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  1. twentygoodmen

    Was Robert's Rebellion indeed based on a lie?

    Not unless the Mad King somehow lied about burning the Warden of the North alive, and demanding that Jon Arryn send him his wards to share the same fate.
  2. twentygoodmen

    Minor characters/plots you care in asoiaf

    Dolorous Edd, Cressen, Howland Reed, and Jeyne Poole. Also, funny little details about characters when they were children (eg. Ned Stark once emphasized the importance of being loud enough to issue commands in battle, so Robb and Jon would shout at each other as loud as they could from opposite ends of Winterfell.)
  3. twentygoodmen

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 706?

    It feels as if the show wants to be more of a spectacle than a drama with great characters. And this episode was a good spectacle, but a bad episode of GoT. Dany teleports from Dragonstone to save the day, Arya acts like such an edgy little brat (the whole Winterfell story is just bad), the Dany/Jon romance is weak, and Benjen shows up out of nowhere just to die. I did enjoy were a few funny lines from our boys beyond the wall, and the part where the Night King gets a Blue Eyes White Dragon.