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  1. I think that Bloodraven killing Aenys had something to do with Shiera Seastar. Maybe Bloodraven was aware that Shiera had some sort of plans concerning Aenys, but he misinterpreted her intentions, and thought that Shiera wants to hook up with Aenys. So he killed Aenys out of jealosy, or to stop Shiera from doing whatever she was planning to do. Though, despite Bloodraven's intervention, what was supposed to happen, still happened. Shiera wasn't interested in Aenys, she had in her sight Aenys' unborn yet grandson - Barristan Selmy (a son of Aenys' daughter), who will play an important role in the Second Long Night. They - Bloodraven, Shiera, and Barristan seems to be GRRM's paralleles to wizard Merlin, his lover - Lady of the Lake, and the Lady's protege - Lancelot du Lac (one of King Arthur's knights). I wrote more on this topic here: Swan Song part 8/16. The real cause of the Fourth Blackfyre Rebellion and in sections "What happened to the Wizard?" and "From Dolorous to Joyous" here: Swan Song part 4/16. Shiera Seastar - a cat, a shadow, and a lying crow So I think that there definitely was some sort of hidden motive why Bloodraven killed Aenys. It was done to either stop Shiera, or the opposite - maybe Bloodraven wasn't intending to kill Aenys, when he promised him a safe passage into KL. But then Shiera told to Bloodraven that she had a vision in which Aenys caused some sort of serious harm to the Targaryens or to the 7K. And thus she was the one who urged Bloodraven to kill Aenys. That way she orchestrated the encounter between young Lyonel Selmy (who was possibly squiring for Lord Swann) and one of Aenys' daughters, that was left with the rest of Aenys' family at the Stonehelm - a castle of House Swann, to whom the Blackfyres were bloodrelated thru the Black Swan of Lys - Johanna Swann, who, in my opinion, was the mother of Larra Rogare, and thus was a great-grandmother of Daemon I Blackfyre. Barristan Selmy, since he turned 10 years old, was squiring for Lord Swann. So could be that before Barristan, his father also was squiring at Stonehelm, or serving as a House knight to the Swanns. And that's how his parents met. So when Aenys' daughter either became pregnant, or already after she gave birth to her twin-sons - Barristan and Daemon the Unnumbered Blackfyre, she had sent a message to the rest of the Blackfyres who lived at Tyrosh. And afterwards Bittersteel created the Golden Company, to bring them to the 7K to fight against the Targaryens. In my opinion, amongst those people who were Blackfyre-loyalists, and went with Bittersteel across the Narrow Sea, after their loss in the First Blackfyre Rebellion, was Viserys Plumm - half-brother of Daemon and Bittersteel. So when Bittersteel needed 10.000 horses for the newly-created Golden Company, Viserys Plumm married one of his daughters to a Dothraki Khal, same as many years later did another Viserys, by marrying Dany off to Drogo, in exchange for 10.000 Dothraki warriors (Dany is a Princess, while Viserys Plumm's daughter wasn't, so Dany had a higher "market value"). And that woman - Plumm's daughter, she was a great-grandmother of Khal Drogo, so thru her Rhaego is a Targaryen not only on his mother's side, but also on his father's side. So as you can see - if Bloodraven didn't executed Aenys, then there would have been no Rhaego, who is one of the three heads of the dragon, and without whom the people would have been unable to defeat the Others. So Aenys' execution, however unjust it seemed to be, actually resulted in the greater good - thanks to Aenys' death was created Golden Company, and to provide it with horses, a dragonseed-girl (Visery's daughter) married with a Dothraki, which eventually resulted in the birth of the Stallion who Mounts the World. And Barristan Selmy is the father of fAegon - a guy who brought Golden Company to the 7K for the Sixth Blackfyre Rebellion. So Rhaego will play in the series the role of Jesus, and fAegon will be his antipode - a false Messiah - Antichrist. And that way, thru Aenys' execution, GRRM brought on board all those players, and binded them together with the threads of Fate. P.S. I'm the only reader who actually understand (at least partially better than all the other readers) what GRRM wrote in his books, so it seems that he wrote ASOIAF specifically for me. Just kidding. Edit: I kind of forgot that the Golden Company had already existed even prior Aenys' execution. It was created in 219 AC, when the Blackfyres found out that Daemon II died at the 7K, while he was kept as a hostage by the Targaryens. So it was Daemon's death that created the Golden Company, not Aenys' execution. So even without Aenys' death, the Golden Company would have still existed, though there would have been no fAegon to bring them back to the 7K. Because fAegon's father - Barristan Selmy, wouldn't have been born, if Bloodraven didn't executed Aenys. Then Aenys' daughter wouldn't have been stuck at Stonehelm, where she met Lyonel Selmy - Barri's father. Also, if Barristan didn't existed, then he wouldn't have killed Maelys the Monstrous, whose children are Serra and Varys. So if Varys' father wasn't killed by Barristan, then Varys and Serra wouldn't have ended up being sold into slavery by the Silvertongue. Also - Serra would have never met Illyrio, and the Golden Company would have been under Varys' leadership. Only instead of being just their mastermind, like he is now, he would have been their military commander. And with him living a totally different life, he wouldn't have went to the 7K, as he did, to become there a master of whisperers for King Aerys, and thus it would have been a completely different story, compared to what the ASOIAF is now.
  2. @Mithras, I just thought that you could be interested in reading this theory, considering that you wrote a breakdown of Dunk's Trial in one of your earlier threads. I have read that thread - https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/114220-breakdown-of-dunks-trial-by-seven-was-maekar-a-kinslayer/ and I think that your breakdown was right until this point -> "After The First Tilt ... Ser Lyonel, Ser Robyn, Prince Baelor were standing unharmed in Team Dunk. Ser Willem and Ser Donnel were standing unharmed in Team Aerion." Starting from this point, this is what happened next -> Donnel sneaked up on Willem and incapacitated him. So here (what you wrote): "So, Team Dunk now suffered the numerical disadvantage. Two KG (Ser Roland and Ser Willem) descended on Ser Lyonel. Prince Baelor tried to defend Ser Lyonel and take out another KG. At the same time, Prince Maekar was trying to beat Prince Baelor with his mace and successfully landing him a lot of blows as the helm, shield and armor of Prince Baelor suggested in the end. I think the skull cracking blow came at this stage." <- this part didn't happened. In the first tilt Roland was unhorsed by Lyonel, and afterwards pretended that he is unconsciousness. So Maekar and Lyonel teamed up against Baelor, <- and this part was depicted in the books. Though Maekar didn't delivered to his brother that blow that killed Baelor. Instead it happened later, and the blow was delivered not by Maekar, and not during the trial, but already after it ended. So next part (what you wrote): "The End One of the Kingsguard [ser Roland] knights was carrying a wounded brother [ser Willem] from the field. They both looked alike in their white armor and white cloaks. The third of the white knights [ser Donnel] was down, and the Laughing Storm had joined Prince Baelor against Prince Maekar. “Has anyone died?” “Beesbury,” Raymun said. “Slain by Donnel of Duskendale in the first charge. Ser Humfrey is gravely wounded as well. The rest of us are bruised and bloody, no more. Save for you.” “And them? The accusers?” “Ser Willem Wylde of the Kingsguard was carried from the field insensate, and I think I cracked a few of my cousin’s ribs. At least I hope so.” " <- Willem was carried off the field not by Roland Crakehall, but by Donnel of Duskendale (by whom he was sneakily attacked and taken out of the fight, despite both of them supposedly being on the same side (fighting for Aerion), but actually NOT). That third Kingsguard who was down, was Roland, he was unhorsed by Lyonel Baratheon, and thus this -> "The third of the white knights was down, and the Laughing Storm had joined Prince Baelor against Prince Maekar." When the fighting ended, Baelor called a maester to attend to his brother. Then, while Lyonel Baratheon and the maester were staying with Maekar, Baelor went to check what's wrong with Roland Crakehall, who was still laying on the ground, where he fell after Lyonel unhorsed him. When Baelor approached Roland, turned out that the guy isn't wounded, he got up, he was Ok. So then the two of them together went towards Dunk's group, because Baelor also wanted to check how is Dunk. At certain point between leaving from the group, gathered around wounded Maekar, and departing towards the group, gathered around wounded Dunk, Baelor took off his helm. He was walking towards Dunk's group, together with Roland Crackehall, and that's when Roland took his sword (or some other weapon) and hit Baelor's bare head. When Baelor fell, Roland took the helm, that fell out of Baelor's hands, placed it back on Baelor's head, and then just left the field. And no one saw this happening, because everyone's attention was drawn to Dunk's group, and to what was happening amongst the lords that were sitting at the stands, and where Prince Aerion was. Also, after the rain there was white fog everywhere, so Roland, who was wearing a Kingsguard's all-white attire, in those conditions was nearly invisible from afar. After Roland walked away, Baelor, despite his mortal head trauma and severe brain damage, managed to get up. And he sort of on autopilot continued doing what he was doing prior he was hit - he kept walking towards Dunk's group. And that's what GRRM showed to the readers - mortally wounded Baelor walking out of the fog, speaking with unnaturally sounding voice (because of his brain trauma), and Baelor being bothered by his helm (because he felt that something there is wrong (brain doesn't have pain sensors, so he wasn't in a lot of pain, and he didn't felt that piece of his skull actually got sliced off)), and being unable to take it off on his own, and his fingers becoming numb, and his movements uncoordinated, and his speach slurring and becoming incoherent, because his body was already shutting off/dying - he was "a dead man walking". And then Dunk's helpers took Baelor's helm off, and then piece of his skull, together with a part of his brain, fell off, after the helm was removed from his head, and stopped holding that piece together with the rest of the skull. And that's when Baelor died and fell. Baelor had received the head trauma that killed him, mere moments prior he got to Dunk's group. A minute or a couple of minutes prior to the scene of his death. Not all the way back during his confrontation with Maekar. Between the end of the fight (Baelor&Lyonel VS Maekar) and the scene of Baelor's death near Dunk's group, passed 10-20 minutes. So Baelor wouldn't have lived for that long, if he really received that trauma during his fight with Maekar. Furthermore, after the figting ended, Baelor was fine - he called a maester, he talked to Maekar and Lyonel, he made sure that Maekar is not seriously wounded, and only then he walked away from Maekar's group. If he was already mortally wounded thru all that, then someone would have noticed that something isn't right with him. With that kind of brain trauma, he wouldn't have been able to keep moving and talking like normally. Furthermore, head wounds bleed a lot, A LOT. So if Baelor was wounded still during his fight with Maekar, then, by the time when a maester came to attend Maekar's wounds, Baelor would have been drowning in his own blood. It would have filled his helm, and would have been pouring out of its nooks and crevices. He would have been bleeding like a pig. Though, considering that the rivulets of blood weren't yet gashing out of his helm, when he approached Dunk's group, it means that the trauma had occurred moments prior he approached Dunk's group. And afterwards, there was no rivulets of blood, because Baelor died, and his heart stopped beating, so the blood also stopped flowing. Corpses don't bleed, at least not much. Also, based on the nature of Baelor's trauma - his head being cleanly cut thru, with a piece of his skull being "sliced" off, it's obvious that, when he received that trauma, he wasn't wearing a helm. Otherwise piece of his helm also would have been sliced off, together with the piece of the skull that was under it. And then a section of his head would have just fallen off - the sliced off piece of helm, together with a piece of skull, and a piece of brain. But that's not what happened. And thus - he was not wearing a helm, when he was hit. And thus he was hit not during his fight with Maekar, thru all of which he was wearing a helm. So Maekar was not a kinslayer, and he really didn't remembered that deadly blow, delivered to his brother. Because how could he have remembered something that never happened? He's not the one who killed his brother. Instead Baelor died because in their entorage there were people that were double agents - hidden enemies of the Targaryens. Donnel of Duskendale had attacked his fellow Kingsguard - Willem Wylde, and Roland Crackehall had attacked and killed Baelor Breakspear, because the two of them were Faceless Men. There was at least one Faceless Man in every set of the Kingsguard, from the moment of its creation, with the very first FM-KG being Humfrey the Mummer. P.S. And this is also a hint: Baelor's helm was taken off by a man named Steely Pate. Thus he's the one who killed Baelor, by removing his helm, which was the only thing that held Baelor's skull together. And currently at the Citadel there's a fake Pate, who previously was Alchemist/Jaqen - a guy who in Prologue of AFFC killed the real Pate. So fPate at the Citadel, who is actually a Faceless Man, and a Steely Pate, who took off Baelor's helm <- this is a hint that Baelor also was killed by a Faceless Man (Roland Crackehall), same as the real Pate.
