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    Young Adult Books: Discuss!

    The falling kingdom series by Morgan Rhodes. The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken
  2. Oh and I'm sure everybody agrees that we are only watching the shows because we so want to know what is going to happen, and we can't wait for the books. But.... The shows are often so far off the mark and disappointing, I wonder if we aren't doing us a great disservice by watching them. I have rewatched all the shows two or three times, and reread the books countless times, and I still come to the same conclusion everytime. "The books are soooooo much better!. But All I can say is suck it up if we aren't satisfied with how it's going in the shows. If we watch them that's our punishment. A comforting thought is that GRRM has said he doesn't let anybody influence the way he thinks a character is going to go in the books So I trust whatever reasons he has for Raegar and Lyanna being married wilst Raegar still being married to Elia will be allot more satisfactory in the books. And that goes for any other thing that the show writers screwed up. But hey, they will have to carry us on until our dear GRRM finally releases the two final books!
  3. Like someone said: "it's just Little finger". I hate being so callused and cynical but think about all the things LF has done. Not one thing he did benefited anybody but himself! He literally gave Sansa to Ramsey to be raped! Can anyone forgive him for that?! Although the books were different about Ramsey, the point is books or shows LF wasn't someone we liked. Let's be honest deep down we wanted him to go out in the worst way possible. Creepy guy.... Although I guess you couldn't beat the way Ramsey died