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    I think I've figured out how Valyrian Steel is made.

    Isn't it the same thing? I mean, wouldn't he have to fold the melted steel the same when reforging to get the same properties? Doesn't it mean he knows how Valyrian steel is made? Maybe he can't create it as he doesn't have dragons, but he does have the knowledge. This is, of course, what he claims. But I think it's him who melts Ice and created two new Valyrian steel blades from it.
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    I think I've figured out how Valyrian Steel is made.

    With relation to the war with the Rhoynar, the Rhoynese had 250,000 strong ground army. They managed to overwhelm three dragons and the army of a free city. Only after that did Valyria send reinforcements with 300 dragons. The army came from the cities Garin was sacking. In any case, it shows that the Freehold's main power came from dragons and not any ground army. It also makes sense that they wouldn't want too many friendlies on the ground as the dragons essentially burn everything. You actually don't have any evidence to support the fact that Valyrians were any more cruel that any other empire in Planetos history. In the beginning, they essentially get dragged into a war by Ghiscari, and when it ends some centuries later, the Valyrians have ended up the slavers. If you pay close attention to how sacrificial magic works, you'd notice that random killings don't result in great magical outcomes. Valyrians get their dragons by sacrificing their kin, as in people from their own families. The price for magic is harsh. Killing random nobles as you like doesn't result in magical outcomes. In the books, both Mel and Euron try something like this, but they don't get any results. There are also cities like Qohor and even the fighting pits of Slaver's Bay where people and animals are killed in scores saying it's a sacrifice to the gods or something. But doing so doesn't give these people magic powers. That's because what you sacrifice has to mean something to you so it really feels like paying a price to get something back in return. As for the Valyrian steel, offering a soul to each sword, dagger, ornament, circlet, or even the maester's link doesn't make much sense. Sacrifice might be indirectly related (such as going into the dragons that breathe the forge fire), but not directly related.
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    Did Cersei really kill the twins and sell their mother into slavery?

    Because she doesn't know who they all are, obviously. She kills that baby in the brothel only after Ned exposed it. She may know about Edric Storm but he was in Storm's End and under protection. If she knows of a Baratheon bastard, she kills them. Yes, she does it out of malice. At this point it's not even about protecting her children's claims, it's just out of spite and hatred. She had no reason to order the baby in KL dead, considering it was a girl and didn't have a claim anyway. Yes, but he had no reason to lie about the incident at CR. Ned already knew about Robert's many bastards. Besides, he was suspicious of Cersei already for other reasons. LF has no reason to make it up. It was obviously Cersei, and Tywin may have been aware of the incident. He wouldn't care much anyway, considering he's even worse than Cersei.
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    I think I've figured out how Valyrian Steel is made.

    Valyrian steel is probably made using spells and dragonfire, rather than sacrifices. Valyrians knew how to use the magic uniquely. When Valyria is gone, the craft of forging the blades go too. The magic may have required sacrifices, but it's hard to imagine why Valyrians would kill people just for the blades, because they had dragons and didn't have much need for conventional blades anyway. The blade that we know is made with a sacrifice is Lightbringer, which is a weapon of legend. So weapons that require sacrifices belong to a different group. Anyway, that Essoi smith in KL says he knows how to forge Valyrian steel, probably with spells. When magic returns to the world, it might be possible to make Valyrian steel once more. Here's an interesting post on this:
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    What is the importance of the Hrakkar, the White Lion?

    Dany discards the tokar in the pit when she orders it closed, indicating she's had it with the Meereenese. She's in her undergarments (a linen undertunic) at this point.
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    What is the importance of the Hrakkar, the White Lion?

    Ah, an interesting take that the white lion is Dany lost in the Dothraki sea at the end of Dance.
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    I hate the Starks, should I keep reading?

