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  1. A few things i noticed in the last few episodes and things mentioned or not mentioned in the discussion: How do you convince an enemy of something? Especially if most people say its all fairytales and made up stories? How do you get that enemy to listen to you and join you or get them to stand down? From that perspective the Mission beyond the Wall pretty much is the only solution. Armies need to be preserved and not wasted, showing the undead can accomplish that without furter spilling of blood. If that doesnt convince the enemy, eliminate their leadership. My guess will be, if Cersei can't be convinced, she has to be eliminated and replaced with somebody who takes issues seriousely. Somebody mentioned, why not take the Wright to the citadel? Anybody missed that a few episodes back Samwell tried to convince the Maesters but they said it all could just be a plott to undermine Cersei? They don't really care if half of Westeros gets wiped out, why should they have to convince anyone? So it's faster and easier to try to convince your enemy directly. What comes out of an Icedragons Throat? Can't be fire for sure. So will he just spit Ice and Cold and freeze you instantly? Issues with the timeline, why does the NK just chill out for days? It's not even the hight of Winter yet, he has all the time in the world, it's like a siege. Why fight and loose your army if you can just wait and let the enemy freeze to death and or starve to death? What is a few days and weeks when Winter will last Years? What does the NK see in Jon? There is obviousely something gooing on, so what could that be? In my opinion the NK has a lot of respect for Jon, nothing more. The NK knows that he has the upper hand, but it's no fun if your oponent is a wuss and beaten instantly. If the NK is gooing to lay waste to westeros, a bit of a challenge is always good. A worthy opponent so to speak. And maybe a successor once he beats him? Connection between Bran and the NK: Bran has the Mark of the NK, given to him while warging. I would assume that that allows the NK to know where Bran is warging to. Also the NK has been around a lomg time, also, a bunch of Ravens doesnt just fly low over an army of dead corpses for fun, so he knows that he is beeing watched. How fast do dragons and Ravens fly? Or how far beyond the wall did the suicide squad go? They traveled north of the wall for a day, they didn't set up camp, not once. In the terrain they are, they couldn't have gone furter than 25-30 miles from the wall. That distance is based on real world long distance hiking for fit hikers. For Gendry that would mean a double marathon in one go. One to hike out of the wall, and the second running back to it. Doable for a fit and healty person with a mission. The Speed of Ravens and Dragons has been discussed before, lets asume those speeds are realistic. I also assume that the distance between eastwatch and dragonstone is a bit shorter than in the books. Also: We assume that is a 1000 miles from Winterfell to Kingslanding. Thats roadmiles, not Line of sight? Roads and trails are windy, they go up and around hills, around swamps and stuff like that. Wf could be 500 miles from KL as the Raven flies, thus making the distances up north equally short as soon as you can fly with the "Dragon Express". More to come :-) Interested in my fellow GOTers Opinions.