  3. Tycho Nestoris, who is not merely an envoy of the Iron Bank, but also a Faceless Man, is going to kill Justin. Then he will take his face, and will return to Stannis' camp. Maybe already with 20.000 sellswords, though those guys actually will be from the Force Bravo (Braavosi water-dancers) and the Faceless Men Guild. And additionally Tycho/Justin will take fArya as a hostage, to assure that Jon will abide to his agreement with the Iron Bank. That's because Tycho, despite being one of the FM, could not know that they already have the real Arya Stark under their control. That Syrio Forel/Jaqen had already sent her to Braavos to the Sealord/Arya's Kindly Man/the leader of the FM. So Justin isn't going to remain loyal, nor will he become a traitor. Because he will be dead. And that other Justin, who will replace him, definitely will betray Stannis, because he's an agent of the Sealord and the FM Guild.
  4. Not all diamonds are flawless. There are various grades of diamonds. "Diamond Clarity Grade Chart: FL (Flawless). Only about 2% of the world's diamonds fall into this category. IF (Internally Flawless). Tiny surface blemishes that are only visible under 10x magnification. VVS1 & VVS2 (Very Very Slightly Included). Very, very small inclusions that are hard to find under 10x magnification. They are only visible to trained professionals after intense searching. VS1 & VS2 (Very Slightly Included). Flaws are usually not visible to naked eye. SI1 & SI2 (Slightly Included). Flaws may be visible to naked eye. I1 (Included 1st Degree). Flaws are visible even to the casual observer." So this, in my opinion, how the two of them compared to each other: Rhaegar - a diamond of a VS1 or VS2 grade, with flaws that became visible only later in his life - in and after 281 AC, when he saw that his father was mentally unstable, and thus unfit to rule, but still did nothing to remove him from the Throne (remained a loyal son to his father and a loyal subject to his King. So him being too loyal, was actually one of his negative traits. For example - Jaime Lannister, despite being a Kingsguard, was not too loyal to Aerys. Not loyal enough to kill his own father, and to bring his head to Aerys, when he was ordered to do so by the King), and when he supposedly kidnapped Lyanna Stark - the deed which (in coupling with what his father did in aswer to what was done by Brandon Stark) inadvertedly caused the Rebellion; Robert - reinforced glass. Not a common type of glass, but still - not a diamond, or even a semiprecious stone. Same thing here: "Robert had so many negative personality traits, that he was a total failure as a human being." You can't make me believe that you admit he had any good qualities with such statement. He had a few good qualities, and a multitude of bad ones. So there was several "+" and many "-", thus the total sum of his personality had a "-" sign. Thus - total failure as a human being. That's because you can (if you'll want to, to) write extended praises of Robert's personality and his valiant actions on your own, even without my contribution. I don't have to list here what kind of good traits he had, because that list still will be shorter than the list of his negative traits. Also being generous (which is a good trait) with your friends and other peers, like Robert was, while wasting your parents' money or the crown's money (which turns his generosity into not so positive trait, same as was Rhaegar's overextensive loyalty), isn't equal in weights to such of his negative traits as his unfaithfulness to his wife, or his unresponsible treatment of his children (both the bastards and supposedly legitimate ones), or his tendency to just close his eyes on unjust and unlawfull things, just because he didn't wanted to be bothered with all those responsibilities that he gained after becoming the King, etc. The total sum is negative -> " - ", thus - no need to bother with a listing of his traits. In my opinion, Rickard wanted to marry his children to a Tully-girl and a Baratheon-boy, because them and Rickard's children were all bloodrelated thru the Targaryen-line. Either way - my point is that they were bloodrelated, and thru the Targaryen-line they were some sort of cousins. That's why they married - to keep together the blood of the dragons. For the same reason as Hoster married with Minisa Whent, he also wanted to marry one of his daughters to Brandon Stark - because the guy was also a partial dragonseed and his some sort of cousin thru the Targaryen-line. And Rickard Stark was intending to marry Lyanna to Robert Baratheon, because they were also some sort of cousins (fourth cousins, or something like that). And that's why Rickard thought that those marriages were a good idea. Thus Rickard and Hoster with those marriages between their children weren't plotting some sort of coup or a treason, they were just keeping together the blood of the dragons - same thing as the Targaryens did. They were just marrying with their relatives, and there was nothing more to it, no hidden meaning or malicious intents.
  5. No. But. -> Oswell Whent and Gerold Hightower were the FM. That's who killed Arthur Dayne, the Sword of the Morning, Azor Ahai's descendant and the best swordsman in the world. If Jon was at the Tower of Joy, during Ned's confrontation with the three Kingsguards, then that was because the two of them (those that were FM) were intending to take baby-Jon to Braavos (he was born at Starfall, and then they took him and a wet-nurse Wylla from there, but left the dying Lyanna behind), for him to hatch those three dragon eggs that the Braavosi had. The FM were intending to do the same thing when one of them - a Kingsguard Rickard Thorne, in 130 AC kidnapped Maelor Targaryen - little son of Aegon II. In Aerys' Kingsguard three out of seven were also FM - Jonothor Darry in addition to the other two, Whent and Hightower. Jonothor was staying with Aerys for the most part of the Robert's Rebellion, and on the night of Dany's conception poisoned Aerys with basilisk blood, that's why the King was berserking and biting his wife, when he raped her. So the FM are aware of Jon's real parentage, because two of them were present at the time of his birth. And Oswell was with Rhaegar during Lyanna's supposed kidnapping, and near Lyanna thru the following 9 months. So he had plenty of time and opportunities to send a message to his comrades and to inform them, and thru them his boss - the Sealord, about what was going on. Also, if I remember correctly, when Rhaegar supposedly kidnapped Lyanna, with him were 6 other people, so 4 more aside from Arthur and Oswell. In my opinion, those 4 others possibly were: 1. Ashara Dayne, her boyfriend - 2. Howland Reed (to act as a guide who will lead them onto the Isle of Faces, where then was performed a double wedding ceremony), 3. Shiera Seastar (possibly disguised as a septa, same as she was during Barristan Selmy's confrontation with the Kingswood Brotherhood, and saved Jeyne Swann, who then seduced Barristan after slipping to him a love potion, provided to her by Shiera, who was posing as Jeyne's septa. Shiera possibly was with Rhaegar to perfom the wedding ceremony in the faith of the Seven) and 4. maester Marwyn (who later was asisting Lyanna during Jon's birth. Same as he was assisting Queen Rhaella with Dany's birth, and Dany with Rhaego's birth). Casting my speculative theories aside - Howland Reed does know that Jon is a Targaryen. So you're wrong that nobody knows.
