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  1. Skills

    Destiny of Jon Snow

    That wouldn't be a bittersweet ending, then. It would be a mostly happy one.
  2. Skills

    Jon's first chapter

    He is TPTWP.....for the Free Folk.
  3. Never liked Sansa's character.
  4. Skills


    By blood, yes. But family is much more than that. It's clear Jon was conflicted all the way up until he stabbed her. But the moment she said, "They don't get a choice, " is when Jon knew there would be no reasoning with her.
  5. Skills


    And Dany didn't have to burn down KL either. Actions should have consequences. She was misguided. And the biggest threat to peace and prosperity in Westeros at that point. Nobody ever thinks they're the villain. In the end, Jon was going to eat a shit sandwich either way. He decided to side with his sisters. Remember Arya earlier in the season reminds him that they're family.
  6. Skills


    The very definition of bittersweet. I thought it was well done.
  7. Skills

    The purpose of R+L=J?

    That's the whole point though. That a guy that could and should have been king...ends up living with a group that doesn't even acknowledge such titles. Maybe the show didn't do a great job handling it, but I believe that is what GRRMs message will be in the books, as well. This was never going to be an Aragorn type of story. I believe the book ending for Jon will be similar, or he dies. Either way, not king.
  8. Skills

    Destiny of Jon Snow

    I think this was a brilliant ending in how it could be interpreted a number of different ways. Even though Jon is reunited with Ghost and other people who clearly respect him and look up to him, I can't help but feel a sense of sadness for him. Duty is the death of love, indeed.
  9. Skills


    The other nice touch (intended or not) was how Ned was supposed to be exiled to CB but obviously was executed first, and now Jon sort of fulfills that original punishment. Not sure if the writers intended this connection but it worked for me.
  10. Skills


    This sums up my feelings perfectly. Even though I predicted Jon would end up far North, I thought it would be his choosing. The circumstances that eventually get him there are just ....sad and it's like he's the fall guy for essentially saving the world. But I guess that's the point of his character. It just left a bad taste in my mouth. And yes, I do think they left the ending somewhat open ended, re:Jon's intentions. My gut feeling is that he is leaving with the wildlings given that long look he gives the gate as it closes. I did not take his "exile" to CB as a ruse to just get rid of GW. Even Tyrion comments that the NW is still needed as a glorified prison and dumping ground for undesirables. But then again, Jon is all duty and honor so maybe he just escorts them and returns to CB? Either ending is valid IMO.
  11. Everyone keeps saying the NW doesn't exist but those two crows that escorted Jon seemed pretty official.
  12. I thought it was a true bittersweet ending. Especially as it relates to Jon's character. He essentially saves the world, but nobody will ever know about it or his true lineage. Yes, he never wanted the throne and he deep down probably wanted to stay in the North anyway. But there was still a sadness to his ending. He will carry that burden of having killed his lover. I wouldn't quite call him a broken man, but close.
  13. Skills

    Purpose of the wall now ?

    It was nicely done because it also paid homage to what was supposed to be Ned Stark's punishment the last time a Stark Male set foot in KL.
  14. I definitely think Jon was joining the wildlings with the way the gate came down and the look he gave it seemed like a final goodbye to Westeros.
  15. What was odd was Greyworm basically agreeing to let the other lords and ladies just decide his fate. I get that they're just soldiers and don't know anything about leading or ruling, it it seemed weird. Also why would they take Jon prisoner vs just killing him on sight?