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  1. AryaWaifMe

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    I am just at a loss for the episode. Cool so we watched Dany sort of become the villain, that's what it's been about the whole time. Bran is useless. And probably she will be betrayed now, and yeah some sort of democracy put in place. This show dug so deep, and the ending feels shallow. White walkers, not much explanation, I thought we'd get more background after the war. I might be biased but I was pulling for Dany and thought she'd do the right thing. In her defense, every time she was merciful it would usually backfire.
  2. AryaWaifMe

    What is stopping Arya from killing Cersei and Euron?

    I want the final 3 epsidoes to be 3 hours of Arya flying around roof to roof, slaying the remaining antagonists. Fuck it, have her kill Dany too, and her dragons. Just one after another like a video game. Cersei drinking wine, Nope daggered. Euron wanking it, nope daggered. Scorpion about to kill her, oh crap she's behind it, stabs the wooden machine, it crumbles NK style. Episode 5 would be an hour of her jumping 20,000 times killing the golden company. Same with mountain, but plot twist, he takes two stabs then dies. Who cares about story arcs, just have her KO everyone, better yet, use the same dagger move on everyone , and then the final moment, Sansa prepares to go on the throne thanks to little sis leaping at everyone from the darkness. But wait, arya drops her dagger and stabs sister too, then removes her mask... It's the waif, roll credits Post credit scene, she daggers ellaria sand. And then breaks a wheel
  3. AryaWaifMe

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 803?

    From an episode standpoint...I Loved the episode in general. I think they did a great job, I felt emotionally tired when it was all done. From a contextual standpoint reviewing what happened and what we have watched for 8 seasons, I was left with a slight feeling of being robbed. I think that the writers are on their own without GRMM is showing. I will watch the last episodes happily and probably enjoy them, but I still might come on the internet to bitch about it not being how I wanted. Also I agree, after seeing the Dothraki pointlessly charge and get completely decimated I thought it was funny Theon did the same thing. At least let the NK make a move...THEN charge. Oh well, what can you do. After reading many good theories I think there is a lot of potential writers out there that will never be seen or heard or read in the mass media and that's a shame. I swear some of the people on reddit could quit their day jobs and take some of the writers' jobs.
  4. AryaWaifMe

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 803?

    If they HAVE to have her kill him (which I didn't love) from a suspense standpoint, they should of held Arya off for 3 more seconds. At least let the NK draw his sword, or better yet even let Bran get cut or grazed. The night king was frozen for awhile staring at Bran and I was just focused on him to see what happens, didn't even feel suspenseful or worried for Bran or anything. He just got KO'd almost instantly, for a split second I thought Arya will die and take him down too. Nope. NK 0 HP Arya 90% HP Bran 100% HP
  5. AryaWaifMe

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 803?

    I think a lot of us were hoping for a deeper story than NK is "pure evil, death and darkness" and some of the symbolism making sense. That perhaps he wasn't PURE evil, maybe there was a pact that was broken and he was coming to make good on it? Nah, he's "pure evil" and he loses. It's just so simple and bland. The white walkers not doing anything was sort of a let down too. I feel like the writers just wanted to surprise viewers but I was hoping for more. With 3 episodes left, there is not really a big twist with the end in my opinion. It's just hard to care about Cersei, what can be harder than what they just experienced? In the reality they created, the two dragons should mow down the Golden Company while Arya assassinates Euron and Cersei...end of story.
  6. AryaWaifMe

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    I was pretty sure Dany was dying in this episode, I was wrong. Seeing the dragon go down was sad. I loved the ginger line, can't wait to see those shirts. The whole mission without horses was just dumb. The teleportation was a little bit hard to swallow. Also I expected to see a romp fest on that boat coming back, slightly disappointed