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  1. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter how far Gendry ran. What matters is Eastwatch is 2000+ miles from Dragonstone. The distance from the Wall to Jon is essentially nothing compared to 2000 miles. Gendry got to Eastwatch around dusk of day 1. The group clearly had an uneasy sleep through that night, and were then attacked late in that next day (we saw no other indication they stayed another night). That means the raven flew to Dragonstone, and Dany flew to their rescue in 20-24 hours. The very fastest competition homing pigeons can fly ~90 MPH, so let's say these special ravens can sustain 100 MPH. That's 20 hours just for the raven to reach Dany. For her to get to John in 4 hours, her dragons would have to fly 500 MPH with her clinging to Drogon's back. I've read other estimates around here that came to conclusion dragons could fly 150-200 MPH, meaning it took Dany 10-13 hours to make her rescue trip. That leaves 7-14 hours for the raven to make its trip, meaning they would have to fly 142-285 MPH. These times are clearly unrealistic, but they aren't off by orders of magnitude like many on here are making them out to be. Jon didn't need to spend days or weeks on that lake for Dany to get to them, but she probably needed ~40 hours, meaning they should have spent 2 nights on that rock...which we were given no indication happened.