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  1. Danielos

    What is the last "Holy S*** moment"?

    Bran is the Night King? I hope so...
  2. Danielos

    The Wall

    I Think it would have been cool if this have happened: When Bran/Meera are brought past the wall at Castle Black by Edd (7x01), the wall would suddenly start to glow in a eerie blue color and make a weird, creepy sound for a while. Everyone freaks out and asks what happened. Then Bran remembers the Night King marking him and that him entering past the wall have dispelled the magic barrier the wall had completely.
  3. Danielos

    The Wall

    But the tunnels in the wall have always been the most vulnerable part. That´s where the wildlings tried to get through. So why wouldn´t the Army of the Dead try to get through in the tunnel at Eastwatch as well?
  4. Danielos

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    The reason they decided to let the dragon fall into water was that otherwise the other dragons would have burnt it to avoid it being resurrected.
  5. Dishourable mention must also go to Robb & Talisa Stark. Very wooden, boring and uncharismatic people!
  6. List your three favourite and three least favourite characters in the show and why (you may also pick dead characters). Mine are: FAVOURITES: 1) Theon/Reek: I like dark, tragic characters and Theon/Reek is a real underdog. His story has been so cruel and so sad and Alfie Allen has done wonderfully in the part! I hope he survives and will redeem himself by saving Yara and killing Euron. 2) Jaime: Also an underdog. Nikolaj is not just incredibly good-looking but also a very good actor who can say so much with just his face, mimics and body language. I love his relationships with Brienne, Tyrion and Bronn and the character comes across as misunderstood, brave and honorable. Also, many of Jaime´s scenes are filled with humour 3) Samwell Tarly: he seems so genuinely nice and good-hearted, like a hobbit in Westeros! His lovestory with Gilly is very cute and he has been such a good, loyal friend to Jon Snow. LEAST FAVOURITES: 1) Arya: I´m sorry but I really, really dislike this character. Filled with hate and bloodlust combined with a smug, arrogant attitude I couldn´t care less about her and her childish list. She is totally overpowered and out of control in the script! Please, kill her off ASAP! 2) Bran: he was a very cute little boy once but now he is just exposition in the body of a creepy young man. I hope the fantheories that he is the Night King will be true. With such an awesome twist the character will become really interesting again. 3) Brienne: her story with Jaime was great but her adventures with Podrick have been stiff and boring. She has outstayed her welcome!