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    Acting - Season 7 Game of Thrones

    I really like how Rory McCann portrays the Hound. He really adds significant depth to the character and his acting is always spot on.
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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 706?

    Ok I am going to be 100% subjective here (and I assume this is what this topic is also about). I was about to give this episode a 4/5. As a lot of you have legitimately pointed out, some of the flaws can not be unseen. - That whole Arya/Sansa teenage drama is just pure nonsense and goes again the usual subtlety of the world of ASOIAF. The way the two are acting really goes against the way they character have evolved and the absurdity of that whole situation is undoubtedly awkard. Arya is now a face-less master that is supposed to understand perfectly the nuances in people's thought and their inner conflicts whereas Sansa has been mastering the art of cunning, political strategy and manipulation through her various experiences with the finest political minds and environments in Westeros (Cersei, LittleFinger, the whole of King's Landing and so on). Still, their dialogues were completely cringy and reflected none of the characters' evolutions. Really sad to see the writers lowering their writing standards. They might be under time pressure or maybe just the whole hype around game of thrones led them to do stupid stuff. - That plan to go and take a white walker hostage was such a poor idea or at least the way it was presented was totally absurd. Some of those dialogues between the characters were again incredibly rushed and lacking substance. Despite this whole Beyond-the-wall nonsense, the hound still manages to be a great character and I particularly appreciate how Rory McCann portrays him. - I don't like how they are sacrificing the character of Tyrion. They are really not giving him justice. He used to be such a witty, interesting, wise, funny protagonist that used his cynisism to be one of the greatest strategist and game of thrones player. The fact that he is subject to so much loss of temper, ridiculous military and political defeats really goes against the character substance. - As a general observation the dialogues were weak and the time-traveling is getting really out of control lol. BUUUUUUUT (and this is where the complete subjectivity enters into my episode rating) I still gave this episode an 8/9 ! That scene where Daenerys arrives on the back of her dragon to save the day of those who were trapped by the white walkers left me speechless ! I litteraly shouted as a little child watching his favourite super hero kicking the bad guy's bum. The fighting in slow motion and the hopelessness of Jon's fight reminded me of some of the greatest battle scenes in Lord of the Rings (which really left a great impression on me as young kid). I thought the music was also incredible and that moment was really well shot and worked really well for me ! Jon coming back to the Wall reminded me of Aragorn coming back to Helm's Deep after he was left from the battle with the wargs. I know some of you might think differently (and I think it is perfectly legit) but I genuinely thought the Daenerys/Jon scene on the ship was really good. I will admit without a problem that it was awkward when he called her Dany but it did not took the emotion of the scene away. I thought Emilia acted really well when portraying Daenerys' reaction when Jon Snow recognized her authority as Queen. I guess I really got into the epicness of those last minutes which put me on a state of great emotions that took the objectivity out of me (and it's great, that's what I want from a TV show :D). However, I am not forgetting all the flaws that I mentionned previously, and the other negative aspects you all rightfully pointed out in previous posts. I hope that D&D will be responsive to fans criticism and improve these points for the final season. Also, it's my first post on this forum so I just wanted to say that I am really admirative of the passion of this whole community towards GoT and ASOIF and I am delighted to be a (very small) part of it !