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  1. Osha? No it's Summer, Bran's direwolf, who sees it. See the quote. It's one of Bran's wolf dreams.
  2. That's not what the other poster asked. It was a question about what if Rhaegar had managed to get his Great Council. Dany not being born would be near inevitable if Aerys was dethroned, which would mean he would be kept separate from his wife. Rhaella would also get the protection of the Kingsguard as the queen mother so she would no longer be hurt by the mad king. On the other hand, saying that there would be dragons without Dany because one of the dead Targs would have managed the same ritual Dany did is very much a fanfic scenario. That's like asking would another have found the direwolves if Jon had not existed? Would another Stark become a greenseer and a 3EC if Bran had not existed? Would another Night's Watch brother kill the wight if Jon had never been there? No. These things were done by specific people under unique circumstances. We can say that Robert would have found another Hand if Ned had said no, or that Cersei would have married someone else if the Rebellion had not happened. That's because those things were bound to happen regardless, unlike the earlier scenarios that happen only because of specific people. 1. She stole money or sold the dragon eggs to someone else. 2. If he bought the dragon eggs from Elissa, why in the world would he cut the debts to the Targs, considering he'd already paid for the eggs? He didn't make any transactions with Targs directly. Why would he deny making the purchase? Didn't Barth negotiate the reduction of the debts anyway? (Maybe GRRM intends to give Dany's eggs a Targ origin, or maybe he would make them to be from Asshai as originally intended. We would have to wait for the story to conclude. Until then, it's premature to assume that is the case considering GRRM backtracked on giving this official confirmation.) Egg at this point is a small child who's repeating a juicy piece of gossip he's heard. That doesn't make it a fact that actually happened. No, the "whispering stars" tell her the same riddle Quaithe did in Qarth. So she asks if it's Quaithe. The stars whisper in a woman's voice, which Dany doesn't recognize as Quaithe's at all. Otherwise, she would have thought that the stars whispered in Quaithe's voice. Dany sees the ghosts of old kings with different shades of blonde hair and different colored eyes (corresponding to the colors of Yi To emperors). None of the kings have mismatched eyes like Shiera does (Tyrion has mismatched eyes too). She doesn't see any stars. She hears the whispering of stars but they are just whispering noise, and doesn't say anything specific. Dany certainly doesn't remember any stars whispering when she's about the light the pyre. Maybe the whispering stars are important because it's a symbol that refers to a divine power that these masked people in Asshai also worship? Like fire to R'hllor or the sea to the Drowned God. Or perhaps it's the Essoi version of whispering weirwoods? That's a logic leap. If this sorcerer knew how to hatch dragons, why didn't she do it herself? Why would she need Dany? No. No clues whatsoever except to say that the "dragon has three heads." It may refer to three dragons with separate riders, the nature of dragons, or the Targ symbol. The whole thing is too vague to assume anything specific. Also, the Stallion prophesy most likely refers to Drogon (thunderous wings, huge shadow, etc). That is, unless, it did refer to Rhaego and is no longer valid because Rhaego is no more. We barely know who Sheira was, except that she was a popular socialite who was loved by Brynden Rivers. Nothing in the books indicate that she had knowledge of anything magic, much less she knew how to live for over a hundred years without being attached to a weirwood tree. The comet is interpreted to be many things in the books. The Undying even claim that they sent the comet to show Dany the way. Why would this not be true? Also, the prophesy says Azhor Ahai is "reborn"--not born--as the Red Star bleeds. Dany went into the fire and her not getting burned is seen as a sort of "rebirth." Rhaego was a stillbirth, meaning he's never born and dies in Dany's womb. If Jon goes through a similar ritual to become the PtwP, he'd have to go through with it before the comet disappears (unless it already has). Huh? What makes you so certain that the books make it "obvious"? In ACoK, Dany is shows three deaths as the "daughter of death" and a horse was not one of them. Absolutely not. Go read that scene again. Dany's already in the fire for some time and her top even burns off before the first dragon egg cracks. It also happens after she sees Drogo on his stallion rides off into the nightlands and she thinks "now, now." So GRRM is here writing unnecessary scenes because he just needs to make things look dramatic? Lol. Like, dragons being born after extinction wouldn't be dramatic enough? No, she's not fireproof, but she (and possibly other Targs) have a fire affinity. In F&B GRRM hints that Targs may actually be more resistant to heat compared to non-Targs. Dany can tolerate more heat than what's considered normal. Similarly, Ned Stark seems to be able to tolerate more cold than normal, as Catelyn observes. I'm all for fan theories, but you are not presenting convincing evidence for Shiera/Quaithe thing. Also, it's really not related to what I mentioned in the earlier post.
