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  1. Hajk1984

    AA, PtwP, and The Dragon has Three Heads

    But this is supposed to be something related to the TPtwP prophecy and yet to be fulfilled. That it is the banner was Jorah's rather unconvincing reading. I think it likely refers to Dany and is quite simple, i.e. unlike dragonriders in the past who can only connect to one dragon, Dany will have control of, or be bonded to, all three of her dragons. Hence the dragon will have three heads.
  2. Hajk1984

    sansa, arya, and dany

    I think the reason was very obvious. Royce didn't trust a Targaryen to not use this as a trap for Jon. He thought she'd trap him or possibly kill him as history showed. It gave more context for Jon's statements the following episode about being a "Northern fool" who didn't listen. Of course Davos, who probably realizes that Stannis may have executed Jon by now for his unwillingness to bend the knee thinks things have gone much better.
  3. Wonder what Alliser Thorne, a Targaryen loyalist who fought to the bitter end for the Mad King and was forced to take the Black by Tywin Lannister would think if he realized that the guy he had hated and killed wasn't a "traitor's bastard." Or even that he was now "sailing together" with the Targaryen Queen.
  4. Yeah I've read the released letter. He takes the position of warden and proclaims Dany the Queen. Nothing substantial here that doesn't already appear in Sansa's conversation with Littlefinger. Littlefinger is the one who wants to use this to create friction. Sansa plays him and ultimately executes him.
  5. I suspect some in the group (e.g. Tormund and the Hound) would care little for respect in the face of certain death if someone else wielding the sword them a better chance. And I doubt Jon would object.
  6. I think if there was going to be friction on this issue it would have been obvious. Sansa knows about it, as does Arya I gather. Bran certainly does (he has the scroll in his hands when Sam visits). I suspect Sansa would have already told the Northern lords and gotten them under control by the time Jon comes. The idea in the finale was that the pack is getting together, not fighting with itself. And for now, at least, Jon is the pack alpha. By the time anything about his paternity comes out they'll be fully involved in the war against the NK, and I doubt anyone will have any time for something like this.
  7. Moreover, in 7x06, the Fellowship of the wight included some decent fighters (Hound, Jorah, Berric, Thoros etc.). Who took on the White Walker? No one in the group even suggested that the Valyrian blade ought to be wielded by another in this desperate situation. Who actually stayed on the ground to make sure that the others would get on the dragon? Who seemed to be the best to be the last one on? It makes sense if he is supposed to be the best.
  8. Hajk1984

    Can we talk about Jon?

    Well Jon needs Daenerys to commit. He does not have the resources to put up a competent defense. That's been his whole arc this season. Daenerys is extremely reluctant to commit unless Cersei can be made to stand down while she's up in the North. At this juncture they know the NK is close but they don't know how soon he'll manage to breach the wall. The Ice Viserion was unexpected and probably accelerated things more than Jon expected. Anyhow, Jon was not conscious at Eastwatch and Daenerys only had 2 dragons there. Formidable, but vulnerable.
  9. Yes I think this is true as well. After all the diary only proves that Rhaegar and Lyanna married. It doesn't prove that Jon resulted from that union. The second fact is known only through Bran's visions. This means that unless the whole world starts believing the 3-ER Jon would be in the same situation as fake "Aegon" in the books, i.e. only Daenerys acknowledging him would legitimize his claim in the eyes of people.
  10. I think it's up to him how far he sees something. He had seen Jon's birth scene before but only saw the "Aegon" bit when prompted by Sam to take a second look. I think he does feel but not in the same way as we ordinarily do. He does say that he is "sorry" that bad things happened to Sansa.
  11. Ned was hardly the only one. Jon Arryn presumably had the same view. And Stannis was not too far off. Of course in the end it is irrelevant whether Tyrion accepts something as proof. What matters is whether Daenerys will accept it as proof. And we do not know what force Bran's words will have. If he can convince everyone of his miraculous knowledge (which should not be an issue). I suppose I am more optimistic about this. I don't think that what is being built by the show etc. as THE central love story of the entire saga will eventually devolve into another dynastic power struggle/ game of thrones etc., essentially justifying the worldview of characters like Cersei ans Tywin as the truth with respect to all issues. We have no knowledge of how official this diary was. The citadel had it. If they can verify its authenticity (presumably they'd know) then I don't see why it isn't evidence.
  12. This second option has some support from the books. In them it is mentioned that Daenerys is the only one whose claim is beyond any doubt. The supporters of the supposed Aegon (not in the show) are desperate that she acknowledge him (he has the Golden Company supporting him) as only that would bring legitimacy to his claim in the eyes of people at large. Could Daenerys do this? Could she be willing to share the throne if she believes it? Perhaps. They've pushed the love story and the "together" motif quite forcefully this season for them. Maybe she would. I don't think this will be an issue in the show. The High Septon is basically the Pope. If he annulled the marriage and granted a new one, I expect that most legal hurdles would have been removed. Whether his diary is evidence or not is up to the writers. Remember Ned thought that repetition of dark hair was evidence that Cersei was cheating and banging Jaime.
  13. Hajk1984

    Can we talk about Jon?

    By the time she gets there, the dead will be through the wall and killing everyone. I don't expect much Northern nationalism at that juncture.
  14. Hajk1984

    Can we talk about Jon?

    I don't understand if this is really so ambiguous. Jon needs to drag Dany into this war as soon as possible. She is extremely reluctant to jump into it. Her single statement (vaguely worded as to specifics) that they'll destroy the NK together is not sufficient. Not for what Jon needs. Not for how immediate the danger is. This is made quite claer in 7x07 in the Dragon Pit scene. Daenerys STILL has cold feet about going North unless Cersei agrees to a truce first. When Jon asks her what now? She says that she cannot ignore what she saw north of the wall, but that she cannot pretend that Cersei wouldn't take back half the country if she did. She doesn't give him an unqualified "one way or he other, the threat from the dead must be met first." The facts are 1. Jon needs to bring Daenerys into this war by any (honest, coz he's clearly not willing to lie) means, whether the Northern lords are intelligent enough to realize it or not. They don't have her resources. 2. Daenerys is exceedingly reluctant to drop her mission of conquest, irrespective of what she said in one vulnerable moment. Her statements before and after both show this. And I'm in the camp that thinks that personally she is in love with Jon at this point. But she is still very wishy washy about committing herself to that war instead of continuing the feud with Cersei. Handing her the North helps to push her more into it (yet she is still conflicted about leaving the rest to Cersei).
  15. If you're the type who will get into the insanely dangerous situations he gets into then his luck is useful. Most people have the foresight not to get into them in the first place,