  6. Spite - grudge, hostility, ill will, dislike, anger, enmity, envy, jealousy. Being spiteful or doing something out of spite - acting based on negative feelings towards specific person or subject. Robert had a valid cause to hate Rhaegar, because he supposedly thought that Rhaegar supposedly kidnapped and raped Robert's fiancee. Though Robert had no rational reasons to hate or feel animosity towards all the other Targaryens, just because of what one of them supposedly did. He didn't had a basis/reason/cause to hate all the other Targaryens, aside from Rhaegar, and nevertheless he did, because that's what kind of personality he had - spiteful. He hated all of them by assossiation, so none of them actually had to do anything to deserve hatred from Robert, he hated them just because, thru assossiation with Rhaegar. And that kind of irrational unjust treatment of other people, is done by those people who have spiteful personalities, like Robert did. Concerning Stannis - do you think that Robert, ending up in Stannis' bed on the night of his wedding with Selyse, was accidental, and not done on purpose? Robert had his own chamber, it's reasonable that he didn't brought Delena into his own room, if he shared that room with Cersei. Though he could have went into Delena's room, or to any other out of dozens rooms with beds, that were available in that huge castle. But no, he went into the Master Bedroom, which prior becoming Stannis' room, used to be Prince Rhaegar's room. So Robert did what he did, specifically in that room, not merely because he wanted to spite Stannis with this gesture. More like he wanted to defile what used to be Rhaegar's marital bed, like Rhaegar supposedly defiled Robert's fiancee. Payback. To a dead person. Out of spite. Though he did also wanted to spite Stannis too, because he on purpose had chosen, as his sex-partner for that night, the cousin of Stannis' bride. He could have picked any other woman, but he picked Delena, to spite Stannis. The woman with whom, and the place where, weren't accidental, they were picked intentionally. To spite long-dead Rhaegar, and to spite Stannis. You know, just because Robert killed Rhaegar on that battlefield, doesn't mean that Robert was better at martial arts or leadership. Rhaegar lost because he was doomed from the very beginning. He was destined to die on that battlefield. (Here goes my theory ) I know what you'll say - what I wrote is a bad faith and fanfiction. Ok. That's your opinion. By the way, did you came on this thread to express your opinion about the topic raised here, which is - the state of the relationship between Baratheons and Targaryens prior to the tourney of Harrenhal, or just to nag me? You already did the second one, so how about doing the first one too? You didn't even wrote what are your own thoughts on this topic, you just started to criticize mine. Back on topic - Dany conquered the Slaver's Bay. Does that mean that she was better at martial arts and army leadership than were the Great Masters? I don't think so. She won, merely because it was Fate, same as it was Fate for Rhaegar to die then and there. Also, I never ever wrote that Rhaegar was a perfect sinless divine being, without any flaws, who never did anything wrong, or never made any mistakes. And neither did I wrote that Robert didn't had any good qualities. Because everyone do have both bad and good qualities, even villains. For example - one of Ramsey Snow's good qualities/strong sides is that he is purposeful and persistant - he knows what he wants, and he does what is necessary to achieve his goals. So obviously that Robert also had good sides to his personality, it's just that, in my opinion, his numerous flaws greatly outweighted those good traits. And because one of Robert's negative personality traits was spitefulness, it's likely that if he ever had some sort of confrontation, disput, rivalry, or competition against Rhaegar, and lost to him, in Robert's case that alone would have been enough to have a long-lasting grudge against Rhaegar, even before the events that had occurred later at Harrenhal.
  7. Tycho never ever talked or met with Cersei, the Iron Bank had sent to King's Landing a different agent - Noho Dimittis. Which means that Tycho went to Stannis to negotiate with him the return of the Iron Throne's debt to the IB, and that Noho was sent to try for the last time to make the Lannisters-Baratheons to pay, and if they don't - to kill Tommen. Noho didn't went to KL to negotiate, he went there to give a final warning, and then to act, if that warning won't be heeded. The thing is - just think about it - the IB didn't had to send an envoy to Cersei/Tommen/Kevan/etc., just to remind them that the Crown owns money to the IB, and that they haven't been paying % that they were supposed to pay. Because they - the representatives of the Crown, are well aware of it, even without any reminders. The payments of % stopped after Robert's death, or maybe even some time before it, so at least since late 298, and now it's the middle of 300. So Joffrey and then Tommen haven't been paying % of what they own to the IB, for at least 18 months. So the IB are well aware that the Lannisters-Baratheons are not going to pay, and that's why they sent Tycho Nestoris to Stannis - to negotiate with him the return of the money that the Crown owns to the IB, and Noho was sent to KL to kill those who refused to pay up - Tommen, as the "representative" of those people. And Tycho made with Jon a deal very favourable for the IB - he made Jon indebted to the IB (and the Faceless Men Guild, and the Sealord of Braavos). The IB/FM know who Jon really is, and that he is at The Wall (that's what Jaqen/Syrio Forel - the First Sword of Braavos/personal bodyguard and second-in-command of the Sealord, was doing at the Red Keep. From the Black Cells to the Hand's Tower leads a secret passage, using which Tyrion killed Tywin, and Jaqen went thru Ned's papers, when Ned was the King's Hand. And now Jaqen/Alchemist/fPate is at the Citadel, probably searching there for Lyanna's wedding certificate, or Jon's birth certificate), and they know that Jon will become a dragonrider (they know this from the prophecy, and because the current Sealord and his relatives are dragonseeds - descendants of Aegon IV and Bellegere Otherys - a granddaughter of the Sealord of Braavos. So one of them is a dragondreamer (the current Black Pearl of Braavos), like Daenys the Dreamer was, and one of them is a cat-skinchanger (the current Sealord of Braavos/Arya's Kindly Man/the leader of the FM, Jaqen's/Syrio's boss), like was Aegon's mother - Larra Rogare. And Arya is also a cat-skinchanger, because she is also a descendant of Larra and Aegon, thru Aegon's bastards - on her father's side (Ned's) thru Mya Rivers (Bloodraven's sister and the mother of Melantha Blackwood - paternal grandmother of Rickard Stark) and on her mother's side (Catelyn's) thru the Bastard of Harrenhal/the founder of House Whent - Minisa Whent's paternal grandfather (Minisa was Hoster Tully's wife and the mother of Catelyn, Lysa and Edmure). So later they can ask Jon to give them a dragon egg (or even a little baby-dragon), layed by Jon's dragon - Viserion (because Viserion, same as Rhaegal, is a girl, and Drogon is a boy. That's why even Drogon's egg was bigger than the other two, and why Drogon was always bigger than his "sisters"). So thru the deal with Jon, the Braavosi will finally get their own dragon - the feat that they were unsuccessfully trying to accomplish for the past 246 years, since 54 AC, when Elissa Farman brought to Braavos those three dragons eggs from which eventually hatched Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal. Also, this -> https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Tycho_Nestoris#The_Winds_of_Winter "Tycho is brought before Stannis, and the two sign an agreement, with Stannis acknowledging the Iron Throne's debt to the Iron Bank and Tycho agreeing to loans to Stannis. Stannis has Ser Justin Massey escort Tycho and "Arya Stark" back to the Wall. Afterwards, Justin is to accompany Tycho back to Braavos.[3]" Tycho won't go back to Braavos, instead he will kill Justin Massey, and then will return to Stannis' camp in Justin's "skin". So, how does the IB get its money back? -> they send to non-payers people like Noho Dimittis - to deliver the final warning, and then to assassinate the non-payer.
  8. "I will kill every Targaryen I can get my hands on, until they are as dead as their dragons, and then I will piss on their graves." - Robert, AGOT, Ned II. Not spiteful Yeah, right. Robert has been defeated by Barristan, not Rhaegar. They didn't face each other at this tourney. Rhaegar defeated Robert's father, and Robert himself was defeated by a guy from Rhaegar's retinue (Barri). So the total outcome was - Targaryens VS Baratheons - 2:0. So Rhaegar (the visitor) won and Robert (the host) lost. There was the original Queen of Love and Beauty at that tournament, same how it was at any other tournament, and if the visitor wins in the tournament, he takes the crown from the host's Queen, and gives it to a different woman/girl - the "Queen" of his choosing. Probably the original "Queen" was Cassana, and Rhaegar, by defeating Steffon, deprived him of the opportunity to defend the "crown", and for Cassana to retain it. Then Barristan defeated Robert, and he also was unable keep the "Queen's crown" for his mother. So in the end the crown was taken from Cassana, the hostess of the tournament, and was given to some other woman, and it was the fault of Rhaegar and his man - Barristan. Visitors VS Hosts - 2:0. [Edit: by the end of this post I found additional info, based on which I came to conclusion that the champion of that tournament possibly was not Barristan, and that Barristan maybe didn't even participated, and Robert that time also didn't participated, and maybe also wasn't even a knight yet. Instead Barristan defeated Robert during the second tournament.] So it's actually not relevant whether Rhaegar and Robert fought against each other during that tournament, or not, because either way Robert's mother ended being not the Queen of Love and Beauty of that tournament, and it was Robert's defeat, and partially it was Rhaegar's doing. There was no such tournament. There was two tournaments held at Storm's End, both prior to the tournament at Harrenhal. One of them was held while Steffon was still alive, because on that tournament he was defeated by Rhaegar. The second tournament had occurred already after Steffon's death, because Robert, who participated in that tournament and was defeated by Barristan, was at that time referred to as - Lord Robert Baratheon, and the tournament in which he participated was called Lord Steffon's Tourney, and on that tournament Rhaegar defeated Simon Toyne (which means that that tournament had occurred prior to Barristan's confrontation with the Kingswood Brotherhood, which had occurred in early 281 AC). The first of those tournaments had occurred in or shortly prior to 278, and the second was held some time after Steffon's death. Robert participated in both of those tournaments [Edit: only in the second], in jousting, so he was already a knight at that point. He was born in 262, so in 278 he was 15-16 years old. He wasn't known as the youngest ever knight of the 7K, and it wasn't even noted that he was the same as Jaime, who was knighted while aged 15. Which means that Robert was knighted when he was older than Jaime at the time of Jaime's knighting, thus - 16 [Edit: or older, after 278 AC]. Thus that first tournament couldn't have occurred earlier than in 278 AC, otherwise Robert wouldn't have been able to participate in it, because when he was younger than 16, he wasn't a knight yet. And it couldn't have occurred later than in 278 AC, because Steffon Baratheon participated in that tournament and was defeated by Rhaegar, and then Steffon died later in 278. There was two tournaments, and the second of them was called "Lord Steffon's Tourney", and Steffon himself at that time was already dead, because at that tournament Robert was referred to as a Lord. Steffon was dead, and Robert was the Lord of Stormlands, and that tournament was called "Lord Steffon's Tourney". So what else could it have been, if not Robert's attempt to honor his deceased father? So there was a tournament like that. There was. Look here: https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Tourney_at_Storm's_End "Contradictions Lord Steffon Baratheon was sent on a mission to Essos in 278 AC, but he died during the return voyage.