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  1. Good question , i always read on this forum about fans reading the books multiple times and I thought there’s no way i’d do that. i’m on the 3rd book now and i already see myslef re-reading them after i’m done with the set . I think i’ll be able to answer ur question better then. For now i like the more thorough insight on the characters ,i love book jaime and his arrogance although his pov has just started in the 3d book. I learned that jon hates being a bastard and that’s affected his character alot. Tyrion is more cunning in the books . Little things that when added together make the books amazing. LoooL !
  2. Danny-

    Golden Stags and Silver Wolves

    The timing of the first book coincides with roberts rule while the targs were gone for almost 2 decades,GRRM could have scrapped the golden dragon altogether and used golden stags and others .. i think he used golden dragons on purpose to remind the reader of the targs and their rule..
  3. Update . i’m here to thank you guys for recommending me to read the books. i bought the 5 book set and the world of ice and fire . i’m on the third book now and i couldn’t be happier ,i smile when i read them ,i especially love how most of the chapters end .i preffer the books storylines over the show but i guess the producers had to make some cuts and alterations. for all of u who read the books before the show i think the showrunners did a great job ,i guess some of u were sceptical when the show was announced but i don’t think anyone could have hoped the show would be produced in such a splendid way. i skimmed the world of ice and fire and its really cool ,a must have for a fan.
  4. Thank you all! i started reading yesterday ,i'm already on the bran chapter where the crow comes to him and he's falling/dreaming. its just great!
  5. Thank you all for your posts. Walda ,thank you for taking the time to reply ,i don't live the the usa so i can't borrow the books from a library.i do have an Ipad but i preffer the feel of a book. Amazon doesn't deliver here so i will go to the library and check them all out and weigh my options. I'm gonna get "a world of ice and fire as well". It seems really cool.
  6. I am dissapointed about the teleporting but i got used to it, i think its necessary because if the travel durations were like seasons 1 to 5 the show would end in season 999... I think 8 seasons is the right ammount.
  7. Its done then ... Thank you! i looked online and saw the leather bound set.I think its better than buying the stand alone ones coz it really looks good.
  8. I've been coming to this website for a while now for information on Asoiaf. i don't know if its right to post this thread here but i think its the best place to get answers. Shall i read the books after watching the show?is it worth it or just a waste of time? I think this thread will help others like me who are fans of the show to decide wether or not reading the books will be rewarding.