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    How destructive should the Others Invasion be?

    I think GRRM is going for near total destruction from the hints we get. There already are legends of the Long Night that nearly destroyed everything. There's a Valyrian prophesy hinting "doom of man" would come from the West. Then there's the Dothraki saying that "ghost grass" would one day cover all of earth destroying everything. So we are looking at utter complete devastation for Westeros and Essos. On top of all that, there's war, famine, and disease plaguing people in Westeros and Essos. Westeros is really effed considering the War of the Five Kings have destroyed most of the farmland and crops. The Pale Mare from Essos may spread there too. It's possible that Westeros might be completely doomed and everyone would have to flee to Essos (where winter might be less severe because of the climate there?) I think this is an indication that WW would come as far south as the Riverlands. Dany sees the Lannister army clad in ice, so they were possibly wights she was burning? Her dreams are figurative and literal. I think this is a solid hint that WW will come far south. The people in the North would have to flee south not just because of WW, but because of food shortages as well.
  2. This is a great point! I think she's finally realizing that she has power. In Meereen, she wishes to make things right, but only just ends up placating the horrible nobles there. What she wants to do never gets done. One of the biggest deals was her locking up her dragons. Yes, they are dangerous but Dany doesn't realize she can control the dragons to her will. I think Quaithe and perhaps Dany's inner voice is telling her that she is a dragon, not a powerless naked little girl on top of a pyramid as the Yunkai mocked her to be. It's like Quaithe or some power really wants her to deliver fire and blood--something she has specifically been unwilling to do in Slaver's Bay.
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    Valyrian families surviving after the Doom

    This passage in AWOIAF explains what happened to the very few Valyrian dragonlords who were not on the peninsula at the time: None of the dragonriders, save for the Targs, survived the Doom. There were some lesser families descending from Valyria living on islands near Dragonstone that Targs occasionally married. The blood of the Freehold also runs strong in former colonies like Lys. That's why some Targs went there to look for spouses. However, they needed to marry relatives to keep the blood magic going. The inbreeding clearly had a desired effect, rather than an undesired one.
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    Who is the great other?

    I don't think we have enough information to really even speculate at this point. Mel mentions him as the antagonist to the fire god. He could be a part of the three gods that seem to be in opposition to the seven gods (not necessarily the Seven in Westeros). I think there are pretty big hints that the gods are real. He included Mel chapter to indicate that she actually does she visions in the fire. Also, the unexplained resurrections. The blue heart in the House of Undying and the pale thing that tries to trick Dany. Ned' death that mirror Lady's (direwolves being sacred animals). Also, there were the shadows that danced with Mirri Maz Durr during her cursing ritual. She later tells Dany that it was the Great Shepherd that granted her vengeance. I think GRRM is creating a universe where the gods are very real, but their intentions and actions are hard to comprehend for people. I think some gods, like the Pale One/Bakkalon (or something) appears in his thousands worlds universe. But except in the Lonely Song of Laren Dorr, they don't play a bigger role as far as I know. But GRRM has said ASOIAF is not in the 1000 world universe. So maybe he's just re-purposing characters he created and never put to good use in the older books. What makes you say there are hints of advanced tech in this world, instead of it just being magic? Particularly with relation to the seasons, GRRM has said it's magic.
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    *SPOILERS* Jon useless information

