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  1. Pono used to be one of Drogo's bloodriders, which means that they were like sworn brothers. And Rhaego is Drogo's son, so Pono to him is like an uncle. And thus Pono, taking Rhaego from his mother, was done because of Rhaego's blood, which is also in certain sense - Pono's own blood (family). Thus -> the treason for blood. This is GRRM's opinion on this topic -> https://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/2018/04/25/fire-blood-on-the-way/#comment-890 A three (and even two) years old child can ride a horse (Dothraki learn to ride even earlier than they learn to walk <- that's if you didn't knew, in this sense they are a bit like ancient Mongolian nomads (like Genghis Khan/Temüjin), on whom GRRM based the Dothraki culture), and dragons are smarter than horses, also they bond with their riders on spiritual level. And if there will be a saddle (like Bran's, into which Rhaego will be strapped on, and tied to), then he won't fall off. So I don't see a reason why Rhaego can't ride. The children on that video are 2 and 3 years old. And those children don't have a magical bond that connects them with their mounts, while Rhaego does have it. Rhaego will be able to fly with Rhaegal because they have bonded when Rhaego was still in his mother's womb and Rhaegal was still in his egg, this -> "Irri fetched the egg with the deep green shell... She was lying there, holding the egg, when she felt the child move within her … as if he were reaching out, brother to brother, blood to blood. "You are the dragon," Dany whispered to him, "the true dragon. I know it. I know it." And she smiled, and went to sleep dreaming of home." (AGOT, Dany IV). Also - if GRRM will want to insert a baby-dragonrider into his books, he will do it. And if he was still applying a 5-years long time-skip, as he was planning to do originally, then by the time of Dany's departure to Westeros, Rhaego would have been 7-8 years old, and there were Targaryen-dragonriders of that age - Rhaenyra (became dragonrider at age 7).
  2. Tyrion knows a lot about dragonlore, so he also learned a lot about dragonriders - Dany's ancestors and family. He may be useful to her in this capacity - as a theoretical expert on dragons. Also I think that same as he did for Bran, he will provide for Dany a scheme for a special saddle, using which Dany and even Rhaego will be able to safely ride their dragons. I think that originally Tyrion got the idea how to make a saddle for himself, out of the books about dragons, because dragonriders were using special saddles, like this one -> https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/File:Aegon_on_Balerion.jpg In TWOW, in my opinion, Dany will be reunited with Rhaego, whose kidnapping by Khal Pono was the treason for blood. Then Rhaego will bond with Rhaegal, and will want to fly with him, which will be dangerous, considering that he is still a baby. So when Tyrion will offer to Dany to make for her and her child those saddles, and thus to make flying not as dangerous, she will be grateful to him and will make him her advisor because of his help in solving this problem.
  3. Probably either nowhere or on the other side of the forum, the one where it is allowed to discuss both - the books AND the show, while on this side we are not allowed to discuss the show. (Note that in this post I'm NOT discussing the show.) In my opinion, regarding the books the differences are - is that there is a Blackfyres-plotline, and Varys here is one of them (at least I think so) and not a secret Targaryen-loyalist; Barristan Selmy is still alive, even in TWOW; there's Lady Stoneheart; Quaithe in the books played bigger role, guiding Dany and giving her advices and warnings on several occasions (additionally, in my opinion, she is Shiera Seastar and the Three-Eyed Crow); so who's that mysterious three-eyed bird is in the books, is also different; in the books "the dragon has three heads", so eventually there's going to be three dragonriders; the Faceless Men in GRRM's version has more important role (though the other readers, excluding me and a few others, still are unaware of it); in the books the "Targaryen-madness" is caused by poison - basilisk blood (the Faceless Men for generations were poisoning various Targaryens with all sorts of substances that caused their insanity, fertility problems, mental diseases (like in case with Vaela - daughter of prince Daeron, Gael the Winter Child - daughter of Jaehaerys I, Rhaegel - son of Daeron II, and probably also Tommen Baratheon (because FM didn't knew that him and Joffrey (whom the FM were poisoning with vasilisk blood) were not Robert's children, and thus shouldn't have had "Targaryen-madness", or some other kind of mental disease that was (falsely) typical for those people that were dragonseeds)). So the main difference is that in ASOIAF there are a lot of hidden plotlines that will be gradually revealed to the readers in the following books, while in the show everything was exactly as it appeared to be, or in other words - ASOIAF is more complex. D&D had removed all the complexities out of there. For example - I think that in the books Barristan Selmy is a Blackfyre by blood, and that he is fAegon's father. Septa Lemore, in my opinion, is fAegon's mother, while Varys' parents were Jenny of Oldstones and Maelys Blackfyre. All that was not part of the show, that's why D&D killed Barri early, because they didn't knew what to do with him, because there was no Blackfyres and no fAegon there, thus no reason to keep Barri around. Etc.
  4. According to what GRRM in SSM said about Aerion - during his exile in Lys Aerion fathered there several bastards. So, in my opinion, could be that the mother of Illyrio Mopatis was one of those bastards. And maybe Illyrio's father was a descendant of that Saera Targaryen's son, who looked like Jaehaerys I - "One of her bastard sons was said to be the very image of Jaehaerys in his youth.[4]" <- this one. If my guesses are correct, then Aerion's child indeed was an important character, though it was one of his bastards, and not Maegor. And the role of that other child is that she (or he) was a parent of the other important character - Illyrio, though not an important character all on his/her own. Or something like that.
  5. The most likely possibility (considering that he was never again mentioned anywhere, like in a bethrodal with one of the other Targs, etc.) is that he had died, like many other Targaryen infants before and after him.
  6. Who needs mushrooms, if they have the shade-of-the-evening in that world.
  7. I think that the "enlightening" that Dany will receive from those crones is that she will find out that her husband - Khal Drogo, was partially Targaryen. Considering that Brown Ben Plumm's mother and maternal grandfather were both Dothraki, and they were Viserys Plumm's descendants, it appears that maybe one of Viserys' daughters married with a Dothraki Khal, same as the other Viserys many years later married his sister - Dany, to a Dothraki Khal (it's a parallel between those two Viseryses). Thus there is a possibility that not only Brown Ben's grandfather was a son of Viserys Plumm's daughter, I think that Khal Drogo's paternal grandfather also was one of her children, so Drogo is a descendant of Aegon IV Targaryen thru his bastard-son - Viserys Plumm, and thru Viserys' daughter that married with a Dothraki and was a maternal great-grandmother of Brown Ben and paternal great-grandmother of Drogo. This explains why Rhaego has silver-gold hair and purple eyes, despite his father looking like a typical Dothraki - that's because even though Drogo didn't looked like Valyrian, he actually was partially Targaryen by blood. Maester Aemon died when he was a bit over 100 years old. Bloodraven is ~125. Shiera Seastar is over 110 years old. So it's likely that Viserys Plumm' daughter is still alive, and it's likely that she is one of those crones at Vaes Dothrak. If she is indeed there, it explains how the crones are able to predict the future - that's because amongst them there's at least one "dragondreamer" with Targaryen blood, like Daenys the Dreamer, who predicted the Doom of Valyria. I think that it's very in GRRM's style to make Dany meet one of her relatives from the previous generations. She missed meeting maester Aemon, though she will meet someone else from the same generation as him and Bloodraven and Shiera/Quaithe. I'm wandering what kind of advices that crone will give to Dany. Maybe - kill all the Khals, and take over Vaes Dothrak? That meeting for Dany can be a real game-changer. Because, even though she met Quaithe, Quaithe didn't revealed to Dany who she really is, and talked to her only in riddles. Though that crone can reveal to Dany a lot of information about her family. She lived thru the reigns of Daeron II, Maekar I, Aegon V, etc. It's likely that she also knows a lot of information about Golden Company, and what kind of connection Varys and Illyrio had with the Dothraki. Could be that this person will be the "medium" thru whom GRRM is planning to reveal to the readers all that information about what happened in the Targaryen family since the end of The Mystery Knight. Can't wait to read it I want TWOW! I want TWOW! Gime, gime
  8. Hot. Definitely. There is some sort of hidden plotting. Though, in my opinion, the Martells and the Tyrells are not together in that conspiracy, instead they are both pursuing their own separate goals. I think that Olenna Tyrell's mother was Calla Blackfyre, and that Varys and his older sister - Serra (Illyrio's wife), were children of Jenny of Oldstones and Maelys the Montsrous Blackfyre (explanation of why I think so, you can read here, in one of my threads -> Swan Song part 9/16. The Red Widow & The Spider). And, concerning why I think that Calla was Olenna's mother, this conclusion is based on symbolism used by GRRM in relation to the Tyrells: 1. Olenna's husband was named Luthor Tyrell. The flowers calla lilies were "created" by botanist Luther Burbank. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luther_Burbank#Burbank_cultivars "a calla lily with fragrant odour [15] was amongst his many creations." 2. The symbol of Lutheran Church (created by Martin Luther) looks a lot like the sigil of House Tyrell: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luther_rose So based on the fact that the information about who was Olenna's mother, was witheld from the books, and on the sum of those two symbols (Luther&callas and Luthor&Tyrell-rose), I made conclusion that Olenna, and thru her all the Tyrells in the following generations, are bloodrelated to Varys, who is a Blackfyre by blood, same as them. fAegon, in my opinion, is also a Blackfyre (I think that his parents are septa Lemore/Lady Jeyne Swann and Barristan Selmy, who's mother possibly was a daughter of Aenys Blackfyre. If you'll be interested, you can read more on this topic here - about Barristan possibly being a Blackfyre - Swan Song part 8/16. The real cause of the Fourth Blackfyre Rebellion ; and about fAegon's parents - Swan Song part 10/16. What happened at the Kingswood). In my opinion, when Daemon I Blackfyre died on battlefield, and Bittersteel had to somehow transport Daemon's family and his loyalists (who later formed in Essos the Golden Company) across the Narrow Sea, to escape the prosecution from the Targaryens, he made a deal with the Redwynes, and in exchange for Lord Redwyne providing his fleet to transport them, Bittersteel gave up his own fiencee - Calla, and agreed for her marriage with Lord Redwyne's son - Runceford (Olenna Tyrell's father). So both Olenna and Varys know about each other that they are Blackfyres, and thus years ago they conspired together to overthrow Targaryen regime. Varys made a deal with the Golden Company, that he will provide them with a Blackfyre-prince whom he will aid with getting the Iron Throne. And with the Tyrells he made a deal that that Prince will marry with one of the Tyrell-girls. And thus that girl, who is supposed to become fAegon's wife and the future Queen of the 7K, was supposed to be Margaery Tyrell. During Robert's Rebellion the Tyrells weren't actually supporting King Aerys. They withdrew their troops from any fighting and went to Storm's End, where they were stalling for time, waiting for when Mace Tyrell's wife will give birth to her child. Margaery was born in 283, and her mother got pregnant in 282, around the time when the Rebellion started. So Varys probably at that time offered that deal to the Tyrells. He already had fAegon (who was born in January of 282 <- explanation in the link above, in SS-10/16), and in case if Mace's wife gave birth to a girl, he promised that this girl will become fAegon's wife and the Queen, when fAegon will seize Iron Throne (with Varys' help and the Golden Company's support). Though during the Rebellion something went wrong. Maybe it ended sooner than Varys was expecting. Thus he had no time to bring over the Golden Company. So the Tyrells also were staying back from the fighting, waiting for the GC's arrival. And then, when after the Rebellion nearly all of the 7K's regions were united thru political marriages, it became problematic for Varys to launch the Blackfyre Invasion under those conditions. Thus both him and the Tyrells had to wait for when the situation will change. So afterwards the years were passing and passing, and the Tyrells got tired of waiting for when Varys will fulfill his promises, and thus they had chosen a different method how to make their Margaery the Queen of the 7K - thru marriage with Renly, and then Joffrey and Tommen. So they betrayed Varys. Furthermore, they conspired with Littlefinger, who in the past (in my opinion) was one of Varys' agents, and thus knew all about Varys' plans concerning fAegon and the Tyrells. That's why he kidnapped Sansa - to use her as a trump card, same as Varys was going to use Margaery. LF plans to offer fAegon to marry with Sansa, who is the key to The North, the Vale and the Riverlands. Which is a way better offer than the marriage with either Margaery or Arianne Martell, each of whom can offer to fAegon the support of only one Kingdom, versus Sansa's three. So that's what Varys and the Tyrells are plotting. And the Martells are playing their own game, separately from those two factions. Their plan is to marry fAegon with Arianne, and before him it was Viserys+Arianne, and then it was supposed to be Dany+Quentyn. Though the Golden Company think that Arianne is not the best possible option. They will chose either Sansa or Margaery, or for fAegon to marry with both of them (like Aegon the Conqueror, who also had two wives), or will want to wait for Dany (and her dragons as a "dowry"). Though I think that Arianne will seduce fAegon, they will be in a relationship, and that at the time of fAegon's death, Arianne will be pregnant with his child (explanation here -> Swan Song part 14/16. The Perfumed Seneschal and the Mummer's Dragon). So I think that the Tyrells are plotting their own game (with Margaery as their trump card), and before that they were in aliance with Varys. Now they are in aliance with Littlefinger. Though Littlefinger is planning to betray them, and use his own trump card against the Tyrells - Sansa. And the Martells are also playing separately, with their trump card being Arianne. And I think that in the end they all - Varys, Littlefinger, Tyrells, Martells, Golden Company and fAegon - will lose. The winner in the game of thrones will be JonDany-ship.