[3] The tourney he hosted thus must have occurred by 278 AC at the latest. Barristan states that Rhaegar Targaryen defeated Simon Toyne during the tourney,[1] but Barristan's White Book entry lists the tourney as occurring after the defeat of the Kingswood Brotherhood (during which Barristan killed Simon) and before the Battle of the Trident.[2] In the White Book entry, written by Ser Gerold Hightower (as he was the Lord Commander), the tourney is called "Lord Steffon's Tourney". The chronology of the entry would place the tourney years after Steffon's death, which is suggested as well by naming Robert Baratheon by the title of "Lord", as Robert became the Lord of Storm's End after Steffon's death, and possibly the fact that Jon Connington was described as "Lord" as well, while it is known that Connington (exiled during Robert's Rebellion, ruled Griffin's Roost as Lord only for a few short years.[4] When the discrepancy was brought to his attention, George R. R. Martin stated that Barristan's recollection of Simon's participation is incorrect and that the aged knight is confusing multiple historical tourneys.[5] It seems therefore likely that Barristan mixed up multiple tourney's at Storm's End in his mind, one hosted by Lord Steffon before his death, and one hosted by Robert after Steffon's death." There was definitely two separate tournaments held at Storm's End, one shortly prior to Steffon's death, and one some time after his death. Ignore for a moment what is written in that entry from Wikia, and what GRRM said about Simon, because that information is irrelevant for this topic. What I mean is (whether Barri had mixed up several tournamets, and whether Simon participated or not, doesn't in any way influence the fact that there was indeed two tournaments, both held at Storm's End, not one) - let's look only at the direct infromation from the books: ASOS, Dany IV, chapter 42: “When he was young, His Grace rode brilliantly in a tourney at Storm’s End, defeating Lord Steffon Baratheon, Lord Jason Mallister, the Red Viper of Dorne, and a mystery knight who proved to be the infamous Simon Toyne, chief of the kingswood outlaws. He broke twelve lances against Ser Arthur Dayne that day.” “Was he the champion, then?” “No, Your Grace. That honor went to another knight of the Kingsguard, who unhorsed Prince Rhaegar in the final tilt.” ASOS, Jaime VIII, chapter 67: "Sole champion of Lord Steffon’s tourney at Storm’s End, whereat he unhorsed Lord Robert Baratheon, Prince Oberyn Martell, Lord Leyton Hightower, Lord Jon Connington, Lord Jason Mallister, and Prince Rhaegar Targaryen." In the tournament described by Barristan, Jason Mallister and Oberyn Martell were defeated by Rhaegar. The tournament is the game of elimination. Those who are defeated can't keep participating, they are removed from the ranks, those are the rules of tournaments. In the tournament, recorded in Barristna's entry in the White Book, amongst those people that were defeated by Barristan, were Jason Mallister and Oberyn Martell. Which means that it was a different tournament, not the one during which those two guys were defeated by Rhaegar. Barristan could have been confused and forgotten against whom Rhaegar fought in that tournament about which Barri told Dany, he could have been mistaken whether Rhaegar that time had fought against Simon Toyne or not, but he couldn't have confused/misremembered all of Rhaegar's opponents. "He broke twelve lances against Ser Arthur Dayne that day.” “Was he the champion, then?” “No, Your Grace. That honor went to another knight of the Kingsguard, who unhorsed Prince Rhaegar in the final tilt.” It is only assumed by the readers, that the Kingsguard who unhorsed Rhaegar in the final tilt of that tournament, was Barristan. During that tournament Rhaegar defeated Lord Steffon Baratheon, Lord Jason Mallister, and the Red Viper of Dorne. And during the tournament recorded in Barri's entry in the White Book, Jason Mallister and Oberyn Martell were defeated by Barristan, while Steffon Barathgeon was already dead, because Barristan in that tournament had also defeated Lord Robert Baratheon, and then he was called - "Sole champion of Lord Steffon’s tourney at Storm’s End whereat he unhorsed Lord Robert Baratheon". And because Jason Mallister and Oberyn Martell couldn't have been defeated twice in the span of the same tournament, because that's not how tournaments are held, it means that there was two tournaments, both held at Storm's End. During the earlier one Steffon Baratheon was still alive, and on that tournament him, and Jason Mallister, and Oberyn Martell were defeated by Rhaegar. And because there is no record about that first tournament in Barristan's entry in the White Book, it appears that Barristan didn't even participated in that tournament, he participated only in the later one, in Steffon's Tourney where he defeated Lord Robert Baratheon. So yes, my mistake there - during that first tournament, the Kingsguard who became the champion was not Barristan, though this doesn't change the fact that Rhaegar defeated Robert's father, and then one of the Kingsguards became the champion, so the resulting score was still 2:0 - Visitors VS Hosts, and that the Targaryen-side was the victor and the Baratheon-side was the loser. Which also means that maybe during that first tournament held at Storm's End, the one in which Rhaegar defeated Steffon, Robert at that time didn't participated, because maybe at that time he wasn't yet a knight. So the minor details changed a bit, but the general outline is still the same - on the first tournament Rhaegar defeated Robert's father, and on the next tournament, which was called "Lord Steffon’s tourney", and during which Steffon was already dead, his successor - Lord Robert Baratheon, was defeated by a guy from Prince Rhaegar's retinue - Barristan Selmy. So the score during the first tournament was Rhaegar VS Steffon - 1:0, the champion a Kingsguard VS Rhaegar - 1:0; and as result the crown was taken from Cassana and given to some other woman, maybe to Elia, if that Kingsguard was Lewyn Martell. And during the second tournament the score was Barristan VS Robert - 1:0. So Robert's family both times lost to the Targaryen side. Did he not lost 6 million golden dragons and made the 7K hugely indebted? Was he not a serial cheater, who had 16 bastards on the side? Didn't he cheated on his fiancee while he supposedly believed that she was kidnapped, and he was making babies with the whores from the Stoney Sept, where he conceived Bella? Didn't he said - "He remembered the angry words they had exchanged when Tywin Lannister had presented Robert with the corpses of Rhaegar’s wife and children as a token of fealty. Ned had named that murder; Robert called it war. When he had protested that the young prince and princess were no more than babes, his new-made king had replied, “I see no babes. Only dragonspawn.”" and "I will kill every Targaryen I can get my hands on, until they are as dead as their dragons, and then I will piss on their graves."? I'm not making him to look worse than he really was, furthermore - I'm not making him to look in any way - worse or better. He was what he was. Yes, you did. It's just too bothersome to explain that Robert's gesture was only looking like generosity, while actually it was not as generous as it appeared to be. What GRRM said - Robert could have kept both titles for himself and then gave them to his children, and made Joffrey the Prince of Dragonstone and Tommen the Lord of Stormlands, instead he gave them to his brothers. But that's not exactly what he did. Not exactly. Read again exactly what GRRM said: "The Targaryen heir apparent had always been titled Prince of Dragonstone. By making Stannis the Lord of Dragonstone, Robert affirmed his brother's status as heir (which he was, until Joff's birth a few years later). Robert could just as lawfully retained both castles for his sons, and made Joffrey the Prince of Dragonstone and Tommen the Lord of Storm's End. Giving them to his brothers instead was another instance of his great, but rather careless, generosity." The Targaryen heir apparent had always been titled the Prince of Dragonstone. "By making Stannis the Lord of Dragonstone". "Robert could just as lawfully retained both castles for his sons, and made Joffrey the Prince of Dragonstone". Do you see the implication? Lord of Dragonstone is not the heir apparent of the Iron Throne, not the heir apparent of King Robert Baratheon. That's why Robert didn't took the title away from Stannis, after Joffrey was born. Because giving that title to Stannis didn't meant that Robert had permanently appointed Stannis as his heir. That gesture made Stannis Robert's temporal heir, only until Joffrey's birth. And then the status of the heir became void, but the title remained being Stannis'. Because the title itself for the Baratheon dynasty didn't had the same meaning as it did for the Targaryen dynasty. Lord, not Prince. Whenever the Targaryen King had a new heir apparent, that heir was given the title - Prince/Princess of Dragonstone, and the title was taken from the previous helder and given to the new one. https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Prince_of_Dragonstone#Known_Princes_and_Princesses_of_Dragonstone For example, during the reign of Aerys I, his heirs apparent and Princes/Princesses of Dragonstone one after the other were - Rhaegel, Aelor, Aelora, Maekar. During Egg's reign - Duncan the Small, Jaehaerys. Etc. So Robert did gave Dragonstone to Stannis, only the island, not the heir's status, not a status of the permanent heir. So Stannis for a few years, actually less than two - until Joffrey's birth in 286, was Robert's heir apparent, and then he wasn't. So all that Robert had actually permanently given to Stannis is the title - Lord of Dragonstone, which gave his brother the reign over that one island, and nothing more. While to Renly he gave Stormlands. And in my opinion, this gesture was done to spite Stannis, to punish him for failing to deliver to Robert the corpses of the Targaryens, after whom Robert had sent Stannis to Dragonstone in 284 AC. Yes, GRRM said that Robert didn't necessarily intended for that gesture to be slight. He did it because of his great, but rather careless, generosity. He gave to Stannis a title of the ruler of the Dragonstone island. Only the island, not what was the implications of that title for the Targaryen dynasty. When Robert died, people of the 7K didn't made Stannis their new King, despite him hodling the title the Lord of Dragonstone. Lord, not a Prince. So if Robert didn't gave that title to Stannis, he could have retained it for his future son and instead could have given to Stannis, as the next in line of the Baratheon succession, the title - Lord of Stormlands, and appointed him the Lord of an entire Kingdom, 1 out of 7 Kingsdoms of Westeros. And instead, by giving to Stannis the title of the Lord of Dragonstone, he cut him out from the line of the Baratheon succession of the House Baratheon of Stormlands. Instead there was created a new House - House Baratheon, Lords of Dragonstone. And to be a ruler of Stormlands is a more favourable position, than to be the Lord of Dragonstone. Which is one small desolate island in the middle of the smormy bay, with nothing valuable on it. If that title is not a title of the heir apparent of the Iron Throne, then that title is not something desirable, at least not something as valuable as the title of the Lord of Stormlands. Stannis thinks that Robert appointed him as the Lord of Dragonstone, to slight him. And Cersei thinks so too. So it doesn't actually matter what exactly Robert meant by that gesture. Because his intentions and the consequences of his decisions are two different things. As a consequence of his decision - Renly and his supporters claimed that, as Robert's successor of the Baratheon line of Stormlands, Renly is also Robert's successor in the line for the Throne, and that Stannis, having the title Lord of Dragonstone, doesn't make him the heir apparent of the Iron Throne, because the title Lord of Dragonstone is not the same thing as the title the Prince of Dragonstone. Didn't Robert knew that after the birth of his own son, the title that he gave to Stannis will become "void", in a sense that he will stop being Robert's heir and will be merely a Lord of a desolate rock in the middle of nowhere? He knew. So there's that. He did it to punish Stannis. Stannis failed to give him the Targaryens, he gave Robert only an empty rock, so that's what Robert also gave to Stannis, as his "reward".
