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  1. Gendarrion

    R + L = X

    That's a pretty lame evidence, we have Duncan the small, Baelor Breakspear, Daeron son of Maekar, you don't need to have a silver hair to be a Targaryen, heck even the Baratheons have a Targ blood.
  2. I'm just sad and tired, thinking show and book will have similar ending, I might just unlike got/asoiaf groups and pages, donate my books and forget about asoiaf.
  3. so far Yes, I've read here in the forums that show and books will have similar endings, even when Martin makes it more satisfactory in the books, I think the show damaged by view of it, I invest a lot of time, hope and emotion for the series and they give me a ridiculously stupid ending.
  4. so far Yes, I've read here in the forums that show and books will have similar endings, even when Martin makes it more satisfactory in the books, I think the show damaged by view of it, I invest a lot of time, hope and emotion for the series and they give me a ridiculously stupid ending.
  5. Gendarrion

    The Six Kingdoms

    I think not since it's said that Bran is king of six kingdoms, about essos though I completely agree, North is probably the least populous kingdom right now because of their losses, once the King of the South doesn't care about the North, the might of Essos will surely crush them, plus the future raids by Wildlings. beats me bro., they just got this idea about elective monarchy where only lords can vote and can be voted, much like Great council but this time they won't be choosing from Targaryen lineage but to all noble houses, South will succumb to another civil war in the future that's for sure.
  6. Gendarrion

    The Six Kingdoms

    Elective monarchy is just like presidential election only this time, it's for life, it's much worse since common people doesn't get to vote, and they're voting from all other lords instead of a single lineage, in a long run it's a recipe for another Civil war. North - in a severe winter they experience famine, and Aegon V have to send large shipment of food to support them, in future if this happen how will they survive?, and what's to stop future kings from invading the North?.
  7. Gendarrion

    "Bittersweet" can't happen in the show

    I expected a LoTR style of bittersweet, yet all I can taste now is bitterness, if the show will have the same ending path as the novel, I'm gonna feel really disappointed at GRRM, people will say that I hate it because it didn't end the way I wanted but still this show have so much potential to be one of the best I've ever watch, now It's the embodiment of disappointment of my love for Asoiaf.
  8. Gendarrion

    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    Remember that there's a reason why Viserys burn, she's threatening to kill her unborn child(and probably her as well). I don't think so bro. Jon broke his vow to Ygritte and Jeyne poole, his sense of duty is a bit exaggerated by fans imo, Jon's also attracted to qualities of Val, fierce and independent type of girls who can take care of themselves, Dany is probably one of them. I also don't like the pairing man, but I think it's still inevitable considering they're at the same age, both are MC with both known lovers and a family.
  9. Gendarrion

    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    an awful lot will disagree on that, even the ones who hates Dany or their pairing thinks it's inevitable.
  10. Gendarrion

    Game of Thrones legacy

    Bandwagons will probably keep talking about how great the ending is for quite a while, but the talk about the show will die in the end, it will never be in one of greatest series of all time because of that last season..
  11. Gendarrion

    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    If it does, I'm gonna cry for real, investing too much hope and emotion in the novels just to crush my heart to an ending to be the same as the show.
  12. Gendarrion

    Boltons vs Manderlys'

    Manderlys is ahead, they are likely the 2nd most powerful house in the North after the Starks. Wealth = Manderlys(Silver mines and own a city, trade/ports, they also build a fleet out of their own pockets) Manpower = Manderlys(Boltons might control larger lands but Manderlys still have a city), Manderlys can probably field men 2x larger than any lords if they conscript their city Armaments = Manderlys(got knights with plate armor, Boltons use chain mail), Allies = mixed(Bolton got Ryswell and Dustins, Manderly got dozen landed knights plus other petty lords, lockes. flints and woolfield), but on one on one, I'll go for Manderlys
  13. Separating in independent Kingdoms will be bloodier, and it looks like only the North and Iron Islands wanted to be independent which is understandable because of their religion and culture as you mentioned, it will also create more wars far deadlier than war of the five kings, Iron Islands will also be free to raid wherever they wanted. Actually yes, he wanted the Iron Throne, it's one of the reason why Iron islands choose him as king, I advise you to reread Feast, It looks like you think War of the Five Kings is the major political changer in this world, you completely forgot about the Others, Think of how many people and lords will die in the process and the desperation they will face, they'll be united under their savior that's for sure. I agree with this, I've also read somewhere on another topic that absolute monarchy in Westeros will weaken the lords but will strengthen the ambitious generals in the future, but I think monarchs can avoid this by having dragons.
  14. Gendarrion

    Opinion: Coolest Sounding Name

    Names Stannis Oberyn Euron Nicknames Sam the Slayer Neveryield Aemon the Dragonknight Lyonel The laughing Storm Daenerys Stormborn