  9. I think that there's a possibility (based on Belwas' connection with Illyrio and thru him with Varys) that previously Belwas had appeared in the books under a different alias - Big Belly Ben. In 281 AC he briefly was (in my opinion) a (temporary) member of the Kingswood Brotherhood. If my assumption that those two - Ben and Belwas, are actually the same person, is correct, then it means that he is not a skilled fighter. Because then, in 281, a 15-years old Jaime managed to chase him off. ASOS, Jaime VIII - "Summed up like that, his life seemed a rather scant and mingy thing. Ser Barristan could have recorded a few of his other tourney victories, at least. And Ser Gerold might have written a few more words about the deeds he'd performed when Ser Arthur Dayne broke the Kingswood Brotherhood. He had saved Lord Sumner's life as Big Belly Ben was about to smash his head in, though the outlaw had escaped him. And he'd held his own against the Smiling Knight, though it was Ser Arthur who slew him." Also, it seems that in the past (if they are the same person), he indeed was using some sort of weapon like a hammer. Though later, because of his defeat by Jaime, who was using a sword, he noted that a hammer is not the best choise of weapon, and thus later switched to arakh.
  10. The red prist left her group (No?). So if she will get killed (again), then there will be no one there who would be able to revive her. End of story. Also, I think that LSH's storyline will end before Arya will return to the 7K. Maybe Arya won't return at all. Because who said that the Faceless Men will ever let her go? Just because that sort of thing happened there you know where, it doesn't mean that GRRM will make it so that Arya will be able to leave Braavos. So, in my opinion, neither Arya nor Sansa will ever meet LSH. Her story will be resolved without any participation from her daughters. Thus either she will be killed by Jaime, or by Brienne, or by her brother or uncle. Or maybe she will die during that Frey-wedding. Maybe she will burn the castle and will die in the fire together with all the guests. Or something like that. Peaceful death? -> Definitely no.
  11. Tyrion and Cersei are "unemployed", while Jaime has an "occupation". He's a Kingsguard, he has a job and daily duties. He may be the Queen's brother, and the King's brother-in-law, and the next King's uncle, though still he has things to do, all day long, which is - to protect the King. And he has co-workers, and a Boss, to whom he is subordinated (Lord Commander of KG). So he has obligations. And he doesn't have as much free time, as his unemployed siblings. Thus he drinks less. Because he can't be drunk while working. At least that was how it was, while he was just a regular KG, and not LC of KG. Even in the real world majority of alcoholics are unemployed people. No obligations + a lot of free time + they are bored = they drink. When Tyrion was the Hand, and he had useful things to do, he was drinking less. Also - Jaime pretty early got separated from Tywin (when he started at age 13 squiring for Lord Crackehall, away from Casterly Rock), while Cersei and Tyrion were still under Tywin's control, and Tywin was a despot. So Jaime's siblings have deeper "daddy-issues" than Jaime. They are more mentally damaged than he is, and thus they have more reasons to get drunk.
  12. They become Bronn, and Shae, and Petyr Baelish (the Mockingbird). Both and both. And they are raised, so they grow up loyal to Varys and Illyrio, whom they see as their guardians/parental figures/caretakers/benefactors. So it's likely that they are not paid for what they do, because they do it out of gratitude and loyalty, for free. What do you think? -> "Littlefinger smiled. "Leave Lord Varys to me, sweet lady. If you will permit me a small obscenity—and where better for it than here—I hold the man's balls in the palm of my hand." He cupped his fingers, smiling. "Or would, if he were a man, or had any balls. You see, if the pie is opened, the birds begin to sing, and Varys would not like that. Were I you, I would worry more about the Lannisters and less about the eunuch."" "“The ones you need are hard to find... so young, to know their letters... perhaps older... not die so easy...” “No. The younger are safer... treat them gently if they kept their tongues the risk...”" <- there are no punctuation marks in that part of the sentence, so parts of the sentences are missing. Arya heard only parts of that conversation. Just because it was written there the way it was, it doesn't mean that she didn't misheard some parts. For example - "The younger are safer (...) treat them gently (...) if they kept their tongues (...) the risk (...)" <- could be that in those places -> (...) <- he/they said something, though Arya didn't heard what, and didn't realised that she missed those parts too, same as she missed those parts that were marked with -> ... <-. The phrase "if they kept their tongues" could mean something absolutely different from what the readers think. For example, in those parts that Arya didn't heard, Varys and Illyrio could have been discussing how certain information from Varys' little birds became known to Littlefinger, because those children didn't kept their tongues, in a sense that they revealed Varys' secret to LF, that's why LF later said to Cat - "if the pie is opened, the birds begin to sing, and Varys would not like that." The general opinion that all of Varys' little birds are mutes, that their tongues are cut out, is possibly a misconception, a misunderstanding of what GRRM once said. I have read that comment, and it wasn't GRRM's direct speech/quote, it was a retelling/notes from discussion. Here it is: https://towerofthehand.com/blog/2013/05/27-conquest-44-report-grrm/ What exactly did GRRM said then, is not known. Who asked him and what, is not known. In reply to what question did he said what he said about those little birds, is not known. And again - what exactly did he said isn't known. The person who wrote that report, could have misinterpreted and misremembered what was said. The phrase "if they kept their tongues the risk" could be partial with some of it not heard by Arya, and what she heard was misinterpreted by the readers as that supposedly Varys' little birds don't have tongues. Then someone in 2013 asked GRRM something about this (info in that link), while being under misconception that Varys' little birds are tongueles mutes. He or she asked GRRM something about the little birds, and GRRM answered that they are provided to Varys, and the exact meaning of what are the parameters of "that way" (They are "provided to him" that way.) got lost in the process of retelling. Does the phrase "that way" mean - mute, or does "that way" mean provided to Varys thru Illyrio, not in a sense what those children are like (supposedly mute, based on the misconception of the readers), but in a sense how (thru what path/way/method) do they become Varys' little birds - via Illyrio, and that's the meaning of the phrase "that way". And it doesn't mean what the readers thought. It's not an evidence/confirmation from GRRM, that the little birds are mutes, instead it is the source that started this whole misconception/mislead. Evidence that they are not mute: ACOK, Tyrion IV - "Varys gave him a shrewd look. "My little birds tell me that Princess Elia cried a . . . certain name . . . when they came for her.""
