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    Varys has no purpose

    The idea of Varys being a spy for Cersei is absurd. He has no motivation. Varys might indeed come to the conclusion that Dany is a terrible ruler (which ultimately makes Varys an idiot for throwing all his weight behind someone he barely knew). However, if her cruelty and poor decision making bother him so much, why would he support Cersei? Despite the many attempts of fans to reinterpret the character because they love the actress (and Lena Headey is awesome), Cersei is evil, incompetent, petty, and almost cartoonishly short sighted. Betraying Dany for a better ruler makes perfect sense, but Cersei ain't it. I've seen this theory floating around everywhere, as a way to explain why Varys is seemingly ineffective lately and why Cersei's military is so strong. Ultimately, there are easier explanations for that. Jaime, Euron, and Randyll Tarly are without questions the best military minds in Westeros. She had them all on her side. Dany's best commanders were Barristan (dead), Jorah (MIA for a while), and Grey Worm. She just got Jorah back, and Grey Worm has been relying on the others because he knows nothing about the continent. As for Varys, everything he does in the books leads to him putting Aegon on the throne. In the show, they change this to him wanting to put Viserys on the throne. That alone proves they have no idea what to do with Varys anymore. He'll go the way of Littlefinger. I think they knew he would die before the end, and decided to shove him to the side while they developed other characters.
  2. I would prefer Tyrion to betray Dany than to just become a useless idiot. He was a brilliant Hand under Joffrey, and he's become completely incompetent under Dany. He comes up with this idiotic plan to send everyone to capture a wight. Then when they get stuck there, he tells Dany to leave them. Politically, neither the North nor the Vale would ever help them if their king never came back from Dragonstone. And of course, Tyrion's plan hands the night king the one thing he needs to destroy the wall, PLUS Cersei still won't help them. And they have lost Dorne and the Reach (although Dorne should still support Dany, because they hate the Lannisters). Basically, Dany needs a new Hand.
  3. There were a few issues here: 1) As Littlefinger himself said, none of them were there and they had no way to prove it. Why admit something they can't prove? 2) The Vale lords don't even question why Sansa is matter of factly stating what she so emphatically denied before. She swore that her aunt committed suicide because she went insane, and the Vale lords bought that story hook, line, and sinker. 3) The most serious charges against Littlefinger were murdering Lysa and selling Sansa to the treasonous Boltons. These are both things that Sansa already knew about. Yet she sat in Winterfell with him for months and did nothing. Arya finding the letter and having the dagger, or Bran knowing that Littlefinger told Ned not to trust him, added nothing to him being found guilty.