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    The Great Debate: Should Jon Have Lied?

    Yes, he should have lied. He was being totally selfish. His principled moral purity, honesty and integrity are really beginning to grate on me.
  2. triton333

    Night King appreciation thread

    Well, he certainly looks the part, but that's not a lot, really. He doesn't speak and doesn't have anything much to distinguish him from a Terminator or a non-speaking big bad demon in Buffy. There's no character to speak of and if it stays that way I hope he doesn't get much of the precious screen time remaining. Zombies aren't interesting.
  3. Well, they needed more than two more seasons to do all this stuff properly and avoid these glaring plot problems, or at least the full 10 episodes for S7&8. Too much screen time spent on slow-moving, long drawn-out storylines in past seasons, such as Dany faffing about in Meereen, to having to squeeze everything left in in far too few episodes now.