  13. I had no intentions of hijacking this thread, I just wrote here what I would have asked GRRM, which was "motivations of main factions in ASOIAF - what those characters want?", and amongst them was Shiera Seastar. If you have questions, then you can ask them in one of my own threads - the links to them are in my signature. I suggest you to read those threads first, because there I already explained the basis for all of my theories, including Shiera/Quaithe/3EC, why I think that Johanna Swann was Larra Rogare's mother, and even why the "tigers" are important in ASOIAF, etc. The threads about Johanna, Larra and Shiera are Parts 2, 3 and 4 in the Swan Song. Read them, and if afterwards there will be still unclear elements, then ask me there, not here. Thank you and
  14. Shiera has silver-gold hair, not black hair. It's like we're really using two different languages. I didn't said (wrote) that the black-haired woman was Shiera. There was two women, though Bran saw them not at the same time, not together. Instead he saw first the one who was the crow's real identity, and then he saw the other woman - dark-haired serving woman from Winterfell. The first one he saw while he was still not fully consciousness. He saw her not with his two eyes, but with his recently (just moments ago) opened "third eye". And what that first woman looked like - her description wasn't given, because Bran woke up before his brain had a time to process what exactly had he seen just now. And then he woke up, and with his two eyes saw the second woman, and even then it took his brain some time to process who is it that he sees in front of him, why does this woman looks familiar to him, and only then he realised that he knows her, that she is a maid from Winterfell, and then he realised that he is home. He was waking up and seeing those things in three stages. Three. -> 1. In his dream Bran saw a crow with three eyes. The Three-Eyed Crow is something like Shiera's Seastar's avatar. Not necessary an avatar, just something similar to the concept of an avatar. Do you know what an avatar is? I'm talking not about the Last Airbender, or James Cameron's movie with blue aliens. I'm talking about this kind of avatar: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avatar "Avatar (Sanskrit: अवतार, avatāra; pronounced [ɐʋɐtaːrɐ]), is a concept within Hinduism that in Sanskrit literally means "descent". It signifies the material appearance or incarnation of a deity on Earth.[1][2] The relative verb to "alight, to make one's appearance" is sometimes used to refer to any guru or revered human being.[3][4]" "The term avatar in Hinduism refers to act of various gods taking form to perform a particular task which in most of the times is bringing dharma back." (Dharma is a natural order of things, the balance in Universe). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Morrígan "The Morrígan or Mórrígan, also known as Morrígu, is a figure from Irish mythology. The name is Mór-Ríoghain in Modern Irish, and it has been translated as "great queen" or "phantom queen". The Morrígan is mainly associated with war and fate, especially with foretelling doom, death or victory in battle. In this role she often appears as a crow, the badb.[1]" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Badb "In Irish mythology, the Badb (Old Irish, pronounced [ˈbaðβ]), or in Modern Irish Badhbh (Irish pronunciation: [ˈbˠəu], Munster Irish: [ˈbˠəiw])—also meaning "crow"—is a war goddess who takes the form of a crow, and is thus sometimes known as Badb Catha ("battle crow")." The Three-Eyed Crow is a "guise" under which Shiera Seastar appears in the astral plain, or rather specifically in the dream-part of it (because when people see prophetic visions, while they are awake, the source of those visions is also in the astral plain, but not in the dream-part of it). Shiera is able to project her soul/spirit out of her body and into the astral plain, because either she is using for that a glass candle, or she's a "night-walker" (which is probably a person who can separate his/her spirit from the body and to walk in the astral plain, while being awake, like Stephen Strange did in Doctor Strange movie, that scene is below), or both. His physical body never left the room in which the scene started, it was only his spirit/soul/astral projection that visited all those other places. And on Planetos there's this (TWOIAF, Asshai-by-the-Shadow): "The dark city by the Shadow is a city steeped in sorcery. Warlocks, wizards, alchemists, moonsingers, red priests, black alchemists, necromancers, aeromancers, pyromancers, bloodmages, torturers, inquisitors, poisoners, godswives, night-walkers, shapechangers, worshippers of the Black Goat and the Pale Child and the Lion of Night, all find welcome in Asshai-by-the-Shadow, where nothing is forbidden. Here they are free to practice their spells without restraint or censure, conduct their obscene rites, and fornicate with demons if that is their desire." And this -> ACOK, Dany V: "It is said that the glass candles are burning in the house of Urrathon Night-Walker, that have not burned in a hundred years." So when Shiera's spirit is in the astral plain, she takes on a three-eyed crow as her guise/look/appearance. She doesn't skinchange into that bird. That bird doesn't exist in the material world, in a physical form. And it doesn't exist in the astral plain separately from Shiera, when Shiera isn't "projecting". It's similar to how people's consciousness is downloaded into the Martix. When someone's consciousness is in the Matrix, then that someone's body is "sleeping", while the mind/soul/spirit/projection is active in the digital plain. Also - what they really look like in the physical world, and what they appear to look like in the digital world, are different. In the digital world they look according to their own concept of who they are. For example, in the first Martix movie, when Neo went back into the digital plain, first time after he was retrieved from the Matrix, while in the material world his head was hairless, in the digital plain he had hair, and was wearing a different clothes from those that were on his body before his mind got "uploaded" into the machine. So GRRM's concept of what the Three-Eyed Crow actually is, is something like those things from above. Not necessary an avatar, just something similar. It's how Shiera's spirit appears in the astral plain. Who knows why it looks like a crow with three eyes? Maybe because she is a skinchanger, and in the past a crow was one of her vessels. Then the crow died, but part of its soul remained in Shiera's body. Thus sometimes, when Shiera is in the astral plain, or rather in the dream-part of it, her spirit appears in a guise of a crow. Though in some cases even when she appears to people in dreams, she may look like herself, like a human. So that's why Dany saw her in a dream as Quaithe, and not as a Crow. Or maybe how Shiera appeared in Bran's dreams is different from how she appeared in Dany's dreams, because she was using two differen methods to get in contact with those two people. With Dany she was using a glass candle, and with Bran she was using some other form of astral projecting, or spirit-walking, or something like that. 2. In the place between dreams and reality, in the higher part of the astral plain (that's if the dream-part of it is in a "lower" astral plain. Because even though everyone are able to see dreams, while sleeping, not everyone is able to see visions, or to have out of body experiences, while being awake. That "higher state" of spiritual enlightenment, could be reached thru meditation. Or some other spiritual mambo-jambo like that. I'm not into those things, so I'm not an expert on this topic. I just know a bit of this and that. So Bran's third eye has opened, and thus he was able with this "eye" to see thru the veil of dreams, and into the higher plain of the astral space), Bran with his newly-awakened "third eye" saw who the Three-Eyed Crow really was. He saw her real appearance, what she looked like not in dreams, but in a higher realm - the clear spirit, who she really was - a human woman. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_eye "The third eye (also called the mind's eye or inner eye) is a mystical and esoteric concept of a speculative invisible eye, usually depicted as located on the forehead, which provides perception beyond ordinary sight.[1] The third eye refers to the gate that leads to the inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. In spirituality, the third eye often symbolizes a state of enlightenment. The third eye is often associated with religious visions, clairvoyance, the ability to observe chakras and auras,[3]precognition, and out-of-body experiences. People who are said to have the capacity to utilize their third eyes are sometimes known as seers. In Hinduism and Buddhism, the third eye is said to be located around the middle of the forehead, slightly above the junction of the eyebrows, representing the enlightenment one achieves through meditation.[4][5] Hindus also place a "tilaka" between the eyebrows as a representation of the third eye,[6] which is also seen on expressions of Shiva.[4] Buddhists regard the third eye as the "eye of consciousness", representing the vantage point from which enlightenment beyond one's physical sight is achieved, and use an urna to the same effect as Hindus.[4]" Thru his third eye, while still in the astral plain, Bran saw this -> "the grey mists shuddered and swirled around him and ripped away like a veil, and he saw that the crow was really a woman". This second stage lasted mere seconds, or even less. So Bran's consciousness mind didn't even fully registered his passage from stage one into stage two, and from there into stage three - awake. 3. Afterwards he remembered only stage one - the dream, and stage three - when he woke up and with his physical eyes saw that black-haired serving woman from Winterfell. He forgot what he saw in-between sleeping and waiking up. So again - he saw in dreams - the Three-Eyed Crow, then in the higher astral plain he saw the real form of the crow, that it was a woman (no description was given for this woman), and then - when already being awake he saw a DIFFERENT woman, the black-haired one from Winterfell. Though there were TWO women, not one. He didn't saw them two at once. Instead he saw first the one, who was the crow's real identity, saw her with his third eye, and then he woke up and saw the other woman - with his physical eyes. What the first woman looke like wasn't described, because Bran seeing her lasted for a mere moment, and then he forgot seeing her. Though, if he will ever again see Shiera, he may remember that first woman, and he may recognize Shiera as the woman that he saw before, in that place "in-between". Yes, we don't. Though, no matter what they looked like, all the children inherited Robert's colors -> "The seed is strong, Jon Arryn had cried on his deathbed, and so it was. All those bastards, all with hair as black as night." So just because Jojen and Meera look like a typical short Crannogmen, it doesn't necessary mean that a tall and violet-eyed Ashara Dayne can't be their mother. Because if we will use that sort of approach, then Lucerys, Jacaerys and Joffrey Velaryons, who had brown hair and brown eyes, couldn't have been the children of Rhaenyra Targaryen, who had silver-gold hair and Valyrian-colored eyes (the exact color of her eyes isn't know, though with her father being a Targaryen and her mother being half-Targ half-Arryn, she couldn't have had brown eyes). How can you know she was on the ship if you can't point to any person she was travelling as? Because, count (in a book A Feast for Crows, Sam V)-> "Thrice longships were sighted by the crow’s nest. ... Some of the bodies carried complements of crows, who rose into the air complaining noisily when the swan ship disturbed their grotesquely swollen rafts. ... The charge was one Sam had never seen before: a red eye with a black pupil, beneath a black iron crown supported by two crows." It does looks ridiculous to assume merely on the word crow's/crows appearing thrice in that chapter, that it could mean that the Three-Eyed Crow/Shiera was then on that ship. Though, those are not the only clues. Look at the context, not only on the words themselves: 1. Crow's nest, 2. crows and a swan ship, 3. that was Euron Greyjoy's personal banner. 1. Crow's nest - in the 7K there's a castle Crow's Nest, which belongs to House Morrigen. https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Crow's_Nest https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/House_Morrigen How is this relevant for Shiera's/3EC's possible presense on that ship? -> I wrote about GRRM's parallels between Shiera and Arthurian legends, Welsh and Irish mythology, here in section "Morgan le Fay, Morrigan the Battle Crow, and the Banshee": Swan Song part 4/16. Shiera Seastar - a cat, a shadow, and a lying crow The words "crow's nest" in a reference to a part of a ship, not the castle, in ASOIAF had appeared only in three chapters (twice in AFFC, Arya I, once in Sam V, and once in ADWD, Victarion I, which is 63rd chapter). 