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  1. I think John Bradley delivered an amazing performance and his character was the best in Ep1. I hope we see more of Sam as the season progresses. What do u guys think?
  2. Danny-

    dany and sansa

    Some people are saying things will get better between Sansa and Dany in episode 2, i think things will get worse especially if Jon’s true parentage is revealed to all.
  3. Danny-

    Way too many side characters?

    The arc of the story is in it’s conclusion and we already knew that everyone is descending upon Winter-fell so this was expected.The battle for Winterfell will start at the middle or the end of episode 2, i suspect it will continue through episode 3 but after that the characters might scatter once again.
  4. I am dissapointed about the teleporting but i got used to it, i think its necessary because if the travel durations were like seasons 1 to 5 the show would end in season 999... I think 8 seasons is the right ammount.