  3. No one knows that Tyrion had a wife back in the Westerlands a decade or so ago. People in Casterly Rock or the area may know (because gossip), but no reason to believe anyone at KL knew that Tyrion was ever married. Tywin makes sure that the marriage ends before anyone knows it happened (and also before Tysha gets pregnant). Legal marriage should technically give the each spouse some property rights, so it's not a just a social construct. But not sure what these are in Westeros. In Qarth, we know that there are unique gift exchanging customs between the spouses. GRRM never specifies these things for Westeros. Non-consummation is the only way to annul a marriage, rather than the easiest way. Irl, some jurisdictions allow a marriage to be annulled if the couple is close blood relatives. In Westeros, incest doesn't have a blanket ban. Setting aside a marriage is probably the Westerosi term for divorce. I think things like unfaithfulness, deception, criminal acts (treason) are grounds for a divorce. But Robert, as you said, has king's authority and could declare his own marriage dissolved. Pretty much all highborn marriages are decided for political reasons to make alliances. If these alliances are no longer of any use, I'm sure there's a way for the lords and kings to get rid of their unwanted spouses. As for the Ironborn, they have a rock wife (an ironborn) and many salt wives (kidnapped women). This is perfectly fine because the Ironborn follow the Drowned God, not the Seven. Only the Seven so far demands monogamous marriage. The Old Gods, maybe, considering Ned only has one wife (or because Catelyn follows the Seven). The Targs could enter polygamous or polyandrous marriages in accordance with their native customs. So in Westeros there's king's law, where the king can make up the law as they like, but also social customs based on religion. Marriage most likely falls under jurisdiction of the gods (social custom) rather than the law, which is why we don't see laws for divorce or separation. No one goes to jail for things like abandoning a spouse, which could be a crime if there were actual marriage laws.
  4. No. That's just a what-if fanfic. That still only a possibility. GRRM has been coy on this issue. As for the Sealord, he denies that Farman sold him dragon eggs. There are rumors she was in Asshai, so the eggs might have ended up there and sold to Illyrio. While some people tend to believe in the Farman eggs, it's yet to be confirmed. No one instructed Dany how to hatch dragon eggs. She meets Quaithe after she has hatched dragons. If anything, Dany gets the idea from Mirri Maz Durr's bloodmagic ritual. The Quaithe=Sheira is just a theory, not at all a fact. Sheira Seastar should be dead by now. Three heads of a dragon isn't a prophesy. It might not even truly refer to three people. The prophesy refers to one specific person, not any of the people descending from a certain line. It's not stated as an ability. It's stated as something this person does, Also, the wording of the prophesy might be jumbled anyway. Like how? There were attempts to make dragons return, like Summerhall, none of which succeeded. And if you go by the prophesy, how would the dragons return "years earlier" before the comet actually appears? If the Rebellion didn't happen, Rhaegar would most likely have had that Great Council. Aerys would have been sent for medical care on the account of him being mad. Rhaella would have been kept safe from him. Rhaegar would have protected his mother, but he dies. As explained earlier, the prophesy doesn't refer to "anyone" but "someone" from that line. In any case, Dany hatched the dragons, something no one else so far managed to do, period. Whether someone else might have managed to do the same if Dany never existed only leads to endless and meaningless speculation. Any other would need the bizarre fire affinity Dany has. Nothing in the books indicate that Rhaegar, his children, Aerys, Rahella, or Viserys had or have the same ability.
