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  1. I've read these books thrice now, and Catelyn VII from ACOK hit me in a way that left me feeling more sad than I have ever felt after a chapter. As shocking as the red wedding was and as horrible as other events are this to me was the saddest chapter I have ever read in ASOIAF. The scene where she's dining with Brienne and acknowledges her youngest sons are dead left me heartbroken. Catelyn does some very questionable things in this series, many of which I do not agree with. However I couldn't help but put myself in her shoes. She is in her childhood home where her father lays on deaths doorstep. Her eldest son is hundreds of leagues away and seemingly wants nothing to do with her anymore. Her husband was murdered. Her eldest daughter is a known captive of a viscous enemy and her youngest daughter is presumed dead. Theonn Greyjoy (who she urged Robb to keep close) has killed her two youngest sons. Although we as the reader know this not to be the case she absolutely believes it. This is a woman who has lost everything...and feels guilty for it all. The one line that stuck out to me was: "Bran and Rickon tried to escape, but were taken at a mill on the Acorn Water. Theon Greyjoy has mounted their heads on the walls of Winterfell. Theon Greyjoy, who ate at my table since he was a boy of ten.” I have said it, gods forgive me. I have said it and made it true. She even punishes herself for acknowledging the truth. This is the moment she truly recognizes her pain and accepts that she is lost. She tries to be strong and doesn't break down and to me that makes it somehow even more sad. Lastly, knowing what her eventual fate will be makes this so much worse. She will die after watching (who she believes to be) her last child die in front of her. I'm just curious as to your thoughts about this chapter? In the same chapter she makes a miserable mistake by releasing the Kingslayer and i'm curious as to how people think her grief played a role in this. Does she get a pass? Also, what other chapter did you find yourself heartbroken after?
  2. LHakaLH

    So who is The Harpy?

    I'm willing to bet 200 actual real life dollars (or gold dragons) that it's the Green Grace
  3. IDK if a thread like this has done before or not, I'm sure it has, but IDC. I wanted to see how you picture the characters of the ASOIAF saga without using the Game of Thrones cast. They can be characters from other shows/movies, fan arts and even cartoon characters: STARK Eddard: Gerard Butler Catelyn: wait for it.. XD ( Rob: fanart Sansa: Annalise Basso Arya: Lulu Wilson Bran: Jack Dylan Grazer Jon: Hiccup LANNISTER Tywin: David Carradine Cersei: Viva Bianca Jamie: Liam McIntyre Tyrion: fanart Joffrey: fanart with a less evil, more stuck up pouty expression Myrcella: young Mackenna Grace Tomment: fanart BARATHEON Renly: Jose Ron Stannis: John Hannah Melisandre: Lucy Lawless Gendry: Ian Somerhalder TARGARYEN Daenerys: Elsa Viserys: Cuzco Rhaegar: Legolas Khal Drogo: Shan Yu GREYJOY Theon: Fanart Asha: Fanart Victarion: wait for it XD Euron: Sharlto Copley Aeron: Bill Moseley MARTELL Arianne: Aislinn Derbez Oberyn: Oded Fehr Ellaria Sand: Kim Kardashian Tyene Sand: Gabriella Wilde Quentyn Martell: Vadhir Derbez OTHERS Walder Frey: Oscar Niemeyer Bronn: Aragorn Lysa Tully: Eva Green Jon Connington: Hugh Jackman Taena Merrywheather: Emmanuelle Vaugier High Sparrow: Peter McCauley Lady Stoneheart: source Podrick Payne: Finn Wolfhard Some of the other characters I do picture them just like in the show (Brienne, Robert, Davos) and some others I picture my friends XD and can't post their pictures haha
  4. Oh! Hahaha well I'm glad you liked it
  5. LHakaLH

    Appropriate Punishment for Catelyn

    House arrest at Riverrun.
  6. LHakaLH

    The appearance of The Others

    Jeremy Irons in The Time Machine
  7. When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There's no middle ground
  8. LHakaLH

    Your biggest what if?

