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  1. hey bud - the messaging seems messed up on this site. you can contact me at [email protected]


  2. Avery, I tried messaging you cause I have some information that you might want.

  3. [quote name='red snow' dat Sticking with ideas of British actors, I wonder if they could get a hold of Mark Warren for littlefinger? I think Eddie Izzard would have nailed the role 10 years ago but he may be too old for the part now.
  4. Dan and David: I shot an e-mail to CAA, but I have some alternate locations if you do in fact get picked up by HBO. (large walk-behind waterfalls, mountains with sudden cliff faces, and old growth forests... I mean huge trees, babe!) These are all in Vermont, and easily found by those who know the area. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] Also, I'm a Vermonter with a BA in theater. Looking forward to making a casting call debut for this one. Whenever thou releases where said calls shall be held. (P.S. Will work for Peanuts) Either way, looking forward to this. Even if you don't get picked up, send along the pilot. I'd be interested in seeing it. Scott
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