  5. This is a feudal system where the modern concept of private ownership of land doesn't exist. The land comes under the protection of a lord, who in turn come under the protection of a bigger lord (like House Stark), and these lords in turn are subjects of a king. Does the king "own" the land? Only if he can militarily defend it. People don't need to buy land because they don't need to. Unlike modern times, people can settle down in unclaimed or unused land, unless they are explicitly ordered to leave by someone with a big army. So if you need to build a house or farm, you don't need to buy land. You can settle down anywhere viable as long as you don't get in a lord's crosshairs. Essentially, people don't own land, they claim it. If you have an army, you can lay claim to large swaths of land and make people there pay you tribute. A king doesn't really need to nationalize land because it is free to use, unless explicitly designated otherwise.
  6. Had Rhaegar's Great Council plan gone through, Dany would never have been conceived. She's conceived during the Rebellion, around the time Rhaegar dies or a bit before, and she is born after both Rhaegar and Ares die. In hindsight, had the Rebellion not happened, the world would not have dragons.
  7. I was re-reading Clash and noticed this in the final Bran chapter: This is after Winterfell is sacked by the Boltons. Some structures are set on fire. Bran is hiding in the crypts and sees the fires through Summer's eyes. Summer notices people being scared and things burning, and also this "winged snake" breathing flame. Like, where did the dragon come from? Was it really there, did Summer "imagine" it? Was Bran seeing something from the future that somehow freakishly coincides with the sacking that just happened? Soon afterward, Osha in the crypts says “We made noise enough to wake a dragon" (!). Could there have actually been a dragon that no one notices because people don't look up? Could this possibly tie-into the shadow dragon Dany is told of by the Undying. Perhaps the Broken Tower in Winterfell is the site where the shadow dragon arises. That's just a theory though. Anyone have explanations/theories on this bizarre appearance of a "winged snake"? Update: There's a decade old thread on this here: Perhaps there are newer theories/suggestions?
  8. That's just the thing. Marriage rules for the royals are based on expedience. The septons seem to promote a traditional Christian-style monogamous marriage, but whether it's strictly followed really depends. As you said, Tywin brutally exiles Tysha from Casterly Rock, even if she was Tyrion's lawful wife. Doesn't he get the septon who conducted the ceremony to undo it or something? The rules are different for Targs altogether. It seems that what really keeps most non-Targ marriages going is how wealthy and powerful the wife's family is. Robert is only married to Cersei because of the power and wealth of Casterly Rock. He doesn't kick her out of the castle because he fears Tywin's wrath. Had the Lannisters lost their prestige, I'm sure Cersei would have been quickly replaced with a new bride. The point is, if the king really wanted to get rid of a wife or even take on a new one, there are plenty of ways to do that, mainly by getting the High Septon on his side. It would be fine as long as the first wife's family doesn't rebel. And the smallfolk don't seem to particularly care about it. When Rhaegar ran off with Lyanna, the smallfolk weren't outraged. In their version of the story, Rhaegar "loves" Lady Lyanna, unlike in Robert's version where he kidnaps her.
  9. Where did you read that? It was already in the show. He was one of the First Men who invaded Westeros, got captured, and was subjected to a magical curse. Why would it be surprising that he was scared when the enemy inserts some thing inside him? It's the same story as in dozens of werewolf, vampire, superhero, and Resident Evil movies. Considering it's called "Bloodmoon," the show is probably set in the North, probably near the Wall. It may involve direwolves and Starks. Not sure how they would make it a continent-spanning storyline. They reduced the role of direwolves in GoT so I don't see how they would play a prominent role in the prequel. Ghost was essentially reduced to a pet dog and the other direwolves went off screen fairly quickly.
