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    Strongest castles in Westeros

    Tbh Highgarden is more like a palace rather than some impregnable castle.
  2. Lightoftheast

    How powerful are the Royces?

    Boltons were big opposition to the Starks back when they held most of the eastern half of the North.After their last rebellion with Greystarks they likely lost lands now ruled by Hornwoods and Karstarks and with it their power. Even Florent-Tyrell relation is compared to Reyne-Lannister relation.It doesnt necessarily indicate that the house is powerful but more like having more will to defy,which even a mere Lord of Duskendale tried against Mad Aerys.
  3. Lightoftheast

    How powerful are the Royces?

    So? Does Freys not involving themselves in Roberts rebellion means they've not a single fighting man? Does Ben Blackwood contributing 1k men to Vale makes blackwoods stronger than Vances or Freys? Manderlys have a city to rule and defend.The city that acts as a lifeline in winter with harbour that never freezes.White Harbour isnt important to Manderlys alone but whole north during winter. Bolton chose fattest girl available for silver.They are clearly in need of $$$.We have no mention of any Bolton Lord other than the main series and WOIAF. Ryswell and Dustins have no blood ties with Boltons right now.Only reason they're with him is cause of Barbery's personal greiveances with Starks.& Where did i say Flints & Locke are unequal or vassals of Manderlys?Wyman is pretty sure that they'll follow his lead.Manderly already has dozen petty lords and 100 landed knights.He is powerful w/o those houses.Seeing his son marry a Woolfield,chances arent bad that their vassal Woolfields are bit more than a insignificant petty lord. And Lady Donnela was a Manderly,a blood relative.That alone dwarfs whatever ties Roose has with those two houses thanks to his already dead wife and son. FAB shows that Tullys were less powerful than those houses about 150+yrs ago.There were constant Blackwood-Bracken feud.We cant deny the possibility of Tullys receiving lands to punish these houses who are always keen on disrupting King's peace. When we have royal fief in small village of Penytree in middle of Bracken-Blackwood land & royal estate of Summerhall in stormsland,it wouldnt be odd for Tullys to have a landed knight sworn to them that lies beyond Vances land.Saltpans is another possible place they have direct control,with perhaps Hawicks being downgraded to landed knights.
  4. Lightoftheast

    How powerful are the Royces?

    Manderlys are way more powerful,you cannot compare them with the Boltons.They even have influence on non vassal eastern coast houses such as Locke,Flint of Widow's Watch,Hornwood(before Ramsey Snow's action off course).Dustins are second to them with the Boltons possibly being the third as Corvo said. Riverlands is very unstable land,houses rise and fall very quick.In main series,we don't get impression of any of Tullys vassal being near to Tullys in individual strength other than the Freys. I personally think Tullys have direct control to the large lands near the Stoney Sept town,as we see Trout fountain and there was no mention of any ruling lords there. Lannisters of Lannister port are the very distant kins of Lannisters who are rich and might have some influence in the City.But,they are in no ruling position.They are similar to the Gulltown Arryns. For Westerlands there doesn't seem to be a clear second.Plumms were known for their wealth during Blackfyre time,Farmans were close to defy Tywin,Leffords have Golden Tooth,Marbrands have close ties with Lannisters,Crakehall appear several several times with several marriages with Freys. As for Crownslands,with the decline of Velaryons Darklyn/Rykker of Duskendale are most powerful after the Royal Family.
  5. Lightoftheast

    Strongest castles in Westeros

    When there are no dragons prime Harrenhall is strongest.They have thickest of wall,never ending water supply,enough sub-terranean vaults to store large amount of food etc. But,Harrenhal is in ruins,the honour goes to Casterly Rock.
  6. Lightoftheast

    Military Strengths-2 and More!

    Tarths had like 30 ships in FAB right?
  7. Lightoftheast

    Baratheon claimants?

    Great bastard Edrick Storm is very much alive. Selwyn of Tarth must be pretty close in Baratheon sucession tho.
  8. Lightoftheast

    The colouring of Westerosi Houses

    We see numerous Royce-Arryn matches yet main branch Royces still retain First Men features such as Grey eyes and brown hair & despite of being in the North for like 1300yrs,Manderlys are still blonde haired and blued eyed.It makes families unique and distinct for story but no way does it make sense. I do like the hair color link of Tullys-Whent-Lothston tho.Unless Whents were related to Lothston or cousins of Tullys somehow,Hoster marrying lesser knightly family that were recently upjumped doesn't make sense at all.As their rule had barely started, there's no they were sooo powerful excuse.
  9. Lightoftheast

    How powerful were the Manderlys in the Reach?