  9. I think so. I'm pretty sure about this. I think that Patchface is a fake identity, same as was Jaqen, and that Noho could be Noho, it could be his real face and identity, though he is simultaneously an agent of the Iron Bank and the agent of the Faceless Men Guild. Because the IB and the House of Black and White are parts of the same organisation, which is ruled by the Sealord of Braavos. You can read more about this here: Iron Shell part 1/4. The hydra has three heads If Tommen will die falling out of the window, and Balerion the Cat will be involved in his death, which will look like an accident, but actually will be an assassination (because the current Sealord of Braavos/Arya's kindly man/the leader of the Faceless Men and the head of the Iron Bank, is a cat-skinchanger, and Balerion the Cat is one of his vessels), then you'll see that I was right. In my opinion the Iron Bank won't collapse, ever, because they are not merely a financial institution, they are a part of a religious cult, which had existed for thousands of years, and even outlived the Valyrian Dragonslords (probably the FM are also behind the Doom of Valyria). They control the economy of the entire world, so them not getting back a few million golden dragons, that the 7K owns them, won't in any way harm the IB.
  10. Tywin? Really? I don't doubt that Tywin would have been a very capable Hand. Though I doubt that he would have, as you phrased it - "run things" for Robert. He would have "run things" for himself, and if Robert let him near the Throne, it would have been only a matter of time, when Tywin would have offed Robert. That's why I said that Robert needed someone not only capable of serving as the King's Hand, but also someone who would have been truly on Robert's side, and wouldn't have been plotting their own things for their own benefits behind Robert's back. And Robert in the entire world had only two people like that - Jon Arryn and Ned Stark, because even Robert's own brothers would have acted in their own interests, and not for Robert's causes. I didn't ignored it. And if you're going to talk to me in this manner - then you can talk with yourself. Good.
  11. Because even if he had thoughts like that - that the Targaryens are guilty in the death of Robert's parents - it would have been stupid, even insane to voice those thoughts aloud. Because it's an irrational thinking, and people don't share with the others their irrational thoughts. Also, note that I don't say that Robert definitely blamed the Targaryens in his parents' death, and that was the main reason of his animosity towards Targaryens. I just say that he could have had those thoughts. Probably. That's not exactly correct. He did had to answer to Jon Arryn. Read my explanation below. Again, you're making things up. Robert was always wary and he only left them live because he thought they wouldn't be a threat to his rule, once they start becoming one, he worries again. Robert let them live not because he thought that they are not a threat to his rule, he always thought that they were a threat. Though he didn't killed them because Jon Arryn forbade him. Could be that Jon warned Robert, that if he will send assassins to kill the Targaryen-duo, then Jon will quit his post as the King's Hand, and what Robert would do then? Why do you think he had immediately went to The North, when Jon died? That's because he was incapable to rule on his own, because he was an idiot, too dumb to do all that Kingly stuff - duties, responsibilities, etc. He needed a smart guy, to whom he could have trusted, someone on his side, to do all the work that is supposed to be done by the King. And Jon Arryn was that guy. Without him Robert would have been unable to rule over the 7K. So when Jon gave him an ultimatum - leave those kids alone, or I will quit, - Robert had to agree, or to say goodbuy to his throne. Because without Jon, he would have been unable to hold it. Your words clash directly with Martin's own version of the events. Stannis never had such title. It was Robert's and Robert's only to give. Stannis was not Castellan of Dragonstone. He was Lord of Dragonstone. The title was in perpetuity. If you have this basic facts wrong because of your bias. There's little we can discuss so let's leave it at that. This is what GRRM said on that topic: https://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/The_Baratheon_Brothers/ Even when Robert was assigning that title to Stannis, it was obvious to him that Stannis will be his heir presumptive only for as long as Robert won't have a child with his wife. And, considering that Robert was fertile - he already had two or three children even before he got married with Cersei (Mya Stone, Peachy Bella and maybe also Gendry), it was just a matter of a year or two until Cersei would have had Robert's child. -> "On one occasion, early in her marriage, Cersei became pregnant by Robert. Unwilling to give birth to Robert's child, she sent Jaime out to find a woman to cleanse her.[29]" So when Joffrey was born, Stannis stopped being Robert's heir presumptive, despite him still carrying the title of the Lord of Dragonstone. So the title was meaningless, because it carried no weight behind it. And it was obvious to Robert, all those years ago, when he gave this title to Stannis, that in a few years this title will turn into nothing. He did it on purpose. Just look how GRRM phrased it - "Robert affirmed his brother's status as heir (which he was, until Joff's birth". Assigning this titul to Stannis was a perfect way how to spite him, while at the same time making his gesture to appear like a reward, given to Stannis for seizing Dragonstone for Robert. Without the death of the Targaryen children, Stannis' conquest of Dragonstone had no meaning, because the island itself was worthless. So Stannis, by seizing Dragonstone, had accomplished absolutely nothing for Robert. Thus Robert had paid him back with the same "false coin" - he gave Dragonstone and the title of its Lord to Stannis, and thus made Stannis his heir presumptive, though just for a short while, and then after he had a child, born in span of his marriage with Cersei, the title that he gave to Stannis, became void. So Stannis was left with a useless rock. Which is the same thing as he gave to Robert, after Robert sent him to seize Dragonstone and to kill the Targaryens that were there. So this was a perfect way to spite Stannis, while outwardly making it look as if though this title is a reward. He was that kind of person - two-faced, and a grump who harbored spites and grudges. Do you really think so? Don't you see that Robert Baratheon was a failure as a human being? -> he was a horrible brother, a horrible fiance, a horrible friend, a horrible husband, a horrible father, and a horrible King. So my description of the "poor Bobby" is not ruthless. He was more a walking catastrophe than a human being. And people with so many negative personality traits like him, will always find a reason, an excuse, to hate people who are better than them, like Robert hated Rhaegar. Robert just used Lyanna as an excuse to vent his anger on Rhaegar, he didn't really cared about Lyanna, and never loved her. I may be mistaken about this part, but as I see it, it seems likely that Robert actually had met Lyanna only once - during that tournament at Harrenhal. And, as you can see from Howland's description of those events, most of the tournament Lyanna was spending not with Robert, but near Howland, and then posing as the Knight of the Laughing Tree. So Robert barely knew Lyanna. And thus he couldn't have loved her, the real her, not an idealised image of Lyanna that Robert had created in his mind, especially after Lyanna's death. So she was just an excuse, using which Robert got rid of the Targaryens. In my opinion, Robert had resented Rhaegar, maybe even before they have actually met, on that tourney at Storm's End, held in 278, shortly prior to Steffon's departure to Volantis. I think that Robert frequently heard a lot of praises about Rhaegar, and thus was jealous of him. Then they met, and first thing that Rhaegar did, is defeated Robert on his first ever tournament, and thus shamed him at his own house. And then Robert's parents died, while returning from the assignment on which they went because of Rhaegar. And then, at the tournament held at Storm's End to honor the memory of Lord Steffon, Robert again was defeated by Rhaegar. And then, at the Harrenhal's tournament, Robert didn't even participated in the jousting, not to be defeated again by Rhaegar, like it was in the previous two tournaments in which they were opponents. Robert even made an excuse that he likes melees more than jousting, not to compete with Rhaegar again. And Rhaegar won in the tournament, became the champion and crowned Robert's fiancee as his Queen of Love and Beauty, and thus even more insulted Robert. And then Lyanna possibly sent a letter to Robert, informing him that she is leaving him to become Rhaegar's wife. And that was the final drop, which also finally gave Robert an excuse to vent out his long-harbored hatred towards the Targaryens. Prior to Lyanna's kidnapping, Rhaegar had trice spited Robert - 1. by defeating him on Robert's first tournament; 2. by defeating Robert on the tournament held by the Baratheons to honor their recently deceased father; 3. and Robert so didn't wanted to be defeated by Rhaegar a third time, that he didn't even participated in the jousting at the tournament at Harrenhal. But Rhaegar still managed to up him that time too, by winning in the tournament and crowning Robert's fiancee as the Queen of Love and Beauty.
