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    Movie vs Final Season

    Yes, Bran, another long-winded thread. But my point was that the other plot timings could have been better. Dany's setting sail for Westeros was a great way to end season 6 - perfect, really - but it was at the cost of the pacing of rest of the story that it didn't happen earlier.
  2. triton333

    Movie vs Final Season

    But for whatever reason, they got the pacing all wrong. They landed at season 7 having to cram far too much into the remaining episodes. The story should have been further advanced by then. There was plenty of stuff, such as Dorne, or Arya traipsing all over Westeros with the Hound, then faffing around and watching plays in Braavos, or Dany invading one city after another and having to deal with an uprising instead of getting to Westeros, that could have been cut out or compressed. It wouldn't be so rushed now if it had been planned better.
  3. triton333

    The Great Debate: Should Jon Have Lied?

    Yes, he should have lied. He was being totally selfish. His principled moral purity, honesty and integrity are really beginning to grate on me.
  4. triton333

    Blue Flame of Viserion.

    Not sure how a "flame" of extreme cold could destroy the wall unless it was simply by percussion from solid material (like a jackhammer) or a fast jet of gas. You would think the hot flame from a living dragon would do a better job of it.
  5. triton333

    Night King appreciation thread

    Well, he certainly looks the part, but that's not a lot, really. He doesn't speak and doesn't have anything much to distinguish him from a Terminator or a non-speaking big bad demon in Buffy. There's no character to speak of and if it stays that way I hope he doesn't get much of the precious screen time remaining. Zombies aren't interesting.
  6. triton333

    Qyburn and his curiosities

    My first thought was that he was thinking of taking the pieces and turning them into a weapon, a super-Mountain or something, but I guess he can't now that the pieces are (properly) dead.
  7. triton333

    Queen Daenerys Targaryen will rule Westeros

    She isn't. She's the rightful Queen and all of Westeros will bend the knee (or else).
  8. triton333

    Did the Night King Spring a Dragon Trap?

    Although the WW are the major threat, and I'm sure there will be some spectacular battle(s) with them to come, I hope this thread of the story is all wrapped up by two or three episodes into S8. They are nasty and dangerous, but they aren't interesting. They don't talk and have no personalities. Get rid of them soon so we can move onto more interesting stuff, such as Cersei v. Daenerys, without zombie threats being a constant distraction.
  9. triton333

    Discussing Sansa XXXII: Game of Faces

    And she might have had no assurance whatsoever that she could trust Littlefinger (who is not exactly known for trustworthiness) and get any reinforcements at all, or wasn't confident that the Vale would agree to come, and didn't want Jon to count on them turning up. I don't know what Jon could have done differently if he knew the Vale _might_ show up, or might not,
  10. triton333

    Discussing Sansa XXXII: Game of Faces

    Did I say that? No. You brought up trust and I'm saying trust wasn't involved at all. Why do you think it was? What didn't she trust him with? All I can think of is that maybe he wouldn't let her bring Littlefinger's reinforcements, so she made sure he wouldn't get in her way doing what she had to do. If so maybe she made the right call. What else?
  11. triton333

    Discussing Sansa XXXII: Game of Faces

    If Sansa had not even thought of getting more men (and no one would have expected her to or be surprised that she hadn't ; no one else thought of it), then that would hardly be treason or betrayal. But apparently it's treason and betrayal that she did think of it, and actually did it, and saved the day and won a battle that would otherwise have been lost, just because she didn't tell Jon first????????
  12. triton333

    Discussing Sansa XXXII: Game of Faces

    Didn't trust him to do what? Jon was determined to take on Ramsay with, as Sansa had correctly observed, not enough men. She knew the battle would occur and that he would lose without help, so she got help. I can't see any aspect on which a lack of trust could have motivated her. I agree it would have been useful to Jon to know what she was up to, but she was still working in his interest. Betrayal is when you are working against someone's interest. Betrayal would have been knowing how to win the battle but doing nothing.
  13. triton333

    Ellaria, Yara, and Tyene

    Unlikely. She will be released when Cersei is overthrown.
  14. triton333

    Discussing Sansa XXXII: Game of Faces

    I'm not seeing how Sansa's failure to tell Jon something can be seen as a "betrayal" by any stretch. They were on the same side, striving for the same goal. Sansa would have been more than happy if Jon had been able to win the battle without her help.
  15. Well, they needed more than two more seasons to do all this stuff properly and avoid these glaring plot problems, or at least the full 10 episodes for S7&8. Too much screen time spent on slow-moving, long drawn-out storylines in past seasons, such as Dany faffing about in Meereen, to having to squeeze everything left in in far too few episodes now.