    Lol. The Jon in the book isn't really like the one in the show. Pretty much all the characters have fundamental differences between the show and book versions. The Starks are a big part but they certainly aren't everything, so you can keep on reading. Also, Arya and Bran chapters are really fun and also dark and the story for them is not exactly as in the show. GRRM is not pushing a Northexit cause here, really. I'd say keep reading even if you hate the Starks. The Essos storyline in the books is quite expansive compared to the show. Unlikable characters isn't really not the issue with the books. Dance with Dragons, the fifth book, ends in a cliifhanger with no release date for the TWoW. So if you are okay with waiting forever for the story to end, then keep on reading. Otherwise, be warned.
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    What is the importance of the Hrakkar, the White Lion?

    Dany doesn't really think about getting revenge for her family. She rarely thinks of her father and never really about her mother. She's only taken with Rhaegar, her "splendid" brother. She hates Robert and Ned because they led the rebellion that killed Rhaegar and his children. As far as I know, that's the only point she gets mad about, not of the death of her father. I think she now realizes that her father was not a good king or even a person. So she doesn't sweat over it. Dany also sees Aerys's final moments with Jaime in HotU.
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    Heresy 223 and where we go from here

    That imagery of Euron laughing at dwarves having sex and eating each other is highly unlikely to refer to any actual dwarves, much less Tyrion and Penny. Tyrion doesn't want to have sex with her and even if he does, he wouldn't hurt her. The dwarfs obviously represent characters that Euron and the woman manipulate, obviously without their knowledge. Euron isn't interested in royal politics, but he loves sowing chaos for the sake of it. So the dwarves are most likely a highborn couple playing politics and making war, not knowing what they are doing is playing right into Euron's hands. That's what I said this might mean Arianne and fAegon, who might end up married and also working against each other. It could be Dany and Jon, but that's a stretch. Also, Tyrion doesn't caper for Dany. He's captured and enslaved and is about to be killed by lions when Dany saves his and Penny's lives (without knowing who they are of course). Euron is the closest to a dark lord the series gets. He may not have a land army, but he can probably come up with a way to get rid of the Lannisters. He doesn't need to make deals with anyone in the conventional political sense. He can lay siege to Lannisport with his totally evil fleet and the Lannister army could end up being his. Euron wants Dany because she has this magic thing going for her. She has dragons. Cersei has a royal title and nothing else. She doesn't even meet the minimal requirements for the mother of a "worthy heir" Euron wants. What Euron wants to be is a "god" and the mundane politics don't concern him. Also, others have pointed out that what Euron truly wants with Dany might be to recreate the ritual that Dany performed at the end of book 1.
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    Heresy 223 and where we go from here

    The dwarves are more likely to be fAegon and Arianne, who are set to marry each other. (The dwarves are rulers, like what Dany saw in HotU). We can safely presume that fAegon's reign isn't going to be as great as Jon Connington thinks it would be. Alternatively, it could also be Dany and Jon, who are on enemy sides until his real parents are revealed. The woman with pale fire on her arms certainly isn't Cersei. She has no power, magical or otherwise, that Euron might want. People havr speculated that this might be Quaithe or possibly Dany (bound by the dragon horn). There's no valid reason to believe that the the rules of seasons are different for different parts of the same planet. The climate in the Lands of the Long Summer are warmer, like in south of Westeros. But they do experience winter. Even the Dothraki have a prophesy of winter and the legend of AA comes from Essos anyway. So the Long Night affects the whole world, not just Westeros. The northern part of Westeros may experience it sooner than other areas.
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    Heresy 223 and where we go from here

    GRRM has always planned for the Others to be the major evil threat in the books, not the dragons or any of the people. Also, it's highly doubtful given that the WW attack b4 Dany gets her dragons, esp at a time when dragons are gone. We would also have to ask where they were when Aegon showed up. And hints for WW being really bad are really strong, from Old Nan's tales to what wildlings say and all that. GRRM did write a story about a war between dragon riding factions, and an ice dragon coming to save a girl, but I think this is an old draft by now. It's still possible that long, long ago (the long night before the Long Night) that a desperate party summoned or made a sort of a devil's bargain with WW to keep dragons away . But it goes awry and creates a far worse threat for the world. Or it's really possible that dragons were made to fight off WW, but the old Valyrians got dragged into a war with Old Ghis and things went downhill from there. Currently in the story, some people see dragons as threats, but not all. Just about everyone (Dany included) realizes that they are dangerous. But in the end, the dangerous dragons could end up being saviors of the world. Rather than dragons being bad, I think signs point to humans being the bad guys, given that they destroy each other, other animals, and the environment. The War of the Five Kings is the best example of this. Are you referring to the letter? Dany is identified as a "greater" threat compared to the warring kings. But the "greatest" threat of them all is identified as the Others. GRRM probably planned for the enemies (Dany and the Starks) to band up together to save the world. It would be different in the sense that in other fantasy books, you don't see that kind of dynamic when people save the world from the Big Bad.
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    Heresy 223 and where we go from here