  10. Renly probably thought Robert might divorce Cersei for a new Lyanna. He couldn't annul that marriage, even if the children were not his own. Perhaps "setting aside" a marriage means a divorce in this world. Also, Robert is a distant Targ relative. So it might be possible for him to take more than one wife. In any case, he's king and can re-make the rules as he goes. A king taking more than one wife would not be without precedent and probably will not face much resistance. I mean, it's Robert and everyone knows he's not a faithful husband.
  11. This should be exciting news but considering they changed so much of the mythology in GoT, my reaction is just "meh." Before S7 began to air, I was excited that the prequel/"successor" shows would delve into things like where the Others came from or how dragons were made. But now we know that some hooman got magiked and dragons were never that important anyway (except for conquest).
  12. Because she doesn't know who they all are, obviously. She kills that baby in the brothel only after Ned exposed it. She may know about Edric Storm but he was in Storm's End and under protection. If she knows of a Baratheon bastard, she kills them. Yes, she does it out of malice. At this point it's not even about protecting her children's claims, it's just out of spite and hatred. She had no reason to order the baby in KL dead, considering it was a girl and didn't have a claim anyway. Yes, but he had no reason to lie about the incident at CR. Ned already knew about Robert's many bastards. Besides, he was suspicious of Cersei already for other reasons. LF has no reason to make it up. It was obviously Cersei, and Tywin may have been aware of the incident. He wouldn't care much anyway, considering he's even worse than Cersei.
  13. Lol. The Jon in the book isn't really like the one in the show. Pretty much all the characters have fundamental differences between the show and book versions. The Starks are a big part but they certainly aren't everything, so you can keep on reading. Also, Arya and Bran chapters are really fun and also dark and the story for them is not exactly as in the show. GRRM is not pushing a Northexit cause here, really. I'd say keep reading even if you hate the Starks. The Essos storyline in the books is quite expansive compared to the show. Unlikable characters isn't really not the issue with the books. Dance with Dragons, the fifth book, ends in a cliifhanger with no release date for the TWoW. So if you are okay with waiting forever for the story to end, then keep on reading. Otherwise, be warned.
  14. There is no way this could happen given that Jon is a sworn brother of the Night's Watch. He cannot become legitimized now, as Ned, his supposed father, is dead. Even if he were alive, Jon cannot legally hold lands or titles anymore. In the books, he's bleeding to death. If he is resurrected as in the show, he would have to convince people that he died and came back to life, so his oath was fulfilled in some manner. I highly doubt this would ever happen. As for the revelation that he is Rhaegar's son, people would definitely demand proof. Ned had the whole realm totally believing Jon is his son (even Tyrion buys it). I don't see how they could be convinced otherwise. Jon might be able to ride a dragon, but I don't know if the lords would take that as proof that he's Rhaegar's son. Even if he manages to convince everyone he's Rhaegar's son, that doesn't make him the "true heir" to the kingdom as in the show. The Targ seat was usurped. When Rhaegar died, Aerys made Viserys his heir, who died without issue. Viserys's heir is said to be Dany. We know fAegon is going to show up sometime, who would be Jon's older brother. If he ascends the throne, even for a short while, fAegon's sons would be heir to the throne, not Jon. Not to mention that fact that in the house of the dragons, Dany has the dragons, which probably makes her the head of the house, woman or not. In any case, Jon is a crow and cannot become king of anywhere (except on the Wall as the Lord Commander). I think Sansa would be lady of the Vale, just not as Harry's wife. Littlefinger might marry her and ascend to the seat. I think there are hints that she kills him. If that happens, she could be the lady of the Vale without husband problems. I think Sansa ceases to be a Stark (foreshadowed by her direwolf's death). I always thought when it all ends, Rickon might end up looking after Winterfell. But it's just a thought and I have nothing in the text to support it.
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