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  1. Bloodraven couldn’t be 3EC by a very simple reason – the third eye would be only the second for him. However I don’t see any reason why CH couldn’t be him.
  2. The eyes of wights glow so even if CH was hooded Sam would have notice that. If CH had one glowing eye Sam surely would notice it but if CH always covered his face Sam would know only what he said – CH doesn’t have eyes like wight.
  3. "He wasn't a green man. He wore blacks, like a brother of the Watch, but he was pale as a wight, with hands so cold that at first I was afraid. The wights have blue eyes, though, and they don't have tongues, or they've forgotten how to use them." CH doesn’t have blue eyes like wights yet Sam said nothing about what eyes and how many CH had.
  4. Sam thought that CH is not a traditional wight because CH talked. None of “traditional wights†has any words left. None of them ride an elk either. There was no mention of CH eyes or face – only hands. Not showing face may have a very simple reason – not to scare Bran and his companions. CH may be dead for a very long time and his face may have very unpleasant looks, remember Uncat? Bran realized that CH is dead but not immediately – now they have no other choice but to go with monster but would they go with a monster while they still were on the Wall?
  5. Mezeh

    [Pre-ADwD Spoilers] Jon 3 but actually Jon 1

    [quote name='cybroleach' post='1300176' date='Apr 3 2008, 21.32']Thorne I really don't think is the evil guy Jon makes him out to be he's an ass and hangs out with scum but I don't see him as the type to really betray people. Even when he saw Janos getting taken he seems to be the only one with thoughts of standing by Janos, then he cowers because he must have reasoned Jon is a better sword or that no one else was standing with him against Jon's 7. I expect him to continue to 'tow the line' calling Jon boy and muttering how he shouldnt be LC but doing as Jon tells him.[/quote] I agree with you that Thorne is not really an evil guy. He is bitter and bad tempered man and the way he ended on the Wall definitely added to it. You remember that Thorne was loyal and fought valiantly but had a misfortune to be on the wrong side. Yet while on the Wall he did nothing ignoble there. True he mocked a lot of people or tried too and he hated many for no good reason but otherwise he again provided a good service. He tried his best on his trip to KL and he knows very well what dangers the Watch faces. He dislikes Jon a lot and do not think him hit to the task and he may even question the election but unless there are declared void he would follow Jon’s orders. I disagree however about the reason he cowers when Jon ordered to arrest Slynt. Slynt had a lot of suppoters around and Jon came only with 7 men. So in the case the fight would start there would be difficult to predict its outcome and Thorne is definitely not a coward. Yet Stynt refusal to follow Jon’s order clearly was a crime and could have passed only if Jon was unable to prove his authority. By the look on Jon’s face Thorne realized that Jon mean to go to the end and this meant that Slynt lost his bet. Actually a few more demonstrations of Jon’s abilities and Thorne may become his loyal follower.