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  1. .H.

    Board games!

    Yeah, I guess we can chalk this one up to sub-par rule book plus my sub-par rule reading ability. But the rule book did seem oddly vague and casual to me. But even the Obsession rule book that is pretty decent, I just flat out missed things. Or the fairly simple Rise of Tribes rulebook where I horribly misread and jammed two unrelated sentences together in my mind, making the game super unbalanced by turn order, haha. So I am generally inclined to blame myself for rules understandings. Also very much a reason why Sidereal Confluence has been opened but not played, because I can't quite pin down the rules well enough to teach it for sure (and I don't have 4 players ready for the dive at the moment anyway) even to just try a test game, although that would be a lot of bookkeeping to try to 4-player solo it. But I do have the Norwegian expansion on my wishlist already, seems it is between prints at the moment. Also there is another expansion coming soon too, The Danes, due out late Q3 or Q4 apparently. I'll be looking for both, no doubt.
  2. .H.

    Board games!

    Free time is always a challenge, but I might try it at some point. Mostly things are two player, with my wife and I. We actually got a game of A Feast For Odin last night. I'm terrible at reading rule books, so I made some mistakes right off the bat, so we did one turn then went back and redid that first turn after watching a "how to play video." We both really liked the game, looking forward to trying it again. Not sure how, but I won, making a couple Longships and pillaging/plundering my way to more points somehow. I had done some research on BGG about it, it seemed good and my wife seeming to be interested so I got it. I have to admit, it's even better than it seemed in the reading/watching. We did get the Upstairs, Downstairs expansion, which does add some neat stuff but is by no means essential (if you are on a budget). But it is nice to have, as it does open the game up some. For anyone who might be interested in buying it right now, it is being reprinted so there should be plenty of copies available on or around August, I'd definitely recommend checking it out then. I'll be picking up the smaller expansions I didn't get already, along with a small box the designer is putting together at a discount rate with some minor error corrections to some cards/tiles from the older printings of the game at that time. If you do play it, I'd recommend the shorter number of rounds when you first start, just to get the feel for it. But (and this won't make sense until you get into the box) I'd recommend the Charles Dickens variant of a constantly refreshing builders market and the Jane Austin variant of a closed courtship. Dickens is probably more "necessary" for us at 2-player, but Austin makes the Courtship a little more interesting (but also a bit more luck based) since you won't know it's theme until it happens.
  3. .H.

    Board games!

    I actually just got Star Wars Rebellion at the beginning of this month, but have no had the time to learn/play it yet. I also got A Feast for Odin and Gaia Project at the same time, but again, no time to play any of them. I've been working on 3D printing some inserts for them and Scythe lately though. Our go to game lately has been Obsession or, if we don't have as much time, Five Tribes.
  4. Yeah, presumably because things are, to some degree, what she desires to be the case. But it seems she knows (to some degree or in some sense) that "others" are intruding or interfering, but she either doesn't care or I guess thinks that maybe she can just have her cake and eat it too. I guess the season might unfold to her realizing that is not a tenable option though.
  5. Yeah, although there is also a chance that she is complicit in it too to some degree. She seems to be at at least partly "in control" of it, possibly because she wants to have Vision "back" and/or because she wants to have a child/a child with him. I think it might be a little of both. Some other "power" might have put her there, or something like that, but she thinks she can "control it" enough to get what she wants from it but deny the nefarious forces what they want out of it, perhaps.
  6. Seems like it, but also I think it is somewhat "confirmed" that the story is taking things from House of M and The Vision comics as well. Paul Bettany basically confirms this. How it seems to be referenced in the show so far.
  7. .H.


    "Are crabs robots? In what way isn't a crab a robot? I guess I understand that BMO's not a crab, but I don't understand why BMO's not a crab."
  8. It's Warhammer 40K lore. The Eye of Chaos is an opening to the Warp, which ships use Geller Fields to navigate without it killing them (among other things it might do).
  9. I have a Kobo Clara HD which is decent. I don't think it will really knock anyone's socks off, but it does what I want it to and it wasn't too expensive. Also, I love that it is just a USB device, no proprietary software needed to move books on or off. Then again, this is my first eReader, so maybe there are other, better ones I just don't know about.
  10. Indeed, we need to get down to the real hard-hitting question of "whether a Million of Maiar testicles may not fit upon a Needle's point?"
  11. Oh, boy, Stanton is back tonight. Should we start the pool on how many games he can last this time? I'm thinking less than 14 this time...
  12. If only...but going to 7 games versus Phily took too much out of them, I think. They played tired and Tampa was astronomically faster/better in every way last night. I don't know that they ever really catch back up. I was really hoping maybe the Islanders could catch them a little rusty and steal the series in 6. After that showing though, they will need be lucky to get to game 6.
  13. .H.

    Bakker LVII

    Well, read this as you like then.
  14. .H.

    Bakker LVII

    Alas...the series isn't over and the fact that it was anarcane ground might been one of, or maybe even the biggest, contributing factor to it having been spared in the First Apocalypse, so plausibly might matter in the Second?
  15. Well, I have no idea if it might mean anything for older Forgotten Realms products, but Magic: The Gathering is getting a new set, next year, that is set in the Forgotten Realms.
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