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  1. Lorathi

    Prediction - Arya Stark will kill Daenerys Targaryen

    That should mean Dany is now Arya's hero. Just a few episodes ago, Arya was telling Gendry that death has many faces and she is looking forward to seeing this one (referring to the White Walkers). While Arya left the Faceless Men's order, she seems to have bought into their religious view. Perhaps now Arya has seen enough death that she doesn't find it fascinating anymore.
  2. Lorathi

    Varys' Letters

    This is why I've never liked this plot point. The show pretends that the truth has to be hushed up, because everyone will insist on Jon being king if it gets out. Based on what? We watched Joffrey continue to rule, because there was not sufficient evidence to convince enough people that he wasn't Robert's son. When people have believed something for years, a scrap of paper won't automatically change their minds. It has been a widespread belief in Westeros for 20 years that Rhaeger kidnapped and raped Lyanna Stark. It has also been a widespread belief that only 2 Targaryen children survived the extinction of their family line. Now they want the opinions of millions to change based on a greenseer and a line from a dead maester's journal. They want people to believe this this couple ran off willingly and had a child raised in secret; they want people to believe that this grand deception was perpetrated by a man who was believed to always be honest (Ned Stark). I find it difficult to accept that many people will change a view they held to be common knowledge, based on this little evidence.
  3. Lorathi

    Poor children...

    I can't say that I see anything particularly odd here. Thousands, if not millions of children over time, have been named after history's greatest conquerors.
  4. Lorathi

    This is all Jon’s fault

    I always found it very interesting that Lord "For the Realm" Varys cared so much about the smallfolk, given that he stayed completely loyal to the Mad King (who he himself refers to as one of history's most cruel rulers), but worked overtime to undermine the peaceful reign of Robert Baratheon. And then Varys goes and throws all his support behind a woman he admittedly knows very little about. He does know, however, that she's a Targaryen (which according to Varys means that she always had a 50/50 chance of going insane). And yet he somehow was 100% sure that she would make the world a better place, based on knowing almost nothing about her. That makes no sense.
  5. Lorathi

    This is all Jon’s fault

    I could agree with that, except that at the Wall, Jon did call Stannis the rightful king (because he remembered Ned dying for that claim). Even though Jon didn't accept Stannis's offer of legitimizing him, he did seem to accept Stannis's authority to do it. Sansa was also hopeful that Stannis would liberate her from Winterfell. From my interpretation, the Starks did seem to view Stannis as a legitimate authority due to his status as Robert Baratheon's brother. I say that to indicate that both Ned and his children regarded Stannis as king, by all indications, so they still considered themselves subjects of the throne.
  6. Lorathi

    This is all Jon’s fault

    That is an interesting point. Technically speaking, Ned Stark confessed to treason against King Joffrey (who was the rightful occupant of the throne as far as most people knew). And of course Robb openly rebelled against the throne; after his defeat, Roose Bolton was named Warden of the North by decree of the Crown. Thus, by raising an army to attack Winterfell, the Starks were in open rebellion against the Crown. This is the great irony of Sansa wanting to take the castles of the Umbers and Karstarks away from them for treason. The Starks have always seen themselves as entitled to Winterfell, and the audience agreed. However, once Torren Stark bent the knee to Aegon Targaryen, the Starks were subjects of the Crown, and the Crown stripped their rights to Winterfell against Robb Stark's rebellion failed.
  7. I would prefer Tyrion to betray Dany than to just become a useless idiot. He was a brilliant Hand under Joffrey, and he's become completely incompetent under Dany. He comes up with this idiotic plan to send everyone to capture a wight. Then when they get stuck there, he tells Dany to leave them. Politically, neither the North nor the Vale would ever help them if their king never came back from Dragonstone. And of course, Tyrion's plan hands the night king the one thing he needs to destroy the wall, PLUS Cersei still won't help them. And they have lost Dorne and the Reach (although Dorne should still support Dany, because they hate the Lannisters). Basically, Dany needs a new Hand.
  8. There were a few issues here: 1) As Littlefinger himself said, none of them were there and they had no way to prove it. Why admit something they can't prove? 2) The Vale lords don't even question why Sansa is matter of factly stating what she so emphatically denied before. She swore that her aunt committed suicide because she went insane, and the Vale lords bought that story hook, line, and sinker. 3) The most serious charges against Littlefinger were murdering Lysa and selling Sansa to the treasonous Boltons. These are both things that Sansa already knew about. Yet she sat in Winterfell with him for months and did nothing. Arya finding the letter and having the dagger, or Bran knowing that Littlefinger told Ned not to trust him, added nothing to him being found guilty.