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  1. Some problems might also be due to the lack of time. However, since much time is often wasted in irrelevant scenes, and many solutions were proposed in this forum that would improve the episodes without requiring additional time, I'm not satisfied with this justification. Isn't "giving the audience what they want" a form of "marketing ploy" ? Of course, it's a winning strategy. That's precisely the point I'm making. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me that we are essentially saying the same thing, even if I'm using stronger words. And I don't even find it that cynical. It's true also for, let's say, the last Star Wars. It was a decent movie in its category, in my opinion, but it was mainly driven by the objective of being appealing to the largest possible number of fans. And if J J Abrams had had an idea that despite being brilliant would have reduced the number of fans satisfied, he would have probably avoided using it.
  2. I agree, they first choose the major events and cool visuals they absolutely want to put in the season, giving to fan service the priority in the choice, and then they lazily try to glue these major events and visuals with a weak plot, on which they don't spend enough time because they already know that the less demanding fans (namely, the vast majority) will be ok with whatever they're given. It's just marketing strategy, and they only care about selling their product in the same way a corporation sells a shampoo. I'm not even saying this with anger. It's just the way it is.
  3. Thank you for these epic lines. I remember all of them I don't like sand. It's coarse, rough and irritating... And it gets everywhere. C-L-A-S-S-I-C
  4. Even the director said that with the timing they were "straining plausibility". You love the episode more than the director himself
  5. I'm very sorry my friend, but I disagree. I find it poorly written and also the love story didn't feel right. Not the worst in history, ok, but not good either.
  6. In movies there's something much worse: Star Wars Episode II Attack of the clones \:
  7. I'm not sure I get it. It seems you're literally saying that you know better than me what I like and what I don't
  8. Sorry but you should also accept that, as you were cheering for a wights vs dragon battle, other people were cheering for a plot that makes sense. However, while you got what you wanted, they didn't don't take it personally
  9. True. Another even worst example of that is the survival of Jaime. They needed him to survive and be free in a situation in which he should at least have been captured. And they were too lazy to even attempt an explanation. Then, and that's the most annoying thing, they cheated us with a cliffhanger that turned out to be a bluff.
  10. Yeah, I guess it's the best thing we can do if we really do not want to abandon the wight's capture plan
  11. Yeah, I guess it could have worked, in particular if we consider that Sam had demonstrated to be in good faith by healing Jorah. Anyway, all this stuff is valid if we really insist that there is the need to go ahead with this idea of capturing a wight, which in my opinion is the root of all problems.
  12. Much better, I would buy it more easily, but there are still some problems: 1) why should she be convinced by Jorah's story if she wasn't convinced by Jon's? Jon should actually be considered a more reliable source than Samwell, at least on the point of view of Dany. 2) the relationship between Dany and Jon looks weaker in your version: she doesn't believe him and she let him go for a bad reason.
  13. Are you sure? 'cause I googled it and I have found a softer definition, as "an unexpected event or person that saves an apparently hopeless situation" It doesn't stress the fact that it must not have been introduced