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    Tywin's Sack of KL vs Dany's burning of KL

    I was just making a joke about another thread a poster here started.
  2. KingMudd

    Would Robert have been a better Lord than King?

    I think letting Jon Arryn run the Kingdom was his best decision. He didn't want it and didn't want to rule so he let someone more capable do it. Like it or not Robert's reign brought in peace and was probably one of Westeros' most peaceful times after the Greyjoy rebellion. Remember that most Targaryen King's reigns were rife with external and internal wars.
  3. KingMudd

    Tywin's Sack of KL vs Dany's burning of KL

    Westeros is NOT medieval Europe.
  4. KingMudd

    Rickon is destined to be new Lord of Winterfell

    How do you know that the Whents have Hoare blood? They were made lords hundrered of years after House Hoare was extinct. Also marriages between houses is very common. The Starks have married Blackwoods and Royces before, who most likely have married other riverlands houses that have connections to Harrenhal. Jon and Dany will also have blood in their line that has connection to Harrenhal. The Targaryens have married the Blackwoods and other Riverlands houses so will have Harrenhal blood.
  5. KingMudd

    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    Yes and those houses have always ruled their lands, way before they were "CHOSEN". The kings in the North have only ever been Starks and the northmen were saying that they should go back to the days when they were ruled by the Starks as kings. The North will never vote in a king. Robb and Jon were "CHOSEN" because they were Starks. The system that you think the north has adopted doesn't exist. They are not voting people in. Sansa is the Lady of Winterfell and all northern vassals will answer to her. That is feudalism.
  6. KingMudd

    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    No one was chosen, they use agnatic primogeniture to determine who the heir is. The great houses have ruled their kingdoms for thousands of years through inheritance. They only way to change the family that is in power is to defeat them and take what is theirs or wait until they have no heirs left. If your talking about the Warden titles, these are just honorary titles. Jaime was going to be appointed Warden of the East but House Arryn would still have ruled over the Vale.
  7. KingMudd

    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    It would be back to the same power structure that existed for like 10000 years before the Targaryens came over. They would still be using feudalism with the now Lord Paramounts becoming kings. It is no different than what they were using to rule Westeros.
  8. KingMudd

    Opinion: Coolest Sounding Name

  9. KingMudd

    Poor children...

    GRRM has said it's pronounced ar-yÉ™, like are ya. The show is correct. See this video at 3 minutes.
  10. KingMudd

    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    They have been using Feudalism for thousands of years. All destroying Kings Landing does is makes the lesser Lords more powerful. There's no way Westeros is using any other system than Feudalism for the foreseeable future. Most likely when Dany dies the old borders will come back and there will be Kings of the seperate regions again.
  11. KingMudd

    Poor children...

    Was just a joke man.
  12. KingMudd

    Poor children...

    Not as much as the kids called David or Daniel. They destroyed an entire world.
  13. KingMudd

    GRRM vs #metoo

    a. No. Characters are going to die no matter what sex and race they are. Characters shouldn't be kept around just becasue people might be offened if they are killed off, this kind thinking will destory storytelling. b. No. The books would still be recevied well even if released now. He's a good writer and world builder and is writing stories people want to read. It's FICTION for fuck's sake. What's your point? The books aren't meant to about European history and culture. GRRM has been inspired by it, he's not writting about real history, he's taking things which are interesting and using them as inspiration for his own creation. If he wants to use the Middle Ages as inspiration for his books he's free to do so. His world is similar to the Middle Ages and it's more believable to have poeple behave in the books as the human race behaved back then. This really shouldn't offend people and if it does I implore you to not read up on any real history because you are going to be severely offended.
  14. KingMudd

    Major Problems with Show's WW Plot

    Laughs in episode 5.
  15. KingMudd

    Sansa stark have no reasons to like Dany

    This whole story is based around claims. People didn't want the mad king anymore so Dany and Jon's claims mean fuck all then. People made Cersei Queen which makes all other claims mean fuck all then. That's when the northerners thought he was a Stark and wasn't going to sell them out to anyone. He bent the knee after Dany decided to help. We haven't seen much of the northerners since this happened so we can't be sure how happy they are with Jon atm.
  16. KingMudd

    Arya got nothing

    I think we've found D&D's forum account.
  17. KingMudd

    Sansa stark have no reasons to like Dany

    You have no clue what your are talking about. Sansa has one of the best claims to Winterfell. Sansa is Ned's heir after Bran and Bran has abdicated. This is why eveyone wanted to marry her to their children throughout the first half of the story and was a pretty major part of her storyline. Jon is a Targaryen and also never legitimzed himself when he thought he was a Stark. He also never took control of Winterfell from Sansa when he was king. Sansa is Lady of Winterfell and Jon was allowed to be based there during his reign as KitN. Jon is now a nobody. Warden of the North is a just a title, Jaime was going to be appointed Warden of the East and he had no lands as well.
  18. KingMudd


    Seems the most plausible explanation.
  19. KingMudd

    About Bran

    There's only 2 episodes left, Bran's done. As soon as Arya killed the NK Bran was done. He'll maybe have a few lines here and there but I seriously doubt he'll contribute anything else now.
  20. Isn't it the Lion, the Dragon or the other Dragon? Jon's a full legitimate Targaryen.
  21. KingMudd

    A proposed rewriting of the last seasons/books

    The only thing that sounds good in this is the 10 episode seasons. Holy shit that sounds terrible. So the army just rots away. The Night King can raise the dead so anyone he kills is added to the army and most of the wights were just skeletons anyway, why would they just start rotting away and why would the winter start to abate when the last long night lasted for generations? So he's there just to kill eveyone. No other motivations, just a silent douche that gets his ass handed to him. We already got that. I prefer what we actually got so far. It's not great and nowhere near as good as the books but this proposal sounds worse. We'll all just need to wait for GRRM to finish to see what the actual ending will be.
  22. KingMudd

    Game of Thrones, A Tragedy

    Both Dany and Jon are happy to contiune with the current system. Jon became King in the North and didnt change anything and Dany has ruled over parts of Essos as a Queen using a system which she says she want's to abolish in Westeros. Dany is also currently fighting a war to re-take her family's throne. There was no way either of them were going to do anything other than continue the feudal system Westeros has had for thousands of years.
  23. KingMudd

    How is the North's food supply now?

    Yeah I was just going by what GRRM said about the seasons not being natural. I don't think the show will even bother to give us an answer on this anyway.
  24. I hope so too but I think Bran is only still here because he was in the books written by GRRM and D&D kept to the books for the first 4ish seasons. I think if they could they would go back and not even include Brans storyline at all.