2. Crows and a swan. The Cinnamon Wind was a swan ship. I think that Johanna Swann was Larra Rogare's mother. Johanna - Larra - Aegon IV - Shiera. So Shiera, who is the 3EC, is partially Swann by blood. 3. And the one about Euron's banner is obvious. He is the Crow's Eye because he is the Three-Eyed Crow's/Shiera's ex-apprentice. Additionally, aside from those three "crows" in that chapter, if Quaithe/Shiera departed on that ship from Qarth, it explains why the ship didn't went to the Jade Sea, what the captain said about his plans to Dany, and instead went to Braavos and to the 7K. Because Shiera needed to go to the 7K. Also her presense on that ship explains why the crew offered Sam and maester Aemon to give them a lift across the Narrow Sea on their ship. Because it was Shiera who decided to help them, with maester Aemon being her grand-nephew and all that. And the fact that prior to the ship's arrival to Oldtown, it was searched twice. Once by the Huntress, on the morning after they saw the Crow's Eye's banner, and once upon arrival to Oldtown. During the first search -> "As the Cinnamon Wind was creeping past another plundered fishing village, a war galley came sliding from the fog, stroking slowly toward them. Huntress was the name she bore, behind a figurehead of a slender maiden clad in leaves and brandishing a spear. A heartbeat later, two smaller galleys appeared on either side of her, like a pair of matched greyhounds stalking at their master’s heels. ... The captain of the Huntress was a tall man in a smoke-grey cloak with a border of red satin flames. He brought his galley in alongside the Cinnamon Wind, raised his oars, and shouted that he was coming aboard. As his crossbowmen and Kojja Mo’s archers eyed each other across the narrow span of water, he crossed over with half a dozen knights, gave Quhuru Mo a nod, and asked to see his holds. Father and daughter conferred briefly, then agreed. ... The bitterness of the captain’s final words shocked Sam as much as the things he said. If King’s Landing loses Oldtown and the Arbor, the whole realm will fall to pieces, he thought as he watched the Huntress and her sisters moving off." Seven people boarded the Cinnamon Wind (the captain and 6 knights, not sailors). Sam was distracted, while talking with that guy, and started paying attention only when those other ships were sailing away. So if when those 6 knights were leaving the ship, amongst them was one "excess" person, that would have also went off board and onto the Huntress, Sam wouldn't have noticed it. So 7 clues in total (mentioning of the crows trice, crow's nest, swan ship, Crow's Eye, the ship didn't went to the Jade Sea, the crew helped Sam and maester Aemon, the ship was searched twice), in that chapter. Obviously I could be wrong and maybe Quaithe didn't left Qarth on that ship. Though if she is indeed Shiera Seastar and the Three-Eyed Crow, then for how long and for what purpose would she have stayed in Essos, while all the action soon is going to move to the 7K? Also - why the ship didn't went to the Jade Sea, why else was it then at Braavos, if not to transport Shiera there from Qarth and to the 7K? I skipped thru majority of Sam's previous chapters, and have properly read in AFFC only this one (of Sam's), because when I was flipping pages, I noticed there the mentioning of Euron's banner, I stopped and have read the whole chapter. I think that if I will read all of Sam's chapters from Braavos to that one, then maybe I will figure out into whom Shiera was disguised/shadowglamoured, if she did appeared on the pages in that guise. Though I don't want to. I will properly read the books, without skipping thru the chapters of those characters in whom I am not too interested (such as Sam, Arya, Sansa, Davos, the Lannisters, aside from Tyrion), only when TWOW will be released, and there will be more to read. She didn't got there just recently. That time wasn't the first time, when she visited Qarth. Euron - her ex, has a house in that city. So previously, on her other visits to Qarth, she was with him. Or maybe that house used to be hers. So the Qarteen knew her for years. At the time of Bran's fall, she was at Asshai. Bran fell in the early 298. Rhaego was born in January of 299. Dany got pregnant in ~April of 298. Shiera departed from Asshai and went to Qarth either after Bran's fall, or after Dany got pregnant. She was staying there for months, before she went to meet Dany at the Red Waste. It's seeming increasingly unlikely to be resolved, but we could bet on this. No point. It's either this year, of the Tiger (February 1st 2022 - January 21st 2023), or never.
  15. We don't know what happened at Dorne in span of Robert's Rebellion, and even the scenario in which were involved the Faceless Men, covers only part of the picture. So just because we don't know what was happening, and thus also don't know what could have been the reason for Ashara to fake her death and to leave Dorne, it doesn't mean that there was no reason. Also, don't forget that despite the fact that we - the readers, don't know what had happened at the Tower, and how Arthur really died, the characters believe that he was killed by Ned and Howland, and only the Daynes (though not Edric, because he's just a child, so the adults of his House didn't shared with him that information, about how Arthur really died. Though they raised him without hatred towards Ned Stark, who supposedly killed Arthur, by teling him that Ned Stark's bastard is Edric's milk brother. Thus Edric had positive feelings towards the Starks, not malicious) know the truth about what really happened at the Tower, and how Arthur really died. So, despite Ned and Howland not being Arthur's murderers, they had to take the blame, because they couldn't reveal to the general public, who really killed Arthur. Also, it's not obvious whether the Kingsguard who attacked Arthur, and mortally wounded him, revealed that he is a Faceless Man, or whether he was playing the role of the KG until the very end, when he also got killed. So there are two options - either Ned and Howland, and later the Daynes thru them too, found out that the Faceless Men are after the sword (and the baby - Rhaegar's baby), or whether Arthur died while thinking that his sworn-brothers attacked him on the King's (Aerys') orders. Eitherway, afterwards there was a reason why Ned and Howland took the blame for Arthur's death, instead of revealing the truth about how he really died. Note that Jon also doesn't look like his father (Rhaegar). And neither did Rhaenys looked like Rhaegar, instead she looked like her Dornish mother. And Baelor Breakspear looked like his partially Dornish mother. And neither did Jocelyn Baratheon, who was dark-haired, looked like her mother - Alyssa Velaryon. And all of Robert Baratheon's bastards looked like him, and none of them looked like their mothers. No matter what was the hair and eye color of those women, all their children had Robert's hair and Robert's eyes. So, in case with the Reeds, two of them look like their father, and one - Edric, looks like his maternal uncle - Arthur Dayne, who was blond and blue-eyed, like Edric is. Despite Jojen and Edric being twins, their looks are different, one looks like his father and the other like his maternal uncle and grandfather (or grandmother) - father (or mother) of Arthur and Ashara (depends on who out of their parents was a Dayne). Perhaps in your mind. It would be worth asking about Quaithe, since her motivations are opaque, but I expect GRRM prefers it that way. ADWD - "She dreamed. All her cares fell away from her, and all her pains as well, and she seemed to float upward into the sky. She was flying once again, spinning, laughing, dancing, as the stars wheeled around her and whispered secrets in her ear. “To go north, you must journey south. To reach the west, you must go east. To go forward, you must go back. To touch the light you must pass beneath the shadow.” “Quaithe?” Dany called. “Where are you, Quaithe?” Then she saw. Her mask is made of starlight. “Remember who you are, Daenerys,” the stars whispered in a woman’s voice." AGOT - "Wings shadowed her fever dreams. ... the stars smiled down on them, stars in a daylight sky. ... suddenly the stars were gone, and across the blue sky swept the great wings, and the world took flame. ... Viserys stood before her... Ghosts lined the hallway, dressed in the faded raiment of kings. In their hands were swords of pale fire. They had hair of silver and hair of gold and hair of platinum white, and their eyes were opal and amethyst, tourmaline and jade. “Faster,” they cried, “faster, faster.” She raced, her feet melting the stone wherever they touched. “Faster!” the ghosts cried as one, and she screamed and threw herself forward. A great knife of pain ripped down her back, and she felt her skin tear open and smelled the stench of burning blood and saw the shadow of wings. And Daenerys Targaryen flew. ... After that, for a long time, there was only the pain, the fire within her, and the whisperings of stars." In Dany's last chapter in ADWD, she was flying once again (not on a dragon, but by herself), same as in her fevered dream in AGOT, where she also saw and heard smiling and whispering stars. In ADWD she recognized the voice of the stars, as Quaithe's voice. She looked at Quaithe and saw that her mask is "made of starlight", which is a hint that she is Shiera Seastar. In AGOT Quaithe at first appeared as the stars in a daylight sky, and then the stars were gone and the world took flame, because she took off her red mask and lowered the hood of her black cloak, and then Dany saw that she has Valyrian dragonseed looks. That's why in Dany's fevered mind she saw Shiera/Quaithe as Viserys, because besides Dany herself, her brother Viserys was the only other Targaryen that she ever saw, and Shiera is half-Targ. The faded rainment of kings is red and black - red mask, black cloak - traditional colors of House Targaryen - kings of the past, that's why "faded rainment of kings". Those four gemstones are blue and green, and blue-green - bicolored, like Shiera's eyes. Shiera's hair is silver-gold, and with age it became partially platinum-white. The swords in the hands of the ghosts is a Valyrian glass candle, using which Shiera/Quaithe "astral-projected" into Khal Drogo's tent, when Dany there was giving birth to Rhaego. She was summoned there by Mirri Maz Duur, who in the past was Shiera's apprentice, when Shiera lived at Asshai, when she was also maester Marwyn's teacher. The ghosts cried as one because it was one person. For me all those clues are more than enough to be absolutely sure, to KNOW, that Quaithe is Shiera, and that she was ASOIAF's character as far back as in AGOT. Furthermore, there was this (Bran III) - "The crow opened its beak and cawed at him, a shrill scream of fear, and the grey mists shuddered and swirled around him and ripped away like a veil, and he saw that the crow was really a woman, a serving woman with long black hair, and he knew her from somewhere, from Winterfell, yes, that was it, he remembered her now, and then he realized that he was in Winterfell, in a bed high in some chilly tower room, and the black-haired woman dropped a basin of water to shatter on the floor and ran down the steps, shouting, “He’s awake, he’s awake, he’s awake.”" In his coma-dream Bran saw the Three-Eyed Crow, when he woke up - he saw a dark-haired woman that worked at Winterfell as their servant, and in the place between dreams and reality he saw the real identity of the Three-Eyed Crow, that it was a woman. It was Shiera, though afterwards Bran forgot her, same as he forgot what he saw in the heart of winter - himself in the future "wedded to a tree". So Shiera/Quaithe/3EC in ASOIAF appeared for the first time in the 17th chapter of AGOT. Also "shiera" (シエラ) from Japanese to French translates as "quai", and both words in both languages have the same meaning - a long jagged mountain chain, or long barrow. Long barrows are associated with the banshi and the Queen of Phantoms Morrigan, whose avatar was a Battle Crow. So Quaithe, who is a shadowbinder/queen of phantoms, like Morrigan, is the 3EC. And from Welsh "mor" part in Morrigan's name translates as "the sea", like Sea-Star in Shiera's name. With all those clues and hints, I'm not the first member of this forum who figured out that Quaithe is actually Shiera Seastar. All the way back in 2013, 14.7% of ASOIAF's readers also thought so (the 3rd poll): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1gpuBDOQhEmZNtZGO2zm7dD7w1agRULQgTO17fvKpbCE/viewanalytics And there are several threads here, posted years ago, about Quaithe=Shiera, like this one -> https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/99023-a-star-of-the-sea-quaithe-shiera-seastar-connecting-the-dots/ Under what identity? It's irrelevant, she didn't needed to use any identity for that trip, because the captain of that ship was one of her agents. When the Cinnamon Wind was at Qarth, and when the captain brought to Dany the news that Robert Baratheon is dead, he told her that afterwards the ship will go to the Jade Sea. ACOK, Dany II - " “When does your ship return to Westeros, Captain?” “Not for a year or more, I fear. From here the Cinnamon Wind sails east, to make the trader’s circle round the Jade Sea.” " Despite what he said, just a few months later the ship was at Braavos, which is nowhere near the Jade Sea. That's because the captain at the time of his visit to Dany, didn't knew yet that Quaithe wasn't at Asshai, which is at the Jade Sea, and that she was already at Qarth. And thus there was no need for him to go to Asshai/Jade Sea to fetch her from there. Instead they went to Braavos, and from there to Westeros. Quaithe was on that ship long before Sam and Co boarded it. And they didn't saw her there, because either she was staying in her cabin (it takes only ~10 days to cross the Narrow Sea), or she shadow-glamoured herself to look like someone else. Same as she shadow-glamoured - 1. Bloodraven in The Mystery Knight novel to look like Maynard Plumm; 2. herself to look like a septa, when she and Lady Jeyne Swann were saved from the Kingswood Brotherhood by Barristan Selmy; 3. herself to look like a wildling-healer, when she treated Mance Rayder from his wounds, before he deserted from the Night's Watch; 4. how Melisandre in ADWD shadow-glamoured Mance to look like Rattleshirt, and 5. how Larra Rogare (Shiera's mother) in F&B was shadow-glamouring in turns herself and Gaemon Palehair, to look like Aegon III, after they and Viserys in 135 AC killed the real Aegon. Quaithe/Shiera being on that ship explains why the ship went to Braavos, and not to the Jade Sea. What she was supposed to do at Essos, she has already did, thus afterwards she had to go to Westeros, and thus she did - on the Cinnamon Wind. Though, prior to the ship's arrival to Oldtown, she switched ships, and continued her journey on board of the Huntress. She's going to The North, not to Oldtown. She's going to Jon, because she had already tried to get to him thru his dreams (like she did with Dany, by using glass candle), but the Ghost didn't let her, thus she needs to meet with Jon in flesh. ADWD, Jon I - " "Snow," the moon insisted. The white wolf ran from it, racing toward the cave of night where the sun had hidden, his breath frosting in the air." In that dream - the "moon" is Shiera, the "sun" is Bloodraven, the cave of night is the cave of the Children, where the heart of the winter is. In Dothraki and Yi-Tish legends the Moon/Maiden-made-of-light was the wife of the Sun/Lion-of-the-night, so the Dothraki spouses/lovers are referring to each other - moon of my life (to females) and my sun and stars (to males). Shiera's mask is made of starlight because it is made from a weirwood, and probably also laquered with Bloodraven's blood. Bloodraven's soul mostly went into the tree, and Shiera's mask probably is carved from the piece of that tree. So there are stars in her mask, because Bloodraven is Shiera's "sun and stars", her paramour, and he is connected to her with blood-magic thru that mask. Also, in my opinion, Shiera's sign of Zodiac is Cancer, so her guardian planet is the Moon, and thus one of her heart stones is a moonstone, while Bloodraven is a Leo, and thus his guardian planet is the Sun, and his heart stones are emeralds and sapphires. So that's why Bloodraven gave to Shiera as a present a silver necklace with emeralds and sapphires <- his heart stones, and she gave him as a reciprocating present a moonstone brooch (which was also a shadow-artifact, using which Bloodraven, who is not a shadowbinder, same as Mance/Rattleshirt is not a shadowbinder, was able to change his looks and to look like Maynard Plumm. Bloodraven is not and never was a sorcerer, it was always Shiera who was assisting him with magic, until she binded him to the weirwood tree in that cave, where he is now). By giving to each other those presents with their heart stones, they sort of exchanged hearts - a present with a meaning, like the exchange of rings during the wedding ceremony. So Shiera is the moon, and Bloodraven is her sun and stars, though with most of his soul being in the tree, in the cave of night remains only the sun-part, while the star-part is in Shiera's/Quaithe's weirwood mask "made of starlight". Which is indeed for an average reader is a too complex concept to grasp. That's because GRRM didn't intended for the readers to figure it out. He planted all those elements into the books, not for the readers, but for himself - to use them later as the foundation for the future reveals. So Shiera/Quaithe is an important character in ASOIAF, and she already left from Essos and went to the 7K. But you can keep thinking that all that is just a figment of my imagination. Until the next book
  16. @Ran When was created Westeros.org, the year and the exact month? Thank you.
  17. There was three Kingsguards and 7 (?) Northerners at the Tower <- those are FACTS. All three Kingsguards and 5 out of the 7 Northerners died, the only survivors were Ned Stark and Howland Reed <- those are FACTS. The most simple conclusion that could be made, based on the sum of those facts, is that the 5 Northerners were killed by the Kingsguards, and that the Kingsguards were killed by the Northerners, 5 of which also got killed in the fight, and 2 - Ned and Howland, survived <- but this is an ASSUMPTION, not a FACT. We don't know what happened at the Tower of Joy, we don't know how Arthur died, nor who killed him <- those are FACTS. Aside from Ned and Howland killing Arthur, and their other companions killing the other two Kingsguards, and then also dying, isn't there any other options of what could have happened there, something that ended with this result - 8 dead/2 survivors? -> Of course there IS. There are multiple possibilities of what could have happened. Multiple. Here's one of them (my favourite) -> Gerold and Oswell started the fight with the Northerners, despite Arthur originally not intending to fight with them, especially not with Howland, who was his brother-in-law. The two of them attacked the Northerners, and while Arthur was facing off against Ned and Howland, and was trying to brake up the fight, the other two KG killed their 5 opponents, it all happened very fast. And while Arthur's attention was on Ned and Howland, he got stabbed in the back by Gerold or Oswell, which he totally didn't expected. Then, despite Arthur's mortal wound, he was able to kill both Gerold and Oswell, because he was the greatest swordsman in the world, he was the Sword of the Morning. So even mortally wounded he still was a deadly dangerous opponent. Then in Arthur's last moments he asked Howland to take the sword to Ashara, and to take Ashara and newborn Meera away from Dorne, because the other two KG attacking Arthur was an indication that some weird sh*t was happening. In my opinion, Gerold and Oswell were intending from the very beginning, when they came with Arthur to the Tower, to kill him. And they were just waiting for an opportunity to do so. They wanted to get his sword, because they knew that Dawn of Daynes is Azor Ahai's Lightbringer. And they wanted to get that sword because they were Faceless Men. In a sense that the real Gerold and Oswell were killed by the FM, and then replaced by them. In Fire&Blood GRRM nearly in plain text revealed to the readers that the Faceless Men infiltrated Targaryen court years ago, and that they are amongst the Kingsguards. They were ALWAYS amongst the Kingsguards, from the moment when Targaryens created this order. The very first KG/FM, in my opinion, was Humfrey the Mummer. The real Gyles Morrigen was killed and replaced by a Faceless Man years ago, long prior to that visit to Braavos in 57 AC. He was already an FM in 51 AC, during the attack on Queen Alysanne at Jonquil's Pool. A few days ago I was reading an article, an interview with GRRM's editor, it's an old one, and she said that usually GRRM reveals to the readers a mystery in three steps. First he gives a subtle clue, then later a more obvious clue, and then reveals the mystery in plain text. So, concerning the Faceless Men's presense amongst the Kingsguards, this was that first subtle clue (The Hedge Knight): The more obvious clue is the one about Gyles Morrigen, in F&B. So in the next book GRRM will reveal in plain text that the Faceless Men Guild had infiltrated the Kingsguard. For me that second clue was enough to figure out nearly everything. I went thru the lists of all know Kingsguards and found there hints concerning many of them, that they were also FM. During King Aerys' reign, amongst his Kingsguards only Arthur, Barristan and Jaime, and maybe also Lewyn Martell, were themselves, and the other 3 or 4, including Jonothor Darry, were replaced by Faceless Men. I have no idea when Oswell Whent got replaced, and I'm not 100% sure that he was an FM, but I'm 1000000% sure about Gerold. Gerold was an FM as far back as during the reign of Jaehaerys II. Gerold killed King Jaehaerys, using on him the Strangler poison. Jonothor Darry poisoned King Aerys with basilisk blood, on Queen Rhaella's last night at the Red Keep. And Gerold poisoned Aerys with basilisk blood, or some other psychotropic substance, while they were at the tournament at Harrenhal, that's why Aerys at that time was behaving like insane. It would have been not possible for the FM to replace Jaime, because he just recently joined KG, and thus they didn't had yet an opportunity to study him and to learn how to impersonate him. And it would have been hard to kill Arthur, because he was the Sword of the Morning. And because Arthur was an unremovable obstacle, they also couldn't have killed Lewyn Martell. Because it's likely that when Arthur was a child, and when Lewyn was not yet a Kingsguard, when both of them were still at Dorne, at the Martell court, they knew each other very well. So it would have been very hard for a Faceless Man to kill Lewyn, and to impersonate him sufficiently enough to convince Arthur that Lewyn is Lewyn, and not some impostor who just looks like him. And it was hard to kill Barristan, because in my opinion Barri has some sort of gift of foresight, that warns him about imminent danger, thus it's impossible to sneak up on him. Thus Jaime, Barristan, Arthur and Lewyn were not "replaceable". Which can't be said about the other three - Gerold, Oswell and Jonothor. It's likely that Jonothor Darry was Willem Darry's either younger brother, or some sort of cousin. Though, even if they were brothers, I think that there was a big age difference between them, and thus they weren't close. They weren't growing up together. By the time when Jonothor was born, his older brother - Willem, was already serving at the Targaryen court, as their master-at-arms. Thus those two were nearly strangers to each other. And thus there would have been no problems for the Faceless Men to kill Jonothor, and to replace him with an FM. Thus, if out of the three Kingsguards present at the Tower of Joy, two were Faceless Men, then what actually had happened there, we don't know. Either way, it wasn't something as simple as the 3 KG killed 5 Northerners, and then Ned and Howland killed them too. So it wasn't Howland Reed who killed Arthur Dayne. And thus there was absolutely no reasons for Ashara to have a grudge against Howland. And no reason for her not to leave Dorne, and to go with her husband and their newborn daughter to the Neck. <- This - GRRM used TWOIAF, F&B, and Dunk&Egg novels to create foundation, using which he will later make reveals, concerning the mysteries hidden in ASOIAF. For example - in F&B he hid a foundation for the later reveal that the Perfumed Seneschal is Septa Lemore/Lady Jeyne Swann. Johanna Swann - the Black Swann of Lys, was a famous Lyseni courtesan. According to TWOIAF and F&B she eventually became ruler of Lys in all but name. According to F&B in Lys there was a luxury pleasure garden (a brothel) owned by Lysandro Rogare - the Perfumed Garden. And about Lysandro it was said that he became prince of Lys in all but name. So based on that information, and several other elements scattered all over the books, I made conclusion that Johanna Swann was Larra Rogare's mother, and that Jeyne Swann is Johanna's descendant, and thus the Perfumed Seneschal is Jeyne/Lemore. And she is Dany's most dangerous opponent, because she is fAegon's mother (the father is Barristan Selmy, who is a son of Aenys Blackfyre's daughter <- the clues about this were also in the books). So the other books are there to plant clues in them, and to build a foundation for the later reveals.
