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  1. Rhea isn't Alerie's mother. She's younger than Alerei. Rhea Florent is Lord Hightower's fourth wife. Tyrells would surely have Florent blood by indirect marriages unless Florents were marrying all their daughters outside the Reach.
  2. Tyrion-Lollys Stokeworth. Gate House Ami-Robert Strong. Euron- Maelora Hightower Bloodraven-- Mad Danielle Lothston Widowed Catelyn--Rickard Karstark/Walder Frey/Lord Mallister.
  3. Florents aren't powerful enough to force their claim.In this, they parallel with the Volmarks.But in their case Hoares were not liked in Iron Islands. Their window is really closed in main story, with Tyrells being well established and respected. Did they ever really had any realistic chance of snatching it up after Dragons gave it to Tyrells? .
  4. Ironborn only wreck havoc when they take others unaware like theives. Starks and their vassals would expect Ironborn's invasion. United southorn army would become toast in winter and run with their tails between their legs. They would eventually come to think north isn't worth fighting for.
  5. Royces worship Seven.Blackwoods are regarded as the most important Old gods worshipping house south of the Neck. If we bring in religion, couple of Manderly marriages we see in Stark family tree too would be deemed foreign. It makes no sense. Heck, even House Locke could have converted to Seven under influence of nearby Manderlys. Westerosi are fairly assimilated. They speak same language from Dorne to Wall & Tarth to Lonely light.They say " old gods and the new" before taking any vows. Noble blood is given more emphasis than religion. Especially when these noble houses except Salty Dornish ones are basically same race.
  6. More than half the houses of south are first men origin including the red haired Tullys. Besides, with intermarriages andal origin houses such as Arryn,Vance,Frey,Corbray etc have no less first men blood than a Blackwood or Royce.
  7. Starks did marry southern woman for two gen straight. Beron Stark married a Royce and William Stark married a Blackwood. Stark rule is too well consolidated to bother about marrying southern woman. Most of the northern houses would be glad to marry southern ladies if there's a good dowry and alliance. I mean Roose chose a super fat wife for dowry. I wouldn't be surprised if there's history of some of northern houses having marriage alliances with houses in Riverlands and Vale.
  8. Reach hasn't lost any prominent highborn lord/heir except Lord Florent. Unless Paxter wants to get rid of his daughter cheaply with nominal dowry to some landless Lannister,who is like 16th or something in succession to Casterly Rock.I can't see any sense. It was before Oxcross and if they were desperate for Lannister alliance there's Lancel Lannister live and well and his captive brothers to consider too.
  9. House Redwyne is too important to marry into a random Lannister cousin.He is Tywin's uncle's grandson. That's the very reason it wasn't even a betrothdal. And they've become way more important with royal fleet being destroyed during Dany's birth. Is it any wonder that one of Tywin's marriage option for Cersei were the twins? Egg also tried to match his youngest son with Olenna.
  10. His matchmaking ability is underrated. His wives were Royce,Blackwood,Swann,Crakehall & Whent. He married his 2nd son to a daughter of the richest and the then 2nd most powerful house. Married likes of Merret Frey with Lord Darry's daughter. His granddaughter is Lady Bolton. A daughter is married to claimnant Lord Tully. Got his grandchildren and great grandchildren married to likes of Lefford,Caron,Brax,Vance,Waynwood,Beesbury and many more prominent houses. The Frey name might well be erased for their crimes but his female line will endure for sure.
  11. He was probably very picky. And why not? Heir to the Vale will have lots of offers at hand. With safety of mountains the Arryns don't need to marry outside. They're not in position of Tullys being overshadowed by their bannerman and lying in middle nor do they have superiority complex like the Lannisters. Marriage with their bannermen will be better than a match with far away great houses be it secondary ones like Florents,Blackwood,Freys or with much greater Hightower,Tyrell or Redwyne. The Graftons sided with Targs and if they were under greater influence of Iron Throne just like Mootons & Darrys from RL, a marriage with Graftons to curb influence of Iron Throne would be best. If not there are always the mighty Royces. Marrying a Sunderland would help keeping the sistermen loyal. And let's not forget those 8 Waynwood-Arryn girls.
  12. Sorry just NO! Robert was too self indulging and a bad ruler. But, he was never cruel like the Lannister woman.Cersei is mean,cruel and very selfish from the childhood. There's nothing to sympathize with her. And Robert was another man before his Kingship,able to inspire friendship and loyalty.
  13. Wouldn't it be sweet if all Lannisters before current Lady Peake die without issue and the lordship of Casterly Rock passes off to House Peake! They're such interesting house but have become too insignificant.
  14. Tywin destroyed and burned all of Riverlands but for Mallister and Frey lands. His invasion went very well.
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