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  1. Is the episode confirmed to be titled A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms?
  2. I am dying to see the aftermath of Jon/Dany in episode 4...
  3. If Jaime wasn't captured by Robb and remained in Kings Landing in the Kingsguard, do you think this would've affected Sansa in any way? We see other people help make her stay slightly less horrible, like Tyrion and the Hound, would Jaime have hit Sansa on Joffrey's orders like other Kingsguard did?
  4. mcchickyn

    Best Season Ending

    1 and 2 are iconic. I think my favourite is Season 6. We have waited years and years, watching Dany traipse around Essos and then to see her with an entire armada, Westerosi allies, dragons, finally crossing the Narrow Sea. I did choke up when watching it live.
  5. mcchickyn

    Dragon eggs

    I wonder if it makes any difference her possessing "random" eggs as opposed to if she got eggs from Targ dragons.
  6. mcchickyn

    Best Season Ending

    Season 1 - Dany survives fire and dragons are born Season 2 - White walker army attacks the watch beyond the wall Season 3 - Dany embraced by smallfolk as Mhysa Season 4 - Arya gets on a boat Season 5 - "For the watch" Season 6 - Dany's army crosses Narrow Sea Season 7 - The wall has fallen In my opinion they are all pretty epic, except for 3 and 4.