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  1. Gendarrion

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    Lightbringer by Pentakill, it's awesome, I'm not even a fan of metal.
  2. King in the Iron Throne will be Jon or Dany or both, divided Westeros will just goes to war on each other again and Reach, RIverlands and Crownlands don't have a king, Ironborn will also be free raid whenever they wanted, there will be no more Wall and Night's Watch, beyond the wall lands will be part of the North. as Davos said, One king means peace, lands in Essos will probably be under Dany control as well. The North will be ruled by Rickon with Sansa or Wyman Manderly as regent, few houses might be extinct Larence Snow will be lord of Hornwood, Dreadfort might fall under Manderly or an Free folk leaders that is loyal to Jon, same with house Dustin and Ryswell. Riverlands will have Edmure Tully as lord, the Twins will fall under Tullys, I have no idea on what will happen to Darry, Daenerys and Riverlords won't let it fall to the Freys, Harrenhall will be a cursed place. Westerlands for Tyrion or Jaime For the Vale many thinks Robert Arryn will die, but he's the last Arryn, I believe he'll surprise us and survive, and might marry Sansa in the future as well, Yohn Royce will be his Regent. Reach - since fAegon, Euron and Cersei is out to fight the Tyrells many of them will die, I think Reach will be ruled by Hightowers or anyone who leads them and support the King in the War for Dawn, if Willas doesn't survive house Tyrell will lose highgarden, Horn hill will have Sam the Slayer as lord, Brightwater keep will be be retured to the Florents, I hope the Dustonbury can be returned to the Manderly but it seems not possible. Stormlands - Edric Storm or Gendry as lord of Stormlands, Rolland Storm will be lord of Nightsong and Davos will receive many lands and titles. Dorne - Either Arianne or Trystane, depends on how Arianne will handle fAegon. Iron Islands - Asha Greyjoy Or Westeros might become more centralize government, the destruction and death caused by the Long Night might unite all smallfolk and for them not following their lords anymore and become an absolute monarch under the King or Queen who saves them from Others.
  3. Rest of the Series? no. some stories about the rest of the known world? maybe
  4. Gendarrion

    Jaime and Tyrion's future reunion

    There's something about here that makes me think they'll meet in battle.
  5. Gendarrion

    Tyrion, the lord of chaos

    Is this written in old Martin plan? I thought there's just a love triangle and no pregnant Arya by Tyrion involved. How is he false? nobody knows he is a Dragon except for fans and howland reed. please don't put your hatred to Jon in this, False is clearly faegon.
  6. The idea that Jon wielding Dark Sister is pretty cool, but he already got Longclaw which is probably more suited to his style, and I doubt anyone without Targaryen blood will use it for long..
  7. I always think this trope is overuse, history are written by historians/Maesters with enough resources and evidence, today's history even the losers are being given a light because of materials the historians have, people who use this trope are actually bias. Back to the topic. Aerys is jealous of Tywin because he gets credit for running the realm and he lusted for his wife, I doubt he plotted on anything aside from trying to marry Cersei to Rhaegar. I believe Rhaegar tried this when it's clear to him that Aerys has descent into madness which is not good for the whole realm, but still it added more to his madness, but it's kind of fault by Varys. This is just pure assumption, you should at least give an evidence to back this, personally I think if Aerys know of such plot he would have spread it around already instead of being silent, it will weaken the plot and it's supporters and give Aerys a justified reason to prosecute them, Varys will also know at least some hints of this if it we're true. The reason he wants Robert is because he is Lyanna's betrothed, If there ever was a plot going on to crown a new king it will be Rhaegar, he is loved by lords and smallfolk, he is intelligent and handsome, I think Robert will support him as well if he didn't abduct Lyanna, Robert to everyone is just the lord of stormlands, his claim to Iron throne is weak as well. Why would he just simply kill him? Imprisoning him is a logical way, Maegor the cruel will probably to the same. Sorry, can you clarify this? I'm confused.
  8. Gendarrion