    What if Cersei had married Rhaegar? What if Robb had married the Frey girl? What if Sansa had married Joffrey? What if Khal Drogo had been saved? What if Nedd had been sent to the wall? What if Tywin hadn’t died?
  9. I just realized; shouldn't the Dothraki be under Jon's command now? I mean in their culture if you kill their Khal(eesi) you become one, so the only ones left are unsullied, let's say they were down to 7,500 after all the fighting before they crossed the ocean , then it is said they were reduced to half by the white walkers so 3,750 let's say they only lost 250 when they took kings landing , so 3500 soldiers against all of Westeros and the Dothraki that fight for Jon , it's just lazy writing
  10. LHakaLH

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    I can't take people being stabbed seriously on this show. Dany and Hotah are insta-dead with one stab. Arya took a bunch to the stomach, fell into a rank river, and was healthy and active the next day, Jaime gets a sword though his stomach and is still talking and manages to make it to Cersei. Incidentally, I find it also hilarious how Evil Dany is meant to be taken seriously. In a show that has framed vengeance and vindictiveness as heroic actions throughout. We're all worried about Dany! But no one seems disturbed by Arya exterminating House Frey, or Sansa feeding Ramsay to his hounds, or Jon hanging Olly, or Tyrion arming the hill tribes to torment the smallfolk of the Vale, or Cersei blowing up the Sept and killing hundreds. Yeesh. I'm glad it's over. The embarrassment of it all is finally done.
  11. Can anyone tell me why we were "supposed to" root for Daenerys and/or the Starks??
  12. Also, there’s nothing stopping anyone from going to war again. In fact when bran gets old and / or dies we will just have another war of 5 kings situation.
  13. Bran has no armies and no actual power. He is literally term limited. When the Ironborn rebel or raid, what can Bran do? When Bronn inevitably tries to take over Riverrun because Edmure is a punchline, what can Bran do? When Dorne decides not to pay taxes, what can Bran do? The Lords of Westeros are not going to stop scheming because there is an omniscient cripple (who most of them had never met) sitting on the throne. Even worse, they created a system where any Lord can be elevated to King by playing the game of thrones well. Westeros would become even more political as players attempt to be the next person chosen for the throne. They just created possibly the worst system of governance imaginable for Westeros.
  14. What if the night king was actually a hero and the good man all along trying to save the world from Bran's treachery to come?
  15. Manfrey Martell, I guess..?
  16. Also, aren't Sansa and Tyrion still technically married?
  17. Also, Bran's "election" was technically super rigged given that his Uncle, his brother's best friend, his 2 sisters and his cousin made up 5 votes. Why would Dorne and the Iron Islands, who had pledged to serve Dany, be like 'sure, no prob' to the overwhelming Stark power?
  18. This season I've grown to like Sansa and Sophie Turner's performance, but her saying that should cause every other Kingdom to wonder 'wait, if they can do it, why can't we?' Especially Dorne, the last of the Seven Kingdoms to join the fold and have always been different compared to the other lands and the Iron Islands (Balon literally rose up in rebellion after Robert overthrew the Targaryen reign because 'If Robert can be King, why can't I?!') You can't have Tyrion basically tell Jon, 'Well, sorry bro, you've got to take the black and go to the wall because politics' and then just nod sagely as Sansa explains how the North will not be part of the Seven Kingdoms any longer. It's just furthering the possibility of another Great War to unify and conquer Westeros. So everything is going to be fine and dandy, everyone following these characters are going to be totally cool with the way things were. This was Stark fanboy-service for Sansa, but they did her character so dirty. "Bro, the north should be free", what kind of complex negotiation powers or politicking were even needed for that? What has she fought for? Of all the things that shocked and disgusted me about the way they wrote this ending, that was the biggest thing. "North independency" was straight up fan service and why would the other major lords/houses accept two Stark rulers in Westeros ?
  19. Great TV Shows With Terrible Endings
  20. The commoners: we are hungry. The city is in shambles. Bronn, Lord of Highgarden/Lord Paramount of the Reach/Master of Coin: Let's build brothels first.
  21. Tyrion - King Bran....the people are starving and are gathering at the Red Keep, what should we do? King Bran - I'm going warging losers, see ya!
  22. 1. So Jim Broadbent's character wrote ASOIAF except Tyrion isn't in them? What? How is that... I AM SO PISSED AND CONFUSED. 2. Blasphemy, I know, but I'm honestly rather happy that Sansa is Queen in the North. All I really want for her ending is for her to be happy, safe, and surrounded by people who truly love and care for (and for whom she loves and cares in return) but let's face it, at the end of the mess of a show, she's the most competent ruler the North can hope for. 3. How did the punchline known as Edmure Tully get away from the Freys' dungeon? Did he escape? Was he released?
  23. Was there an inside the episode and has anyone elected to suffer through it?