    I think as long as the usurper has noble heritage of some sort, the people wouldn't care. Stark is a noble house with a long history. And I don't know what this popularity thing is. I guess popular support would help if you were in line for the throne. Otherwise, why would it matter? Bobby B wasn't popular when he took the throne. Show Dany was upset that "people don't love her." But that's not at all a requirement for becoming monarch. It's not the people, but the lords that need to accept the monarch. I don't think claims really matter if you have overthrown the previous king anyway. About the annulment--that was hilarious. Like why even bother with something like that? In any case, annulling a marriage with two biological kids isn't possible. I highly doubt Jon being a Targ is going to drive Dany mad in the books. fAegon might do that. But I'm don't see why Dany would be mad that her brother's children survived. Wouldn't she love to join them and learn that she has a family after all? She only wants the IT to return "home" and fulfill what Viserys couldn't do. Having another Targ relative would mean she can marry and settle down as it was supposed to be in the beginning. I don't see why Dany would want to claim the IT for just herself at the expense of her family. She's not Cersei. GRRM perhaps intended to use Jon's heritage to expose the lie that led to the rebellion. I'm not convinced whether he has any fire magic from the Stark side that might sort of balance the ice-fire dynamic. Jon so far is very much a northman with his own direwolf. I have this pet theory that the "song" of ice and fire is between Dany and Bran, and Jon might end up acting as a mediator between the two, perhaps to get them to join forces to fight the WW. Dany is very much on the fire side of things with her dragons. And Bran seems to be into the ice side of things with his greenseer/weirnet magic. They drink from the cups of ice and fire. In the House of Undying, Dany drinks nightshade, possibly the cup of ice that the Undying mention. And Bran ends up drinking weirwood paste, possibly the cup of fire (it's switched). They are both told to "remember who" they are, by Quaithe and Jojen. Maybe to win these two opposed forces need to join up. And Jon could be the all important heroic glue that brings it all together by being Dany's nephew/lover and Bran's cousin. So his Targ-Stark heritage wouldn't be so pointless after all.
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    Seeing the bigger bigger picture.

    I always thought the overall idea was that pointless wars that divide humanity ultimately lead to its doom (or at least makes people vulnerable to it). I mean, the wars in Planetos comes at the time when everyone should really be united to survive the Long Night. Instead, everyone is fighting, and ruining farmlands when they should be harvesting and preserving food. In Essos, slavers rule, which is just a travesty. So the overall theme would be unity--"the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives." And I think it all boils down to this innate fallibility humans have. We should know what to do, but we are unable to do it because of our feelings or desires. Wars in Westeros start for very human reasons, like desire for power or dumb misunderstandings (Robert's Rebellion, the most pointless war ever). And it goes beyond that to Targs and Valyrians. Aegon comes to Westeros to protect the human realms. But his own family becomes an infighting mess and loses the very weapons that could possibly save everyone from ultimate doom. Valyrians, too, get greedy and lose everything. When the WW come, everyone would be like "ah sheet what have we been doing all this time we could have totally won this thing" People are ignoring their own history too. There's the legend of Azhor Ahai, Valyrian prophesies, and even folktales of the north that warn people of what's to come. But everyone is caught up in their own stuff to notice the real danger. I think the show misses this point about human flaws. I don't think GRRM's point was to make feudal systems look bad and bring forth elective monarchy or something. I think he just wanted to explore human nature and how it leads to war. We are destroying ourselves and why that is. Also, I don't think the books are trying to make a point about climate change. I highly doubt GRRM was aware of this when he plotted the books way back in the 70s or the 80s.
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    Prophecy and the Three Heads of the Dragon

    I'm not sure if the dragon has three heads is exactly a prophesy. We get this from Dany seeing Rhaegar at the House of Undying. He tells Elia Martell that "there must be one more" and the dragon has three heads to either directly at Dany or someone else in the room. This just could be something symbolic considering the history of Targs. It could relate to the old prophetic visions Daenys the Dreamer had. I think GRRM is hinting that there should be another child of Rhaegar's, meaning Jon. I'm not sure if it means Dany needs to pair up with two other Targs. Moquorro in an ADWD chapter refers to six dragons: dragons old and young, true and false, bright and dark. If fAegon is truly false, there would be only two dragons left: Dany and Jon. It could also speak to the nature of the three-headed dragon on the sigil. We don't know how dragons work, like their origin or magic. It's possible that the "three heads" refer to something mystical about dragons. I mean, the dragon has its own head, then the rider's head that controls it, and also possible a "head" as in a sacrifice or a soul that goes into it when a dragon is made. The Starks say "winter is coming," it means literal winter and also an ominous warning about WW as well. So this Targ saying might have some double meaning like that.
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    *SPOILERS* Jon useless information