    They are the Marshall of the Northmarch.Their seat is literally named Golden grove.They have super wide land,if one sees the map,there are no powerful lords or known castle anywhere near them for a long long distance.Description of prime House Osgrey is pretty similar to Manderlys in North with dozen petty lord doing them homage.Rowans seem to have taken most of it and add it to the pre existing Rowan lands.Their marital relations in the main series,Rowan becoming Hand of the king suggests they're very rich and influental.Oakhearts are in west coast and really near Crane lands.Dont think they are extensive.
  10. Lightoftheast

    You’re Ned Stark: make marriage pacts for your kids

    Robb:Myrcella House Stark gets a nice Lannister hostage. Sansa:Renly To honour the Lyanna-Robert match which never happened. Arya: Hightower or Rowan Bran: Wylla Manderly Rickon:Umbers or Karstarks(possible daughter of Small Jon or Harlon) Jon:Mormont girl Mormont girls dont even have a known father,I don't think they'll mind a bastard of their overlord.
  11. Lightoftheast

    How powerful were the Manderlys in the Reach?

    Redwynes are undoubtedly vastly richer and influential.I mentioned mainland House in the backet for that very reason.But Redwynes are all about naval power.Havent heard of single Redwyne force engaging in any major westerosi war in the land. Tarlys rule the Dornish marshes.Yes some part of their land could be fertile but only reason Tarlys are more prominent in present series is cause they've got Randyll Tarly,finest commander in all seven kingdom.Oakheart land lies in the border of west.They too are probably the beneficiary of decline of the Osgreys.While Florents are the closest blood relation of the Gardeners they're not particular powerful or rich with respect to numerous houses of the Reach.I don't remember a single Florent being mentioned in the FAB. Current Lady Rowan is Bethany Redwyne(probably sister of Paxter) and Baelor Hightower's wife is a Rowan.Their seat was also the place where the great host of West and Reach stayed for a time.Oakhearts,Tarlys and Florents are nowhere near Rowans.
  12. Lightoftheast

    How powerful were the Manderlys in the Reach?

    Imo they were 3rd most powerful house, after the Gardeners and the Hightowers and perhaps they were growing nearly as rich as those houses.Rowans who are currently 3rd most powerful(in mainland) seems to have gained more strength after claiming parts of formely wide Osgrey lands. Manderly lands along the Mander must have been super fertile with number of large towns.Gardeners prolly claimed bulk of those fertile lands and gifted bit of those to the Peakes.
  13. During the visit of Jace Velaryon,Lord Manderly wanted the former possession of their house in the Reach to be restored calling out North as cold and dismal. Seems like Manderlys are nowhere close to their strength and influence in the North as they previously were in the Reach. So,how powerful were the Manderlys when they were forced to exile (apparently for growing too powerful)? House Manderly's top rival Peakes seems to have wide but poor land.Were they powerful but just with respect to the Peakes?
  14. Looking at the map of the Reach,Hightowers probably rule 1/5 of Reach.Hightowers are possibly the largest landholder south of the neck.Beesbury and Bulwer were founded by sons of Garth and rest of their 3 bannerman are no less prominent.However, in main series we have these great houses marrying lesser Tyrells.Probably they all have lost prominence.Costaynes by supporting blackfyre while others dunno. Btw are Blackbars Hightower vassal? I feel like Ambrose are their vassals too. Also this quote: With this quote it seems pretty clear that lordly hightower bannermen are pretty powerful in their own right. PS those chinless Celtigar girls hit jackpot lolz one got Peake another a Grafton. Smallwoods are vassal of Vances in main series however,they are referred as if they're direct vassals to Tullys in FAB.They're probably like those prominent Royce vassals.Come to think that undivided Vances might well have been undisputed no 1 house of Trident.But we dont know when Vances split.I always thought Mallisters were as powerful as the Blackwoods but they're only referred as having great lineage .As per MUSH Blackwood Lords marry Lannister,Baratheon & Stark in successive generation.Its pretty remarkable if this does comes to pass.Then we have Blackwoods mentioned along with Hightowers as a very special houses where Osgrey maids married,more special than the Tarbecks,Swanns & Florents hmm...
  15. Yep Lysa being damaged good is a BS when not even her own sister had any idea of her pregnancy.How would other high lords know? From secret glass candles LoL.Instead she got a great match with person of highest of birth.Her pregnancy was revealed to Jon,who had just lost heir to convince him to marry her.No one seem to be questioning Catelyn honour despite LF’s claims.