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  1. Everyone keeps saying the NW doesn't exist but those two crows that escorted Jon seemed pretty official.
  2. I thought it was a true bittersweet ending. Especially as it relates to Jon's character. He essentially saves the world, but nobody will ever know about it or his true lineage. Yes, he never wanted the throne and he deep down probably wanted to stay in the North anyway. But there was still a sadness to his ending. He will carry that burden of having killed his lover. I wouldn't quite call him a broken man, but close.
  3. I definitely think Jon was joining the wildlings with the way the gate came down and the look he gave it seemed like a final goodbye to Westeros.
  4. What was odd was Greyworm basically agreeing to let the other lords and ladies just decide his fate. I get that they're just soldiers and don't know anything about leading or ruling, it it seemed weird. Also why would they take Jon prisoner vs just killing him on sight?
  5. Didn't seem like a trick. Sansa seemed genuinely upset.
  6. Also....the Unsullied wouldn't just kill Jon on sight after he (I'm assuming) confessed to killing Dany?
  7. I'm confused..is there even a NW anymore? The two Crows that escorted Jon to Castle Black looked official enough But why would they need a NW anymore?
  8. What sort of build up did you expect with only 6 episodes? That being said, there have been PLENTY of breadcrumbs along the way what with all the tension with Sansa and the North, Jon's lineage, her advisors plotting against her, etc. To say it was out of the blue or simply for shock value is totally inaccurate IMO. I think Dany fans just want to keep their heads in the sand.
  9. Let me guess....Jon speaks out against ber, she has him executed, and Arya kills Dany in revenge?
  10. No, it would be about a man who cast off both the bastard AND king labels to pursue his own version of happiness - that is assuming my prediction of him getting up far North with the Free Folk comes true. He made his own destiny.
  11. Great take. I think ultimately Jon will find this an unacceptable situation. I predict Dany surprises everyone and finds a way to take the throne without killing a bunch of civilians...largely because I hope that they don't cheapen her story by making her out as another mad Targ. Jon refuses to live a lie as his entire life to this point as been a lie. He will not perpetuate it, no matter how much Dany wants him to. He self exiled himself to the North to be with the Free Folk. There's your bittersweet ending.
  12. Great episodes, but two questions: 1). Why split up Danys army? Was this how they were proposing surrounding KL? 2). That Jamie/Brienne scene. "She's hateful, so am I." Is he saying he's hateful because he still loves her and sees himself in her...or dis he recall all the evil stuff he did for her and is now disgusted at his previous support for her? I realize this will get debated all week and some hated that exchange but I actually thought it was great how either was set up as a viable possibility.
  13. I actually think it makes sense for the common folk to pack inside the castle....they have ballistas on the wall almost every 10 feet. That place seems pretty fortified, especially with the GC arriving. Honestly even if Dany still had two dragons I think she'd be overmatched. They should definitely be the underdogs now.
  14. I agree. I think/hope he rides off into the sunset to be with the Free Folk.
  15. The Dothraki charge might have been tactically stupid, but it sure helped set the tone of utter, impending dread. I thought it was cool.
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