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  1. She's a normal actress, neither amazing nor embarrassing. Honestly, I think that in her conversation with Jaime they both did a decent job, considering that it was a poorly written scene. I mean, she's not Meryl Streep, but at least she doesn't shine for incompetence. Clarke was even worse in seasons in which nobody had anything to complain about the writing. Yes, Tyrion was less funny than in other seasons. But we can't blame Dinklage for that.
  2. It's possible, but I'm not sure about it. The lines of Cersei and Tyrion are written from the same people but I would never say the same thing for Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage.
  3. I agree. She was also pretty bad in the theatrical version of Breakfast at Tiffany's. I'm sorry 'cause she looks like a nice person, so I don't really like to be mean but... I'm starting to think that they dumb down her lines in order to make them easier to perform. And in previous seasons she was much worse. She's supposed to portray one of the most interesting character in the show but it turns out to be one of the most boring ones.
  4. Lol, the fighting between Sansa and Arya was dumb even for the average viewer. But how can anyone seriously say that season 7 was the best?? I'd choose C. Without any doubt
  5. I also noticed it, last season it was even more extreme on that point of view. Almost every man looked dumb or weak and every woman strong and cool. It seemed like a Clinton advertising spot. Women: Cersei/Sansa/Daenerys/Yara/Melisandre/Arya/Ellaria/Olenna/Brienne Men: Jaime/Tommen/Jon/Jorah/Theon/Ramsay/Davos/Hound I can't think about a single smart strategic decision taken by a man in season 6. If someone can, please, help me out!
  6. You're surely right on one point: writing a story that is plausible, complex and entertaining at the same time is not an easy task. This is the reason why they are not supposed to be helped by me, nor by my uncle, but by the best screenwriters they could think of. Do I want perfection? Absolutely not. But I do think the plot is still far enough from perfection for me to feel allowed to be disappointed. The plot in season 1 was way more complicated but it made much more sense. Thank you I couldn't disagree more on this. This is exactly the perfect opposite of what I think. If this was the case, how could you explain why 50 shades of grey earned an overwhelming half a billion dollars? "Entertainment" means many things. In my opinion, what the showrunners decided to go for is the cheapest version of entertainment, that is obtained by orienting any decision to cool action scenes regardless of the quality of the dialogues and the plausibility of the plot. They knew it was the winning strategy, because people on average simply don't care about the plot. I'm not even saying it to be mean, they acknowledge it without any problem: how many times can we see in this forum answers like "just stop complaining and enjoy the battle between dragons and wights" ?
  7. So, the only reason why the events went in a certain way is that it was convenient for the plot. I'm sorry but this is basically the definition of bad writing
  8. Rather than Cersei's, what I find more difficult to understand is Daenerys' strategy. I guess we all agree on the fact that, sooner or later, in a way or another, she is determined to take KL. So why didn't she think about it before going north? I know it could be complicated if she doesn't want to kill too many people, but since she's not even remotely in the mood for throwing the towel, why didn't she started finding a good plan while the Others were beyond the Wall? I don't buy the timing explanation, since capturing the wight has been the most time consuming thing they could possibly do. Also, she had three dragons, why didn't she use them efficiently from the beginning? They're super fast: they can go from Dragonstone to the Wall in few hours, so why didn't she send one of them to follow Yara's fleet? We have already seen scenes where they were able to attack in an autonomous way, so her presence was not needed.
  9. True, but what you just wrote is a good reason for Dany to attack KL, as I explain below. let's talk about this argument for a while, in particular from the perspective of the wight's capture plan. It has been clearly established in the show that: 1) the conquest of KL would be quiet easy (even Jaime said that) 2) The Lannister have a small army left So why should they be so interested in having the armistice? Why couldn't they just take KL, losing few men but at the same time gaining resources for moving north? Also, the time issue is not convincing: in the time they wasted capturing the wight and moving with the whole army to the meeting they could have taken KL seven times [especially if we think that all battles until now were resolved very fast in the show]. And without the dragon nobody knows how much time would have been needed for the others to attack and take the wall. A part from that, as far as Jon knew from his experience in Hardhome, the wights did not have long range weapons and were susceptible to fire. Why shouldn't he think that even a single dragon would be enough to defend the wall? He had no idea that the NK had magical spears. So why was he so concerned about having at his disposal all possible men?
  10. Maybe my definition of trial is a bit elastic but, well, she said: "you stand accused of murder, you stand accused of treason, how do you answer these charges?" Now, I obviously don't expect the same complexity in the procedure that we have today, but if he's given the opportunity to answer the charges, I'd say we can call it a trial.
  11. Agreed. BCS is great. But are there really people who think Littlefinger's trial was a well executed scene? I mean, you can cheer for his death, fair enough, but how can anybody possibly argue that the trial was well executed?
  12. Sansa and Jaime. There's an unwritten rule in tv series: if a character is hot, he/she will always find someone to get laid with.
  13. 3sm1r

    The North's Fate

    I agree with you. I wasn't defending the show, I just found the article entertaining.
  14. 3sm1r

    The North's Fate

    It would have been the right call. What they did still does not make much sense to me. Anyway, I have found an article that can be interesting for you. The title is the following: "Game of Thrones season 7: each character's strategy, ranked by political science". They analyse the behaviour of the main characters on the basis of their political strategy in season 7. Dany is considered the worst on that point of view. Here's the link https://www.vox.com/culture/2017/8/28/16205048/game-of-thrones-season-7-cersei-daenerys-jon-snow
  15. 3sm1r

    The North's Fate

    OK, I understand. Well, I mean, I still think it's the wrong strategy, but at least it follows a logical pattern.