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    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    Anyone else laughed even a bit with the conversion between Bran and Sam. The way he said OHHH
  2. That's ironic. I'm somewhat of a new member but I've been reading here for a long time. Somehow, I'd wager most of your post are at attacking this show. But whatever, to each his own
  3. Let me guess, you give it a 1! Am I right? Why do you continue to watch a show you continuously trash? I'm not attacking you, I'm just asking. Why? week after week do you watch this show, continuously come to a forum to just keep trashing it? Why not go watch go a series that you think is good? Let me be clear, I couldn't care less but I 'm curious
  4. I know someone people will laugh at this but honestly, I'm calling it. Bran and NK are probably connected in terms of how their vision/powers work. He made sense for him to wait it out and get a dragon to break through the wall.
  5. A horn that control dragons A horn that break the wall I don't know. I don't think GRRM will go that route. I do think that D&D know the plot points of the future books and took what was required. The Night King probably does need a dragon to break through the wall of ice. Waiting in the north until dragons are born again makes complete sense rather than waiting for find a horn
  6. And didn't they also mention that the Dothraki were the strongest?
  7. Not that i care, but I hope you are wrong regarding the dragon and the wall
  8. As the last episode of the season, I have to say, this episode conclude some arc that felt dragging or that required to be ended in order for the show to progress Pros The final nail in the coffin for Jon's lineage. They basically told all the casual viewers who the next in line for the Throne should be. I know a lot of people in this forum are tired of it but a lot of friends of mine or only watch and have not read the book, still didn't fully understand it. Also, the behind the scene of the director saying, "oh and she is his aunt". I hope that clicks with some casual viewers Jamie and Cersei. I honestly thought she was going to kill him. Finally, Jamie has come to acknowledgement that his sister Cersie is crazy. He has finally joined the side of good. I do hope he live through all of this because this his ups and down, this guy as a character has developed so much. I'd say top 3 Petyr. I thought he was going to cry when he spoke to Sansa at one point. The Sansa vs Arya never felt genuine to me. It felt like they were playing it especially this episode where it felt like Petyr was walking into the trap. I'm glad it's over and it ended on a high point DRAGON!! UNDEAD DRAGON destroying the wall. Honestly, it's been 8 ****** years and it's finally down. For some reason who started reading the books when the started (90's?), even on the tv show, it must be cool and nice to see it tumbling down. I only started reading the book when the show started so for me not that big of a wait compared to readers. I was hoping Cersei was not going to betray them but as expected, she had a smart plan Bronn, Tyrion, Clegane brothers,..etc the dialogue on the show was top notch this episode. The set pieces, cgi, and acting was awesome. Bran is finally useful to the plot, though, i don't think he needed to do anything considering Sansa already made up her mind Winter is finally here! Everyone's reaction with the wight. In some way, it worked Jorah got friendzoned sooooooo much. Can this guy get a break Cons The wight strategy did not work Golden company is now strongest army? Really? I thought it was the Dothraki. They got 20,000? I thought this was an excellent back to the root of what made Game of Thrones so good. 10/10
  9. Rant and Rave

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    And just like that, the wall goes down!!! Finally, almost 8 years and by a dragon no less.
  10. Rant and Rave

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    Not to mention, casual viewers still don't know This pretty much tells them exactly in the most simple way possible