    The iron bank will go bankrupt

    Only slaver cities got an economic collapse in essos, the rest of free cities is doing just fine. Also, Casterly Rock got gold, I think the gold of Lannisters could repay all the crown's debts in full.
  9. Harrenhal is far more stronger than Twins, and the largest castle in the known world it still becomes a ruin, same thing could happen to the twins, if the Others comes. being advice by enemy doesn't mean they're the best potion, let Greatjon lead the attack on Tywin - Greatjon plan is reckless, and his plan is taking Tywin unaware which roose bolton tries and failed, If Robb did this, he'll lose the entire war in his first battle. To join Renly, Stannis, have peace, he rejected the majority of his lords suggestions at Riverrun - Robb did not consider Renly Robert's heir, Stannis is not yet crowned, Northmen are honorable unlike the Riverlords if they support Renly, Stannis got a better claim yet he's still not crowning himself, they also think Joffrey is the real heir, but Robb is also clearly out for revenge against him for executing Ned, and it's only advice of one riverlord, what the majority of them agrees is declaring for Robb. To attack Harrenhal - how? Tywin probably got more men, besieging army with larger number than you will fail miserably. to send anyone but Theon to the Iron Islands - of this I agree, but he also consider Theon like a family, he didn't think he'll betray him. to spare Rickard Karstark - I agree with this as well, but Rickard did a crime, he also disrespected robb in front of the lords, he'll look weak if he did nothing, and we all know of Stark's precious honor. Tywin started the war and more likely takes his time to prepare, he's also the richest lords in the kingdom so his resources are plenty, He also got plenty of time in his invasion, Carrying large number of weapons is already expected of him, Robb likely did the same. I'm pretty sure Robb can also equip them, and besides, Tywin is extremely rich, he can produce/buy large amount of weapons, carrying wood to make a fleet of barges is harder, it takes up too much time, needed men and labour, and it will extremely slow down his army. It failed miserably, If Robb marched the kingsroad to meet Tywin, he'll get destroyed in the green fork, you can't take Tywin unaware. splitting his army in the twins gives Robb more advantage than taking the kingsroad, I'll list it if you want. His options in the twins are limited, Carrying wood from the Neck before you reach the Twins is ridiculous to be honest, Crossing the them is clearly the better option. Robb gathers information, he knew the Lannister got a larger 2nd Army coming, he knew Jaime defeated the Riverlords in golden tooth, he can't sit around the moat cailin for long, his food supply is small and the Lannister might fully control the Riverlands by the time he started to move which will give him limited time to maneuver his army, the other option have more flaws. Tywin invading RIverlands is actually one of his reason, freeing Ned is primary, defeating Lannisters is defending riverlands, Riverlords also crowned him king so they clearly think of him as a protector. so is marrying the daughter of the owner of the bridge before you crossing them is not a demand?. what will call it then? Robb doesn't have the full control of Riverlands and they are at war to enfore the King's justice and peace. Soldiers tend to be brutal even in their own country or land of their allies, this also happens in middle ages. Actually no, Robb said their provisions are getting low, and Lannisters already defeated Riverlords. Cat is Robb's Envoy, Cat can be given credit but Robb is the one who have to agree, so it's still a great diplomatic action in Robb's part. Sorry, he is responsible for defending the north, but he did not assemble a large northern army just to sit in the moat cailin and wait for Tywin to attack him there, Tywin is too smart for that.
  10. Of course, I doubt the others will stay at the wall after breaching it. Harrenhal, also I doubt Twins is as strong as Winterfell. I recall Catelyn saying she expected Stannis crowning himself, Citation? most of his actions are actually advised by the lords and blackfish. He doesn't have wood, and if even if he have skilled men with him it will take a lot of time, their provision are also getting low, and if you're argument again is it's his fault for not bringing wood, he can't predict the future, this is not modern warfare where there's a operation battleplan like planning every movement of your army and calling it "Operation Winter is coming" and every resources that's needed should be there, midieval warfare are unpredictable, and carrying a lot of wood for boats will slow armies down, it's like carrying a fleet in the field, Tywin did not invade Riverlands carrying them. As I said earlier, he did send most of his armies down to kingsroad. Exactly, That's why he needed to be cautious dealing with him in moat cailin, he might alert Tywin that Robb is moving to Twins giving Tywin to better position himself, Ravenmail can be shot down or sending riders back and forth takes up too much time. Walder did not said no, he offer demands and Robb agrees, similar to what I'll do if you turn up here. He is protecting Riverlands, He did not assemble and army to defend the north, and he did think his option in AGOT properly, are we reading the same book? His time is more limited than his options it would seem. Stannis was delayed in Storms end and when he rush to take King's landing, Mace is already building rafts out of kingswood woods while Tywin marching down south. It is, Robb did it quite well that when he crossed that bridge he added 4k more troops into his army.
  11. Can you explain to me how is this lucky? All of the Lannister forces are still against him none against the baratheon brothers. I doubt it's a 15 year old mistake, Robb seems to be the guy who proritize listening to advice of Roose and "Experienced" lords and knights, they could probably think of this if they know of it, cutting wood takes time, you'll need wagons, skilled builders for better rafts for the current of the trident, They also didn't know that Riverrun is under siege when they're at moat cailin, you can't blame Robb for not predicting the future, crossing the twins with Freys demands is the best option. Wow, you really think moving an army across a heavily guarded bridge is like you buys christmas present, Robb's option is far more limited than you, going to war and planning strategy is not the same as buying presents before christmas eve. Robb could have taken the Kingsroad - If he took it, he'll have to face Tywin's army which have more men and heavy cavalry than him, The lords advice him against this since they think they can still linked up with Riverlords forces, and he did took this option, Roose marched on him using the kingsroad with all of Robb's infantry, Robb could have sent a raven and actually asked permission at Moat Cailin rather than just turn up (notice he has since learnt his lesson as he does not simply turn up at the Gates of the Moon expecting entry) - They have the right to be cautious, Walder is known to side only the winning side, and this time it looks like the lannisters are winning. Why would he turn up on the Vale?, as much as he's concern they are too far in the battlefield and besides her mother already went there and got help from Blackfish.. They got 4x as many men and sitting in the Kingwood.
  12. I'm with the guys saying the Freys who did not take part in the RW be spared, but most of them definitely did probably around 80% of them might die when the Others comes sweeping their castles over, the Twins will be destroyed and will be a toll free bridge, Freys will be stripped of their title, and a landless remaining Freys will be the merciful option for what they did.
  13. Gendarrion

    Sansa-Harrold Hardying

    But isn't Robb's will clearly don't consider Sansa his heir.
  14. King's Landing will be cooked and westeros will be ruled in Oldtown or Storm's end or maybe divided kingdoms. If he lives, might be sent to Casterly rock to be Tywin's heir. If he dies, Tywin will plan to pay the debts of the usurpers.