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    Why didn't Jon simply refuse to accept banishment?

    Reading this thread gets me wondering how Jon's ending could have been any worse. Just thinking of the alternatives.. -Jon on the iron throne, Dany dead -Jon marries Dany, shares the iron throne -Jon King in the North -Jon Warden of the North -Jon dies in battle Even following the nonsensical 'banishment' storyline, I don't see how even the last scene could be much worse. Again a few alternatives.. -Jon rebuilding the NW -Jon helping the North/Winterfell -Jon shown settling/leading the free folk -Jon meeting Ygritte v2.0 It honestly feels like they couldn't think of a good way to conclude Jon's arc in the time they had, so just decided to nuke him instead. Strip away as much meaning as possible and go for the absolute bare minimum they could get away with. All the alternatives I mentioned would have required more effort, which I guess is why they didn't happen.
  2. carlingeight

    What was the purpose of Jon Snow?

    That's a great summary. It's almost impressive how they managed it. Sansa and Bran gain the most despite doing the least, Dany and Jon gain the least despite doing the most. Bronn and Sam are both wholly undeserving. It's almost like they aimed for apathy with that finale. The Jon situation still takes the biscuit though. They did such a good job turning him into a Ned-like character over 7 seasons, and for what. I can only imagine the conversation at HBO HQ.. D1 "Hey, we are really nailing it with the Jon character here" D2 "Indeed. The downtrodden bastard who just keeps on fighting for everyone else, no matter how badly he's treated" D1 "Yeah man, how he achieved so much throughout so much adversity. And he was the true King all along to boot!" D2 "Man, are these guys going to be surprised by how pathetic he turns out to be in the finale!" D1 "Absolutely. I can't wait to see the looks on their faces when he meekly gets sent beyond the wall with nothing to do.." Seriously, what reaction were they expecting!?
  3. carlingeight

    What was the purpose of Jon Snow?

    Did anyone feel much emotion watching Jon's ending? For me it was slight disappointment and a shrug of the shoulders. I was already feeling disillusioned after seeing what happened with Bran and Sansa and feeling nothing more than slight confusion. You can argue how stories 'should' end all you like. But one thing that is 100% sure, is that all the best stories invoke strong emotional responses. Laughter, sadness, dread, excitement, elation etc, etc. Game of Thrones had always been a roller coaster of emotions, ever since the first episode, but I'll be amazed if people felt much during that second half of the last episode. The Jon beyond the wall part stirring up the least amount of feeling. So for me the emotions ranged between 'eh?' and 'm'eh.' ... anyone else?
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    They turned Jon into Ned 2.0, then gave him the destiny of Benjen 2.0.
  5. carlingeight

    The purpose of R+L=J?

    As others have said, it has no purpose. I just wonder how long ago D&D decided Jon's ending was to travel beyond the Wall with nothing to do. Seems if they knew that from season 1 they could have just skipped out R+L=J entirely. I guess 10 years ago they decided a bunch of plot points they wanted to include from the books, and at some point they realised they can't do them all justice. The first few seasons were incredible and very similar to the books, but maybe they could have been dumbed down a bit to stop them having to dumb down the last few seasons so much.
  6. The only emotions I felt during that episode were disappointment and frustration. Game of Thrones has always been a rollercoaster of emotions, but here they managed to systematically ruin virtually every main character to the point where none of it matters. It's hard to feel happy or sad for any of them. People were worried that one more season wasn't enough, and they've been proven completely right. If you have read the books, this isn't for you. If you're interested in the backstories or the lore, this isn't for you. If you are just a casual viewer who isn't very invested, you 'might' enjoy it. Forget: 'if you're expecting a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention' More like: 'if you have been paying attention, don't expect an ending'
  7. I thought it was pretty obvious why Jon 'has to know'. It's clear at this point that Bran's purpose is to help defeat the Night King. He knows he's the chess player, and he knows he needs to make the right moves. He isn't thinking about Jon's feelings, or how many times him and Dany are going to do the naked dance of dragons. We know Jon also has a massive role to play in defeating NK, and Bran realises Jon needs to be Aegon Targaryen to fulfill that role. Can't see there being any more or less to it than that. I imagine pretty much everything Bran does or says from now on will be him moving another chess piece to where it needs to be for the checkmate on his opponent.