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    GRRM struggling how to show Daenerys' mental instability

    Lol, where is it "implied heavily" that Dany is going mad? Where are the situations where Dany has to struggle with "madness". The books are pretty clear that Targ "madness" came from the prophetic dreams that seemingly runs in the bloodline. Some Targs cannot handle the terrible visions they see, like Aerys, and goes mad. But Dany has never had problems with her visions. She does remember her three betrayals, but it doesn't drive her mad at any point.
  2. Ghost+Nymeria4Eva

    Thank you GRRM for the forensic deconstruction of Dany

    @Arakan If you think this is how GRRM is going to end Dany's arc, then you haven't been paying attention to what happens in the books. Think of it like this: what if you had seen season 2 before you read book 2? Would you have been able to predict Dany's trajectory in the canon version? Definitely not. In season 2, the only thing the show really has in common with canon is that Dany goes to Qarth and leaves Qarth. What Dany does there, and even the ancient city itself, is completely different in the show. Notably, the show adds several murders and burnings that Dany certainly doesn't do in canon. She doesn't lock up Xaro and Doreah in a vault, no one kills her remaining khalasar, no one steals the dragons, and Pyat Pree is not one of the Undying that gets burnt. In fact, It also changes her character into a spoiled brat who demands ships. But the books show her learning, heeding counsel, and essentially making up her mind about what to do now (it ends up with her heading off to Illyrio, but Ser Jorah changes course to slaver's bay). And I think you are misremembering GRRM's quote about the show ending. GRRM said it "might look" similar to his ending. But he did tell Rolling Stone or Fast Company that he only gave the showrunners his storyline but hasn't seen the script or anything.
  3. Ghost+Nymeria4Eva

    So where would you live ?

    I'd want to choose the Reach and Oldtown too. But which part is the safest in this world? It seems that all of Westeros is really under threat from war and WW, except maybe for Dorne (but they will get WW too). I want to choose Essos but there's too much slavery and Dothraki. I might choose Asshai if I can do magic. At least I'll get to know amazing things.
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    Ghost Grass: The Dothraki prophesy of winter?

    Not the association with House sigils, but other gods and temples. The green, blue, grey (or rather black) color combination appears in Qarth when Dany goes there. She sees two intertwined snakes clad in these three colors. Patchface also recalls how flames burn in these colors under the sea (obviously). It seems that the Drowned God plays a role in the larger mystery with regards to Long Night, magic, and WW, and the color codes are sort of like hints. I think.
  5. Ghost+Nymeria4Eva

    Ghost Grass: The Dothraki prophesy of winter?

    In AWOIAF, ghost grass apparently grows in Asshai and areas near the shadow. So it's not just Dothraki believing a type of white grass to exist, it does exist. Speaking of colors, have you noticed the three colors associated with the Drowned God?
  6. Ghost+Nymeria4Eva

    Why was Qarth left out of TWOIAF?

    It's just the creatures is pale and worm-like. The pale attributes are associated with the magic of the Great Other. The Undying were very highly flammable, so they probably practiced "ice magic" rather than the fire magic associated with Valyrians and R'hllor. It's just a theory. Now I have. Thanks for that. But that theory thinks the Red God brought Patchface back to life. The Drowned God is ignored.
  7. Ghost+Nymeria4Eva

    Why was Qarth left out of TWOIAF?

    I noticed this pecularity too, but if you search "Qarth" in the ebook version, a lot of tidbits come up. But of course most of the information is available in the Dany chapter in ACOK. Remember that Xaro I think tells Dany that Qarth is the "center of the world," maybe this is a hint. But the biggest deal is the House of the Undying. When Dany goes there, she descends, as in take stairways down and down, but realizes that the House has no towers. And at the end of her vision, she sees something like Pyat Pree that tries to make her stay, but when she leaves, the Pyat Pree form crumbles and something "pale and wormlike" appears. Dany leaves soon afterward. So there's a possibly a connection to the Great Other here. Also, in TWOIAF, we are told that the old Quartheen town or cities are all gone now. Considering the presence of the Red Waste, this might be where that ancient cataclysm happened. In Qarth, Dany also sees a statue of two snakes, and it's colors are "jade, obsidian, and lapis lazuli." These are the colors of the Drowned God. According to Patchface, under the sea, "flames burn green and blue and black." There maybe a connection here to a god or one of the gods that play a major role in the story. Qarth probably has the answers to the major mystical mysteries in the books. If Yandel is withholding something, then it's probably because the info about Qarth are things the maesters consider too superstitious and trivial to include. But it's really GRRM that's doing the withholding.
  8. Ghost+Nymeria4Eva

    Ghost Grass: The Dothraki prophesy of winter?

    GRRM is probably using it as foreshadowing as well for the coming Doom of Man and whatnot. Interesting that you mention the colors. GRRM uses colors in metaphors quite a lot. The three colors under the sea Patchface sings about, the three colors on columns Dany sees in Quarth in ACoK, and the colors of ice and fire. The color white, or paleness, is prominently used when describing the weather like snow and winter, which is common of course. But it is also strongly associated with certain elements, like the Others, and strangely, also with the Valyrians, who should be associated with fiery colors. Valyrians have silver hair and pale skin, and some creatures around Valyria, like some type of forest koalas, also have similar silvery fur. I think the tri-color code goes as green, blue, and black.
  9. GRRM has said that Dany is not fireproof. She burns just like everyone else. Her surviving the funeral pyre at the end of GoT was apparently a special magical event. Dany, however, has a higher tolerance for heat, like Ned has a higher tolerance for cold. She likes soaking in scalding hot water for example. But it doesn't mean she's not hurt by fire any less than Ned (or other Starks) can die from hypothermia.
  10. I'm re-reading GoT and I noticed how GRRM throws strong hints at R+L=J and then tries to send the reader in some other direction, especially in the early Ned and Catelyn chapters. It's highly unlikely that Jon's mother is anyone other than Lyanna. He looks like Lyanna, and even has talents like hers, like riding. He is shown as a blue rose in one of Dany's House of Undying visions, and we know who blue roses are associated with. If he's Lyanna's son, he is also likely Rhaegar's too, cause you know, she wasn't with anyone else. As for Ashara Dayne, she could be Faegon's mother. She could also be Quaith, according to some fans. I think her eyes are an indication she has Targ blood. I'm not sure about House Dayne's ancestry. But wasn't Rhaenys (Aegon's I's sister-wife) downed in Dorne and then she disappeared? There's a chance that there's a Targ line in Dorne descending from her. It could also point to Valyrian's being in southern Westeros thousands of years ago to defeat the Others.