    Isn't the show that goes the "true king" route for Jon? In the books, the Targ succession is kind of an open question. Viserys was heir after Rhaegar died, and he in turn dies without issue. Dany says she's Viserys's heir, but it's not clear if she's formally his heir. And the books have fAegon, whom GRRM has now called Aegon VI, who would be Rhaegar's firstborn male heir. On top of all this, it's Dany who has dragons, which is what gives the house power. It gets one thinking what GRRM's purpose for Jon's real heritage is. I mean, he could have just been a bastard and done all that (I thought Drogon let Jon pass because he recognizes that Dany is fond of him, not just because he has Targ blood. Also why he doesn't kill him in the end.) Jon could have just been a bastard and done all that, no? He also doesn't need to be a Targ to take the throne, He can just take it after killing the previous occupant. Maybe it's intended as something that would have once been useful (like when the throne was without a useful monarch following Robert's death) , but no longer matters when winter comes.
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    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    @Demetri [sigh] It's obvious at this point that you have completely missed the point. You keep going on and on about real-life legal concepts with a bare-bones understanding (and even distorting Brazilian history to make your slaver ancestors in America, what, look better?). Instead of bombing this thread, go ask your teachers if you have properly understood what common law is. (And go learn real history of slavery instead of pretending that native Brazilians were somehow worse than white American slavers.) I feel like I'm arguing with someone with a mental illness, so I'm going to be the adult here and stop. If you want to get back to the actual point of the thread, I might reply.
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    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    @Demetri [sigh] It's obvious at this point that you have completely missed the point. You keep going on and on about real-life legal concepts with a bare-bones understanding. Instead of bombing this thread, go ask your teachers if you have properly understood what common law is. I feel like I'm arguing with someone with a mental illness, so I'm going to be the adult here and stop. If you want to get back to the actual point of the thread, I might reply.
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    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    @Demetri Oh. My. R'hllor. You don't know when to drop it do you? Dude you are WRONG about what you think is common law, slavery, etc. If you are not a "student" of American slavery history, then you shouldn't have pretended to know about it now should you? (Brazil!) Same goes for the common law thing. You mistook it for something it is clearly not. I'm sure learning Latin phrases in pre-law classes that your friends on TikTok don't understand is really exciting, but infusing them to your commentary doesn't make you sound smarter. If you feel insecure about your lawyering future because you made a mistake like this as a "law student," that's not my problem. Of course what Dany did is punitive genius. That's the whole point. She's not seeking restorative justice here, lol. (And that's the right term, not "recuperative") Who the hell on Planetos goes for restorative justice? Did GRRM include this scene to make Dany seem like a tyrant? No. It portrays the hard decisions she has to make. As I said before, stop giving sexist vitriol the guise of moral (or legal) arguments. You are applying modern legal concepts to Essos for no reason. I don't see you doing that for other characters. You are just perpetrating a common argument used against Dany pretending you just came up with it. Barfing up jargon from college isn't going to make the old argument often seen on this forum sound new.
  12. Ghost+Nymeria4Eva

