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    Benioff & Weiss Create CONFEDERATE

    Dor those who are quick to judge, the idea of an alternate reality where the South won the war is not new. The most notable of these efforts was the one SPIKE LEE did. Because the episodes are not out. Or taped. Or acted. Or rehearsed. Or scripted. Or adapted. Or cast. Or ANYTHING, detractors should just get their collective shits together and calm the F down. Agreed?
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    Finale Episode Title

    All of my life, i have looked for the perfect sentence, something to summarize life in all its endless search and beauty. And yesterday, very casually, Jaime Lannister dropped the biggeat nudge of knowledge in the history of Western Culture: "Maybe it really is all cocks in the end" My search is over. I am weeping with joy.
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    Predictions: Jaime will NEVER leave his sister. She caused the death of their son and they still together! And now after she is pregnant? Never! Dany and Jon are already a thing, love will florish and grow when confronted with the possibility of death staring at them in the face. The meeting between Cersei and Dany will be all for nothing. Cersei is obssessed with power, nothing else means anything to her. Bran will warg the ice dragon and save the day The Stark sister will patch things up after a nasty fight and they will turn against LF. This will be his end, no Lord od the Vale is going to save him Arya will find a way to kill Cersei or Jaime Arya will find a way to kill the NK (ok, that is a stretch!)