    I know right! I thought so after I read the bit about Alyssanne's dragon. What if the importance of Jon's Targ heritage is that he can allow dragons to finally fly over the Wall? His Stark blood is more prominent, but being a half Targ should make the dragons like him. And if he takes up with Dany, all the better. I mean, any LC can give the rider permission to fly over. But what if the dragon requires its own permission, which requires an LC with a dragon affinity? This could be a game changer for the warm bloods, given that it would allow them to bring fire and blood to the WW, while the enemy has no way to breach the Wall ( at least, not early on). The last LC who could do that I think would have been Bloodraven, but back then the dragons weren't there. I think the WW breach the Wall somehow and go down south as far as the Trident at least. But to win, the dragons would have to travel all the way up north to the Heart of Winter. To do that. Jon the LC might be key. This is just speculation on my part of course.
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    Heresy 223 and where we go from here

    The Night King's bride is most likely a wight. She has pale white skin and the most significant feature is the blue eyes. She's literally the corpse bride. The NK probably fell in love with a wight. GRRM has written a short story about necrophilia so this would not be totally off base for him. In the first GoT chapter where we see wights, they are dead bodies. The WW were probably trying to trick the Night's Watch into letting wights inside. It might be an attempt at breaching the Wall, a magical ward that keeps the fire and ice magic separate. The corpse bride might have been another attempt to trick the Lord Commander and perform ritual magic that broke the warding magic of the Wall. It doesn't succeed, of course. I bet that fire and ice magic stuff cannot pass the Wall without the NW or the LC permitting it explicitly. It's established that dragons cannot pass over the Wall. And the wights probably couldn't walk back to the wall, so they lay there as corpses. But if the NW allows it, these two elements might be able to pass the barrier. A human LC would never allow anything Other to move through, so the WW may have to resort to deception.
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    [TV Show Spoilers] A theory about the ending.

    There is no way this could happen given that Jon is a sworn brother of the Night's Watch. He cannot become legitimized now, as Ned, his supposed father, is dead. Even if he were alive, Jon cannot legally hold lands or titles anymore. In the books, he's bleeding to death. If he is resurrected as in the show, he would have to convince people that he died and came back to life, so his oath was fulfilled in some manner. I highly doubt this would ever happen. As for the revelation that he is Rhaegar's son, people would definitely demand proof. Ned had the whole realm totally believing Jon is his son (even Tyrion buys it). I don't see how they could be convinced otherwise. Jon might be able to ride a dragon, but I don't know if the lords would take that as proof that he's Rhaegar's son. Even if he manages to convince everyone he's Rhaegar's son, that doesn't make him the "true heir" to the kingdom as in the show. The Targ seat was usurped. When Rhaegar died, Aerys made Viserys his heir, who died without issue. Viserys's heir is said to be Dany. We know fAegon is going to show up sometime, who would be Jon's older brother. If he ascends the throne, even for a short while, fAegon's sons would be heir to the throne, not Jon. Not to mention that fact that in the house of the dragons, Dany has the dragons, which probably makes her the head of the house, woman or not. In any case, Jon is a crow and cannot become king of anywhere (except on the Wall as the Lord Commander). I think Sansa would be lady of the Vale, just not as Harry's wife. Littlefinger might marry her and ascend to the seat. I think there are hints that she kills him. If that happens, she could be the lady of the Vale without husband problems. I think Sansa ceases to be a Stark (foreshadowed by her direwolf's death). I always thought when it all ends, Rickon might end up looking after Winterfell. But it's just a thought and I have nothing in the text to support it.
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    Who got the most screwed over