    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    @Demetri Your so-called arguments have devolved into a nonsensical rant not worth responding. You made a dumb mistake real law students don't typically make, but really just man up, admit your mistake, and move on. Stop doubling down on your error like some third-rate politician. I feel sorry for you at this point. Everyone is here to offer something about ASOIAF. Not everyone says smart things, of course, but don't be a total d-bag and ruin the thread. I honestly don't even remember the original point you were trying to make. Either stick to the point of the thread or get off.
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    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    No it's one thing. Common law originated in Britain, where they had all these different places in England practice the similar laws based on precedent. Before that, the laws were sort of set by lords like Ned Stark. The British Empire spread these laws to essentially the four corners of the world. So most countries these days practice common law based on the British system. Legally, no one uses the term "common law" to refer to a set of laws practiced in one place. For example, in the US, there are certain laws that all states must follow. These are federal laws, as determined by the national government, not "common" law. The "law common to all" idea stems from this British system. However, in the modern world, the law of the land is really complex and combines different legal system. The US has both state and federal laws, and in certain areas tribal laws. In Canada, Quebec does its own French thing as far as I know. So it's inaccurate to refer to a "common law" anyway. The term exclusively refers to modern laws inherited from the British.
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    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    A lot of people keep saying that north will become independent. But I don't see how this could happen. When winter comes, the north would be the most affected considering lacking food supply. The Boltons have taken the castle and WW would start killing people. The North would be the land to be most in need. They really would need southern support to keep themselves fed. So clamoring for independence now would be just stupid. The motto of the North is "the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives." I think rather than kingdoms breaking off, the WW threat would show them that they need to stick together. Aegon I conquered Westeros to unite the land, also based on a prophesy. This might be the reason. When it is all done, I'm not sure if there would be separate kingdoms to rule. Also about Jon becoming king. He's the (dead) Lord Commander of the NW. When WW comes, LC would be the most important leader and kind of like the "king" of the realm of humans, rather than the king of a certain land. Everyone now sees Dany becoming a tyrant too. I fail to see this yet in the books. She will probably deliver fire and blood to the slave masters and Mago. She also has her Euron storyline to complete. Besides, she's dying. She might go further east than anticipated, possibly exploring the Shadow by going underground through tunnels as Quaithe said. Now sure how GRRM plans to cram all the stuff in her threes prophesy storyline to two books. Also, she ends up the bride of fire, so that might mean she has to give herself to the fire as the last prophesied act. I'm not sure whether this "kills" her though. I feel like she might have an ending like the Wisdom in GRRM's short story "Glass Flower." That would actually be better than suddenly going mad and getting killed, making her entire arc really pointless. I think so too. I think Arya has a major role to play in the WW/gods storyline given that she now serves the god of death. I thought she might be the one to tell us about the Doom of Valyria and how all of that plays into the WW storyline. She would probably be instrumental in defeating the WW, just not in the way it was portrayed on the show. I know right! Dany and her dragons are not going to be very tolerant of the cold, about as much as the Starks are going to like the heat of Essos. Dragons I think really need the heat to survive. Dany and her army too would struggle a lot to get used to the climate if they ever end up there. Dany sees herself destroying an army of ice in her visions in the books. I always thought this meant the WW come farther south. Otherwise, how would the dragons--fire made flesh--fare in the wintry cold even native northerners can't bare? I thought the show really messed up this point.
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    GRRM's (Brief) Thoughts on the Final Episode