  18. Not if the ship originally was the ship of the Daynes. In which case the crew was loyal to Ashara and to Howland, who was her husband. And afterwards they also didn't spilled the beans, same as the crew from Illyrio's ship didn't revealed to the Lannisters that they were transporting Tyrion to Pentos on their ship. Not all retailers are gossipers and traitors. Some of them do keep secrets of their masters and are loyal to them. 1. "Euron is pale and handsome with black hair and a dark beard. He wears a patch over his left eye, and is nicknamed Crow's Eye. According to Euron's nephew, Theon Greyjoy, the patch conceals a "black eye shining with malice".[8] His right eye is as blue as summer sky and is regarded as his "smiling eye". " In my opinion Euron was born with two blue eyes, and his left eye became black only after he became the Crow's Eye - when him and the Three-Eyed Crow got binded thru that eye with blood-magic, which allowed Shiera/3EC to see thru Euron's eye. 2. Wights. Blue. 3. Fire wights. Lady Stoneheart - Her eyes look like two red pits, burning in the shadows. Natural/original eye color + magic = change of color. No?
  19. More yes, than no - in my opinion they do have a common ancestor, in the ancient ancient past - Azor, though no recent connections. Though in the last 300 years there maybe were two marriages between them - the one possibly between a daughter of Princess Rhaena, and the one between Rhaena's possible granddaughter - Dyanna Dayne, and Prince Maekar Targaryen. So only the Daynes starting from one generation prior to Dyanna's, were carriers of the Targaryen blood - Rhaena's blood. And none of the Targaryen blood was added into their gene-pool from Dyanna's marriage to Maekar. Unless one of their daughters, probably Daella, did married with a Dayne. And the Daynes from that other castle - High Hermitage, don't have any Targaryen blood at all. Walder Frey didn't tried to appeal to Catelyn with his past-marriage with Sarya Whent, who was some sort of relative of Cat's mother - Minisa Whent, some sort of distant cousin, probably. Apparently two people who are bloodrelated, are considered as cousins only to sertain point, like a second cousin or so, and those who are more distantly bloodrelated, are considered to be not related enough to be deemed as cousins. Rhaegar and Robert were second cousins, and if Arthur and Ashara really were Princess Rhaena's descendants, then thru that line they were Rhaegar's either seventh cousins or fifth cousins twice removed <- very very distant relation, not enough for them to be adressed as each others cousins. Then Dyanna Dayne married with Prince Maekar, and she was Rhaegar's great-great-grandmother, so on this line Rhaegar and the Daynes were fourth cousins -> also probably too watered-down bloodrelation for them to be adressed as cousins. The Royces were Ned Stark's second cousins - his great-aunt Jocelyn was married with a Royce. The Blackwoods were not referred to as Ned's or Robb's cousins, despite there being a Blackwood amongst Ned's "recent" ancestors - his great-grandmother Melantha Blackwood. The Blackwoods that are from Ned's generation should be his third cousins. But none of them was ever referred to as his cousins. So based on all those cases - two people are called cousins, only if they are first cousins or second cousins, and in cases if they are bloodrelated more distantly, they are not referred to as cousins. So Rhaegar and Arthur, who by blood possibly were something like fourth cousins, by the 7K's standarts were not considered to be cousins. They were not called cousins, which doesn't eliminate the possibility that they did shared a drop of common blood.
  20. Not a "main faction" in ASoIaF. She hasn't appeared in the main series. She has. Multiple times, under various guises and various aliases. She's a central figure in ASOIAF, and the most prolific shadow-puppeteer and mastermind amongst all of the ASOIAF's characters. She is shadowbinder Quaithe and the Three-Eyed Crow. Also in the past, while living at Asshai, she was maester Marwyn's and Mirri Maz Duur's teacher. And while at Qarth, she also used to be Euron Greyjoy's teacher. From her he learned how to ignite and use Valyrian glass candles, and at Qarth he was using an alias - Urrathon Nightwalker. Him and Shiera thru his dark eye are bonded with blood magic, so she can see whatever he sees with that eye. So he is the third eye of the Three-Eyed Crow, that's why his nickname is the Crow's Eye. That's why now he keeps his dark eye covered, because he betrayed Shiera, and using the knowledge that he gained from her, he wants to become the new god. It's likely that Shiera also was the one who lured Bloodraven beyond The Wall and binded him to a magical tree (it's a parallel to what happened in the Arthurian legends between Merlin and the Lady of the Lake). Also she is a cat-skinchanger, and she skinchanged into that shadowcat, that attacked Mance Rayder near the Shadow Tower, when he still was in the Night's Watch. Then she shadow-glamoured herself to look like a wildling, pretended to be a daughter of the healer, and while she was treating Mance from his wounds (that she herself had inflicted on him thru her shadowcat-vessel), she bewitched him and caused him to desert from Night's Watch and to go to the wildlings to unite them into a single tribe, and that way to create an army that she will give to the Promised Prince, to fight against the Others during the Second Long Night. The red silk from Asshai, with three strips of which she patched Mance's cloak, in the past belonged to her maternal grandmother - Johanna Swann the Black Swan of Lys and Larra Rogare's mother (both Johanna and Larra/Serenei of Lys also were cat-skinchangers, same as Shiera). From Braavos she traveled on the same ship as Sam and maester Aemon (actually she boarded that ship at Qarth, and then went on it to Braavos and then to Westeros), and prior the arrival of that ship to Oldtown, switched ships and continued her journey on board of the Huntress - a war galley in service to House Hightower. The Hightowers are Shiera's agents, apparently the Mad Maid - Malora Hightower, is one of Shiera's apprentices. The wildling witch Morna, who is currently stationed at the Long Barrow - one of the Night's Watch castles, is also one of Shiera's disciples. She was learning magic from Shiera in that period of time, when Shiera lived beyond The Wall, after she binded Bloodraven to a tree, and before she freed Mance Rayder from the Night's Watch, before she went to Essos (to Asshai, and then to Qarth). Also in 281 AC, when Barristan Selmy fought against the Kingswood Brotherhood, and saved from them Lady Jeyne Swann and her septa, that septa was Shiera in shadow-glamour. She provided Jeyne with love potion, and using it Jeyne had sex with Barristan and conceived fAegon. Jeyne Swann now is Septa Lemore. And Shiera is the reason why Old Nan is saying that all crows are liars. Apparently the reason why Nan and Duncan the Tall didn't married, despite Nan giving birth to Dunk's twin-children (the son was Hodor's paternal grandfather, and the daughter was a maternal grandmother of Meris Cafferen/Wenda the White Fawn/Pretty Meris from Windblown sellsword company - Brienne Tarth' mother), is somehow connected to the Three-Eyed Crow/Shiera - she said or did something because of which Dunk left Winterfell and was separated with Nan/Alysanne Stark, whose family then hastily married her off to Franklyn Frey - Walder Frey's paternal uncle. Shiera was also assisting Dany during Rhaego's birth, and in her fevered dreams she appeared as the ghosts in red-black clothes of the Targaryen kings, with swords of pale fire in their hands - Valyrian glass candle, and green-blue eyes colored like jade, tourmaline, opal and amethyst, which are blue and green and blue-green gemstones. And she appeared in Dany's last chapter in ADWD, as smiling and whispering stars (same as in Dany's fevered dreams in AGOT), when she again was using a glass candle to see what Dany was doing. That's when Dany saw that Quaithe's mask is made of starlight, which is a hint that Quaithe is Shiera Seastar. Shiera's latest appearance was in the sample chapter of TWOW, Aeron I - "He seemed more squid than man, a monster fathered by a kraken of the deep, his face a mass of writhing tentacles. Beside him stood a shadow in woman’s form, long and tall and terrible, her hands alive with pale white fire." <- she wasn't actually there with Euron. That shadow in a woman's form was actually Shiera's astral projection. She was using glass candle to spy after Euron. And Aerion saw her in his prophetic dream, caused by him drinking the shade-of-the-evening. And maybe there are several other times, which I didn't noticed yet, when Shiera appeared in the books. It's only an assumption that Ashara Dayne still has violet eyes, because let's not forget that - they live in a world, where human eyes can change color. When Howland brought Ashara to the Neck and introduced her to his people as his wife, if at that time her eyes were violet, he could have told them that she is from the Isle of Faces, that she is one of the Green Men, and that her eyes are violet because she's a greendreamer (and because she is a descendant of Rhaena Targaryen, it's likely that she did sometimes had prophetic visions, which would have helped her to pose as a greendreamer). The Children are born mostly with golden eyes, but sometimes some of them are born with green or red eyes, and those of them that are not golden-eyed, are given weirwood seed paste, become wedded to a tree (same as what Shiera did to Bloodraven) and become greenseers. Jojen since his birth used to have a different color of eyes than he has now, they became green only after he had a near-death experience. Who knows - maybe when Ashara was giving birth to Meera, she could have also nearly died, and afterwards her eyes became green. If the greendreaming Children can have not only green, but also RED eyes, then it wouldn't have been a problem for Howland to convince his people, that his violet-eyed wife is a "greendreamer". Or maybe her eyes were green, when she came to the Neck. Eitherway, whether her eyes were violet or green, she and Howland could have said to the Crannogmen that her eyes became that color when she became a greendreamer. Though they couldn't have made the same lie concerning Edric, because he was born not only with blue eyes, but also with blond hair. Many children are born blond and blue-eyed, and several days after their birth, or when they are several years old, their hair become darker, and their eyes become not blue. Though it's likely that, when Edric and Jojen were born (they are twin-brothers), it was apparent from the very beginning that Jojen has his father's Crannogmen looks, while Edric looks like his Targaryen ancestors (with Dyanna Dayne and her siblings being grandchildren of Rhaena Targaryen and Garmund Hightower, thru one of their six daughters, who married with a Dayne). So because Howland and Jyana couldn't have made a convincing explanation