book told us? They should have had a quick fight with BwB or be hanged and discovered already. The travel to brotherhood headquarters should be short, they were in the area already. Or am I wrong ? I do not want to study maps on my cellphone. 2. GRRM tends to be more cruel to his readers than opera. Plus he promissed in the interview, that the next book will be very dark, devoid of feel good stuff, because the Winter has come. Brienne saying sweet good bye while dying in Jaime's arms seems too gentle for GRRM. On the other hand, it would be supper horrible if Pod dies in spite of Brienne's intervention - BwB has no decency. Previously we have seen BwB taking ransom for Petyr Frey and killing both the hostage and Merret Frey who brought the money, so I wouldn't be surprised. Additionally, I believe Jaime survives, but he might somehow not get any info on what the hell was Brienne trying to do and why, so he leaves feeling bitter about her and it will not be resolved until the next book. Or never. Also, all that mysteriously long time Jaime and Brienne are missing could be conveniently spent at torturing Jaime by BwB, but I really hope it does not come to that, the lost hand was enough torture fir a life time. That would be too much even for GRRM, I hope. Please, tell me I am wrong with my dark scenarios !