    I would hope that Dany is more like Grey Alys in the story. I really hope that she doesn't end up the Nissa Nissa sacrifice so that Jonny Snow can go be a hero. That would be such a waste of a character. Love that you mentioned "In the Lost Lands." It has a tragic love story too, and a wolf vs. flying creature dynamic. Even if Grey Alys has to horribly kill her lover, in the end the story has a very satisfying ending. Bittersweet in the sense that she fulfills a promise and gets revenge at the same time. It would be awesome if Dany's supposedly tragic arc ends like this in the books. Also, I thought Dany could end up kinda like Wisdom in The Glass Flower. She too runs a morally dubious enterprise, until a Jon Snow-type character (with his own ghost no less) turns up. The story ending is rather confusing, but they switch places and both end up getting what they want, though they don't end up together. Even that convoluted ending was better than the mess we got in Season 8.
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    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    No, you are not studying it. I can tell because I've heard these arguments before from people who want to downplay slavery in the American South and pretend that it was nothing different from what was happening in the "ancient world." Pre-colonial clans from the Britons to Aztec tribes did keep war captives, but it was not the systematic, race-oriented slave trade the Europeans practiced. Maybe your Bible Belt high school or the community college you went to didn't teach you this. In any case, that's a different type of historical argument not at all relevant to this thread. You are seriously misunderstanding that title (quite shockingly for a supposed law student). It's NOT referring to a law common to all nations. It refers to international treaties countries sign to subject themselves to certain laws for cases that come under international jurisdiction. Also, these are "soft laws." Countries can ignore rulings under these laws with no repercussions. It's very different from the "hard" laws of the land pertaining to domestic jurisdiction. Also, some of these international laws are based on English common law--hence the title. Lol. At this point you should probably consider me a law professor considering I have to lecture you on this. You either don't understand what they are teaching you in law school, or you are approaching your studies from the wrong perspective. No man. Common law is so called because Britain made it common to England, Scotland, and Wales (possibly later). So three different nations were following the same law. This system of common law was then exported to British colonies around the world. When these countries became independent or broke off from motherland (as in the case of US and Canada), the new legal systems they developed were essentially based on this common law. Common law is different from the civil law practiced in France and its colonies. In any case, this simply does not exist in Westeros, which still has a feudal system. While the kingdoms are united under one crown, each practice its own law. The books even start with Ned Stark beheading a Night Watch deserter, because that's the lord's law in the north. But the same doesn't exist in a place like Dorne, which has its own way of doing things. None of these kingdoms have anything resembling a codified law system because it's set in a FANTASY MEDIEVAL period. It's even more different in Essos. You should be terrified because when you saw the "common" part in common law, and you thought it meant law that applies to everybody. Any decent lawyer can tell you that this is not the case. Common law is a legal system specific to England. Consider the US--is there a law common to all? Not exactly. You are primarily subject to the laws of the state where you reside. And then there are federal laws your state has agreed to obey, and as a result applies to you. Some Native Americans are exempt from federal jurisdiction altogether and follow tribal laws. The common law in the US is something else that refers to laws borrowed from England. No. You really don't know what you are talking about. Didn't your law school have a mandatory course on common law and its origins during the first semester? Go ask for your money back. You are also bombarding the thread with irrelevant posts about history, law, whatever. What was even the original point you were trying to make about Dany and sexism?
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    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    Do you get your history lessons on Reddit? No, different tribes enslaving war captives, like in Brazil for some reason, is NOT what's happening in Meereen. They are buying and trading people much like what the white Americans did. GRRM didn't base ASIAOF on Brazilian history, he did is based on European history. The Meereenese are essentially Europeans and Euro-Americans who got rich off slavery and never intended to give it up. It's pretty obvious that you are. Bringing up Brazilians out of nowhere; why couldn't find a Mexican example? Lol. In any case, all of this is beside the point you want to make. No you idiot. Common law is English law. Common law anywhere in the world is essentially English law. Former British colonies (Like the US or India) still use common law practices. Tribal laws are NOT referred to as common law. Tribal laws are usually called tribal laws, or takes the name after the tribe. There are other types of laws as well, like religious laws or king's law in monarchies. No one refers to anything as "law of the land" as common law as it's a very specific, English-origin legal system that's now spread around the world following imperial conquest. Westeros doesn't have anything close to common law as they don't have JUDGES. The king or queen sits in judgement of people, or someone in their place. Essos has differing governance systems but in slaver's bay, no such thing as common law exists. Dany sits in judgement of people, so what they have is probably queen's law. So you are essentially trying to apply legal principles of a very modern, English law system we have in real life to a fictional fantasy world that already has a set of rules of its own. Look kid, taking a beginner course on law doesn't make you a legal expert. Learning something-something about American slavery from censored textbooks doesn't make you an expert on American and Brazilian slavery either. You need to find a better way to make your point.
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    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    If you think that's what's different about slavery in ASOIAF and American South, you need to go re-read all your history books. I take it that you were home schooled, haha. I didn't suggest that. But historians generally differentiate American slavery from ancient history slavery in that manner. It amazes me that some 200 years after slavery in America supposedly ended, there are still apologists for it, especially ones who get pissed off about how it's represented even in fiction. Don't people in mass suicides die by the hundreds? People by the hundreds vote for the same idea too. You are getting lost in your own idea. GRRM doesn't say hundreds of slave masters disagreed on slavery and brutal tactics. Anyways, what's the point you are trying to make--that hundreds of people can't agree on one thing under any circumstance? Or that Dany is Very Bad? The thread is about how Dany's character is built up in the show compared to how she is in the books. It's all about whether misogyny played a role or if GRRM has always built her this way. That's why people are bringing up quotes from the book. If you are using show-only logic, then you really don't need any logic. lololol common law doesn't even exist in Planetos. It exists in Britain and former colonies, not in a fictional medieval world. If you don't really understand the law stuff you are learning in class, don't bring it up. Mostly because it's inapplicable. No. It's about Dany and sexism! Whether her show portrayal betrays GRRM's written version.
  19. Ghost+Nymeria4Eva