for Edric's looks, they decided to send him away. So it's likely that they didn't even told to anyone that Jyana gave birth to two boys, not just one, and they didn't showed the second baby to anyone. They just pretended that Jyana is ill, after she gave birth to her child. So she and both boys were kept hidden in her room. And Meera at that time was sent to stay with her relatives, while her mother was supposedly recuperating after stenuous childbirth, but actually while they were figuring out what to do with the second baby. So Meera is unaware that she has two brothers, not one. I think that Howland and Jyana/Ashara anticipated the possibility that her children could be born with looks not typical for Crannogmen, that they could look like Targaryens. Thus, when Jyana was giving birth, it was either Howland himself, who was assisting during childbirth, or they invited someone to whom they trusted. For example - maester Marwyn, who a few years ago at Starfall was assisting Lyanna during Jon's birth. Also, when Ashara got pregnant, just in case if her child/children will be born with non-Crannogmen looks, she contacted her parent at Starfall (whoever then was the Head of House Dayne). Ashara's parents knew all along that Ashara didn't commited suicide, that she went with Howland Reed to the Neck. It was Ashara's parents, who after her departure, told everyone that she supposedly killed herlself. And when she wrote in a letter that she's pregnant, and maybe will need their help, Ashara's parents announced to their people that their Lady is pregnant, and then for months the wife was stuffing a pillow under her clothes to simulate pregnancy. If Ashara's child/children was born with Crannogmen looks, then the Lady-Dayne could have said that either she had a miscarriage, or that her baby was stillborn. And if Ashara's child/children were born looking not like Crannogmen, then for this case they have beforehand arranged the child/children's transportation to Dorne, to the Lady-Dayne. Also they beforehand summoned Wylla from Winterfell, because Jon at that time already didn't needed a wet-nurse. So Wylla arrived to the Neck before Jojen and Edric's birth. And then on the ship sailed with baby-Edric to Dorne. And they lied about his age, because actually he was born several months prior to his official date of birth. Actually he was born in 286, same as Jojen, not in 287. Or maybe the Reeds didn't anticipated that their children could be born with non-Crannogmen looks, so when one of their boys was born dark-eyed and dark-haired and the other was born blond and blue-eyed, they didn't knew what to do, and it took them some time to came up with the plan what to do with Edric. Eitherway aside from Howland, Juyana, Wylla, maybe maester Marwyn, and Ashara's parents nobody knowns that Edric isn't a child of Lord and Lady Daynes, that he is actually a child of Howland Reed and Ashara/Jyana. The exact details and logistics are irrelevant. I'm just saying that to arrange that sort of cuckoo-switch is possible. So the Daynes posed Edric as the child of the ruling Lord/or Lady of Starfall, while actually he is Ashara's child, and Jojen's twin-brother. And the twins not always look alike. Ashara's violet eyes were somehow explained to Howland's people. Though whatever that explanation was in case with Jyana, the same explanation wouldn't have cutted it in case with Edric. Furthermore, Edric looking like he did, most likely would have ruined whatever "legend" Howland made up for Jyana. Thus Edric had to be sent away, not to ruin Jyana's "cover". If Jyana's eyes were violet, then Howland told to his people that she is one of the Green Men, and that she's a greendreamer. If there could be greendreamers with red eyes, then there also could be greendreamers with violet eyes. Because - why not? And if Ashara went thru near-death experience, while giving birth to Meera, could be that afterwards her eyes became green. Which is not such a rare color like violet. Thus, in this case, there was no need no create some cover-up story, to explain Jyana's looks to Howland's people. The exact details how this or that was done, are irrelevant. GRRM could have written dozens of different scenarios to make this happen. My point is - I think that Jyana Reed is Ashara Dayne, and that Edric Ned Dayne is atually her and Howland's son and Jojen's twin-brother, and what exactly GRRM wrote to make that happen, is not my problem. Maybe the exact logistics will never be explained to the readers, same as GRRM didn't wrote an exact and detailed explanation how Willem Darry managed to steal Dany and Viserys from Dragonstone, who was his other companions, who was the wet-nurse, where did he took the ship, why he brought them out of all places specifically to Braavos, etc. On the same ship (Dayne-ship) on which Howland went from Starfall to Storm's End, then with Ned went from Storm's End to Starfall, then from Starfall to the Tower of Joy (then maybe again back to Starfall). On this ship Ned, baby-Jon, wet-nurse Wylla, Lyanna's body, Howland, Ashara and newborn Meera went at first to King's Landing, and then to the Neck, and then to Winterfell. Ashara and Howland didn't went off board at KL, they were staying at the ship, same as Wylla and Jon. Then Ned dropped the Reeds at the Neck, and kept sailing north, up the White Knife, and then by cart (for Wylla and the baby) to Winterfell. Aside from Howland, other Crannogmen didn't went to the tournament at Harrenhal. So none of them saw there Ashara, and didn't even knew about her existence. Because it's not like she was some sort of celebrity, and there was no fashion journals, or TVs, or Internet at that time, so Ashara was basically a no one. She was just one of Princess Elia's ladies-in-waiting, and it's likely that none of the Crannogmen ever saw Elia, or King Aerys, or any of Elia's maids, Ashara included. Ashara, who was a teen at that time, just recently joined Targaryen court. She became dishonored at Harrenhal, and thus afterwards was evicted from Elia's entorage and went back home to Starfall. And it's not like people at Harrenhal were photographing her with their cellphones, and sending her picture to their friends. So all the people outside of Starfall, and Elia's entorage, and Targaryen court, and those who were present at that tournament at Harrenhal, never saw Ashara before or after, and never anywhere even heard her name. Also, mind that Ashara is not so memorable as to be remembered by people for years after her supposed death. Barristan Selmy is an exception, he's the only one who thinks that her violet eyes were haunting. Though, the thing is, at the time of the Harrenhal's tournament, he was still slightly under the influence of the love potion, that Jeyne Swann and Shiera Seastar tricked him into drinking, for Jeyne to have a child with Barri. So he became so enamored with Ashara, merely because he was still intoxicated with love potion. Jyana is Ashara, and Septa Lemore is Lady Jeyne Swann. There is a highly likely possibility that Lemore does have violet eyes, despite her being not Ashara. Barristan fell in love with Ashara, because after his encounter with the Kingswood Brotherhood (which had occured in late March-beginning of April of 281 AC, months prior to the tournament at Harrenhal, which was held in the end of October-beginning of November (for 10 days, with the day of the mystery knight's appearance occurring on the Halloween)), he was haunted by erotic dreams, in which he had sex with a woman that had violet eyes. Those dreams were actually a reflection of what happened to him on April 1st of 281 AC, when Jeyne Swann slipped him love potion, and then raped him. Which was the only occurrence in Barri's life, when he had sex (him being a diligent Kingsguard and all that). Love potion is not some magical substance, that makes people to fall in love. Instead it's a medieval version of Rohypnol - a date rape drug and a hypnotic, that causes confusion and anterograde amnesia - the inability to create memories while under the influence. Jeyne Westerling used love potion on Robb Stark, raped him and that way tricked him into marrying with her. Because he didn't remembered afterwards that he wasn't the one who instigated them having sex, and that at that time he wasn't even fully consciousness, when she was using him. Jenny of Oldstones used love potion on Prince Duncan Targaryen, and that way tricked him into marrying with her, while he was drugged. Princess Rhae once tried to use love potion on her brother Aegon V, to trick him into marrying with her, and not with their sister Daella. Rohanne Webber-Lannister used love potion on Duncan the Tall, to have his child - Jenny of Oldstones. Jenny's woodswitch, the Ghost of Hight Heart, is her mother - the Red Widow Rohanne Webber, and she was the one who provided Jenny with potion to get Duncan. The Westerling-girl got the potion from her mother - Sybell Spicer, who was a granddaughter of Maggy the Frog. Maggy was a fortune teller, who dealt in cures and love potions. Both Princess Rhae and Jeyne Swann were provided with love potion by Shiera Seastar. During Barristan's encounter with the Kingswood Brotherhood, Shiera was shadow-glamoured, and was posing as Jeyne's septa. Afterwards Jeyne/Lemore gave birth to fAegon, and herself began posing as a septa, to stay with her son and to be able to raise him. The members of House Swann had appeared in 8 of GRRM's books - The Hedge Knight, TWOIAF, Fire & Blood Volume 1, AGOT, ACOK, ASOS, AFFC, ADWD. But we still don't know what are the typical colorations for the members of their House. Balon Swann is one of the Kingsguards, and he appeared in all five of ASOIAF books, and he's the only KG, whose coloration GRRM didn't revealed. Arys Oakheart had light-brown hair and comely face. Barristan has pale blue eyes, and when he was young his hair was blond. Mandon Moore had pale grey eyes. Sandor Clegane has dark hair and grey eyes. Loras Tyrell is brown-haired and brown-eyed. Meryn Trant has droopy eyes and a red beard. Boros Blount has grey hair. Osmund Kettleblack has brown and black hair. Though there's no information about what is Balon's hair or eye color. Mandon Moore appeared only in two books, and was mentioned in one more, already after his death. And Balon Swann appeared in all five of ASOIAF books, but we still don't know his coloring. That's because GRRM on purpose held back this information. Maybe Balon has the same violet eyes as his apparently sister, or some sort of cousin - Lady Jeyne Swann/Septa Lemore. So both Ashara and Jeyne have violet eyes and brown hair. And GRRM didn't revealed the color of Lemore's eyes, because he didn't wanted the readers to afterwards keep asking him whether Lemore is Ashara, because Lemore's eyes are violet, same as Ashara's. He wouldn't have wanted to say that, despite Lemore having violet eyes, she is not Ashara Dayne. He wouldn't have wanted to give them too many clues. Thus far they are content with their assumptions that Lemore is either Ashara, or Elia, or even Lyanna, or Mellario of Norvos.