    Daenerys, hands down. The show never managed to do justice to her character. I think she is the only main character whose story underwent major changes from early on. They changed hers and Drogo's love story in S1 (he rapes her on the wedding night). While they did get the part about her being scared and terrified as a girl right, they never managed to show her spirited-ness in any of the seasons. Her story in S2 was so completely different from the books. Her arc in Meereen was devoid of the moral complexity/ambiguity shown in the books. Instead the show directly went to her burning people randomly (in the books, she does feel guilty about the 163, even though they were horrible slavers). The mental brilliance of book Dany is missing in the show, which just wants her to be Mad Queen. (It's also the same with Arya, who is not just a "badass" but a prodigiously smart little girl in the books.) In contrast, Jon's temperament in the show is predictably tepid. Book Jon can become furious and violent (it's justified but he still gets crazy mad, especially in book 1). Part of the changes made to Dany's arc could be because the showrunners decided to cut out the magical elements in the fantasy story. The same stuff about fire magic and prophesies that is important to Dany's arc in the books. Or it could just be that they never really knew how to write a female character with powers that usually male heroes in fantasy have. Or maybe they liked Jon way to much and wanted to give him a super moral reason to kill Dany.
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    Did the Red Comet _____ ?

    How come no one mentions the Red Messenger, as that's what the common people call it? Also, in the House of the Undying, the Undying tell her that they sent it as a message to her, to show her the way to Qarth. But this could very well be a lie. Different characters do interpret it in different ways. Some uncertainly (when they say s/he "told himself or herself"). I found it interesting that some of these interpretations come close to the truth (those saying messages, dragons, fire and blood are coming), while others are comically off base (Joffery, mainly). But if what the Undying say is true, then none of it is right. But I think the general knowledge of it is probably true. The red comet is a messenger of things to come, of wars, dragons, and also the Others. The wars in Westeros intensify as the comet streaks across the sky. In Clash, there's fire and blood scenarios even without dragons. And there are of course dragons, who have now returned (but no one would be aware of it for a while, only after the red comet is gone to make the connection).
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    What is the importance of the Hrakkar, the White Lion?

    Interesting. But I still don't really see the relevance to Dany's arc. Maybe this is foreshadowing that she kills the Lion of Night? But we'll have to see as you said. I've seen posts about the white lion in the vision being Tyrion, or possibly Jaime. But all the visions Dany sees here are directly related to her life. She gets them after asking the Undying for the "truth" and they bombard her with visions. She saw the futures and pasts of other people (like her father's and the Red Wedding) while walking the corridors of the building. Also, I fail to see Lannister "golden lion" bothers' connection to the white lion in the Dothraki sea. I mean, it really did exist, rather than being just a symbol, like blue roses for Jon.
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    The Stallion who mounts the world might be Dany?

    The "prince" that "rode" inside Dany might be Drogon. Look at this passage from GoT: The sound of Drogon's wings is said to be thunder-like. He is a dragon so he can ride "swift like the wind." His casts a massive shadow. He is of course fierce and makes even the most hardened warriors (like the Tattered Prince lot in ADwD) "tremble in fear." Drogon can, and most likely will, fly over Essos and Westeros, "mounting the world." The crone might have seen this, but she may have said the prophesy in a manner that the Dothraki understand. They explain things in terms of horses and khalasars and whatnot (the stars are horses made of fire, and all). Upon a re-read, the descriptions can apply easily to Drogon as well. There's a question whether Drogon is a "boy" of course, given that dragons are gender neutral. But outside of old Valyria, no one uses gender neutral terms and power is always associated with masculine language. It's always "men" not people or humans. So that might explain the "he" aspect of it. Dany is the mother of Drogon as well as Rhaego, so it explains the prince riding inside her. It's also possible that Rhaego, had he lived, would have been the Stallion. Dany does see him in her fever dream. But his existence is wiped out entirely by the blood magic. The Stallion prophesy is really old. Either the intervention of blood magic somehow made it possible to eliminate a prophesy, or, the prophesy was never about Rhaego, but about Drogon and his/her rider Dany. From where the story is going, it looks very much like the latter. Dany, in one of her visions, sees herself flying overhead while armies trembled in fear below. That matches up with this Stallion prophesy. We know that Dany goes back to the crones and they bow before her by the lake. So they might see the dragon and "correct" the prophesy possibly.
  19. Ghost+Nymeria4Eva

    Badass moments of Jon Snow.