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    But these are all show inventions, don't happen in the books. How does that match up with the GRRM ending for Dany? Wasn't the show ending supposed to be GRRM's overall vision for the story? Dany in the show has always been more bloodthirsty compared Dany in the books. Still, her actions in KL and afterwards is a complete 180. I mean, it doesn't even look like she realized what she has done. Looks like they wanted to make her totally evil out of nowhere, so when Jon kills her, we feel sympathy for him and not her for some reason. In the end, the show has a happy ending for just about everyone except Dany, who goes crazy in literally a matter of minutes.
  20. Ghost+Nymeria4Eva

    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    Why are you dragging on an argument someone else started? Oh don't tell me you learned about American slavery from one of those pro-Confederate state curriculum school textbooks. Brazil? Wth. Anyone with an ounce of knowledge of American history would immediately recognize that slavery in Slavery's Bay is almost exactly as it was practiced in the American South, not freaking Brazil. It even neatly follows a wartime victory over slavers, and then the troubles with post-war Reconstruction, Harpies being the KKK, and so on. If you are a believer in "alternate" history, this isn't the place for it. The slavers in the American South wasn't punished for their crimes. After the war, they lost "property" but kept their estates. No one forced them to pay for reparations. And they continued to treat the former slaves as subhuman. Lynchings and Jim Crow followed. This is what's happening in Meereen. If you were wearing a tokar and enslaved people, then you are not guilty by association, you are guilty. Bahahaha, according to whom? They all unanimously agreed to enslave people nevertheless. You are making assumptions that they weren't guilty. It's just an idiotic argument to make given that the text makes no specifications to the regard. The. show. isn't. CANON. Show inventions don't count when it comes to GRRM's vision for the story. I'm pretty sure I made myself clear to the other poster. Maybe you missed the point? Don't use circlejerk arguments about moral principles or "common law" when you just want to trash Dany's character just because she does things that's the far right lot doesn't like. It's one thing to make a legitimate point about a character flaw, but that's not what you are doing. This thread is about Dany and misogyny on the show anyway. You keep bringing up unconvincing and irrelevant points to veer off the main argument (that someone else made btw).
  21. I thought when time comes to fight WW, everyone would just look at the IT and think 'why did we ever even want that thing'? GRRM hints famine for Westeros and plague for Essos in the coming books. When the Others come, this would probably lead to near total devastation. I thought the show would show all the 7 kingdoms completely destroyed. But here pretty much everything is intact after the Great War, including the stupid feudal infighting. My take was that when the WW are defeated, the world wouldn't look the same. It's possible the seasons themselves might change. And there will be a lot of rebuilding to do afterwards, and building things is always harder than destroying things. I thought the sort of bitter feeling at the end of the show, where the heroes win but really lose, is where we are at at the start of ASOIAF. I mean, Rhaegar (possible true hero) is dead, the throne has been usurped, dragons are gone, people are fighting--everything is essentially going wrong. I thought Dany getting her dragons was hope returning that the warmbloods would have a fighting chance. And there's also Jon becoming the Lord Commander, which should have been the most important post in the world when the WW came, not some throne anywhere. The Lord Commander of the NW should have been the most important man on the planet. There's also Bran's warg powers, where he can see into the heart of winter and all that. But if what we saw in the show is where GRRM is really going, then I'm not sure if the books would be worth the wait. It looks like the mystical stuff and the gods would play a side role, kind of like sprinkles on top, but without adding much substance. And Dany and her dragons are bad after all. Jon is just the everyman hero. I was most excited for Arya, but it all seems to kinda fall flat. I used to be upset that GRRM might never finish the books. But now I'm kinda glad that he probably won't. It was really the show that kept the enthusiasm for the books alive. It aired like every year so no one could forget about the books. Now that the show has ended really bitterly, I can't be really excited for the remaining books. I mean, we want to be blown away by the new revelations, not be left confused and bitter about all of it.
  22. Ghost+Nymeria4Eva

