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  1. Warren of Skagos

    Samwell and his father

    In a feast for crows, while on the boat sam is reflecting how he isnt as fat anymore and has out muscle on his chest
  2. Warren of Skagos

    Samwell and his father

    Eventually Sam is going to see his father in person again, how will go considering the following. Sam is a man of the Nights Watch, lost tons of fat and replaced it with muscle, has been beyond the wall and fought in battles. Further he has killed a white walker and is known as sam the slayer. However is still somewhat craven and is becoming a maester. Now will Lord Tarly have new found respect and admiration for his son or will he not believe or not care. Your thoughts.
  3. Warren of Skagos

    Tyrions Fate if Jamie Kept his Sword Hand

    This for sure
  4. If jamie remained intact all the way to KL, what would be different? Would jamie still change for the better considering he keeps he fighting ability. Would jamie champion for tyrion, if he did would cersei still choose gregor, if jamie fought gregor who wins. Anything else that comes to mind and/or how events would play out.
  5. Warren of Skagos

    Character Height of Asoiaf

    Mountain, close to 8 Hound prolly 6'8 King robert 6'6 Ned is 6 Brienne 6'6 Greatjon 7 Dunk 6'11 Twins 7 Jamie 6'3 Joffey 6 Davos 5'8
  6. Warren of Skagos

    Golden Stags and Silver Wolves

    You can't expect george to write a book this complicated, and then have every economic aspect on point.
  7. Warren of Skagos

    So where would you live ?

    Skagos, because no one else wants to
  8. Warren of Skagos

    Was the wall keeping Maester Aemon alive?

    It so cold that, it slows aging, also it speeds up blood clotting after a stabbing. However it effects people with dragon blood
  9. Warren of Skagos

    North war of five kings

    Becaus the ironborn attack quickly in raids. That doesnt give a lot of time to gather your forces and move to attack. Also theres vast distances between towns, castles, etc.
  10. Warren of Skagos

    Is Egg alive? Summerhall murder mystery.

    No he died
  11. Warren of Skagos

    What if Maester Aemon made it Daenerys

    In AFFC, maester Aemon told Sam how he wished he could go to Daenerys and aid her. Your thoughts on the encounter of Aemon and Daenerys if it were to happen. What counsel would he give? Her reactions to her only living relative, etc. First post...long time lurker