    What about in GoT when Jon gets cornered by a bunch of wannabe bullies and he nearly kills them? He bashes one boy's head on the floor. When I read that the first time (after watching show Jon), I was like, whoa...
  20. Ghost+Nymeria4Eva

    Evidence that Westeros is a post-apocalyptic world?

    In that case there are mentions of ivory and a Great Shepherd and his flock (Jesus anyone?) But I don't think GRRM using phrases he knows is an indication that this is our world in the future. I mean, there's obviously magic, dragons, and other species like children of the forest, the white walkers, giants, and centaurs and clearly don't exist in our world. But you are right on the post-apocalyptic part. We are seeing this world after a great calamity that created this whole closed off, uninhabitable land called the Shadow and made the seasons go all crazy.
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    The Plutionian Others

    Reading OP gets me thinking whether the corpse bride of the Night's King was a wight. First read I thought she was a sorcererous servant of the Great Other or something. Now I think she was a wight with those star-like blue eyes. And she's literally a "corpse bride." (Considering GRRM wrote a short story about necrophilia, I'm very inclined to believe this.) We are getting used to the idea that the wights are mindless zombies (kinda on account of the show), but maybe they aren't? Maybe the WW have more control over them than what appears. In GoT, the wights do trick the rangers into taking them inside the Wall. Anyway, the essay is very interesting. But I would not rush to find scientific explanations for what GRRM writes in his books. It's fantasy, not sci-fi. GRRM would just say "it's magic, man," like what he said with people trying to explain the weird seasons with dwarf stars. But it is fun to speculate (and I learned something new about our blood types!) I always thought, what if the Others are the natives and the humans are the alien interlopers? Maybe that's going too far into 1000 Worlds. Perhaps rather than "aliens," maybe interdimensional arrivals? Fire and Ice could be two realms on one planet that isn't necessarily connected like our one is.
  22. Ikr! I remember in WoIAF, during one of Aegon's coronations, the people who cheered the hardest are the smallfolk. So despite the burnings, they definitely welcomed a king who could put a stop to all the civil wars that occurred in Westeros before Conquest. Considering people wanted Rhaegar to be king anyway, when (most likely) fAegon comes to Westeros first, people would welcome the new dragon. This time Dorne would join the party too. Yup yup. I think like Bran, she has to learn what her magical powers are. Maybe Quaithe is Dany's version of the 3eyed crow? (Unless she is evil, like how 3ER is suspected of being evil). I can see people supporting different parties whom they think is AA. I can see why you think AA isn't anybody. The story we learn about is a legend, not an actual prophesy, a la Stallion Who Mounts the World. AA could very well have been Rhaegar. It's possible AA and PtwP are two different people. In any case, Lightbringer was already forged, so the new hero might not need to re-forge it with a sacrificial ritual. My personal take is that AA is real, and might have to come again (like the dragons returning), but Dani is not necessarily Nissa Nissa. I think to end the long night, the new heroes need to break the cycle of ritual sacrifice. And to do that they would have to learn everything about what happened in the past, going all the way back to what brought on the first long night and what made the seasons in the world go all wonky. I think the "truth" Quaithe wants Dany to know is that, so that she can fight off the WW for good. (There's also this rather tinfoil-y time loop theory, which would mean that the person who becomes the AA in the books now is the same one who ends up in the legends of the past. So one AA, not two.) I know. A lot of people have been talking about how just one sword, even a magical one, could destroy the Others. The heroes already have dragonglass and dragonfire that is highly effective against the Others and wights. So why the sword? It's possible that the WW have one center of power that needs to be destroyed, as represented by the NK in the show (I'm not saying the same character appears in the books). Remember the throbbing blue heart in the House of the Undying? When Drogon ripped it and burnt it, all of the Undying died and their house imploded. So maybe there's a Heart of Winter like that, which AA needs to plunge his red sword into. The books say the Others hate all warm-blooded things. And they trap the spirits of the damned or something. They want to kill all living things, not just people. The reason might be the war between all these gods. Obviously, we have yet to learn about the dynamics at play here. GRRM leaves strong hints about otherwordly influences, magic and all that in AWOIAF, especially in the Bloodstone emperor saga. Maybe the warmbloods have invaded a cold territory (unknowingly of course)? Broken a sacred pact (also unknowingly because they have forgotten their own history)? He was really mad, wasn't he? Not in the beginning, but in later years he becomes paranoid. It's probably the prophetic dreams he has. Not all Targs can handle the visions they see in their dreams. In GoT, Dany is terrified after dreaming of dragons. So it makes sense that that getting bombarded with visions of things getting burned in the past or the future would drive someone mad. Wasn't there a Targ prince in the Hedge Knight novels who experienced similar things? The Targs in Westeros have forgotten their Valyrian roots and don't seem to know much about their own magics. So if the dreams are powerful, vivid, and repetitive, I think it makes perfect sense that it would drive someone mad. Aerys may have seen the Others or