  21. My theory is that Azor Ahai was a son of the Amethyst Empress, and that the founders of the 40 Valyrian Dragonlord Families, and the founders of House Hightower, Corbray, Dayne and Swann - all 44 of them were sons of Azor Ahai and grandsons of the Amethyst Empress. So the people in those 44 Houses have colorations not like the First Men, Andals, or Rhoynars, or Ghiscary, or whatever, they have coloration that they inherited from their ancient ancestor - the God-on-Earth. Or maybe the 40 Valyrians had purple, violet, lilac, indigo, amethyst-colored eyes - shades of "blue" - because it was their mother who had this coloration. Maybe Azor's first wife had "Valyrian"-colored eyes. Maybe she also was a descendant of the God-on-Earth, same as her husband. Maybe she was even his sister. Though what about the other four wives? They also could have had "exotic" coloration, also at least wife 2, 3 and 4 (Nissa) also could have been Azor's relatives, some sort of cousins, and only his fifth wife - the Tiger-woman, originally was not from Yi-Tish Empire but from somewhere else. Her descendants are the Swanns, and in the span of 5 books of ASOIAF-series, and in TWOIAF, and in two out of three Dunk&Egg novels, F&B V1 in which the Swanns appeared -> 9 books, we still don't know what is the coloration typical for the members of their House. Maybe that's because they also have some sort of "exotic" coloration. So the Daynes, and the Hightowers, and the Corbrays, and the Swanns could have "violet" eyes, despite them not being a descendants of the Valyrians, because the Valyrians are their "half-siblings", not their "ancestors".
  22. Because Edric is a son of Ashara Dayne/Jyana Reed and Howland Reed. His parents sent him away from the Neck, because he was born with blond hair and blue eyes, he looked too much not like one of the Cranogmen. And because Ashara is in hiding, they couldn't have kept the boy with them. Lyanna and Ashara gave birth to their children at approximately the same time, Ashara a bit earlier. So Wylla originally was supposed to be Meera's wet-nurse. Though after Lyanna's death, she became Jon's wet-nurse and went with him to Winterfell. Several years later, when Ashara gave birth to Edric, they summoned Wylla from Winterfell, they gave Edric to her and sent them both to Starfall. So Edric's nickname is Ned, because his father - Howland Reed, named him after his best friend - Eddard/Ned Stark. Actually first time he appeared on pages was in AGOT, Dany IX. This is him: He was using glass candle to astral project into Khal Drogo's tent, when Dany was giving birth to Rhaego. Marwyn was assisting Dany together with Mirri Maz Duur during Rhaego's birth. In the past at Asshai both him and Mirri were apprentices of shadowbinder Quaithe/Shiera Seastar. So he was involved with the Targaryens long before the beginning of AGOT. He was also assisting Lyanna during Jon's birth, Queen Rhaella during Dany's birth, and Elia during Aegon's birth.
  23. Clearly, "You can have purple eyes without having Valyrian descent or being related to Aegon" Is the whole point of these two sentences. So he was saying this about Elizabeth Taylor, that she is not related to Aegon the Conqueror. Ok. So GRRM didn't said that Ashara Dayne had no connection to Aegon the Conqueror, and he didn't said that Ashara wasn't related to Rhaegar. The full quote of what was asked and what GRRM answered is in my post, first on page 3. GRRM didn't said that the Daynes are not related to the Valyrians or the Targaryens. He just said that violet eyes are not necessary indication of a person being of Valyrian descent or related to Aegon the Conquerer. So if later it will be revealed that Ashara and Arthur were descendants of Princess Rhaena Targaryen, it won't contradict what he said earlier. Because he didn't said that they are NOT related.
  24. Bloodraven (on his own) is not and never was a skinchanger -> Skinchangers/wargs are born, and greenseers BECOME. See here? -> how someone becomes skinchanger -> The "gift" is the weirwood seed past, and it could be eaten by anyone, not just by the Children with red or green eyes (Bloodraven and Bran, and even dead giants in that cave, are the evidences of that). Basically what the ancient Children did, when amongst them was born a child with genetical deviation (because of which that child had not golden eyes), he/she was given a weirwood seed past, then the tree grew out from within of the host's body, and the host became a greenseer. "Greenseeing" is not an ability with which people are born. If that wasn't so, then there would have been no need for Bran to eat the weirwood seed paste and to "wed to a tree", to become a greenseer. Bloodraven ate weirwood seed paste, and became "wedded to a tree". From the paste in his stomach started to grow a tree. That tree planted roots into his internal organs and thru his bones. The roots grew out thru his body, thru his organs, ripped out thru his skin, and then grew into the walls and floor of the cave around him. Thru the connection of the tree, that was growing from his body, with the roots of the other weirwood trees around him (those that were growing from the bodies of all those Children that Bran saw in the cave), Bloodraven became part of the Weirwood-Network. Thru that connection he was able to see thru the "eyes" of all those weirwood trees that are part of the Network. In the Network are not only the trees, that grow in that cave from the bodies of the Children, but also all the other weirwood trees. Because all those weirwood trees are apparently infected with a parasite, some sort of hive-mind, that the Children percieve as the Old Gods. Though actually it's some sort of alien parasite, maybe Greeshka from GRRM's sci-fi novel "A Song for Lya". A "greenseer" is a person that ate weirwood seed paste, and whose body from then on became connected to the Weirwood-Network. In that network the host - the greenseer, is serving a role of the Wi-Fi-router to which thru wireless connection are connected multiple "devices" - weirwood trees, ravens, animals. So Bloodraven is not a skinchanger. When he was born, he had no skinchanging abilities. None. Years after he joined Night's Watch, he went beyond The Wall, then probably Shiera Seastar lured him into that cave, and fed him weirwood seed paste, after which he became a greenseer (it's a parallel to what the Lady of the Lake (the one who gave Excalibur sword to King Arthur) did to wizard Merlin). From then on Bloodraven was able to see thru the trees that were part of the Weirwood-Network. Maybe now he is able to skinchange into ravens, though before he wedded to a tree, he was not a skinchanger. There was zero indications that Bloodraven could have been a skinchanger BEFORE. It wasn't mentioned anywhere in the three of Dunk&Egg novels, not in TWOIAF, and not in ASOIAF's books, whenever the "past" Bloodraven (before his "wedding" to a tree) was mentioned there. Also there are zero indications that the Blackwoods, any of them, ever were skinchangers. Alysanne Blackwood, Betha Blackwood and her five half-Targaryen children, no mentioning about Melantha Blackwood's two half-Stark children being skinchangers. None of these Blackwoods are/were skinchangers: More than 10 people, and not even a single skinchanger amongst them. Also, there was no skinchangers even amongst the historical Blackwoods, none. The Blackwoods have nothing to do with the skinchanging abilities. Just because they build their castle near the tree, that thousand years ago used to be the "Wi-Fi-router" of the Weirwood-Network (before the Children relocated to the area that later became Winterfell, and later relocated even further north - to the area beyong The Wall), doesn't mean that they were somehow connected to that tree. The Blackwoods originally were living in The North, and they relocated to the Riverlands and build there a Raventree Hall, after the First Long Night. At the time of the Long Night, the "heart" (or brain?) of the Weirwood-Network was in The North. The Last Hero went there and made a Pact with the Children. He build Winterfell around that tree, to the roots of which were connected their greenseers. And then the Children that were not connected, went further north, into the Lands of Always Winter, created there a new cave and a new heart of the Weirwood-Network. And those that they were using before - the one at Riverlands and the one at Winterfell, died. After the Long Night ended, the Starks became Kings of Winter. They fought with the Blackwoods, and the Blackwoods had to depart from The North, relocated to the Riverlands, and build their castle near that giant weirwood tree. Though by that time the tree at the Riverlands, and the Children/greenseers that were in the underground cave under that tree, connected to its roots, were already all dead. Eventually the Starks also stopped feeding their tree with blood, and the Children/greenseers that were connected to the roots of that tree, also all died. The cave in which all their bodies are, is on the deepest level of Winterfell's crypts. That's why there was always supposed to be a Stark present at Winterfell. That was necessary while the heart of the Weirwood-Network at Winterfell was still alive. So the Blackwoods are not skinchangers, and Bloodraven didn't got any skinchanging genes from his mother. Maybe he did got some from his father, because his paternal grandmother and great-grandmother both were skinchangers (Johanna Swann and Larra Rogare). Though aside from Larra/Serenei, who was a cat-skinchanger, and whose mother - Johanna Swann, also was a cat-skinchanger, there is no other cases in which a child was born with skinchanging abilities, when he/she had only one parent who was a carrier of the skinchanging genes. Aegon IV - Bloodraven's father, obviously was a carrier, because he passed those genes to Jeyne Lothston, the Bastard of Harrenhal (Manfred Lothston), Mya Rivers and maybe both of her siblings including Bloodraven, Daenerys Targaryen, the three Otheryses, Viserys Plumm, Daemon Blackfyre, and Shiera Seastar. And out of all of his children only Shiera and Manfred are/were skinchangers. That's because Shiera's mother - Serenei/Larra, and Manfred's mother - Jeyne Lothston, also were carriers. So in case with those two people, in Manfred's case both of his parents were recessive carriers, and in case with Shiera - her father was a recessive carrier, and her mother was a skinchanger. And in case with Serenei/Larra herself - her mother was a skinchanger, and her father wasn't, also he wasn't even a recessive carrier. The Stark children, Jon and Shiera Seastar are skinchangers because they are descendants of Johanna Swann, and thru her are descendants of the Tiwer-woman (fifth wife of Azor Ahai, whose son founded House Swann). There are numerous elements in the books, based on which I build this theory. And there's zero indications in the books that being a Blackwood has anything to do with skinchanging/warging. And there's no indications that Bloodraven was ever able to skinchange, BEFORE he got "wedded to a tree". The skinchangers are BORN, and Bloodraven GAINED this ability already AFTER he BECAME a greenseer. And this thread is about bloodlines, about characters who were BORN with an abilitiy, not about magical procedures in result of which characters GAINED magical abilities. Those procedures could be performed on anyone, no matter what is the House of their origin and whatever is their bloodline.
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