    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    You are just reiterating the "arguments" made by the anti-Dani brigade pissed about her being portrayed as a hero for liberating slaves of Meereen. Apparently, it makes GRRM a "social justice warrior." Unlike most of them, you drag out long-drawn nonsense about common law principles and ethics theories. Hilarious, but I guess it's better than the usual rantings about how slavery was actually good for Slaver's Bay and Dany was wrong to bring it to an end. It's essentially real-life political vitriol in the guise of making arguments about morality in the books.
  23. Ghost+Nymeria4Eva

    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    No you tried to use it as evidence to show Dany was evil. It's commonly invoked to show Dany is bad, unsuited for ruling, tyrannical, and whatnot, usually by twisting what's actually written in the book. You go even further by pulling common law principles out of nowhere so the same tired old argument, what, sounds smarter? It's idiotic considering that Dany is now a conqueror and it's really up to her to say what the law is, from a legal perspective if it's relevant (it's not). From a moral perspective, it's clearly written the act is ambiguous. To us, it's wrong because we live in the modern world. It was never written as a badass moment. Dany's badass moment was defeating the slavers and liberating the cities. GRRM has asked what comes after the hero wins the war. This is him showing how difficult it is to rule. Aragorn's tax policy as GRRM wants to write it.
  24. Ghost+Nymeria4Eva

    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    Why go out of your way to say that Dany is super wrong because it's possible some GM really didn't want to kill slave children they don't even see as fellow humans? Here's a what-if scenario: they GM were all guilty, they were all in on it. Does that make what Dany did suddenly right? It was a given in the books that these people are guilty as ef doing horrible things. They are not dwellers of the city as you and others initially claimed but the rulers. From what GRRM has written about GM being responsible for the whole deal, why shouldn't we take it as they are guilty? The narrative doesn't end there, it moves on. GRRM makes Dany reflect on whether doing it was right. And it comes up in the next book as well. The scenario is supposed to be taken as a morally complex one. Righteous vengeance vs doing the right thing. The problem would be easy to solve in the modern world, but not so in Dany's world where just about everyone practices sharia law.
  25. Ghost+Nymeria4Eva

    Dany does not have to go to Westeros

    She doesn't have to go there, but I guess something takes her there. When the story starts, Dany is just a tool for Viserys to attack the Usurper. Then he dies, and Dany is fine with the Dothraki. And then Drogo dies, she gets dragons, and end up in Qarth. She wants ships to go back "home" here and get revenge on the man who killed her family. She wants to fulfill Viserys's dream, not really her own. And then when she doesn't get her ships, she doesn't really seem to push it, but instead is on her way to Illyrio. And then it's Jorah who suggests getting the Unsullied at Slaver's Bay so she would be better protected. That's how her Slaver's Bay arc starts. And her plan here is to stay in Meereen and rule, not get the IT. So the point is, there are all these events that push her towards Westeros, rather than an actual strong desire to get the IT. It's almost seems like fate. After ADwD, it's possible that Euron or Illyrio pushes her to go to Westeros. Euron might go back with "his dragon queen." Illyrio might try to marry her off to fAegon. Or she might follow Quaithe's cryptic message and go east. And there, she follows a bunch of underground tunnels and ends up in Westeros.