the wights coming, hence his obsession with burning (in GoT, even Jon goes "please just let it burn" at the wight). He may have seen a vision of Jaime's betrayal, and knowing that someone was going to betray him but not exactly who or when, could have made him clinically paranoid. Foresight brings its own burdens. Dany experiences this in ADwD, thinking over and over about the betrayals in the future (after her truly terrible experience with the first). However, unlike with Aerys, Dany's own visions aren't driving her mad. Yea, Dany somehow manages to break the dry spell for magic in the world. The magic returns with her dragons, strongly indicating that the magic that humans use is pretty much all fire magic. And Dany seemingly performs her ritual with innate knowledge. In Mel's chapter in ADWD, she thinks about "reading" the flames and how it's an "art" that requires great skill and practice, Yet, in the last chapter of GoT, Dany "reads" the flames rather effortlessly, equivalent of a natural born art prodigy. She can easily spot the images in the flames, like Khal Drogo riding into the nightlands. I thought Dany was just seeing things (like seeing shapes in the clouds), but after a re-read of Mel's chapter, that might not be the case. Dany might be a natural flame reader with a strong affinity to magic. She sees the shapes in the tent too when Mirri Maz Durr does her ritual, but everyone around her thinks she's just feverish and mad in her condition. And it's a good point about Summerhall. Aegon IV and perhaps others have tried to perform the ritual that Dany did. It's most likely that Egg was unable to make the sacrifices needed to complete the ritual. Either he was unwilling, or didn't really understand what was required of him. Some people have been saying that Euron, too, is trying to recreate the ritual Dany did in the TWoW chapter GRRM released. He makes a bunch of sacrifices, including his pregnant "wife." He might be trying to raise krakens or sea monsters of legend, rather than dragons. Ironically, it's probably a ritual he could never perform despite all his magical learning because he doesn't truly love any of the things he's killing. Andals may not have magic, but they do have the Seven. It's pretty interesting that so far the Seven are the only gods seemingly without magic. But they definitely play a bigger role in this. The line "seven against three" in Ned's dream stands out. Also, Jon goes "seven against one" in GoT too. The three-headed dragon may refer to Trios, a god mentioned only in passing in one of Arya's Braavos chapters. The phrase goes "the dragon has three heads." My pet theory is that this refers to how dragons are made and controlled. One head is the dragon's actual head, the other the head of the rider, and the third is of the sacrifice that goes into magically making the dragon. It's the smallfolk who think that the three-headed dragon refers to Aegon and his three sisters. But there is a hidden meaning here, like with the phrase "fire and blood." Isn't Dany is sick with the Pale Mare too? You are right, I think she would have to burn the dying to stop the disease from spreading. The disease may not have a cure. but they might figure out how to prevent it from spreading (personal hygiene), because Dany observes the Unsullied, who actually wash themselves, are not getting sick as rapidly as the others.
  23. Dany's chapters in Meereen were frustrating, right. I thought this was GRRM trying to show "Aragorn's tax policy," as in show the difficulty of ruling. For Aegon, it wasn't this hard because he wasn't building something from scratch. He didn't have to revamp the economy of Westeros like Dany now has to. And all three ruled together too. Visenya seem to have taken care of security while Rhaenys listened to the smallfolk and promoted arts and stuff. I'm not sure though; GRRM might have gone overboard with Dany's arc. I think Quaithe is trying to get Dany to go to Westeros. Going back may refer to characters confronting their own pasts and also confronting the past of the world. For Dany, there's the lemon tree gate. For Bran, some people say he's like Brandon the Builder come again. Quaithe may believe that Dany is Nissa Nissa. Mel thinks Stannis is AA, which we know isn't true. And Moqorro and his clan thinks AA is Dany. But there are strong signs Jon is AA, given that there's a vision of him holding a literal red sword. Out of the three, Quaithe might be the one to get it right. She wants her to go to Westeros, meet Jon, and become his sacrificial bride. The bride of fire and the third treason. Her spirit--powerful as it is--ends up powering the Lightbringer. So she would be a conqueror and a savior. Her conquering power goes into the Lightbringer and it ends up saving the world? That is, if the prophesy is right. It could also be that Dany is something else entirely. As you said, this theory that Dany represents the fire side while Bran represents the ice side. The "song" of ice and fire. Maybe they are human vessels of warring gods? With Bran we know he's a rare greenseer, ready to take on the wooden throne of the otherwordly three eyed crow. But with Dany and her lemon tree house in Braavos, it really is a big question mark. I mean, why should we believe she is anything other than a Targ princess? Like Bran, Dany's childhood is pretty brief. But I remember a part where Quaithe saying remember who you were "made to be." Then that dragons know something that Dany doesn't. Maybe Dany has a mysterious birth? We know Aerys liked to burn things, and that made him actually aroused to the point he would then go rape his wife. Maybe Dany was made as a result of these burning rituals and somehow has a special magic thing going for her that even she doesn't know? Even so, why would that matter given that Dany already has a lot going for her? Maybe this is something GRRM has yet to drop stronger hints on.
  24. Ghost+Nymeria4Eva

