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  1. Oh, boy, Stanton is back tonight. Should we start the pool on how many games he can last this time? I'm thinking less than 14 this time...
  2. If only...but going to 7 games versus Phily took too much out of them, I think. They played tired and Tampa was astronomically faster/better in every way last night. I don't know that they ever really catch back up. I was really hoping maybe the Islanders could catch them a little rusty and steal the series in 6. After that showing though, they will need be lucky to get to game 6.
  3. .H.

    Bakker LVII

    Well, read this as you like then.
  4. .H.

    Bakker LVII

    Alas...the series isn't over and the fact that it was anarcane ground might been one of, or maybe even the biggest, contributing factor to it having been spared in the First Apocalypse, so plausibly might matter in the Second?
  5. Well, I have no idea if it might mean anything for older Forgotten Realms products, but Magic: The Gathering is getting a new set, next year, that is set in the Forgotten Realms.
  6. Yeah, we just had a little water get wind-driven in the house and lost a cosmetic shutter. My wife's cousins live in Lake Charles though, one, who is due to have their first child in five weeks, had a lot of damage to their house. Roof ripped off, ceiling collapsed, the house might well be completely done for from what I saw.
  7. Of course not, but at the same time, "wir sehen hiermit wieder die Sprache als das Dasein des Geistes."
  8. .H.

    Bakker LVII

    I think of it, personally, as the difference between pleromatic time and experiential time. In Hegel's sort of terms, it is Unchanging Being vs Finite Being, another "frame" of Universals vs. Particulars. The question, much like the question of Platonic Forms vs. material, is, how could the two interact? And, what would it look like if they did?
  9. .H.

    Bakker LVII

    Well, I do too if we are talking about as a unified whole. There are definitely parts, and elements, that I really like about TAE but the whole thing is more abstract. Which, personally, I have personally come to see in light of a sort of Hegelian dialectical development. You can throw thesis, antithesis and synthesis in the garbage, for the most part, (that was Fichte) and stick with Hegel's actual concrete, abstract, and absolute. PoN is the concrete, TAE the abstract, and hopefully, should we ever see it, TNG is the absolute. Along the same lines, I think that TAE "takes" a lot from The Phenomenology of Spirit, especially from the the section Skepticism, Stoicism and the Unhappy Consciousness. Of course, Hegel's thoroughly impenetrable prose and jargon make any sort of easy comparison impossible to draw out simply. In other words, I am tending to think Bakker has an abstract take on Hegel's abstract take. This "double move" is often more that enough to shroud the concept(s) fairly well. I've gone over before why I would think of Geist as a manner of understanding what it an Eärwan soul could be, so just moving on, Hegel is also looking at the issue of Universals and Particulars, the Eternal and the Finite and how they could interact. For example from the Phenomenology: Now, maybe it is just my typical loose associations, but I can imagine a manner of reading from that Hegel there to Bakker (in this case the Judging Eye, in a way). Of course, don't take my word for anything though, the series might just be whatever one wants it to be (or not).
  10. .H.

    Bakker LVII

    I think this is a somewhat "popular" idea, but I don't personally see any real textual support for the idea. To me, it is just that the Logocentrism of the Dunyain just happens to align with the Tekne of the Consult, making them prime to repurpose/use it all. The question about the providence of the Insertant's identity is likely (to me) a different matter entirely. I personally think Ajokli is on Ajokli's side. Inchoroi, yes. We "knew" this extra-textually, post-TUC the text confirms it. Who said Kellhus was a "prefect soul?" Kellhus might be "closer" to the Absolute than anyone else has ever been, but that doesn't mean he is actually all that close. In fact, I think one could make a case that as close as he got, he actually ended up farther away in the end (because he let Ajokli "in"). It is also debatable if Koringhus is notionally "closer" to the Absolute, but in the end, it likely doesn't matter if he was or wasn't. Not only that, but just what makes an Insertant an ideal "circuit" for the Sarcophagus is not actually clear. Closeness to the Absolute is likely not it though, since it hardly seems that either the first or second even were.
  11. Anyone know if the part that, I think, is supposed to be James Baldwin speaking (I think I read somewhere it is from a movie) is something he actually said/wrote, or is it just something from the Jackie Robinson movie and not something James Baldwin actually said? Nevermind, a better search found it.
  12. I don't follow what the thesis of this article is supposed to be. Was it supposed to refute the idea that Elric is not what could be called "classically good?" Because it offers no real evidence and there is seemingly no conclusion either. From what I can tell, all it says is, essentially, "you can call Elric a lot of things" which seems like a rather facile point, so trivially true as to advance nothing at all as far as I can tell.
  13. Elric and the whole setting were always far, far better to me conceptually than in actual practice. Which is actually the same sort of thing that happens with Warhammer 40k's setting (which borrows some from Elric), where the conceptual framework is very good, but the exposition is generally very poor. It seems like a toss-up how the show might turn out. They could (relatively) easily craft something visually compelling and an interesting, nuanced story from it all. Or, maybe even more easily make some generic, bland-looking fantasy slop, with an equally uninteresting story. And I agree with Marquis de Leech, Elric is not "made" to be a "good guy." The sort of fight between Law and Choas is not about good versus evil, as far as makes sense to me.
  14. Maybe the notion of "interest convergence" might help here? For example. Debate would likely work for some, of course, as that article points out.
  15. Which is why I find it rather annoying that, at least here in the US, "non-dairy" does not mean it will have no dairy in it. Non-dairy is simply "code" for not having lactose in the majority of cases. I am allergic to casein though (and most probably whey), which is in many "non-dairy" things, like coffee creamer and so on.
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