  12. In everything? He was more goodlooking than Robert. And while the women were not against having a fling with Robert, for them Rhaegar was like an idol - worshiped. For example - compare what Cersei thought and said about Robert, and what she thought and said about Prince Rhaegar. She adored and idolised him. Rhaegar was more intelligent and more sofisticated than Robert. As I said - Robert was more like a pig, than like a Prince. Comparing them is the same as comparing a wild boar and an Arabian thoroughbred stallion. Or a domestic pig and a deer. They are in totally different ligues. Like glass and a diamond. Rhaegar was loved and highly respected by his peers. He was an honorable and a responsible person. While Robert was a two-faced liar, and a buffoon. Also - how many children did he had? How many women did he seduced, used, and then left? He didn't took responsibility for either of his children, not even Mya Stone. Robert had so many negative personality traits, that he was a total failure as a human being. Even his best friend - Ned, eventually became disgusted with Robert and his deeds. And Robert's own brothers weren't even sad when he died. So that actually says a lot about what kind of person he really was. Because Robert was that kind of person - if there was happening something that he didn't liked, while being in public he just laughted it off, pretended that he isn't bothered by what happened. The same kind of thing was when he was called an Usurper. In public he laughed it off, and pretended that he doesn't care about what people say, but then to his confidants, like Ned or Jon Arryn, he complained, and complained, and complained. The same thing was when he found out that Viserys is planning to make an aliance with the Dothraki, and when he found out that Dany is pregnant. He pretended that he isn't bothered by the continued existance of the Targaryen-duo, but then in private with Ned shared that he wants to send an assassin to kill Dany and her child. Because he was actually bothered by the possibility that Dany will come to the 7K and will claim the Throne. Also, after the Rebellion he made Stannis the Prince of Dragonstone, to spite him and to punish him for failing to capture the Targaryen-duo. By assigning that title to Stannis, Robert robbed him of the title the Lord of Stormlands. And the title of the Dragonstone's Prince was only temporal, until Robert had his first child, and then Stannis remained with nothing. Robert did that on purpose, to punish Stannis, though he never admitted it. So Robert did had those deep secret feelings of resentment against multiple people, even though he always pretended that he is a joyous and happy-go-lucky kind of person. He was like a wormy apple - ripe and lustrous on the outside, but rotten and worm-eaten on the inside.
  13. First of all - Robert and Stannis were not a distant cousins to Rhaegar, they were his second cousins. Robert's paternal grandmother - Rhaelle Targaryen, was a sister of Jaehaerys II and Queen Shaera, so Robert's father - Steffon, was a first cousin to both Aerys II and Queen Rhaella. Aside from his sister-wife, after the Burning of Summerhall, Aerys' closest relative was Steffon Baratheon. So they were not only first cousins, they were also very close. When they were children, the three of them - Aerys, Steffon and Tywin, were best friends, and they had good relationship. Robert was born in 262, so his first visit to court had occurred in 267 or 268. Rhaegar at that time was 8 or 9 years old. His mother - Queen Rhaella, had a miscarriage in 263, then in 264, and in 267 she had a stillborn daughter. So I think that Aerys was overprotective of Rhaegar, and didn't allowed him to hang out with the other kids. Thus Rhaegar and Robert never were close, like their fathers were in their youth. Furthermore, Robert in his early childhood lived at Storm's End, and then was fostered at the Eyrie, so him and Rhaegar barely knew each other, prior they met at the tournament at Storm's End, which was held in 278, shortly prior to Steffon and Cassana's departure to Volantis, to find there a bride for Rhaegar. So at the time when Robert and Rhaegar were officially introduced, Rhaegar was 18-19 years old, and Robert was 15-16 years old and just recently became a knight. At that tournament Robert's father was defeated by young Rhaegar, and Robert was defeated by Barristan Selmy, who was escorting Rhaegar on that visit to Storm's End. So it's obvious that Robert disliked Rhaegar from then on, because Rhaegar was superior to him in all aspects. Robert, even at that young age, already was a drunkard and a horndog, and Rhaegar was this Prince Charming and a Real Gentleman. Robert was a baudy loud pig made from strow, and Rhaegar was a delicate flower made from diamonds. Even if Steffon said to Robert that him and Rhaegar should get along, that Robert should become Rhaegar's close friend, like he was with Aerys at the time of their youth, it's likely that Robert just couldn't approach Rhaegar. Because Rhaegar had kept a distance from all the others, excluding Arthur Dayne. Robert was Rhaegar's second cousin, and Arthur was Rhaegar's third of fourth cousin, or second cousin once or twice removed, one of those options (one of Arthur's ancestors was a sibling of Dyanna Dayne - Rhaegar's great-great-grandmother). But despite Arthur being a more distant cousin to Rhaegar than Robert was, they had more similar personalities, and thus they were close, and Robert wouldn't have been able to compete with Arthur for Rhaegar's friendship. So, despite them being bloodrelated, they had nothing in common, and the two of them had too different personalities to get along. Add to this the fact that Robert's parents died, when they were on a mission to find a bride for Rhaegar, so it's likely that Robert blamed Rhaegar and Aerys in his parents' death. So the fire (of Robert's hate towards Rhaegar) was already burning, even before the beginning of the Rebellion. Rhaegar kidnapping Lyanna just added more fuel into that fire, and gave Robert an excuse to attack the Targaryens.
  14. In my opinion Iron Bank and the Faceless Men are parts of the same organisation. So when someone is refusing to pay back what they own to the IB, the IB just sends a Faceless Man to kill the one who refused to pay, and then his successor will either pay, or he/she also will be killed by FM. Sooner or later there will be a person who will get the power and who will value his/her life more than money, and thus he/she will pay what is owned to the IB. Cersei refused to pay, and even mocked Noho Dimitris (an envoy sent by the Iron Bank), so Noho is going to kill Tommen. Then Myrcella will become the Queen, and Cersei will either pay or will loose her last child too. Additionally the IB had also sent an envoy to Stannis, and they also have one of their agents stationed in Stannis' household - Patchface is a Faceless Man. So Tycho Nestoris (IB's envoy) will make a deal with Stannis, that they will assist Stannis, and when he will become the King of the 7K, he will pay them what the Crown owns to IB. And if he will do the same thing as Cersei, if he will refuse to pay, then Patchface will kill Shireen. And if Stannis even then won't pay, then they will kill him too, and then they will offer their assistance either to fAegon or to Dany. Or to Jon, because in my opinion there is a possibility that the Faceless Men know at least part of the truth about Jon's origin. The fact that Tycho Nestoris agreed to negotiate with Jon, is a sign that the IB are interested in Jon, and that they want to create a working partnership with him. The thing is - the IB's motives are not focused solely on money-making business. Their main purpose is to serve to the Many-Faced God and to abide to his will. The Faceless Men, the Iron Bank and the Sealords of Braavos are acting with accordance of their interpretation of the prophecies about the future events. Somehow those three dragon eggs, that Elissa Farman stole from the Targaryens and brought to the Sealord, were part of the bigger picture. So to keep those eggs at Braavos, the Sealord axed half of the Iron Throne's debts to the Iron Bank. Then a different Sealord sent a Faceless Man (who was wearing Willem Darry's face) to Dragonstone, to get Viserys and Dany and to bring them to Braavos. Then that same Sealord gave three dragon eggs to mummer-dwarfs - Penny and her family, and then Penny's father gave those eggs to Illyrio Mopatis, who several years later gave them to Dany as a wedding gift, and then Dany hatched those eggs. So the previous Sealord, the one who was rulling Braavos during Jaehaerys I's reign, knew (because of the prophecy) that those three eggs will play an important role in the future, so he made a deal with Jaehaerys and was allowed to keep those eggs at Braavos. Thus for the Iron Bank it isn't necessary to get back their money, because they have a lot more. And they have other goals, which are more important to them than gold. So if someone who owns them, can't pay back with money, then the FM and the IB can ask that person to pay back in deeds and favours. For example, could be that the Sealord/FM/IB wants Dany and Jon to become the Queen and the King of the 7K, so they will ask Stannis to back off. And if he will agree to give up his claim over the Iron Throne, then the IB will forgive his debt to them. Same thing could be applied in other cases - if the people that borrowed money from the Iron Bank don't want to pay back, the IB will send an assassin to kill that fraudster, and his/her successor will either pay, or will die too. And in those cases when the debtors do want to pay back, but can't, the Iron Bank can take from them other things instead of money. As I already said - it could be favours, certain deeds, or the FM can request the debtor's family member (or the debtor himself) to join the Guild, and to become the servant of the Many-Faced God, and that way to work off the debt. Eitherway - "The Iron Bank will have its due".
