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  1. .H.

    (Spoilers) Mr. Robot final season

    Yeah, that would probably the next logical step. I'm sure they'll throw some monkey wrench in there just to spice it up though.
  2. .H.

    (Spoilers) Mr. Robot final season

    I guess it's plausible that with Price's plan to step down, WhiteRose will nominate Wellick to be the new CEO? So, maybe we see him in the next episode?
  3. .H.

    MLB Postseason: Bat Fight!

    Yeah, the only "good news" to me would be that if it's the Rays, they Yankees get home field. I'd think, personally, that Yankees getting home field is slightly worth playing a hot Rays team, vs. playing the Astros with 4 games in Houston. But I don't think there is any way to know that either way, there is just too much contingency in it all.
  4. .H.

    Bakker LVII

    Fair enough, to what should I say to that? Far be it from me to be against the facts of the matter. So, as I said, I'll leave you guys to it.
  5. .H.

    Bakker LVII

    My point was more than we almost always do these same sort of recisitations, it seems to me, every time a new thread is made though. My personal opinion is that there are vastly more interesting things we could discuss, but instead it's the characterological nature of who likes Bakker and Bakker himself that is far more often the topic. Or at least, more often than it seems it should be to me. But maybe I am just an old man shaking my fist at clouds...and as always, maybe there is no maybe.
  6. .H.

    Bakker LVII

    But that is the stuff that is usually rehashed, time and time again here. What MG said, promised, in his "previews" that failed to materialize. He is just a guy who wanted to try to help. He's just a guy who was also going through some real life stuff at the time. I'm not going to air out his personal business, but he was just trying to do what he thought would be a good thing. It ended up not working out. To pillory him for time immemorial just for that, well, seems rather petty and unfair to me. Well, I can't remember things I didn't know happened. I'm sorry that happened and honestly, had I known about it at the time, I'd certainly have done anything I realistically could to have it not end up like that. But, I don't know the exact time frames, but I think wasn't here/there/anywhere at hand, because I was dealing with my own real-life things for a while. I can't work on things in the past. I can't undo what has been done. I can't unsay what Bakker, MG, Madness, or anyone else has said or done. I can't even unsay stupid thing I personally say. What they "promised" or claimed, or what they failed to deliver or what they delivered in failure. I'm just a somewhat stupid guy, with the internet and (usually) some dumb ideas. I'm hard pressed to even do anything in the present, or effect anything for the future. Still, we do what we figure we must. I guess I am just not keen on endlessly rehashing the same issues over and over again though. And that isn't to say we should forget them. But there has to be something between forgetting and endlessly bearing them out. I don't know, maybe this is just my typical nonsense. Maybe I am just old and tired now. Maybe there isn't a maybe there. Who knows? I don't know.
  7. .H.

    What TV shows should be rebooted?

    Exosquad, full remake. Maybe animated, maybe not.
  8. .H.

    Bakker LVII

    Well, I'm not asking you to. I'd delete my posts, but that's not my method. I let what I say stand and if it's stupid, the posts can just stand as monuments to that stupidity. Sorry for the derail, I'll let you guys get back to it.
  9. .H.

    Bakker LVII

    Well, like I said, don't let me spoil the good fun.
  10. .H.

    Bakker LVII

    I remember many things, or at least, I could, but I am old now, so, who knows? In the end though, it hardly seems relevant though. What might here be considered a fact, might there be considered an opinion and between considered not at all. What information I have, what I remember and how, is all rather circumstantially irrelevant to the orthodox narrative here. Were things done that probably, in retrospect, seem imprudent? Sure, hindsight is great like that. Were things not done that should have been? Likely as well. Could it be possible that people just make mistakes? I know I do, for example, my post you just quoted, but I'll get to that later. Could it be that people working off incomplete information could make assumptions that end up not coming true? Sure. The "court of public opinion" doesn't run on Bayesian logic. It doesn't run on rigorous fact-checking. We all remember things how we believe we ought to. Memory isn't neutral and maybe that isn't a "law" but part of why it even exists. Of course, I'm not anywhere near perfect. Neither is Bakker. Neither is anyone else who might have said something the ended up not being an ironclad fact-of-the-matter. Or done things figuring it was for the best and have it not turn out as such. The malice fails to materialize, for me. But, who here really cares about that? Sometimes the road to Hell is indeed paved with good intentions. I've always seemed to find myself on something of the heterodox view here, so it will be no shock to anyone that the usual clarion call fails to draw me to it, rather than away. Or maybe it's something else, something good and sinister. In the end, the TL;DR of it would be: what do I remember? No narrative of villainy. No narrative at all. No villany. Just people doing what they thought at the time were reasonable things based off what they saw and were told, some of which turned out to seem not so reasonable in retrospect. But, that was my mistake in posting. I shouldn't place myself in the way of a good ol' narrative. Especially one so reasonable.
  11. In case anyone is like me and generally has no idea what day it is, or what is going on at all, my wife reminded me that season 4 premieres this week, on the 26th.
  12. .H.

    Bakker LVII

    It's a good thing that matters of fact and matters of interpretation are the same thing, or else life could be really ambiguous at times.
  13. It could be the case that Toronto's price for moving Stroman in-division was markedly higher. Possibly even to specifically disincentivize that sort of deal from getting done, unless it would bring in a big haul. In fact, it's plausible that they really didn't even want to make a deal in the AL, again, unless someone would "over-offer."
  14. Seems he must have attended the Carl Pavano School of Fortitude in the off-season.
  15. .H.

    Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James

    Well, I think it is an interesting story, somewhat uniquely told, interesting setting/story and with the way it ended and the way the "sequels" are said to be being done makes it all that much more interesting and the book is flatly (to me) just plainly well written. That said, I think there is some set of people who are going to find the story unappealing. Maybe that is the narrative style, maybe that is the rather overt presence of homosexuality, maybe something else. I don't think many people are going to admit to being "off-put" by that sexuality, but I think it if you look at the Amazon "reviews" you see this pretty plainly. I'm anticipating the next in the series, hopefully we won't have to wait too many years. The book is solidly "very good" to me and I'd recommend it.