    Dothraki belief in how long ago Man was created

    I think we should take this to mean that Dothraki believe men came to be thousands of years ago, rather than as an exact number. Figure of speech so to speak. In this world, people remember their recent history, but not ancient history. Westerosi records of ancient history are not exactly accurate either. Dothraki also has a unique way of speaking, so I suppose that plays a role too. In any case, different people in Planetos has different ways of expressing the same thing. Also, I don't think the Dothraki believe men were created by anything. They just rode out of the lake.
  25. I think GRRM is putting her in a dilemma where she has to decide when to use power and when to hold back. That's going to be very tough for Dany in the treacherous world of politics. She might not always make the right call in this regard. Also, GRRM might want her to be someone who has the power to destroy, rather than build. "Dragons plant no seeds." And in the same chapter, a hat she tries to make falls apart. Winning wars is easy for Dany (even without the dragons), but ruling is a whole new ballgame for her. She's more Aegon the Conqueror than Jeharys the Conciliator, even though she clearly wants to be the latter. I think making mistakes early on is great for character building. But I do hope she learns and becomes a better ruler, rather than ending up a tyrant or something. I know right! She keeps telling Dany to remember who she is as if she doesn't already know. So Dany could be more than what she appears to be. Contrast this with Bran. There's a line where Jojen tells Bran to "remember who he is." The exact same line. We know Bran is going to become the three-eyed crow, but what is Dany? The Undying tell Dany that they have been waiting for her for a 1,000 years. It seems like Dany is more than just a Targ royal. There's obviously prophecy and magic attached to her that points toward something mystical and mysterious. You are right in that we don't know Quaithe's intentions yet. But GRRM has said that he wants his characters to make decisions of their own volition, so I think we can rule out Dany being mind controlled. She could be just telling what she sees in the fires, like Mel does. Quaithe herself may not understand what the symbols or the visions mean.