  15. GRRM said that the ending of ASOIAF will be bitter-sweet, like the ending of The Lord of the Rings. If you haven't read the book - it doesn't end like the movie version. In the book, after the main battle, when the Ring was destroyed, the war didn't just ended, the Orks didn't just all perished. The inhabitants of that world kept fighting against the Orks and other monsters for a long time after Aragorn became the King and married with Arwen. There you know where the war between humans and the White Walkers ended when a heroine killed the Night's King, and then all the other White Walkers just exploded, and all the zombies just became plain dead, The End. And that's not how it's going to happen in the books. There is no a Great Other, killing whom the heroes can destroy all the Undead and all the Others with a single strike. The First Long Night lasted for a generation, for decades. So what made you and the other readers to think that this time it will be different? Now Azor Ahai has dragons, and now he has a completed Lightbringer with all of the fallen star's power gathered inside the sword. During the First Long Night the sword was incomplete, because during the crash, part of the star's power got dispersed in the area where it has fallen. That's possibly the reason why the first Dayne had build Starfall at the crash site - to use the castle as a magnet that will gather all the power from the surrounding area. And then Jon was conceived and born in that castle, so the power of the star was absorbed by him during Lyanna's pregnancy, which she had spent at Starfall. So part of the star's power is in the sword, and the remaining part is in Jon. Now the weapon that can defeat the Others is complete. Though, despite Dawn/Lightbringer being a magical weapon, it can't kill all the Others, and all the zombies, just by killing one of them. It doesn't work like that in the books. Just read thru the scenes in which Sam killed the Other, and another one where he killed a zombie. Those zombies that were following Sam and the other Night's Watchers didn't just fell over and became plain dead, when Sam killed that Other. Which also means that even if all the Others will be killed by Jon with Lightbringer, there will still be ramaining hundreds of thousands of the Undead. And even though Dany can use her dragons to burn the bulk mass of the Undead Army, who said that those zombies will be standing still and waiting for the dragons to burn them? Nothing stops them from turning and running away, from dispersing thru the wide area and making it impossible for the dragons to get all of them. The dragons are not going to chase every single zombie to burn it. Thus it will be the work that is supposed to be done by people. They will go after the zombies and will be fighting them. And that's when Rhaego and his Dothraki Horde will come in handy. In one of her visions Dany saw grown up Rhaego, under a banner with a fiery stallion, and the burning city behind him. As I already wrote in the other part of SS - years after the main battle, that will occur in ADOS, the fights against the zombies will be continuing, same as it was after the main Big Battle in The Lord of the Rings. So Rhaego, who at that time (maybe) will be 16+ years old, will be fighting against the zombies. And it will take several decades (or at least several years) to clear Westeros from all the walking dead. So the main battle will be fought by Dany and Jon, now, and it will occur at the Trident, because apparently that's what Dany saw in one of her dragon-dreams. They will defeat the main Undead Army at that battle, and then the remnants of the enemy's army will run and scatter all over upper side of Westeros, all that area above the Trident. So all of The North, parts of The Vale, northern part of Riverlands, upper part of Westerlands - all that area will be infested with zombies, and thus will be uninhabitable, until all the zombies will be "killed" one by one, later. Thus during the Big Battle all three dragons will be participating in the fighting, though Rhaegal probably will be without a rider on its back. Or maybe he (or is it a she? probably it is a girl) will have a rider, same as the other two dragons. Because I actually don't see a reason why a 3-years old Rhaego can't ride his dragon, while being strapped into the saddle. He is a Dothraki, and they learn how to ride horses even earlier than they learn how to walk. This is video of a 3-years old girl riding a horse: And dragons are smarter than horses. While riding a dragon, his (or hers) bonded rider doesn't need to make signals to his mount, like it is done in case of horseriding. A dragon has a telepathic bond with its rider. And because Rhaego formed that sort of bond with Rhaegal, while both of them were still inside the uterus and the egg, I don't see a reason why Rhaego can't fly on his dragon. If he will be strapped into the saddle (and it is a saddle with a high back - just read the scene where Bran went riding first time after his fall, and what kind of saddle was made for him based on the scheme provided by Tyrion. Which Tyrion probably copied from the books about dragons, and then made a saddle like that for himself, which allowed him to ride horses, despite his short legs and arms. And then he used the same scheme for Bran's saddle), and if he will be able to direct Rhaegal thru their telepathic bond, I don't see a reason why he can't actively participate in the fight against the Others, during the main Big Battle. And then, when he will be older, Rhaego and his Dothraki will cross the Trident, and will go into the northern territories, to clear that area from the zombie horde. Who needs to fight in a battle while using a sword, a spear, or an arakh, if he has a fire-breathing weapon under his command? -> "The king told him that fire was the champion of House Targaryen." - ACOK, Cat VII. "Ours is the house of the dragon," he would say. "The fire is in our blood." - AGOT, Dany I. "She was lying there, holding the egg, when she felt the child move within her … as if he were reaching out, brother to brother, blood to blood. "You are the dragon," Dany whispered to him, "the true dragon. I know it. I know it." - Dany IV. "Dany stroked the swell of her belly gently, wishing she could reach him, touch him, soothe him. "You are the blood of the dragon, little one," she whispered as her litter swayed along, curtains drawn tight. "You are the blood of the dragon, and the dragon does not fear." - Dany VI. "I am khaleesi, heir to the Seven Kingdoms, the blood of the dragon," Dany reminded him. "It is not for you to tell me what I cannot do." - Dany VII. Rhaego is the Stallion who mounts the world. So who will dare to stop him and to say to him - you can't do it, you are not allowed, you are too young - if he will wish to mount his dragon? Even when GRRM had to let go of his original plan with a 5-years long time-skip in it, he just decided - whatever, if a 12-years old child is destined to become the ruler of the world, then so be it. https://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/US_Signing_Tour_Half_Moon_Bay_CA/ Rhaego was born in January of 299. So he will be 12 in 311 AC. And if GRRM hadn't dropped the plan with the 5-years long time-skip, then by the end of the series Rhaego would have been 17, instead of 12. So he would have been a lord, because he would have been an adult, aged over 16. And now GRRM will probably make that time-skip between the last chapter of ADOS and that book's Epilogue. So the scene with grown-up Rhaego under the banner of the fiery stallion, will occur in 316 AC. Or it will be in 311 AC, because even if Rhaego at that time will be only 12 years old, it doesn't mean that he can't be tall (just look at Sansa - she was really tall for a 12-years old girl), or that he can't be a Lord, despite being younger than 16. He is a Dothraki, maybe a Dothraki-male is considered to become an adult after his first kill (like it was in the past in certain tribes of the American Indians - get your first buffalo, or your first scalp, and then - you're a man <- I don't know this for sure, I just saw things like that in movies), and not based on him reaching certain age, like it is with the male-citizens of the 7K. GRRM said - "then so be it", so the final scene of ASOIAF could be this -> a 12-years old Lord Rhaego, the Stallion who mounts the world, had conquered the world, after clearing Westeros from the zombie horde. Though that will be years later, after the main Battle, and the main Battle will occur maybe in 301 or 302 or 303. And little Rhaego will either take active part in the fighting, while flying on his dragon, or the dragon will participate in the battle even without a rider on its back. The details are irrelevant. The point is - it is possible for a child-Rhaego to lead people into the Battle, because it's one of the most popular Biblical tropes - https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Isaiah+11&version=NKJV and because ASOIAF is largely inspired by the Bible. Read this article on GRRM's site about his childhood: https://georgerrmartin.com/about-george/life-and-times/bayonne/ In his early formative years he was strongly influenced by church, faith, Bible, etc. So all that (Biblical themes) are strongly reflected in many of his works, not only in ASOIAF. For example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Way_of_Cross_and_Dragon https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuf_Voyaging#"Loaves_and_Fishes" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuf_Voyaging#"Call_Him_Moses" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuf_Voyaging#"Manna_from_Heaven"
  16. According to one of my theories - the three heads of the dragons, those three people who will become the riders of Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion, are Air signs of Zodiac. Dany is Gemini (born in May), Jon is Libra (born in September), and Rhaego is an Aquarius (born in January). I just noticed this element mentioned in AGOT: Additionally I also noticed that GRRM often hides important clues in chapters numbered with 4 - IV, 6 - VI, and 8 - VIII.
  17. There are multiple parallels between ASOIAF and the Bible, and many of GRRM's characters and the events that took place in his books seems to be based on specific Biblical elements. Varys - the Red Dragon/Satan, fAegon - Antichrist, Golden Company - the Beast out of the Sea, Petyr Baelish - the False Prophet, Cersei - the Great Harlot/Babylonian Whore, Euron - Scarlet Beast, etc. The return of the Others, the Dead rising - it's a parallel to the Biblical Apocalypse (the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: War on the red horse / Khal Drogo; Conquest on the white horse / Dany; Death on the pale horse / pale mare; Famine (hunger) on the black horse / Sandor Clegane had a big black horse named Stranger, so maybe the Hound is GRRM's parallel to the Famine-rider). So it's likely that GRRM in the remaining two books for fAegon and his other Bible-based characters will be writing plot-lines that are similar to what happened to their counterparts in the Bible. The Biblical Kings of the South and the North, mentioned in Daniel 11 - https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Daniel+11&version=NIV seems to be GRRM's basis for Doran Martell and Stannis Baratheon / and / or fAegon (who can also be perceived as the Northern King, because he will arrive to Stormlands, and will begin his conquest from there, in northern direction from Dorne and Doran/the King of the South). So Doran will make an alliance with fAegon, thru marriage with Arianne, but they both will be betrayed, possibly by Gerold Dayne. And this (along with the False Prophet part from the Revelation) seems to be the basis for Petyr Baelish: It seems that the First Long Night and Azor Ahai are parallels to the first battle between angels and Satan's supporters. Azor Ahai and Lightbringer are parallels to ArchAngel Michael and his flaming sword. On some icons the blade of Michael's sword is depicted in a form of a comet's tail, like here: https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Archangel-Michael-killing-the-devil-with-a-sword-in-the-shape-of-the-tail-of-the-comet_fig3_285131602 According to the Bible, at the time of the Apocalypse, Michael will return to lead the Army of Heavens against the final enemy. Those elements about the King of the North and King of the Sourth are from Daniel 11, and this part about Michael and The End of the World is from Daniel 12: Thus Petyr Baelish, who will outlive both fAegon and Doran, will be defeated by Azor Ahai Reborn (a parallel to Archangel Michael) - Jon Snow (King Aegon VII Targaryen), who is also a parallel to the Biblical Heavenly Warrior from the Revelation, and the Lamb of God/Jesus. Or the one who will defeat Littlefinger will be Dany, or rather - her dragons (because Dany is also Azor Ahai Reborn, and her dragons are her weapons).
  18. Actually on this forum there's more than a few people who believe that the Others aren't really evil, so instead of all out fight against them and the Heroes, there will be a truce. I'm not one of those people, I think the opposite - that this time it will be a total annihilation of one of the sides, and the winning side will be humans, not the Others, so all the Others this time will be offed.
