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  1. Good question , i always read on this forum about fans reading the books multiple times and I thought there’s no way i’d do that. i’m on the 3rd book now and i already see myslef re-reading them after i’m done with the set . I think i’ll be able to answer ur question better then. For now i like the more thorough insight on the characters ,i love book jaime and his arrogance although his pov has just started in the 3d book. I learned that jon hates being a bastard and that’s affected his character alot. Tyrion is more cunning in the books . Little things that when added together make the books amazing. LoooL !
  2. Danny-

    Golden Stags and Silver Wolves

    The timing of the first book coincides with roberts rule while the targs were gone for almost 2 decades,GRRM could have scrapped the golden dragon altogether and used golden stags and others .. i think he used golden dragons on purpose to remind the reader of the targs and their rule..
  3. Update . i’m here to thank you guys for recommending me to read the books. i bought the 5 book set and the world of ice and fire . i’m on the third book now and i couldn’t be happier ,i smile when i read them ,i especially love how most of the chapters end .i preffer the books storylines over the show but i guess the producers had to make some cuts and alterations. for all of u who read the books before the show i think the showrunners did a great job ,i guess some of u were sceptical when the show was announced but i don’t think anyone could have hoped the show would be produced in such a splendid way. i skimmed the world of ice and fire and its really cool ,a must have for a fan.
  4. ...Will the northern lords and the starks back him or still demand independence? I think the northeners will get pissed when they find out he bent the knee and when they find out he's aegon targarean it will add fuel to the fire.
  5. Danny-

    Tyrion - Sansa reunion

    Off topic . is it confirmed that the show will return in 2 years ?
  6. Danny-

    The missing Arya-Sansa scene?

    You misunderstood me ,the author of this thread watched the scene,and after watching the scene he didn't know if arya was in on sansa's plans,he asked if sansa was playing little finger and so on. it's pretty obvious after u watch the scene and sansa arya and bran plotted together. ps: sansa didn't have knowledge of the tears of lys,she didn't have knowledge of the letter that lysa sent was written by LF,she didn't have knowledge of LF putting the dagger on ned's neck.i think bran provided this info. and sweet robin,the sickly boy,i think he will herd to lord royce's advice,and whem he find out th LF murdered his mom he will probably throw his dolla out of the moon door
  7. Danny-

    The missing Arya-Sansa scene?

    It was obvious that the stark children plotted beforehand .Sansa's charges were all provided by bran except the lysa murder. i don't understand why this thread was started ,i think the scene was pretty obvious .
  8. Danny-

    Let's talk about Cersei !

    Dany has been pining for the throne for 7 seasons now ,saying she is the true targaryen heir of the throne,teaching the word "throne" to khal drogo and stuff. i don't think she'll destroy it.
  9. Danny-

    That look on Tyrion's face

    I don't think he knows of theim being related and i don't think he loves her. They added the scene because next season jon and dany will keep this a secret but there will be a plotline involving tyrion knowing this secret ,or tyrion will find out that they r targs before them finding out.
  10. Lyana wouldn't have named the kid aegon if she didn't love rhaegar. i'm still reading the first book but i think ned figured everything out after tower of joy and hearing the baby's name. keeping that kinda secret is hard. edit : howland reed! He's the only dude who knew other than ned ,i think we will see him on s8
  11. I started readinng the book last week. i believe ned says the mountain was foot taller than everyone he saw at the hand's tourney but he's shorter than a simpelton in the north called hodor.
  12. Danny-

    Best lines of 707

    I was just explaining this to a a friend of mine i think the writers added this because of jon's storyline...
  13. Danny-

    Qyburn and his curiosities

    I think he should take jaime's side .. he studied at the citadel and was sworn to be a maester and from what i gather maesters served humanity in one way or abother. ok he made a monster out of gregor for cersei but this wight/walker threat should wake him up a bit.
  14. She knows what's coming and yet she's still plotting and scheming . If what she said about Euron is true,both are the only villains left south of the wall. Ps : Lena is amazing,she makes you hate Cersei.
  15. Danny-

    Why is Jon's name Aegon?

    Im just finishing the first book ..but i've read online that rhaegar was obsessed with the prince who was promised prophecy and that had something to do with bringing ice and fire together so thats why he loved lyanna, the prince is supposed to be name Aegon in the prophecy maybe? they first aegon didn't count coz it wasnt of ice and fire,it was of fire and sand :-) .. am i close?