  19. New addition to Littlefinger's family tree (and how was he related to Khal Drogo and Brown Ben Plumm). Based on his cat-like eyes, and Balerion the cat, I thought that Petyr's Braavosi ancestor was Balerion Otherys, and that Balerion also was an ancestor of Brown Ben Plumm (because their names sort of alike - Brown/Black, Ben/Balerion, Plum/Pearl). But I recently found a new element - name Narha (Balerion's sister) could have been a parallel to the sea dragon - Nagga. https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Nagga Also in Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nāga Dragons are known as gold-hoarding creatures. And Braavosi have their Iron Bank, which was created by those founding families of Braavos, who were storing their treasures in the secret caves under Braavos. And in one of ASOIAF's books there was this: She was referring to the sigil of Stokeworths - a lamb that holds a golden chalise in one of its front paws. One of Petyr's ancestors was Falena Stokeworth. Thus the new family tree (with addition of Narha into it) looks like this: 1.1. Aegon IV + Bellegere Otherys (First Black Pearl of Braavos) = Bellenora (Second Black Pearl), Narha, Balerion; 1.2. Aegon IV + Falena Stokeworth = Jeyne Lothston; 1.3. Aegon IV + Princess Elaena = Viserys Plumm; 2.1. Narha + Balerion = a daughter (let's call her Alayne); 2.2. Aegon IV + Jeyne Lothston = the Bastard of Harrehnal; 2.3. Viserys Plumm + a Dornishwoman = a daughter; 3.1. & 3.2. Alayne + The Bastard of Harrenhal = a son* (the Sellsword from Braavos), and a daughter**. 3.3. Viserys' daughter + a Dothraki Khal = son 1***, son 2****; 4.1. The Sellsword* + wife = Hedge Knight*; 4.2. Alayne's daughter** + husband = a son**; 4.3.1. Viserys' grandson 1*** + Ibbenese & Qohorik wife = a daughter*** (mother of Brown Ben Plumm); 4.3.2. Viserys' grandson 2**** + a Dothraki wife = a son**** (father of Khal Bharbo); 5.1. Hedge Knight* + wife = First Lord Baelish*; 5.2. & 5.3.1. Alayne's grandson** + Viserys' great-granddaughter*** = Brown Ben Plumm **&***; 5.3.2. Viserys' great-grandson**** + wife = Khal Bharbo****; 6.1. First Lord Baelish* + wife = Petyr*; 6.2. Brown Ben Plumm **&*** + wife (if there is one) = children**&***; 6.3. Khal Bharbo**** + wife = Khal Drogo****. ~ Alayne's son, the Sellsword <- siblings -> Alayne's daughter. Hedge knight <- first cousins -> a son of Alayne's daughter. First Lord Baelish <- second cousins -> Brown Ben Plumm. Petyr Baelsih <- second cousins once removed -> Brown Ben Plumm. ~ Viserys' grandson 1*** <- siblings -> Viserys' grandson 2****. Viserys' great-granddaughter*** <- first cousins -> Viserys' great-grandson****. Brown Ben Plumm*** <- second cousins -> Khal Bharbo. Brown Ben Plumm*** <- second cousins once removed -> Khal Drogo. ~ Viserys Plumm <- half-siblings -> Narha & Balerion. Viserys' daughter <- first cousins -> Alayne. Viserys' grandsons 1*** & 2**** <- second cousins -> the Sellsword & a daughter. The mother of Brown Ben Plumm***, and the father of Khal Bharbo <- third cousins -> the Hedge Knight, and Alayne's grandson (the father of Brown Ben Plumm). [Brown Ben's parents were each others third cousins.] Brown Ben Plumm, Khal Bharbo <- fourth cousins -> First Lord Baelish. Brown Ben Plumm <- fourth cousins one removed -> Petyr Baelish. Khal Drogo <- fifth cousins -> Petyr Baelish. ~ Thru the Otherys-line Petyr and Ben are second cousins once removed, and thru the Plumm-line they are fourth cousins once removed. Thru the Plumm-line & Otherys-line (thru Aegon IV, Elaena Targaryen and Bellegere Otherys), Khal Drogo and Petyr are fifth cousins. Though there's more shared genes between Petyr and Ben, than between Ben and Drogo, despite both Drogo and Ben being partially Dothraki and Viserys Plumm's descendants. That's because Drogo didn't had any Braavosi+Summer Islander genes, like Ben and Petyr did. Ben's mother maried with a great-great-grandson of Bellegere Otherys, but her first cousin (who was also Viserys Plumm's great-grandchild, same as Ben's mother) married with a Dothraki-woman. So Drogo was mostly Dothraki, and had just a drop of Targaryen blood from Aegon IV, who was his 3-times-great-grandfather.
  20. This ain't Disney They're not going to let her go, ever. Arya joined their Guild, so now she is obligated to serve to the Many-Faced God, until the day she will die. And even after that, she will continue serving in a different manner - they will take her face to add it to their collection of face-masks.
  21. Good catch. Found that scene in the books, and just look at that there's another clue there -> Dany refused to part with her crown, so she is a true dragon.
  22. On the Trident - left Fork is Red, the middle one is Blue, and the right one is Green. Maybe those Red, Blue and Green represent three circles from the symbol of Theta. Which is a symbol of the Federal Empire's Ecological Warfare Corps from GRRM's sci-fi books. That second moon could have been Haviland Tuf's seedship the Ark - https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Literature/TufVoyaging and the God-on-Earth is possibly Tuf himself. So he brought the dragons and "magic" to Planetos. https://grrm-thousand-worlds.fandom.com/wiki/Federal_Empire So the symbol of Theta, which looks like four circles connected in a manner similar to a symbol of bio-hazard (three on the outside connected by a fourth thru the middle), represents Humanity, Fyndii, Hrangans and the fourth cirle in the middle, which is additionally crossed through its length by a vertical line, possibly represents Greeshka (a circle and a line - a tree growing from the heart of winter, and going thru the other three worlds, infecting them). https://grrm-thousand-worlds.fandom.com/wiki/A_Song_for_Lya Maybe Greeshka and the Weirwood-Network is the same thing. So the Blue Fork in the middle is Earth, the Red Fork on the left are Hrangans (because of their red eyes), and the Green Fork on the right are Fyndii (because locusts are green. Also - the origin planet of Greeshka - Shkea, is located in the Fundii Space. So - the Weirwood/greenseers/Greeshka). P.S. It isn't allowed to discuss the TV-Show on this side of the forum, so don't mention it here. Though, I suggest you to Google what symbols have appeared in GRRM other works and in the projects where he was a co-creator.
  23. 10. Gilly's mother is Dyah (based on the info from Sam's last chapter at Craster's Keep). 11. One of Bellegere Otherys' daughters - Narha, possibly was named after a sea dragon - Nagga. https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Nagga Also in Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nāga Could it be that that Naja Naja is a basis for Nissa Nissa? Maybe Azor Ahai's wife was one of the "snake-people"? So while Azor's fifth wife was a Tiger-woman, his fourth one was a Cobra-woman. Maybe. Dragons are known as gold-hoarding creatures. And Braavosi have their Iron Bank, which was created by those founding families of Braavos, who were storing their treasures in the secret caves under Braavos. Bellegere Otherys' grandfather was the Sealord of Braavos, so thru him she and her descendants were the key-holders of the Iron Bank, Narha included.
  24. According to GRRM - Jon and Dany's birthdays are 8-9 months apart. https://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/1040/ "All of which is a long winded way of saying, no, Jon was not born "more than 1 year" before Dany... probably closer to eight or nine months or thereabouts." I tried to figure out which is it, and eventually, based on various calculations, came to conclusion that they were born ~8 months apart - Jon in September (he is Lybra - an Air Sign of Zodiac, so he will be one of the three dragonriders; also Lybra's guardian planet is Venus, also called the Morning Star, or in Latin - Lucifer, which also translates as "lightbringer", and in the Bible and several Christianic hymns, Jesus - the Promised Prince, also was called lucifer/lightbringer. So this ties Jon to the Sword of the Morning and Dawn Sword of Daynes, which is Azor Ahai's legendary sword - Lightbringer) and Dany in May (so she is also an Air Sign of Zodiac - Gemini, and her guardian planet is Mercury, and in Greek and Roman mythology God Hermes/Mercury was a messenger of Gods, he had a winged sandals thanks to which he was able to fly), and Rhaego's birthday is in January (Dany realised on the day of her birthday, in May, that she's pregnant. How did she realised that? -> Her moon blood/period didn't came when it was supposed to, and considering that she was a young and healthy woman, the only explanation for that is that she was pregnant, and thus - no moon blood. And Rhaego was born 8 months after Dany's 14th birthday. Thus he was born in January, so his Sign of Zodiac is Aquarius, which is also an Air Sign. And his guardian planet is Saturn. And the God Saturn was depicted with a rounded hand-held scythe in his hand. Which is similar to the Dothraki's traditional weapon - arakhs). So all three of them are Air Signs of Zodiak, and all three of them will become dragonriders. Also - they all were born 8 months apart from each other, like this: Jon/September <- 8 months -> Dany/May <- 8 months -> Rhaego/January <- 8 months -> Jon/September <- 8 months -> Dany/May. That find is actually very useful. Dany's first chapter in AGOT - chapter 3, which chronologically predates chapter Bran I (chapter 1), occurred when she was 13 years and six months old, so in December or late November. And Jon turned 15 years old in chapter 19 of AGOT -> AGOT, Jon III - "Benjen refused him curtly. "Three days after their arrival ... "This is not Winterfell," he told him as he cut his meat with fork and dagger. "On the Wall, a man gets only what he earns. You're no ranger, Jon, only a green boy with the smell of summer still on you." Stupidly, Jon argued. "I'll be fifteen on my name day," ... Jon remembered the wish he'd wished in his anger, the vision of Benjen Stark dead in the snow, and he looked away quickly. The dwarf had a way of sensing things, and Jon did not want him to see the guilt in his eyes. "He said he'd be back by my name day," he admitted. His name day had come and gone, unremarked, a fortnight past." Thus, that way we know that between chapter 3 (Dany I, December or late November of 297) and chapter 19 (Jon III, two weeks past Jon's birthday in September, so probably this is already October of 298) passed ~10 months (so at the time of Jon III, Dany is ~5 months pregnant, and gave birth to Rhaego (tournament on Joffrey's 13th birthday) ~4 months after the events depicted in Jon III/chapter 19. Jon arrived to The Wall earlier than Ned and the girls arrived to King's Landing, so between the Starks' arrival to KL and Ned's execution passed less than 4 months). Then between Dany's wedding in ~December of 297 and her realisation that she's pregnant in May of 298, in Dany III - chapter 23, passed ~6 months. So as you can see from all that - chapter 19 was occurring in October of 298, and chapter 23 in May of 298. Thus the chapters of various characters are not placed in the books in chronological order. For example, even though chapters Bran I, Bran II and Ban III, are happening one after the other, and events there are progressing 1 - 2 - 3, it doesn't mean that the events described in Bran I/chapter I of AGOT are predating the events described in chapter Dany I, which is chapter 3 of AGOT, which is after Bran's chapter I. So all this significally complicates how could we make a proper time-line table. And that's why I gave up making a complete time-line for all the events depicted in AGOT-ADWD. Furthermore, GRRM said (that link above) -> "I do intend to publish a timeline as an appendix in one or other of the later volumes, but even when I do, I am not certain I'm going to start detailing things down to months and days. " So I'm more or less content with waiting for GRRM's reveal of the actual time-line.
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